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Ilene shot Gillian, mistaking her for Anna. After being rushed to the hospital, Gillian was put on life support. Ryan was told that Gillian would not recover and that only the machines were keeping her body alive. Leo proposed to Laura. Laura's heart failed, and it was determined that her only hope for survival was if Ryan consented to donating Gillian's heart.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of June 18, 2001 on AMC
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Monday, June 18, 2001

The news that Ilene Pringle was not a television producer sent a wave of terror through Ryan. He immediately asked Adrian for a way to get through to Ilene and somehow prevent the hit on Anna.

At the turret, Gillian looked longingly at the grounds through a window. At the entranceway, Ilene quietly pointed her gun in Gillian's direction. "Goodbye, Anna," she snarled.

Still under strict orders from Dr. Clader to take it easy, Hayley was beginning to go stir crazy. Mateo got the doctor's permission to take his wife for a night out on the town. Seated in a wheelchair, Hayley was wheeled into Sounds of Salsa. She gasped as she looked around at the newly renovated nightclub. Gone were the bright yellows and oranges; in their place were darker colors and more sophisticated furnishings. As Hayley continued to coo in amazement at the new look, Mateo explained his reasons for giving the club an overhaul. He explained that the new look more accurately reflected where he is with his life right now. Hayley gently teased him about moving into parental mode. Mateo seemed to regret that his father had never had a chance to see the club. He recounted how Hector had wanted him to be a lawyer. Hayley said that she was certain that Hector would be proud of Mateo's accomplishments. "Maybe," Mateo responded with a laugh. A few seconds later, Rosa burst into the club wearing a smile and a rather low-cut dress. Almost immediately, Rosa hit up her big brother for a waitress job at the club. Mateo was amazed that his little sister wanted to work in a nightclub. Rosa pleaded for someone to help her gain her independence. She bemoaned the rules of her mother's house - no television on the weekends, no phone calls after dinner and only one piercing her ear. Hayley tried to intercede by explaining that Isabella was only trying to protect Rosa. Mateo agreed, nothing that it has not been easy for their mother to raise a daughter by herself. Rosa rolled her eyes and grumbled that everyone wants her to "be a baby forever." Mateo noticed that a gaggle of men at the bar were eyeing up his sister. He became very uneasy and wrapped a jacket around Rosa so that she'd show less - or actually no - skin. Mateo explained to Rosa that she is too young to work in a bar. He then handed her a wad of cash for the taxi ride home and promised that he wouldn't tell Isabella about her trip to the club. Later, Mateo took to center stage to thank everyone for turning out for the club's grand re-opening. After musing that he hopes everyone returns often to spend all of their money at the club, Mateo turned serious, wishing that everyone is lucky enough to find someone as special as Hayley is to him.

Across the way, Greenlee and Jake sat at table sipping champagne. Greenlee likened the outing to a birthday, saying that the night would make the "end of stodgy Jake." When a pager sounded, Jake obviously thought that the hospital was trying to contact him. As it turned out, it was actually Greenlee would was being paged. She rolled her eyes and muttered that everyone who works for Erica is on-call "24/7." Greenlee excused herself. She was gone but a few seconds when Pat Trowbridge appeared by Jake's side. Jake smiled broadly and invited Pat to join him at the table. The two had very little chance to talk because Jake was paged by the hospital. After he excused himself to call in, Greenlee returned to the table and sat down next to Pat. Pat sighed heavily and muttered that she and Jake had hoped that Greenlee was gone for the night. Greenlee remained upbeat in spite of the obviously jab. She chirped that she and Jake have been having a good time together lately. She praised Jake's "inventiveness" in bed and referred to herself and Jake as "bed buddies." Pat was greatly turned off by the idea that Jake and Greenlee were supposedly sleeping together and rose from the table. Jake had overheard what Greenlee had said, but his efforts to stop Pat from leaving failed miserably. Pat angrily told Jake that she was not up for a game of "musical bed buddies" and stormed off. Jake returned to the table and listened as Greenlee tried to chalk off her remarks as a joke. Instead of lashing out at Greenlee, Jake grabbed Greenlee and pulled her in for a passionate kiss. After their lips parted, a stunned Greenlee asked Jake why he'd kissed her. "You are going to rock my world," Jake replied crassly. He rationalized that Greenlee must want to have sex with him or she never would have said what she'd said to Pat. Greenlee looked on in shock as Jake told her that he was going to give her a chance to "turn [her] lie inside-out."

