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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of June 25, 2001 on GL
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Monday, June 25, 2001

At Company:

Outside, Blake is peeking through the window at Ross when Harley comes up behind her and startles her. Blake tells her about the excitement when Ross shut down Gus earlier. Harley hates that she missed Gus getting put in his place. Harley tells Blake that Gus has been on everyone's bad side since he came to town and started harassing Michelle and Danny. Harley tells Blake that she has to run over to the station to rub salt in Gus's wounds. Blake goes in and Ross asks her where she went. She tells him that she had been talking to her publicist on her phone outside all that time. Ross buys the story and tells Blake that the grand jury is meeting today and then they will know if they are going to have a trial. Blake tells him if there is a trial he should just go ahead and put his photo on the fridge so that she and the kids won't forget what he looks like. He apologizes for working 40-hour days but tells her that he just hasn't gotten around to hiring an associate. Blake tells him that she will look for and find him one.

At the Bauer House:

Michelle and Meta are working in the kitchen and chatting about how Claire is testifying today. Meta thinks they may get lucky and Claire will actually tell the truth as it is and not as she sees it. Danny comes down and Meta excuses herself. They talk about Claire and her testifying and Danny tells Michelle that he is only worried about her and Robbie being okay. The phone rings and it is Maria. Michelle gives it to Danny and he is hostile to his grandma. She is asking about the grand jury and how the cops learned of Carmen's death. Danny tells her that he thinks she must have told Carlos and he anonymously tipped off the cops. Maria tells him to leave. She tells him to take his wife and son and come to Cuba, ASAP. Danny tells her that if he had a choice of being near her or taking on the feds and prison, he will take the feds. He tells her not to call there again and he hangs up. Michelle tells Danny that Maria cannot hurt them anymore. He tells her he knows, he just doesn't understand why he feels like another part of him is dying.

Back in Cuba, Maria calls Carlos and tells him that she is very upset with him.

At the Police Department:

Harley comes in and teases Gus about how Ross called in the big guns on him. Gus tells her that he was just temporarily restrained. Gus tells Harley that he doesn't understand why she is on him as well. Harley tells him that he is a bully and needs to be told to play by the rules. Gus asks her if she would feel the same way about his detective skills if under the same circumstances Danny were accused of murdering someone other than his mom. Harley told him probably not. He goes on to ask if he got emotional and teary eyed, would she thinks that made him a better cop. She understands where he is coming from and tells him that she probably would feel differently if his attitude didn't stink. He tells her they have to get down to the grand jury and they leave. Gus says it is time to put Danny Santos where he belongs.

At the Courthouse:

Russo is prepping Claire. He tells her that she can ask for him at anytime but he cannot be in the room with her. He reminds her that she has to tell the truth in order to get her immunity deal. Claire tells Russo that Gus doesn't know what she knows so if she doesn't tell everything, how can he prove it. Russo tells Claire not to even think of perjuring herself.

Gus and Harley walk in and greet Claire. Gus has a few words with Claire before she goes in and Russo tells him to remember the penalty for witness tampering. Gus tells him that he wasn't doing that. Russo and Claire leave the detectives. Harley tells Gus that he was trying to intimidate Claire. He says he was only trying to shake her a little so she wouldn't get crafty with her testimony.

Claire is called in to testify. The DA asks her a few questions and Claire tries to evade them but DA Wolfe has everything she needs to prove Claire's involvement in the fake death of Carmen Santos. In the end Claire not only admits her part but also tells the jury that Danny is a rotten mobster dealing in all kinds of illegal stuff. She does however say that whatever Danny did she is certain he did it because he loves Michelle and wanted to protect her.

In San Cristobel:

