Esta TerBlanche to reprise the role of Gillian Andrassy
Posted Monday, August 01, 2011 6:39:34 PM
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Esta TerBlanche to reprise Gillian Andrassy
Another fan favorite will be headed back to Pine Valley before All My Children ends its run on ABC. Esta TerBlanche will reprise the role of Gillian Andrassy. TerBlanche joined AMC in 1997 and last aired in 2001.

Esta TerBlanche (Gillian Andrassy) will return to All My Children before the show airs its final broadcast on ABC in September.

An ABC spokesperson has confirmed a report made earlier today by Soaps In Depth about TerBlanche's return. The actress is just one in a long line of AMC veterans that are returning to Pine Valley before the series wraps its 41-year run on broadcast television.

It's been nearly a decade since TerBlanche last appeared on All My Children. In June 2001, Gillian was shot and left braindead. Gillian was removed from life support and her heart was donated to Brooke's adopted daughter, Laura Kirk. The transplant operation was performed by... David Hayward. Whether or not Gillian is alive and well and part of Dr. Hayward's Orpheus Project remains to be seen.

TerBlanche continued to air for several months after Gillian's death. Gillian didn't accept that she'd died, and her spirit wandered around Pine Valley. Her spirit guide through the afterlife was Jesse Hubbard -- who turned out to be very much alive in 2008.

A native of South Africa, Esta Terblanche joined the cast of All My Children in August 1997.

A first airdate has not yet been announced, but TerBlanche is expected to air over the course of several episodes in September.

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