"What did you just say to me?" Laura asked with a slight gasp. Leo repeated his marriage proposal. Leo called himself the "biggest, most selfish bastard on the face of the earth" and claimed that he wasn't really worthy of Laura. Comparing himself to his piano playing and life saving older brother, Leo felt that he had not accomplished anything of worth in his life. The time he and Laura had spent together was "a gift," he said softly, adding, "It was you loving me that made me a better man." Outside in the hallway, Bianca approached Brooke after having dropped by Brooke's house and learning that Laura was back in the hospital. Brooke admitted to Bianca that Laura's condition was quite serious. The pair entered Laura's room and Leo quickly scrambled off to parts unknown. Laura gushed about Leo's marriage proposal. Both Bianca and Brooke were surprised by the news. Laura asked for some time alone with Bianca and Brooke nodded in agreement. Bianca told Laura that she was concerned about Leo's sudden proposal. However, she did so in a way that didn't make it sound like she was against the marriage. Laura told Bianca that she feared that she wouldn't live long enough to ever have someone else propose to her. Bianca softly assured Laura that she would live many, many more years. "I've never been so totally happy," Laura replied. Laura promised that she would live on in Bianca's heart and soul even after her death. She apologized for the way she'd reacted when Bianca told her that she has a crush on her. "You are so amazing, beautiful and fine," Laura whispered. "And I'm honored that you love me." Laura asked that Bianca return to the beach every year on the same day to mark their "anniversary." Brooke returned to the room and combed her daughter's hair as the three of them resumed talking about the engagement. Laura admitted that she feared that Leo might reconsider and take back his proposal. The door swung open and Leo, panting heavily, fell to one knee. Bianca was concerned that Leo was so "out of breath." Leo corrected her, saying that he was "out of condition." Still breathing heavily, Leo moved to Laura's side and told her that he wanted to take back his marriage proposal. Laura's face fell. Luckily, Leo quickly explained that he wanted to do it over. He then produced a small ring box and asked Laura to marry him. Laura accepted Leo's proposal as Brooke looked on with tears streaming down her cheek.

At the main house, Dimitri tried to get Alex to join him for a stroll around the grounds. Alex declined, saying that she wasn't much in the mood to do anything. Dimitri tried to apologize for causing a rift between himself and his wife - but he refused to back down from his belief that Gabriel was nothing but trouble. Two guards dragged a kicking and fussing Gabriel into the parlor. They explained that Gabriel had tried to jump another guard for his gun. Despite Dimitri's objections, Alex demanded that she be allowed to speak to her brother. Gabriel rose to his feet, but suddenly collapsed and lost consciousness. Alex determined that Gabriel had been drugged and tried her best to rouse him. Some time passed and Gabriel eventually regained consciousness. Alex immediately hit him up with a barrage of questions about who had drugged him. Gabriel explained that a woman from Bryn Wydd - a blonde of about the same stature as Alex - had tied him up and told him that she planned to kill Anna. Alex showed Gabriel the note she'd found on the table and Gabriel confirmed her suspicions that he had not written the note. Dimitri ordered the guards to scour the grounds for Ilene. Before they could leave, Ryan burst through the front door with Ilene by his side. Ryan had a gun pointed towards the woman's head. Ilene remained quiet through Dimitri and Ryan's mini-interrogation. She said nothing. Besides the smirk planted firmly on her face, Ilene's only other expression was on occasional eye roll when someone mentioned how they had thwarted her efforts to kill Anna. Dimitri and the two guards escorted Ilene off so that she could be carted off by the police. Stella heard the sirens wailing in the distance and entered the room to find out what was going on. Alex said only that there had been "some trouble" and declined to elaborate on exactly what had happened. Ryan sighed in relief as he announced that he was thankful that Gillian was still aboard the Fidelity. Stella cocked her head to the side and informed Ryan that Gillian had been there; she had gone to the turret to pick up some of her belongings.

When Ryan arrived at the turret, he spotted Gillian lying quietly on the bed. She called out her name softly so as not to startle his slumbering princess. Quietly, Ryan sat on the bed next to his wife. He smiled slightly and gently stroked her hair. Still, Gillian did not stir. He gently took his wife's head and wondered if Ilene had drugged her. A crimson stain on the pillow signaled that something much worse had happened. Ryan cast a glance down to his hands and found them covered in blood.

Tuesday, June 19, 2001

At the turret, Ryan's screams for help were answered by Dimitri and Alex. Dimitri asked one of the guards that had escorted them to the turret to call the hospital. Alex, meanwhile, went over to see if there was anything she could do for Gillian. A panicked Ryan held Gillian in his arms and told her repeatedly that she couldn't leave him. She was rushed to the hospital and was tended to by Joe and other doctors. The doctors were furiously working on her while Ryan stood by Gillian's side, begging her to be okay and asking the doctors about her condition. They wheeled her away for a CAT scan and Ryan followed. Dimitri and Alex had arrived at the hospital and ran into Joe, asking him to keep them informed. Alex turned to Dimitri and told him that it was her fault. She brought all the evil into their lives. Dimitri held her close and told her it wasn't, just as Gabriel entered the hospital. Dimitri asked Gabriel what he was doing there and he explained that he only wanted to see how Gillian was. Dimitri became angry and accused Gabriel of being in on the whole scheme to kill Anna, that he knew Ilene was coming and she worked for Charlotte. Gabriel punched Dimitri and they fell. Guards came in, along with Joe, to pry them apart. Alex apologized to Gabriel for Dimitri's outburst and Gabriel told her that he didn't know that Ilene was at Wildwind until it was too late. He went on to say that Ilene was going to kill both Anna and Alex since she didn't know who was who and added that she had written the note to get Anna to the turret. Alex realized then that if she had gone to the turret as soon as she saw the note that maybe she could have prevented Gillian from getting shot. A devastated Ryan returned and told them that Gillian was not doing well. There was pressure on her brain and they would have to drill a hole to relieve it. Joe explained in medical turns, to Alex, what they would be doing. Alex and Joe tried to console Ryan by telling him that Gillian was getting the best care possible. Ryan needed to be alone and disappeared. Alex went to follow him but Joe suggested that she stay with Dimitri.