Cassie is kneeling at the casket crying. She talks to Richard; she doesn't want to accept that he is gone. Edmund comes to help her up and tells her that after the funeral he will give her some time alone with Richard but she needs to have a seat so they can get started. She asks everyone there if they know what happened to her husband. She heard there were witnesses and she would like to know. She tells them not to be afraid, they can leave the country with her that evening if they testify to Edmund committing some sort of crime and are too scared to stay. Dax tells her that he killed Richard after he lunged at Edmund with a knife. Cassie doesn't believe it but some of the men from the royal counsel stand up and acknowledge that was indeed what happened. Dax tells Cassie he regrets what he did and wishes he could take away her pain. Cassie says it isn't nearly enough that he regrets killing Richard. She tells him regrets are for cancelled dinner plans. Dax says he can't find the words. Cassie says there isn't any way to explain it. She turns back to Richard and asks why he would do such a foolish thing as pull a knife and get himself killed. She tells him that it will never make sense to her but it won't change the way she feels about Richard or the way she remembers him. Drenched with tears now, Edmund urges Cassie to take a seat. She tells him that she would like to go ahead and speak now because she won't be able to at the funeral. He tells her to go ahead and she turns to the people and tells them that they all knew Richard and the man he was, the prince he was. There will never be a more generous, kind or loving man to sit on that throne. She will love him for the rest of her life. She hopes the people of San Cristobel will remember how he loved them and always wanted the best for them. She wants to thank the people for being so kind to her but she has decided to return to Springfield after the funeral to raise her children. She tells them that the people of San Cristobel will always be in her heart just as Richard will be. She takes her seat next to Edmund, who tells her that she was perfect and she did everything he needed her to. Cassie tells him that she wasn't trying to help him. He tells her that all he meant was he wont call on her to say anymore today. He tells her that he knows she is grieving and he is sorry but he is grieving as well. The Chancellor tells everyone that they will be proceeding with the funeral at the cathedral and burial at the royal mausoleum. Edmund gets up and says he loved his brother who was a great man and he hates that their rivalry ended up where they are today. Edmund says that he and Richard both made mistakes and he hopes that he can learn from them all. He does not intend on letting his emotions and passions influence his ruling like Richard did. Edmund will make his life a monument to service for his country. Cassie gets up and glares at Edmund. Dax stops her before she says anything, telling her that now is not the time or place but she will have her day. Edmund is glaring back at Cassie who finally takes her seat. Edmund goes on and tells the guests that the cars will be waiting to take everyone to the cathedral. Dax suggests Cassie ask Edmund for time alone with Richard. Cassie doesn't want to give Edmund the satisfaction. But Dax is sure it will give her the relief she seeks. Cassie asks Edmund for permission and he says the guards will be waiting outside with Dax. Edmund tells her that her presence here has been good for all San Cristobel. The island needs to heal. He mourns Richard too. Cassie asks him to leave her alone with Richard. Everyone leaves and she looks at Richard sadly. She kneels by the casket and tells Richard she won't say goodbye to him, she cant because he is not going to get away from her that easy. He can't just die and leave her. She promises she will hold on to him until her last breath. He will be with her every minute until she is with him again. She can't do it any other way. She refuses to let Edmund take him away from her. She starts to cry, resting her head on the side of the coffin. She reaches up to hold on to the side of the casket while she is shaking with tears. Richard pulls his hand up and covers hers. He whispers for her not to scream and not to faint. She looks at Richard shocked.

Tuesday, June 26, 2001

At the Courthouse:

DA Wolfe is questioning Harley on how she became liaison to the FBI for the Santos case. Harley tells her that she was the only detective available and because of her relationship with the Bauer's she tried to get reassigned but was denied each time. The DA asks if Harley remembers when Danny helped to break Michelle out of jail just to flee the country with her in order to avoid prosecution. Harley tells her that she remembers. The DA asks how she could stand up in court a few weeks ago then and tell the judge that Danny Santos is not a flight risk. Harley tells her that Danny wants to stand trial to clear his name. He has a family now and she believes he does not intend on running. The DA tries to make Harley look biased in favor of Danny and Michelle. She tells Harley that if she tried so hard to get taken off the case, why did you refuses to leave it when Gus wanted her gone. Harley tells her that at that time she decided it would be best in order to give Danny a fair shake. Doris asks her if she is sure she doesn't want to give him a free ride. She asks Harley to step down and Harley mutters to herself that Gus did this to her. As soon as she got to the foyer, she lit in to Gus for setting her up. She tells him that DA Wolfe practically accused her of impropriety on the record. Harley tells Gus that the irony is he is the one that is personally invested in the case, not her. The bailiff comes out and calls Gus in.

Gus testifies that he has been working on the Santos case for over 4 years. He tells the jury about the evidence, surveillance and finally how they found the body of Carmen Santos and matched the bullet ballistically to Danny's gun. He goes back out to the foyer and tells Harley that Danny has had it. Harley tells him that he is way too smug for this to just be his job. She tells him he has a personal vendetta against Danny and she is determined to find out what it is. She tells Gus not to underestimate her; she is more of a pit bull than he ever thought of being.

At Company:

Blake is on her phone outside Company putting out some feelers for an associate to work with Ross. Holly comes out and tells her not to get to involved with Gus. She can see Blake's curiosity in her eyes and reminds her that she always does this because she doesn't believe she deserves to be happy, but she does. Holly has to leave but tells Blake again to stay away from Gus. After she leaves, Blake says she just has to know what Gus knows.

