One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 18, 2001 on OLTL

Max and Gabrielle reminisced about their first meeting. R.J. named Will as Colin's murderer in exchange for immunity. Andrew planned to leave town. Sam's bloody boots were found. Blair moved into Dorian's house with Todd and Starr.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 18, 2001 on OLTL
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Monday, June 18, 2001

Blair insists that she, Todd, and Starr move into Dorian's instead of the penthouse, but he resists. They bicker, then make competing promises to sway Starr's allegiance. Blair wins, and Todd resentfully agrees to move into the mansion.

In Asa's stables, Max meets Gabrielle, and they both remember the day they first met. She invites him on a ride, which he declines. He informs her that he is moving out of Asa's, and she seems stricken.

R.J. tries to make a deal with Bo and Hank, to name Colin's killer in exchange for immunity. When Hank seems willing, Bo questions his objectivity; Hank asks if Bo has a vendetta against R.J. Bo offers the deal, and R.J. names Will.

Seth and Cristian discuss R.J.'s arrest, and Seth suspects that Chris is on the LPD payroll, but Chris denies it.

Lindsay tells Jen she must leave Llanview to avoid testifying at Sam's trial. When Jen wants to say goodbye to Chris, Lindsay tells her it is not safe, and they go. At the airport, Jen gets a phone call from Chris, who figures out she is leaving town. He vows to find her.

At Llanfair, Jessica tells Viki that Will is a liar, but Viki notes a distinction between lies and omissions, and encourages Jess to talk to Will. Will arrives, ready to tell Jess everything if she will go home with him. She agrees. At their apartment, Will begins to tell her his secret, but is interrupted by the police, who arrive with a search warrant. Will assures Jess they won't find anything, but one of the officers calls Bo to look at something.

Tuesday, June 19, 2001

Stunned when the police discover a pair of bloody boots hidden in the loft, Jessica again demands that Will tell her the truth about the night of Colin's murder or else she's going to end their relationship. Unable to do as she asks, Will takes his leave as a shocked Jessica stares in disbelief. Meanwhile, Bo learns that the boots belong to Sam. Cristian begins a search for Jen, who flies to New York with her mother to avoid being subpoenaed. Lindsay reminds Jen that family secrets are just that: for the family and no one else. Asa sees red when Max announces that he's leaving the mansion and fears that his plans for revenge will be foiled. Rae stonewalls as John questions her about the missing tape. Bo grows increasingly frustrated with the wall of lies the entire Rappaport family has thrown up against him. Nora begins working on Sam's defense, while across town a new piece of evidence emerges to incriminate her client.

Wednesday, June 20, 2001

Buchanan Stables

Max accuses Gabrielle of still wanting him since he's always been the one that got away, both then and now, while Asa listens nearby. She orders Max out of their lives and house though he still insists to be able to have read her expression when he first announced his departure plans and she really doesn't want him to leave. She claims it was all a part of her own plan and that she's immune to him thanks to prison. Gabrielle also tells Max that she and Asa laugh at him as the senior Buchanan strolls in with Al, looking for a riding lesson. When Al chooses the horse he wants to ride with the backing of his mother and new father, Max changes his mind and decides he has to stay-that horse is part wild and he needs to watch over Al. The newlyweds appear to be upset that Max has changed his mind and Al decides to ride another time. Gabrielle is upset about Al though not enough to stop their plans. Asa wonders if his wife still has feelings for her ex-husband and she admits she does but they are of contempt and loathing. She will pretend otherwise for her plan to work, she says, since she knows Max still has feelings for her. She says all of his with tears in her eyes.

Lord Mansion

Kelly wants to stop Blair from moving in with Todd but her cousin tries to tell her that she's in control; that is until they see Todd replacing Dorian's portrait with one of the Mannings-minus half of Blair's face. Todd and Blair begin to divide the rooms of the house up as well as their time spent with Starr. When their daughter comes down the stairs on her way to the pool, they become civil and try to top each other with what they are going to do with/for Starr. She suggests they do everything together as a family. Later, Blair reassures Kelly that Todd does not know that the new baby is his and that she has a test. Once he accepts her unconditionally she will tell him. Kelly is concerned over all of this and also wonders how Max will feel. Just then Max arrives, hearing of the new living arrangements from Renee. He needed to check on his baby and to make sure Blair is not being hassled. He assures her she hasn't heard the end of it from him; Kelly thinks Blair will flunk her own test.

Break Bar

As R.J. notes to Seth that Bo will have to keep trying to capture him, the commish himself appears. He reminds R.J. that all of his illegal activity is now gone and pretty soon the bar will be too. He is convinced that R.J. is holding out on him and knows more than he told him about Colin's murder. Gannon reminds Bo that they had a deal for his immunity and it's too bad that the evidence didn't work out to the satisfaction of the police. R.J. suggests that Sam is covering up for his son, much like Bo did for Drew. That doesn't appear to sit too well with Bo but he does tell R.J. that he thinks Sam is innocent and wants to stop the trial. R.J. taunts him about Nora spending time with Sam and as Bo leaves, he warns R.J. that he will be watching him. Roseanne arrives to apologize to R.J. for trying to take his money and whips out her voodoo doll when he steps away. She also calls Antonio to tell him how sorry she is for everything (Antonio says he can't help her) but she fixed it to make it right. Now Bo has been all over R.J. (who also knows that Antonio knows all). He doesn't know when he'll return, he advises her. She then goes to visit Senora Lena who is pleased to see that the doll has worked. This time Roseanne wants her to make a particular man love her as she hands her pictures of herself and Antonio together.