At Jake's apartment, romantic music was playing and Jake was lighting candles and pouring wine waiting for Greenlee's arrival. Greenlee walked in, looked around in surprise and asked Jake what was going on. He replied that this was a special night for them as he pulled his t-shirt off. He handed her a glass of wine and moved towards her, while she backed away, not knowing if he was really serious or not. He told her that he thought about her all the time and how she had driven him crazy ever since she had moved in. He picked her up in his arms and kissed her passionately. He put her down on the couch and continued to kiss her. Then he had a bright idea. He ran to the fridge and pulled out a container of whipped cream and told her that they needed to 'get edible'. He took her hand and they headed towards the bedroom, but she stopped and told him that she couldn't do it. She explained that she wasn't the same person anymore and she wasn't into the "no strings attached" thing anymore. Just then, she realized that Jake had been testing her. The phone rang and it was Joe telling Jake to get down to the hospital immediately, that Gillian had been in an accident. Jake and Greenlee rushed out.

In the chapel, Ryan was sobbing and asking God for help. He said that God had helped in the past, when he was a child and again when he brought Gillian into his life. He asked God to help once again. He needed God to save Gillian because she was his life.

In Laura's room, Laura, Leo, Brooke and Bianca were admiring Laura's engagement ring. David entered with a wheel chair and told Laura she needed another test. Laura held up her hand and showed David the ring. He congratulated them both and welcomed her into the family. David wheeled her away and Leo told Brooke that since Laura didn't have much time, he wanted to get married today. Brooke, with tears in her eyes, gave Leo a big hug and asked him if he was sure that he wanted to marry Laura and he told her he did. He asked Bianca to take care of the flowers and Brooke to find something for Laura to wear. Brooke and Bianca left and Leo made a call to get a Chaplain to perform the ceremony. Vanessa ran in the room holding a bill and asked Leo why he charged a $28,000 ring to her account at the Valley Inn. He was about to explain when she looked at Laura's empty bed and said to Leo, "well you're finally marrying into money, Bravo Leo." She went on to tell him how proud she was of him, especially since he had just been dumped by Greenlee. He grabbed her and told her that it wasn't like that, as David re-entered the room. Leo told Vanessa that if she wanted to make up for all the horrible things she had done in the past that she should use her influence as Palmer's wife, to get a Justice Of the Peace immediately. She joked and said she could do that as it was a good idea to get married before Brooke had a chance to slap him with a pre-nup. Vanessa left and Leo tried to explain to David that he was marrying Laura because he genuinely cared about her, not because he was taking advantage of her situation. David understood and told Leo he was doing the right thing. Leo then asked David to be his best man and David agreed.

David met up with Laura outside her room after her tests were completed and told her that the results were not what he was looking for, but she shouldn't give up, he told her, at some point, she could get a new heart. She told David that she couldn't believe she was this happy. He opened the door to her room and Leo was standing there all dressed up in a suit and Brooke, Bianca and Vanessa were also there waiting. The room was filled with flowers and music was playing. Laura wondered what was going on and Leo explained that it was her wedding day. Laura needed to get ready so Leo, David and Vanessa left the room. David pinned a boutonniere on Leo's lapel and told him how proud he was. Just then Leo realized that he didn't have wedding bands, and David pulled 2 out of his pocket and handed them to Leo. David explained that he had a jeweler send them over as a wedding present. Leo was clearly touched. Brooke and Bianca helped Laura get ready and Brooke presented Laura with a box from Aunt Phoebe saying that it was in the tradition of 'something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue'. Laura opened the box and in it was an antique pin. She said pointing to her hospital bracelet, the pin and the new robe that she was wearing that she had something blue, something old and something new. Bianca pulled off a chain she wore around her neck and gave it to Laura telling her that it was from her Grandma Mona who told her to always keep it near her heart. "Something borrowed," Laura said and thanked Bianca. She then asked her to be her Maid of Honor. Brooke and Laura then shared a 'moment' and Brooke, not wanting to cry, called everyone back in the room. The guests got in their places and the Justice Of The Peace began speaking.

Jake and Greenlee arrived at the hospital and Jake ran up to his father inquiring about Gillian's condition. Joe explained Gillian's situation to a stunned Jake. Jake wondered how the shooting had happened. Dimitri explained the little that he knew. The neurologist tending to Gillian walked up and asked to speak to Gillian's husband. Alex stated that Ryan had wandered off to be alone. She then begged the doctor to tell them how Gillian was faring. He explained her condition in medical terms. A tearful Dimitri turned to Alex and asked her what the doctor meant. Alex replied that Gillian was brain dead and they nothing they could do would bring her back. "She's... gone," Alex said haltingly. Greenlee and Jake looked stunned. Everyone was crying; Alex hugged Dimitri and Joe hugged Jake. A helpless Greenlee stood still, not knowing what to do. Jake turned to Dimitri and asked him why this had to happen. Joe tried to get Jake to leave so they could talk about it privately but Jake insisted that he needed to tell Ryan the news. Dimitri offered to go with him but Jake wanted to do it alone.