Frank and Rick are talking about the baby. Frank asks when Phillip is supposed to be back. Rick tells him he will be back in a few days. Buzz comes over and says that Phillip is going overboard for Beth. Rick tells him that he is in SC to get his children, not to chase Beth. Buzz says Harley should have kept Phillip as a friend and married Rick since he has been the only one that has stood by her, no questions asked. Rick tells Buzz and Frank that he is going to be Harley's birthing coach. Buzz doesn't think Phillip will allow it. Rick tells Buzz that Phillip really doesn't have a choice. Frank covers by saying that Harley hasn't even told Phillip yet. Buzz leaves and Rick tells Frank that he thinks Harley took a major step in letting him be the birthing coach. Rick says he can't believe he is going to have a son; he has waited so long for this. Frank tells Rick he is a good man. Rick promises to help Harley take care of the baby. Blake walks in and overhears the last part and asks why Rick is going to have to help Harley. He tells her that he and Frank are both going to help since she is alone. Blake is suspicious and says if they won't tell her the secret, she will just ask Harley.

Harley comes in and tells Frank that Gus set her up at the grand jury. She didn't lie at the bail hearing, just answered truthfully. Frank tells her that Rick said she asked him to be the birthing coach. He tells Harley that Rick has high hopes and Harley is feeding them. He thinks that Rick sees them as a couple raising the baby. Harley says Rick has proposed twice but she doesn't see them as a couple. Frank says she shouldn't encourage him.

In San Cristobel:

Richard is whispering to Cassie. She touches his face and wants to kiss him. He says he wants to hold her and kiss her right now but they can't. He asks if she is hurt. She says only over the pain of losing him. Richard apologizes and says they have to follow the plan. He tells her that once they get to the cathedral, he will get out of the coffin and wait in the car. He tells Cassie that both the driver of the hearse and the driver of her limousine are on their side and know of the plan. He goes on to tell her that Dax will help her out of the limo and once Cassie is out of the car, the focus will be on her and Richard can get into her car. Cassie should walk toward the cathedral and faint. She should stay out a moment or so and then tell Dax she needs to lie down. When he gets her back into the car she will be with him and he will drive her directly to the airport where she will take a charter jet back to SF. Cassie says she won't go without him. After the past few days of thinking he was gone, she can't leave him. Richard says they won't be apart for more than a few days. Cassie says she doesn't want to be away from him at all. Richard says the children need her now and he has to help Phillip get his children back. He promised to help him. Cassie wants to be with him and the children together. Richard understands but says he will come back to her soon and they will never be apart again. He asks her if she understands and kisses her quickly. He lies back down in the coffin just as Edmund enters with the guards. He tells Cassis it is time to take Richard to his final resting place. Cassie looks shaken and Edmund asks if there is something wrong. Cassie tells Edmund she just lost her husband, yes something is wrong. Edmund tells Cassie that Beth is ill so she won't be attending the funeral so he will ride in the limo with her. Cassie tells Edmund to stay away from her or she will tell everyone that he had her locked in the tower all this time. Edmund threatens her and her children. The guards carry the coffin away and Edmund and Cassie follows behind it.

Phillip and Noah are talking to one of the mercenaries about the plan. As soon as Richard gets back there, they will go after the children and Beth too, if she wants to go. Meanwhile, back in the tower, Beth is screaming to get out. She goes over to the window and sees where Cassie has gotten some of the bars loose. She says, "Bless you, Cassie," and starts working on the bars.

When the car pulls up the cathedral, Dax opens Cassie's door and is surprised to see Edmund in with her. Cassie tells Edmund that she needs some time to compose herself. Edmund gets out to help Cassie out of the car and her knees buckle and down she goes. While Edmund and Dax are working on Cassie and the reporters are clicking away pictures, Richard sneaks into the car. Dax tells Edmund that Cassie needs to go back to the palace and sleep. Edmund demands that she go to the services and stand beside him, a unified front. Cassie says she can't face those people and watch them lower Richard into the ground. Cassie pretends to faint again and Dax puts her in the car. Richard is sitting with her and they lock the door. Edmund tries to open it as Dax tells him that Cassie is not able to go on. He tells Edmund that if he yanks her out of the car, the press will see him as a bully. Edmund wants Cassie to stand with him but Dax says she is in no condition to attend the funeral. Edmund tells the driver to unlock the door and he does. Edmund opens the car and Cassie is alone. She asks Edmund if he is going to drag her out of the car and rough her up in front of the press. Edmund tells the driver to take her back to the palace. After the door is closed we see that Richard is now driving. They leave. Cassie asks Richard to come home with her. Richard says he will be home before she misses him. Richard tells her that he has to help Phillip. She wants to stay with him to help as well but Richard says he will put her on the plane if they have to knock her out; their children need her. She reminds him about the first time she got on his plane and accused him of kidnapping her. He captured her heart then and he still has it. Richard kisses her hand and tells her he loves her. When they pull into the airport, two of Richard's guards are there to help her get on the plane.