Carpenter-Davidson Mansion

As Jess looks for Viki, Ben informs her she's already left for London to visit with Joey. She cries to Ben about Will's lies, though he reassures her that his nephew does love her. She thinks he's covering up for someone, she saw evidence and she doesn't believe it's Sam who committed the murder, she tells her stepfather. She fills him in with details on the passport, the boots and the people Will hired to hurt Colin. She won't admit whether she thinks Will is guilty or not and flees upstairs to try to contact her mother. After Ben leaves for the courtroom, Al stops by to check on Jess to make sure she's ok after the other night. He'll protect her from Will if she needs him to, he tells her.


Will bursts in to speak with Sam who tells him it's alright if Nora is there. He informs him of the bloody boots that were found in his closet and how Bo thinks they're Sam's (they are). Nora wonders why Bo had a search warrant to begin with and Will states that he thinks there was a lead. Nora runs off to try to reach Bo for information while father and son have a chat. Sam admits he hasn't told Nora everything and he wants to know what Will knows. Nora returns to say Bo wasn't around but wants to know what the two were talking about. Will storms off and Nora goes after him. She begs him to trust her so he tells her that R.J. saw him at Colin's. As he's about to spill more, Ben rushes in and goes to Sam. He accuses Sam of protecting Will and accuses him of taking the blame for Will. Nora yells at Will about the boots being found and that their odds of winning are less now. He suggests she speak to Ben for the truth because he feels Will is responsible for what Sam is going through. She wants Will to find her if he has anything else to tell her. As Will leaves, Bo arrives and asks him if Sam is "taking the fall" for him just like he himself did for Drew. He asks Will if he killed Colin.

Thursday, June 21, 2001

Nora eavesdropped on Ben and Sam's conversation regarding the mounting evidence against Will. She concluded that Will killed Colin after also hearing Bo accuse Will of the crime. A conflicted Nora confided to Bo that in order to save Sam she would have to destroy someone he loves. Jessica and Al arrived as the trial began. Hank called Bo to the stand first and he testified that Sam confessed to killing Colin. But in cross-examination from Nora, Bo admitted that he didn't buy Sam's confession. Later, Will was called to the stand.

Gabrielle and Asa staged an argument for Max. After Asa stormed out, Max stepped into the library to gloat. Max thought he was right all along that Gabrielle just married Asa for his money. Gabrielle allowed Max to see her vulnerability and a hint of his buried feelings for her surfaced. Later, Gabrielle and Asa were pleased that Max was falling into their trap.

Cristian tracked down a surprised Jen in New York. He wanted to know what drove Jen away and reminded her that her father needed her support. Jen finally admitted that going back to Llanview would mean telling everyone who killed Colin.

Andrew arrived at Dorian's house to tell Kelly that he's going to Africa to do missionary work with AIDS victims. He also revealed to Kelly that Cassie might be coming back to Llanview. Meanwhile, Senora Minta provided Roseanne with a potion to cause Antonio to fall in love with her. Roseanne decided to test it on Kelly to see if she can get her to fall in love with someone else while Kevin's away. Later, Roseanne pretended to "make nice" with Kelly.

Friday, June 22, 2001

In her New York hotel room, a distraught Jen accidentally broke the stone that Cristian gave her as he proded her about Colin's death. Jen feared that she wouldn't be able to proceed with a relationship with Cristian if she continued to be consumed with guilt related to Colin's death. Cristian finally convinced Jen to return to Llanview.

The trial moved into high gear as Hank questioned Will, finally forcing him to link the bloody boots to Sam. Nora's cross examination took several surprising turns, which jolted not ony Hank, but Sam, Ben, Jessica, and Will himself. First, Nora placed Will on the docks the night of the murder and got him to testify that he tried to hire a group of thugs to hurt Colin. He then said that they roughed him up instead. Next, Nora used hosptial records to show that Will couldn't account for his whereabouts for several hours between getting roughed up and his seeking treatment. When Sam realized Nora was attempting to implicate Will in the murder, he went ballistic, and had to be warned several times by the judge to restrain himself. In an attempt to save Will, he almost changed his plea back to guilty, but was dissuaded by Nora who agreed to let up on Will. Later, Jen entered and shocked the courtroom by announcing that she gave Colin's passport to Will.

Roseanne lied that she wanted to apologize to Kelly. She convinced Kelly to get her a drink as she schemed to slip the potion in Kelly's glass. While Kelly stepped away, an unseen Starr overheard Roseanne consult with Senora Minta about administering the love potion. Kelly returned and Roseanne's plan was foiled when she spilled the potion. Roseanne then left in a huff. Later, Starr used the redial function on the phone that Roseanne used and told Senora Minta that she wanted to obtain some love potion.

Gabrielle seemed to be using an air conditioner breakdown at the mansion to come onto Max. But then she revealed she turned off the central air to impress Asa with her desire to economize. Max advised her about handling Asa as the two of them reminisced about another sultry night that they spent together. Later, Gabrielle and Max wondered what their lives would be like if that night had gone differently.

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