Back in the chapel, Ryan was overcome with emotion. He sat crying, with his hands clenched, and was praying that Gillian would be okay. He talked out loud about their relationship and how special it was; how wonderful Gillian was and how much he loved her. He again asked God to save her because he said he couldn't live without her. "Don't take her from me," he pleaded. He then heard the chapel door open and turned around to see Jake standing grimfaced before him.

Wednesday, June 20, 2001

In Laura's hospital room, the Justice of the Peace began the wedding ceremony. Brooke gave Laura away and kissed Leo as she walked back to her place. The JP told the bride and groom that "Love is given by family and friends, and we learn to love by being loved." All of a sudden Laura said, "Stop! I can't do this!" The room full of guests were stunned and Brooke ran to Laura's side. She asked if Laura was feeling worse but Laura told her mother she just needed to speak to Leo alone. The guests filed out into the waiting area.

Outside Laura's room, Bianca told Brooke that Laura was probably just a little nervous. She said Leo was the best thing that ever happened to Laura and that "he loves her almost as much as..." but stopped there. Brooke finished the sentence for her saying "almost as much as you do?" and gently touched Bianca's arm. Brooke went over to speak to the Justice of the Peace and Erica ran up to Bianca. She was very upset and cried out "Thank God you're ok!" This baffled Bianca but Erica explained that there was a shooting at Wildwind and someone fitting Bianca's description had been wounded and brought to the hospital. Erica had been afraid that Bianca was riding at Wildwind and had been the one shot. Bianca explained that Dimitri had asked her not to ride at the estate. Then Erica looked over at Brooke and said "When I look at Brooke, who's facing losing a second daughter, well, I just couldn't bear it!." Erica asked who was with Brooke and Bianca explained it was a justice of the peace and that Laura and Leo were getting married.

In her hospital room, Laura was a bit out of breath. Leo grabbed the oxygen mask and held it over Laura's face and told her to breathe. She took a few deep breaths but still looked bad. Leo tried to joke that he had the pre-marriage jitters too but then wondered if he did something to make her change her mind. She denied that and told Leo "I love you so much it hurts. That's why I can't marry you." Leo was confused and Laura tried to explain that it wasn't fair to Leo, that she couldn't give him what a wife should give her husband: a future, children, growing old together. Leo told her that all he needs is love and that he'd take it for as long as it lasts. He went on to say that Laura loves so completely and he wants to feel that love and he doesn't care if it's for 5 years or 5 minutes. This touched Laura and she declared the wedding back on. Leo ran to the hallway and told everyone to come back in the room. Bianca asked Erica to join them but she declined and stayed outside in the hallway. Laura apologized for the delay and said she wanted to say something to Leo. She told him that when she was little she thought happiness belonged to other people but that she finally grew into her own happiness. She told Leo that she found happiness because of him and that what ever else happens, she has this moment. "I love you Leo, more than words can say" Laura softly said. Leo spoke up and said he had gotten good at disguises but that Laura saw straight through them, she saw "My heart and soul, and saw the good in me." He told her that he loved her for her courage and everything that she is and wants to be. The JP took over and started the wedding again. Erica stood outside and listened to the wedding vows and Greenlee walked up. She too stood there and listened, and couldn't believe what she was heard. Erica walked away. David handed the JP the wedding rings and Greenlee heard Leo say "I Leo, take thee Laura to be my wife. With this ring I pledge my love and fidelity." Greenlee peered through the window as Leo slipped the ring on Laura's finger. Laura repeated the same words and place the ring on Leo's finger. The JP declared them husband and wife and when Leo kissed Laura, Bianca watched with pain. Everyone else crowded around to congratulate the newlyweds and Greenlee stood outside, barely containing her tears. Erica returned and told Greenlee she was too late to ruin Leo's wedding. Greenlee pretended not to know he'd just gotten married but then said she wished them well. As Vanessa opened Laura's hospital room door Greenlee ran off.

Inside the room, David offered a toast to the bride and groom. Brooke welcomed Leo to the family and asked him to promise he'd take very good care of "my little girl." Leo promised and David said it was getting late; they should all let the couple start their honeymoon. Brooke kissed Laura and Leo and went outside to the waiting area and sat down. She was obviously upset and Erica sat next to her and said "This was not the wedding you had planned for your daughter, was it?" Brooke told her that nothing was like she'd planned for Laura. She had dreamt of Laura's wedding, of her being carried over the threshold, of picking out new furniture, burning her first dinner, holding a baby, filling scrapbooks with memories. Brooke started to cry so she got up and told Erica she was going to the chapel.

Laura got back into her hospital bed and Leo asked what they should do for a honeymoon. Laura got out her sugar packet collection, with pictures of destinations in the USA. They thought the Grand Canyon would be good and Leo crawled into bed next to Laura. Zora walked in and said it was time for Mrs. DuPres medicine. She put it in Laura's and Laura admitted to being rather tired. Zora said she'd be right outside and left the room. Laura and Leo cuddled in bed and she told her new husband that he made magical things happen. Leo told her that the magic's just begun. Laura said she had everything she ever wanted right there.