Richard makes it back to the tunnels. He tells Noah and Phillip that Cassie is on the plane headed home. Noah tells them that Dax called and said that Beth didn't attend the funeral and Dax thinks something is up. Phillip says something is wrong.

Wednesday, June 27, 2001

In San Cristobel:

Edmund is at the funeral observing a 21-gun salute for his brother. Meanwhile, in the tunnels, Richard is listening to the gunfire and commenting sarcastically on how nice Edmund was to give him that honor. Phillip and Noah are anxious to start part two of the mission but are delayed when one of the mercenaries tell them that Edmund has doubled security. The mercenary tells them that their boss wants a few minutes to re-strategize and then they will be on their way. Phillip tells Noah that they also have the problem of not knowing where Beth is. Speaking of Beth, she has ripped sheets in strips and is now braiding it to strengthen her makeshift rope. She prays that God will let her live through the ordeal, so she won't end up like Cassie.

Back at the funeral, Edmund and Dax have gotten into their limo. Edmund tells Dax that he is worried about the fall out from Richard's death. His supporters may revolt. Edmund doesn't think the people will forget his brother or what happened anytime soon. Dax wonders why Edmund is so concerned. Edmund tells him that Olivia called him and she, Josh and Reva weren't coming to the funeral because they got wind that something major was going to go down. Edmund thinks that Richard's supporters may be planning an attack. Dax tells Edmund that Olivia may not be correct in her information. He goes on to ask Edmund if he had cancelled all his duties for the day. Edmund asks why and Dax tells him that he was concerned because of security reasons. Edmund tells him that he has cancelled everything; all he has left is to take Cassie to her babies grave and then onto the airport. Dax tells Edmund that he hopes Beth is feeling better. Edmund says she will be back to herself in no time.

Edmund comes in the throne room looking for Cassie and is angry that she isn't there. He calls out for her not to hide from him, he is taking her to the airport so she can go home to her children. Edmund has a thought and runs out of the palace to the tower. He looks up at the tower room and sees Beth by the window. He runs up to get to her. Meanwhile, Beth throws her rope out the window and slips out of the window. Edmund gets up to the little room and yells out for Beth. He sees the rope out the window and goes over to peer out. He yells for Beth, who is trying to climb down the tower, to get back in. Beth continues to struggle with her situation, hanging on the side of the tower wall. Edmund is looking down on her as her improvised rope started to unravel.

The mercenaries are ready and they all go out in their camo's togged with guns. They are running through the wooded area, carefully protecting themselves. They are headed for the palace.

At the Country Club:

The Lewis family is having lunch to celebrate Marah and Sam's graduation. Olivia goes to talk to Alan about the SC project. She tells him that even with Richard's death the project will go through. Alan is glad to hear it. Alan says maybe they should ask Edmund if they can erect a statue of Richard on the harbor side or maybe they won't have to ask. Alan and Olivia are exchanging flirtatious looks when Claire comes in. Claire asks Olivia why she is with Alan when her husband is over at another table waiting for her. Olivia leaves. Claire tells Alan her appearance before the grand jury was a fiasco. He tells her to take a deep breath and tell him about it. She tells him that Doris Wolfe crucified her. She used her feeling for her daughter and got her to spill her guts about everything she knows about Carmen and Danny. Claire tells Alan that she had a plan but it didn't work. She couldn't have hurt Danny more if she were trying to. Alan tells her she did what she had to do. Claire tells him that now she doesn't even have a diminutive chance of reconciling with Michelle. Claire tells Alan that she accepted this deal and thus dug her own grave. Alan tells her not to beat herself up. Claire tells him that if she had just kept her mouth shut and went to jail at least Michelle would still be talking to her even if it were from an adjoining cell. Alan tells her that Michelle will come around in time. Claire isn't so sure. Claire tells Alan that they were truly close when she helped bring Robbie into the world and when Danny was shot and Claire helped them and now it is over. Alan tells her not to live for her child's love that is a weakness. Doris Wolfe got to her by treated her like a loving mother and that is how she got her to talk. He tells her to choose her actions carefully and know that there are always ways to make things right with your children. Claire asks if he is on speaking terms with Phillip this week. She tells Alan that he is the only person she can count on. Alan keeps looking over to the Lewis Table at Olivia. Claire isn't pleased. Claire thanks Alan for his support and tells him that she could be sitting there with blood all over her and he wouldn't notice if Olivia was in the room. She walks out on Alan, who continues to peer over at Olivia.

Marah, Shayne and Reva come over to the Lewis table. Everyone is seated and Josh toasts Sam and Marah on their graduation. They pass out gifts to the graduates and they both get new cars. Marah gets a red one and Sam a silver one. The kids are ecstatic.

Reva's cell phone rings and it is Cassie. Reva is happy to hear from her and Cassie tells her she is on her way home. She also tells Reva that Richard is also alive. Reva screws up by saying it aloud and Olivia hears her. Cassie tells her that he is alive and has a plan but no one can know it. Reva leaves the table for the rest of the chat. Cassie tells Reva that Dax and a few others were in on the plan but no one can know. Reva wants to know where Cassie has been. She says she was in prison chained to a wall like human bait. Reva tells Cassie that Richard will get to Edmund just like he got to her. Cassie tells Reva she is coming home and wants to see her kids. Reva tells her she will have them waiting at the house. Cassie asks about Reva's sight and she tells her that there is no change in her sight but her tear ducts are working overtime. Reva returns to the table and Josh asks if Richard is alive. Reva says yes, but it is a secret. Olivia asks why no one can know. Reva tells her that Richard has his reasons and if Edmund finds out everyone at that table will no how it happened. Olivia tells Reva she is off the mark about thinking she would blab to Edmund. Reva says it was just an observation. Sam and Marah are going to try out their new cars. Everyone gets up to go for a ride with them; Olivia tells Josh to go ahead without her. She goes over to Alan and tells him that the political situation in SC may be changing soon but whatever it is she is sure their project will work. He asks her what she has heard but she won't say. Alan wonders why she won't trust him with her news. Olivia tells him that she can't trust him with everything.

At Company:

Blake and Harley are meeting. They talk about the baby and Blake tells Harley that she needs to be honest with Phillip. She reminds Harley that no matter how terrible a husband Phillip is, he is a good father. They talk about Rick and Frank helping Harley out lately and Blake tells her that if only Rick were the baby's father everything would be ok. Blake asks Harley what she isn't telling her. Harley doesn't want to say just yet. Blake hopes she will tell her the truth when she is ready. Harley changes the subject and tells Blake that she wants to give her a heads up about Gus. He plans on squeezing her for the name of her source. For some reason he has made bringing down the Santos family his whole life. Blake tells her that he won't get anything from her and she plans on making a deal with him. Harley says to run the other way but Blake has other ideas. She assures Harley that she can handle Gus; she has something he wants and she is looking to deal. If he tells what he knows about the Santos, she will give up her source. Harley is shocked that Blake intends on giving Selena up. Blake tells her that she will only say that the source was Miguel's lover but she is sure Gus will find out anyway because a lot of people already know about Selena. So instead of him finding out on his own she thinks it is in her best interest to get some info from him. Harley tells Blake that she really isn't worried about Selena since she brought it all on herself but she is worried about Gus bothering Buzz for info. Harley tells her not to deal with Gus. Blake says she doesn't want to cause Buzz more pain. Blake says her deal will keep Buzz safe by keeping Gus occupied and away from him. Instead he will have to keep coming back to her for info. Harley says if Gus gives Buzz one second of grief she is holding Blake responsible. Harley tells her to be careful; Gus has a personal obsession with the Santos'. Blake shouldn't let Gus suck her into this mess. She leaves and Blake makes a comment that she can handle Gus with one hand tied behind her back. Gus hears her and tells her that sounds like fun maybe they should give that a try.

Thursday, June 28, 2001

At Company:

Blake wonders if Gus is going to take her in to the station and interrogate her about her source. He tells her he would much rather take her to a hotel. Blake tells him to give her some more information about Miguel Junior and she will tell him who her source is. He wants to know who she knows first but Blake thinks he is stringing her along and she starts to leave. Gus accuses her of playing games with him. She sit back down and Gus tells her that they can help each other and he is willing to do his part. Gus wants Blake to go first but she doesn't trust him; she says they need certain guarantees. Blake says she wants to know that Gus won't betray the trust of her source. Gus knows the source is a woman and says he won't hunt her down or bother any of Blake's friends. Blake tells him to tell her another story. Gus tells her about when Miguel Junior ended up at the Santos villa. He says that Miguel Senior and the mom were arguing and they both left Miguel Junior at the apartment. Junior was scared that his mom was going to get in trouble so he followed her to the villa. He went into the house and found himself in Danny's room surrounded by everything a kid could possible want. He has every toy and game imaginable. Miguel took care of Junior but it was obvious that the real money went to Carmen and the legitimate children. Blake feels terrible for Junior and tells Gus that she can relate since she also didn't get her parent's attention. She tells Gus this will be a much better story than she thought. She has to write it. Gus says as long as she reciprocates, it is her story. Blake has recorded the story and asks Gus how she can verify it. Gus gives her the name of Miguel's right hand man, his source, Nick the Lip. Blake gets up to leave and tells Gus that she has to get writing while it is still in her mind. Gus tells her to sit down; she still owes him something. He wants her source. Blake says she wants more stories. He promises to give her many more. Blake finally tells Gus that her source was Miguel's lover. Gus calls her a liar, but Blake repeats that it was Miguel's lover. Gus asks if she knew the kid's mother and Blake says she knew her intimately. Gus is in thought, very preoccupied with what Blake has told him. He asks if she had lived in Springfield. Blake tells him that she did. Blake thought Gus really knew who her source was and just wanted her to confirm it. Gus wants to know more about her. Blake says she was her friend. Gus wants a name but Blake wants more info. Blake notices Gus is distracted and asks him what the connection is between him and the Santos family. Gus says he would be happy to tell Blake his motivation. Everyone in town seems to think he is going overboard on the Santos case but that is how you get results. He tells Blake that she knows what it is like to invest so much of yourself in an investigation and having to get results. Gus said he has to get inside the minds and act like a criminal to see how they operate. Gus used to do things by the book and got tired of losing. He has to push hard. He asks Blake if she would only write half a book because she doesn't like the direction it is taking? Blake can relate but says she did ruin some lives along the way. Gus says the lives were already heading that way. His phone rings and he has to leave. When he exits Company he runs into Ross with Danny and Michelle. Gus tells them the grand jury just came back in and they believe Danny is a murderer as well.