Greenlee stormed into the loft and in a crying fit of rage trashed everything she could get her hands on. Vanessa walked in the open door and watched, speechless, as Greenlee destroyed the place. Greenlee finally saw Vanessa and ordered her out of the apartment. Vanessa shut the door and told her that they both want Leo's happiness. Greenlee reminded Vanessa that Leo just married Laura. Vanessa told Greenlee that Leo still loves her and that this marriage is a marriage of convenience. She told Greenlee that Leo only married Laura out of pity and that when Laura dies he'll inherit a tidy sum. And then he could come court Greenlee! Greenlee was disgusted by this and demanded that Vanessa leave. She slammed the door behind Vanessa and began to pick up the mess she'd made. But she kept hearing Vanessa's voice telling her that Leo still loved her and that he only married Laura to "fulfill a dying girl's last wish." Greenlee walked over to the mirror and said to herself "Laura's rich, Leo marries Laura, Laura dies, Leo's rich. What's wrong with this picture?"

Gillian was in a hospital bed in a different area of the hospital. She was hooked up to many machines to keep her body alive. Outside her room Alex and Dr. Joe discussed her condition, saying that letting her go was the only option. Joe said at least she wasn't in any pain but Alex said that wasn't enough. Joe reminded her that the doctors had done everything they could for Gillian. Alex got a page and found a phone. Anna and Edmund had just returned and they'd heard about Gillian. Anna asked if she'd be ok but Alex had to tell her that it was all over, Gillian had no brain activity. Anna cried out and said she was coming to the hospital but Alex told her not to.

Jake found Ryan in the chapel and Ryan wanted to know if Gillian was calling for him. He asked if she'd be ok after rehab but Jake just said he wished he had better news. Ryan wondered if they'd still be able to go on their honeymoon and then begged Jake to tell him Gillian would be ok. Jake said, "I'm sorry, she won't be." Ryan couldn't bear this news and went ballistic on Jake. He accused Jake of trying to get back at him because Gillian had chosen Ryan over Jake. Jake denied this, saying he was a doctor and wouldn't lie about a patient, "Gillian won't recover." Ryan kept denying this and said it was time for Jake to face reality; Gillian would never look at him the way she does at Ryan and she'd never say, "I love you" to Jake. Jake tried to gently tell Ryan that Gillian was on life support and that machines were keeping her alive. "The Gillian you knew isn't here, she's gone." Ryan told Jake to go to hell and ran out of the chapel.

Dimitri and Alex talked with Joe and he told them Gillian hadn't signed a living will but she had signed a donor card. But he said the hospital couldn't do anything until Ryan gave his consent. Ryan walked up and told Joe to run more tests but Joe told him they've done everything they could, she's gone. Dimitri tried to tell Ryan the same thing but Ryan couldn't listen. He said she couldn't be gone because he'd feel it if she was. Ryan went into Gillian's room and talked to her about their life and love. He then laid his head on her stomach and sobbed, begging her to come back to him. Ryan told her that he thanked God for her and their future together. Outside the room Dimitri, Alex, Jake and Joe watched Ryan in his torment. Dimitri sadly said he had to go call their relatives in Hungary and tell them the horrible news. After he left Alex said they had to help Ryan get through this. Erica walked up behind them and overheard. Jake told Joe they have to approach Ryan about testing Gillian as a heart donor for Laura. Alex said Ryan needed time to mourn the woman he loves. Erica left as Joe, Jake and Alex walked into Gillian's room. Ryan looked up and told them to forget about the tests, "Gillian's still with me, she's still alive." The three of them looked at each other with unbearable sadness.

In the turret, Anna told Edmund that Charlotte did this to Gillian. Edmund said the shooter was in custody and they could go question her. Anna said Ilene won't live long, Charlotte will see to that. Anna looked at Edmund who was bravely containing his grief. "I know how much Gillian meant to you and you're remaining strong, like nothing can bring you down.." Edmund sat next to Anna and told her he's staying strong because he doesn't want his children to think that bad guys win. He felt he owed that much to Gillian. They took each other's hands for comfort.

In the hospital chapel, Brooke pleaded with God to send a miracle to save Laura. As she cried on her knees Erica walked in. Brooke turned to see who it was and told Erica she couldn't deal with her right now. Erica haughtily said, "Well, you'd better deal with me! I found a heart for Laura."

Thursday, June 21, 2001

At the Cindy Parker Chandler Foundation Charity Auction, being held at the art gallery, Stuart and Marian thanked everyone for their generous contributions. The group toasted themselves for being able to provide many AIDS patients with medical equipment and care and they dispersed. David approached Adam and questioned why he hadn't called him yet. He reminded Adam that his offer was for a "limited time" and warned that he would soon press charges against his "thieving, pill-popping son." Adam retorted that he had no proof against JR but David slyly replied that "fingerprints don't lie." Liza approached the pair and David left. Adam explained that he was looking for an "answer" and Liza hoped he hadn't given him one yet. He replied that he had to do something to keep JR out of a "hell hole" but Liza reminded him that his scheming would put him in the exact same place. She explained that JR needed help with his drug problem but Adam told her not to worry and walked away. Wheelchair-bound, Hayley and Liza went to talk in the corner. Liza confided that JR was taking drugs and Hayley wondered if it was the "curse" of the family. She reasoned that Adam couldn't deal with the news and offered to help. She asked if he they had confronted him and Liza replied that they had and he had switched his story. Hayley confided that she thought JR was high the night of the accident and explained that even though he had tested negative from his urine sample, he may have switched his sample with someone else's. Hayley reasoned that she would get him talking and even if he lied to her, she would be able to tell because it was what she did when she used to drink. Liza stood and approached JR who was standing by himself. She told him that his sister missed him and wanted to talk to him.