At the Bauer House:

Danny and Michelle are trying to keep busy so they wont think of the grand jury. Danny doesn't want to imagine being away from her; neither does Michelle. Danny had a dream about her and the baby being chased while he was in jail and couldn't help them. Michelle says when you don't deal with problems your subconscious does. Claire comes in and tells them that the grand jury was terrible and they shouldn't be optimistic. She tells them that however bad they think the hearing was they should multiply it by ten. She says she tried to help Danny but they tricked her and got exactly what they wanted. Michelle is angry and accused Claire of giving them up. Claire says the prosecutor was relentless and had the prison logs and knew she visited Carmen. Claire had to admit to signing the death certificate so Carmen could avoid the witness protection program. Michelle and Danny are angry that Claire told the truth and accuse her of saving herself. Claire says she begged Michelle to make a deal too. Michelle says she couldn't do that even if it means losing her freedom. Claire says that is still a possibility and they need to make plans. They ask what she means and she tells them she wants to know who will take care of Robbie if they are both gone? Michelle asks if Claire is suggesting she get custody. She thinks Claire has some nerve. Claire says she doesn't want them to go to prison but they have to think of Robbie. Meta is getting older and Rick is single. Michelle asks if Claire even held her before she gave her up. She tells her that she doesn't belong in Robbie's life and she will make sure that she isn't. Michelle tells Claire she would rather see Robbie in states custody then with her. She goes on to tell Claire that she tried to let Claire into her life but she kept stabbing her in the back. She tells Claire she thanks God she gave her up as a baby. Michelle tells Claire to get out. Claire is shaken and wants to stay. Ross walks in and says discussing grand jury evidence is a felony and she should leave. She does. Michelle walks over to Danny, who holds her and rubs her back. Ross tells them not to expect anything good from the grand jury. Michelle tells Ross about Claire wanting custody. She asks him if they both go to prison, he has to make sure Claire doesn't get their child. She suggests Meta, Rick or even Ray be guardian. Ross tells them not to give up hope right now. When the grand jury is finished, he will be in on the evidence and will destroy it piece by piece. He takes them out to Company to talk things over.

Outside, Claire's cell phone rings and Alan asks her to come back over to the country club and let him make up for his inattentiveness earlier. She tells him she is having a bad day and he is not helping. Claire is upset and says Alan has his work cut out for him.

At the County Club:

Claire arrives at the Country Club and tells Alan she thinks Danny will be arrested. Alan offers her a drink. Claire says she needs his help now more than ever. Alan says he has already gotten her a lawyer and immunity. Claire says her daughter hates her because she told the truth about her loser husband. It's not her fault Danny chose organized crime. Anything Claire does is taken the wrong way. Now she stands to lose contact with her grandson. She is tired of fighting a brick wall. Alan wants to help her figure things out. Claire doesn't know what to do.

In San Cristobel:

The mercenaries and Phillip are headed for the palace when they hear Beth scream and run in the direction of the tower. Meanwhile, Beth is hanging outside the tower with Edmund pulling up on the rope. She begs him to let go but he refuses and asks her to climb back up so he can pull her in. She finally relents and tries to go back in but can't. The rope breaks and she falls to the ground. Phillip screams out to Beth but she has already fallen. He tells the mercenaries they have to go help her, it is his "wife." Meanwhile, Edmund is shaken in the tower and thinks that Beth has to be okay. He runs out to her wondering what he has done. She is unconscious and Edmund is trying to wake her. Phillip comes up from behind and grabs Edmund up, punching him and then goes on to help Beth while the mercenaries hold Edmund at gunpoint. Phillip yells for them to get an ambulance. Edmund tries to break free of the men and tells them that he is the prince and they better do as he says. He wants to help his wife. Phillip tells them that Beth is in bad shape with not much of a pulse. He asks the men to get Edmund out of there and they drag Edmund off to the palace. Noah calls Phillip and asks where Edmund is. Phillip tells him what happened and that the guys have taken Edmund to the palace but he wants his kids out of there before he gets there. Noah tells him that they have the kids already and they are safe. Phillip tells Noah to get the kids to the hospital but not to tell them anything about Beth, he will do that. Phillip is holding Beth's hands telling her that she will be fine and they will all go home soon.

At the palace, Edmund is yelling for the mercenaries to let him go. He is calling for his guards but no one answers. One of the men tells Edmund that they are the guards and they take him to the throne room. Edmund asks if that is where he is going to be executed. The men throw him in the room. Edmund looks up and sees Richard setting on the throne in his camos. Richard smiles and says, "Hello Edmund!"

Friday, June 29, 2001

In San Cristobel:

Edmund sees Richard on the throne and is shocked. Richard tells Ed that Dax and the Doctor both helped him. He goes on to tell Ed that a lot of people were eager to help him; he should never underestimate his ability to make enemies. Richard tells Ed he just buried a casket full of sand bags. Ed can't believe he fail for it. Ed curses himself for being such an idiot and believing that Richard would ever confront him with a knife. He tells Richard that he stood by his grave and mourned him, shedding tears for him. Richard tells him they were only crocodile tears but Ed assures him they were real. He tells Richard that since they were boys, he has been the center of his world and he has made Ed the man he is today. Richard tells him that his selfishness made him who he is and is now his downfall. He asks Ed if he truly believed he would allow him to get away with kidnapping his wife. Ed plays dumb and tells Richard that he doesn't know what he is talking about. Richard tells him that he knows what he means. Ed tells Richard that Cassie is fine and was at the funeral, she came out of hiding when she hear Richard had died. Richard asks Ed where Cassie is now; Ed says he isn't sure. Richard tells him that she is in Springfield but she told him how he tortured her. Ed tells Richard it is all nonsense but if he had it would have been pure payback for everything Richard has done. He tells him he has a lot of nerve shooting him at point blank range and leaving him for dead and then coming in and seizing control of the palace. Richard tells him he hasn't seized control; he has merely liberated the palace and the entire island. He tells Ed that half of his soldiers have already surrendered and the other half was already loyal to him. They are securing the capital now and the royal council is calling for elections and the people are cheering in the streets because they are finally rid of Edmund. Richard tells Ed his reign is over. Ed is flippant and tells Richard that when he stages a coup Richard called him a dictator and now he is doing the same thing. He thinks Richard has a dark side after all. Richard tells him that the difference is that he has a conscious but he knows he had to do what he had to do. Ed tells Richard that his downfall is that he cannot admit his faults. Richard tells him that he has many faults and generosity towards his brother has been one of them but that is over now. Ed baits him and asks angrily what he plans on doing to him putting him in front of a firing squad. Richard tells him that would be too easy. His men are going to take him to the airport and put him on a plane to the US where he is to strand trial for kidnapping an American citizen, namely Cassie. Ed looks scared. Ed tells him to go ahead and he will file counter charges for treason. Ed tells Richard that if he had arrested Cassie and detained her it was all in his rights. Richard tells him they will see what a fair trial in the states says. Ed tells him the only way the trial can be fair is if it is held in San Cristobel . Richard tells him he is going to the US and Ed tells him he dare not force him off the island while his wife is lying in the hospital. Richard tells him not to appeal to him about being away from his wife. Ed asks for 24 hours to get Beth to forgive him and return to the US with him. Richard tells Ed that Beth won't forgive him; she almost died trying to escape him. Richard gets a message and Ed is questioning him. He asks if it was word on Beth, he asks if she is hurt or even alive. He wants to know if she is okay. Richard doesn't answer. Ed asks over and over again and finally breaks down. Richard tells Ed that he sat for weeks asking himself if Cassie was alive or if she was hurt and he had no answers. Richard tells Ed it's the worst feeling in the world, isn't it? Ed starts screaming and banging on his desk saying that he won't leave Beth. When he turns back around he has a gun trained on Richard. The mercenaries have their guns drawn on Ed. Ed tells them that he will kill Richard if they don't stay back. He orders them to put their guns down but Richard tells them to keep them on him. Richard tells Ed that if he pulls the trigger he will never get out of that room alive. Ed tells him that he wants him to suffer and maybe he just wants him dead. Ed tells Richard that he took everything that was his away and he wants it back. Richard tells him it doesn't exist anymore. Ed tells him that is only because Richard killed it. Ed tells Richard to give him one good reason not to kill him right now and Richard replies, "Beth." Richard tells Ed that if he shoots Richard the men will kill him and he will never see Beth again. Ed grabs Richard and holds the gun to his head. The men put their guns down and Ed orders them to get his bag full of money and car ready. Ed walks to his car holding Richard at gunpoint the entire way. He shoves Richard to the ground and Ed runs out. As soon as Ed runs, Richard sends more men after him. Richard orders more men search for Ed. He calls Cassie to tell her what has happened. He tells her that he is fine and Ed has fled but they will find him. He tells her about Beth falling and that the doctors said she would be fine. A guard comes in and Richard ends his call. The guard tells him that they haven't located Ed. Richard tells him that he will go to Beth.