Leo and Laura laid in her hospital bed. Laura confessed that she regretted not being able to have their first dance as husband and wife. Leo surveyed the tubes and machines hooked up to her and assured her that they could "figure something out." Gently, he lifted her out of bed and placed her feet on his. They slowly began to dance but there was no music playing. Sleepily, Laura smiled and assured him that she heard a song.

At the chapel, Brooke sadly looked at Erica. She asked Erica if she was just getting her hopes up but Erica replied that a gun shot victim had just arrived to the ICU. Brooke's tear-streaked face lit up and she ran for the door. Crying, Ryan entered the chapel at the same time. Brooke apologized for running into him and explained that a gun shot victim was just brought to the ER. Ryan cried and looked at her horrified as Brooke told him that Laura "had a chance" if this "gun shot victim (didn't) make it." He ran out and Erica told her that "shouldn't have happened." Brooke asked who the victim was and Erica replied that it was Gillian. Shaken, Brooke left to find Ryan. Bianca walked in and asked what was wrong. Erica assured her that it wasn't bad news about Laura but Bianca gingerly asked what was going on.

Laura recounted to Leo the first time she went home to Brooke's place for something to eat. Weakly, she told him that the glass of milk that was given to her was the "best thing (she) had ever seen." Leo offered to get her some milk from the nurses' station but Laura stated that she couldn't drink it. He jokingly told her that one sip on their wedding night wouldn't hurt but after that, he was going to "cut her off." Outside, he leaned against the wall and sighed. He spotted Zora and she asked how Laura was doing. Leo explained that she was tired and getting sicker. He asked her if she was getting worse but Zora didn't respond. She told him that Laura's heart scans had come back and the results were not good. She explained that the test rated how hard her heart was working and that it had sunk from to an 8 from a 45. Sadly, Leo asked how much time she had left.

Leo returned with a glass of milk and Laura slowly sipped it. She told him that it felt comforting, just like that first day at Brooke's house. Leo asked if that was how she felt with him and she replied that she felt even safer with him. She tried to talk but whispered that it was getting too painful. Leo assured her that his mouth was big enough for the both of them and began talking about their honeymoon. They envisioned being in Venice and Laura donning a beautiful wedding dress.

Ryan stood outside of Gillian's hospital room and watched her. Brooke cautiously approached him and apologized for what she had said. She explained that she didn't know Gillian had been brought it but Ryan angrily told her to go. She replied that they were both in pain and she knew what he was feeling and told him she was moments away from losing her second child. The pair cried as Brooke told him that she had "no right to ask" and wondered if he knew anything. He slowly replied that he knew only that it was "horrible." Brooke gingerly told him that Laura was getting sicker but Ryan angrily told her that Gillian was getting better because he could "feel it." He shouted at her to take Gillian "off (her) list" and went into her room. Jake walked out and Brooke asked if Gillian was getting better. As they watched Ryan with his wife, Jake sadly replied that the tests they had run earlier that day confirmed that she had no brain activity and that she was only being kept alive on life support. Brooke stated that Gillian wouldn't want Laura to die and Jake revealed that she had signed a donor card when she heard about Laura's situation. The only problem was that she hadn't drawn up a living will so Ryan would be able to cancel the donor card. He told her that Gillian's blood type matched Laura's and they would be able to determine a heart compatibility once they ran tissue tests. Quietly, he told her that if they moved quickly, they would still have time. "You mean before Laura dies," Brooke sobbed and rushed away.

Leo and Laura dreamed about their honeymoon in Paris and Laura promised that she would remember it forever. Leo left to get her some ice chips and Brooke approached him. She told him she had bad news and that he had to listen to her. She explained that Gillian had been shot and was in the ICU, but that her heart hadn't been damaged. Leo was shocked but Brooke told him this was Laura's only chance at a life. He asked if she had spoken to Ryan yet but she replied that it was too painful. He left to talk to him "before it (was) too late."

After hearing about Gillian, Bianca sat beside her mother in a state of shock. She confessed that once Travis had died, she didn't think she could ever go through the pain again. Erica wished that she could take all of her pain away but Bianca reasoned that life wasn't like that. She explained that you had two choices: you could keep everyone away and be alone or you could let people into your heart, love them and then lose them. Erica replied that once you loved someone, you were able to gain strength that you never had before and that it was this love that helped you get through tough times. Bianca stated that some people go through life without anyone loving them but Erica assured her this wouldn't be the case with her. Crying, Bianca asked her to "promise" and, as Erica hugged her daughter, she did.