At the Courthouse:

Danny and Ross are in front of the judge. The assistant DA is asking the judge to revoke bail. The assistant DA argues that Danny is a flight risk and is being charged with murder. She tells the Judge that he fled with his wife once before and his being a Santos should tell the judge a little about his character. Ross tells the judge that Danny hasn't fled and doesn't intend to. The Judge tells the DA that unless she has any new information his original call stands and Danny can remain out on bail. He goes to set a trial date the week of July 9th. Gus is unhappy that the Judge won't lock Danny up. Ross asks that the DA provide him with all the information he has asked for in a timely manner. The DA tells him he will get it in a timely manner. Ross argues that the DA's office doesn't have a good track record with discovery and asks the judge to make her have a specific time limit. The judge orders everything be turned over to Ross by 10 AM the next day. The DA isn't happy. The judge adjourns. DA and Gus leave the courtroom. Danny, Michele and Ross sit down to talk. Ross tells him that he has to know exactly what happened between him and Carmen. Michelle tells Ross that every time she and Danny have trusted the system they have been burned. Ross tells them not to trust the system but trust him. Michelle tells Ross the story of her getting kidnapped from the hospital, took to the docks and Carmen showing up and threatening her. Danny takes over and tells how he found Michelle with Carmen holding her at gunpoint and he ended up having to shoot his mother. Ross tells Danny that there isn't a jury in the world that would convict him for protecting his wife and child but they have to have proof. Danny tells him there is none. Ross is sure someone had to have seen them. Danny doesn't think so. Danny thinks of what happened and he realizes that afterwards he threw his gun into the water. He just remembered it. He had two guns but the one he shot Carmen with is in the lake. Michelle wonders how Gus could have matched bullets when it was a different gun. Ross is stunned ad tells Danny he is being framed. He tells them that he knew Gus was desperate but he can't believe he has falsified evidence. Ross tells them that this is enormously valuable evidence and he will use it against Gus but not to say anything to anyone until that happens.

At Company:

Gus is having coffee with the Assistant DA. She tells him how neat and complete his evidence is. Gus asks if they are going to play the surveillance tapes but she tells them they haven't decided yet. They talk about Blake's book and how Carmen was supposedly responsible for Danny's father's death. The DA is happy and tells Gus that supplies the motive for Danny killing his mother. She wants the source and tells Gus to make Blake tell her who the woman is. DA tells Gus that Marler will go for self-defense and they need another motive. Gus tells the DA that it isn't possible. The DA tells him it is no longer his case, and it is possible. She leaves.

At the Lewis House:

Cassie comes in while Reva is reading brail. She hugs her sister. Reva is so excited and has to check Cassie out to make sure she is okay. Cassie asks for her children and Reva tells her that Marah has gone to pick them up in her new car. Cassie hates that she missed Marah's birthday and graduation. Reva tells her it wasn't her fault and she is happy she is home. Cassie tries to ask about Reva's eyesight but Reva just wants to talk to her about how she is. Cassie tells Reva what the plan was and that Phil, Noah and Richard were going to get Phillip's kids and then get Ed. Cassie is worried about Richard confronting Ed. He is really mad this time and she is scared that he may go too far. Reva tells her that Richard and Ed had to have this showdown. Cassie tells Reva that she thought for an entire day that Richard was dead and that was terrible for her. She just wants him home with her and the kids. Cassie tells Reva about her time in the cell. Marah brings in Tammy and RJ and Cassie is overjoyed. Cassie talks to Reva about how much she has missed and big the kids have gotten. Cassie thanks her for helping take care of the kids. Reva tells her about seeing the fireflies. They talk about Josh and Noah and how she feels terrible for hurting Noah. Reva tells her that she has to show Noah how much she loves him.

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