JR and Hayley spoke in the corner. She asked him why he had taken the pill and he replied that he wanted to fit in. She asked him if it happened just that once and he assured her that it did. Hayley wondered why he would turn to drugs and JR explained that his life had been a mess since David ruined their family. She took his hand and made him promise that the next time he was in a situation like that, he would call her and she would come get him. "Are you gonna wheel yourself over?" he joked, but Hayley assured him that she would get there any way she could. She offered to take him to a meeting or a 12 Step program, unless he was afraid. JR nervously replied that would be fine and promised that he would call her. The pair hugged and Hayley whispered that she was very lucky to have him as a brother. Teary, JR got up and walked away. David approached him and asked if he was having fun. JR eyed him and informed him that they weren't supposed to "party down" at an AIDS benefit. David turned and walked towards Derek. Derek asked him if he was enjoying his freedom and informed him that his court date had been set. David nonchalantly replied that he wasn't nervous. "You make me nervous when I see you too close to a punch bowl," Adam quipped, as he approached David who was standing alone. David informed him that his court date had been set but wondered if he was really going to go to jail. Adam told him that relied upon whether he had mentioned JR to Derek but David slyly assured him that he hadn't. Again, Adam repeated that he had no proof against JR but David pulled out an envelope from his jacket pocket. He explained that he had gotten forensic experts to dust his room for fingerprints and that they had made a match with JR, whose file was already at the station. Adam looked nervous as David asked him if he was ready to reach an agreement and threatened to give a copy of the report to the police.

Jake watched through the window as Ryan talked to Gillian. He held her hand and cried as he reminded her of the promises that they made to one another. He told her they had too much to look forward to and that they had spent too much time apart when they broke up. Ryan sobbed as he reminded her of their wedding day when she promised to give her heart to him. He stroked her hand as he cried that he needed her heart and would never be able to give it away. "Don't give up on me," he sobbed, "because I'm not giving up on you." He asked her if she could hear him and begged her to open her eyes but she didn't respond. Ryan gently rubbed the side of her face and told her to take her time and that she needed to rest. Jake went into the room and asked to speak to Ryan. Gently, he explained that they had run several tests that proved that Gillian had no brain activity. Upset, Ryan demanded to know why she was then breathing and Jake explained that the machines were keeping her alive. He told Ryan that all the doctors and specialists were in agreement that "it (was) time." Ryan became angry, threw Jake out and locked the door. He returned to his wife's bedside and told her they would think differently if only they felt her warm hand. He took her hand and began to cry and stated that he knew she would never leave him. Suddenly, he turned around and saw Leo desperately watching him through the window outside.

As Stuart spoke to the crowd, Adam approached David and whispered that he would bribe "everyone from the judge down to the washroom attendant" to make him a free man only if he dropped his vendetta against JR. David replied that he had broken into his room and stole medication, but Adam was firm. David told him he had his word but Adam wondered what that was worth. "I guess you're just going to have to wait to find out," he replied and Adam walked away.

Brooke sat with Laura in her arms. Laura cried as she thanked Brooke for the "milk and for saving (her) life." Brooke sobbed and told her that she was the one who saved her. Brooke whispered that she loved her and Laura slowly asked if she knew that she loved her too. "Oh yes," Brooke cried and hugged Laura closer. The heart machine began beeping and Brooke frantically looked down to her daughter who was motionless.

Thursday, June 22, 2001

At their home, Hayley and Mateo are talking about when he should go to the club that day. The phone rings, it's Isabella. Apparently Rosa is missing and her mother is very upset. While Mateo is trying to calm her down, the doorbell rings and Mateo opens the door to find Rosa standing there. He tells their mother and suggests she come over there too. Rosa pleads for Mateo's help, saying she hates the Catholic school she goes to. Mateo says, "That's not the point. The point is you lied to a bunch of nuns and went behind Mom's back." Rosa says it wasn't a lie because she is not going back to St. Agnes, no matter what. The nuns called Father Tony because Rosa was giving up her financial aid, and he called her mother. Rosa says she wishes she had forged Isabella's signature on the letter, but her handwriting doesn't match. Mateo is shocked, saying "What's wrong with you?" Rosa replies, "It's just that I want to go to public school, like most people in the world. I want to wear regular clothes and date boys before I die." Isabella comes in and they argue about where Rosa will go to school. When Isabella asks Mateo for his opinion, he says, "I think you should let her go to Pine Valley High....You can't shield us kids from life...You taught us well and the bottom line is you shouldn't be ashamed of us." Isabella says Father Tony said that people have to make their own decisions and she agrees to let Rosa go to public school. Rosa swears she won't disappoint her and will never lie to her again. Isabella warns her that she better not. Rosa says she's going to a swimming party at the boathouse. Her mother tells her to have a good time. Rosa leaves, and once outside the house, takes off her jacket to reveal a midriff-baring shirt. Isabella then leaves and Mateo starts to rub Hayley's back. She says "Oww" and says she's having pain. Mateo takes her to the doctor.

Over at the homeless shelter, Gabriel is there and a woman tells him they will have a bed for him tonight. Derek Frye comes in (he coaches the softball team) and asks Gabriel if he was kicked out of Wildwind. Gabriel retorts that he left on his own. Derek says, "Good, because you have caused the Marick family nothing but trouble." Gabriel says, "I had nothing to do with Gillian being shot. I'm tired of telling you that." Derek softens a bit and invites Gabriel to go eat in the dining hall. J.R. shows up for his community service. A woman tells him he will be folding laundry today. J.R. regards the task with distaste, but gets to work. The Shannon Trio (Shannon, Heather, and Mindy) comes in. They invite J.R. to a party at the boathouse that Sweeney and Marcus are throwing him for protecting them when Kenny overdosed. Derek comes in and tells J.R. when he is done folding laundry; he will be pulling weeds on the baseball field. He invites the girls to help and they leave. J.R. appears very unhappy with the idea of weeding the field. After Derek leaves, Gabriel comes in and says, "What's up with the creep detective?" J.R. says, "Lt. Frye? Oh, you know, he thinks he knows everything, like they all do." Gabriel says he's going for a swim at the boathouse. J.R.'s phone rings, it's Dixie checking up on him. This angers him. He recalls Shannon's invitation and then remembers Hayley telling him to call her first before he goes to a party and takes anything. He calls Hayley, but since Mateo took her to the doctor, he gets the machine. He starts to leave a message, then says he'll talk to her later.

Over at the boathouse, Gabriel is there when Marcus, Sweeney and the other kids come over. They tell him to leave and threaten him. Gabriel starts to leave, but observes Rosa and her friend Philomena arrive. Marcus sees Rosa and starts coming on to her.

At Pine Valley Hospital, Ryan sits by Gillian, holding her hand. He says, "They're saying you're gone. But how can that be? Your hands are still warm. I know you're just resting so you can get better. I am not going to let anything else happen to you. No one can take you away from me." Leo watches at the window. Ryan has locked the door, no one can get in. Dimitri and Alex are there and Dimitri offers to try to talk to Ryan again. Leo doesn't want to ask Ryan and says they'll have to find another donor. Jake tells him, "Laura went into cardiac arrest last night. She's stable, we brought her back. But that might not be the case next time.... It's only a matter of hours, Leo. Gillian's heart is Laura's only chance."

Outside of Laura's room, Edmund talks with Brooke. David comes out of the room and says Laura is asking for Brooke. She goes in and Laura, looking very pale and weak, says she wants to see Leo and Jamie. Bianca comes up to Edmund and David. Brooke tells David of Laura's request. He says, "I think it's time for Laura to be around her loved ones." Zora comes out and tells Bianca that Laura wants to see her. Bianca goes in and Laura say she can see her when she is 30, and she is beautiful, happy, and loved. Outside the room, Zora and David discuss Laura's condition. Her kidneys are starting to shut down. Brooke pleads, "Please don't give up on her....You've done the impossible before." David says, "Without a transplant, we're at the end of the line. There's no hope. I'm sorry." He asks where Leo is. Brooke tells him about Gillian and how Leo is asking Ryan to donate her heart. David is shocked to hear about Gillian, but then says, "Her heart. Oh, we got to get on this right away. We've got no time to waste....We may have a miracle yet. Just hold on." He leaves and Opal arrives with Jamie. He sits and talks with Laura while Opal tries to comfort Brooke, who says Laura wants her to let her go.

Meanwhile, David consults with Jake, saying, "I see their blood types match. That's a huge hurdle." Jake says, "There's an excellent chance that the heart will be compatible, but the problem is, we have to get the testing....Ryan can't accept the fact that Gillian is gone." David says, "Then we have to keep working on him, Jake. Ryan is going to snap out of it in a couple of days and realize that two lives were lost needlessly."

At Gillian's room, Leo pleads with Ryan to listen to him and save Laura. Leo finally kicks the door open and goes in. Ryan threatens to kill him if he comes near Gillian. Security guards grab Leo, but Jake comes in and sends them away. Leo tells Ryan that Laura is dying and asks him to come and see her. Ryan says, "I can't leave Gillian. Somebody might hurt her while I'm gone." Dimitri and Alex say they will stay with Gillian. Ryan leaves with Leo. Jake is paged and leaves the room also. David comes in and says he had Jake paged, "I'm hoping the two of you will do the sensible thing." He want to do the tissue typing without Ryan's consent. Dimitri and Alex refuse to do it behind Ryan's back.

Over at Laura's room, Ryan and Leo watch her talk with Jamie. She asks him not to go to camp because their mother should not be alone. She says she'll be looking after him from heaven. Ryan is very affected by this. Leo pleads with him, saying, "Laura doesn't have much time....She doesn't deserve to die. I know-Gillian too. I hate to say it, but it's too late for her. We can't bring her back now....She's the last person in the world that I would want this to happen to. But it happened. I think that Gillian would want to help Laura live. And deep down, I think you know that, too. And in a way, Gillian could live on because of Laura." Ryan is choked up and walks away. He goes to see Gillian. With tears on his face, he asks Jake, "You're sure she's not in any pain? And if they do this, if they take out her heart, she won't feel it?" Jake assures him she won't. Ryan asks, "And if they put it in Laura, it's not going to die, will it?" Jake says, "That's right. A piece of Gillian will live on." Finally, Ryan says, "I'll sign the papers."

Leo is with Laura. She says, "Leo, be happy. Promise me you won't forget you're a better person than you think you are." Suddenly, she goes into cardiac arrest. Zora races into the room and attempts to save her.



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