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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of June 25, 2001 on ATWT
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Monday, June 25, 2001

On the island, Katie comes up with a scheme to put poisonous berries in her lip-gloss and when Cooley kisses her he will get woozy. She tells Henry that he can then come out of the bushes and whack Cooley over the head. Henry is not sure about this plan. He tells Katie that Simon is not worth letting Cooley put his grubby paws on her smooth skin. Katie tells him that it will work. Henry talks Katie out of the plan and then Katie comes up with a new plan. She tells Henry that he dressed up like a woman before. He can do it again. Henry refuses. Katie pulls out an oversized one-piece swimsuit and holds it in front of Henry. He shakes his head no. She shoves the swimsuit back at him and calls him Henrietta. Later, Katie has Henry dressed in the swimsuit with a towel tied around his hips. She puts sunglasses on his face and makes him sit down for a make-up job. She starts to put the poisonous lip-gloss on his lips and he pushes her away. She tells him to put it on before his "boyfriend" arrives. When they hear Cooley in the distance calling to Katie, he lets Katie put the lip-gloss on him and she sticks a hat on his head with some netting over it. Katie runs to hide in the bushes. Cooley walks up and tells "Katie" that her lover is there. Henry doesn't say anything, he just giggles like a girl and pats the sand for Cooley to sit by him. Cooley sits down and asks "Katie" a few questions, but Henry just giggles and turns his head. Cooley says that if she doesn't want to talk, that is ok with him. He tells "her" that the last woman that was on this island only wanted to talk and when she was done talking he was not in the mood. He leans in for a kiss and Henry pushes him away. Cooley puts his hand on Henry's leg and realizes that his little girlfriend has very hairy legs. He starts to tickle "Katie" and at first Henry just giggles. Then Cooley gets a little more aggressive and Henry forgets that he is being dainty and lets out a manly guffaw. Cooley stops and looks at him and then grabs the hat off of Henry's head. Cooley growls, "What the hell are you trying to pull?" Cooley grabs Henry by the throat and starts to choke him. Henry doesn't know what to do so he grabs Cooley's face a plants a big kiss on his lips. The two fall to the ground in a tangled mess. Katie is loving the site for her place in the bushes.

Rose visits Simon and asks him to help her and Lily find Holden and Luke. Simon tells her that he has his hands full with his own search and rescue. He tells her about Katie and Henry running off to the island that he and Lily were stuck on last year to find his diamond. Rose corrects him and says that it is her diamond. Rose asks if he would give up the chance to help Lily, whom she knows he still cares about. Simon tells her that he doesn't know how he possibly could help when he needs to find Katie. Rose tells him that if he will help Lily, she will finance his search for Katie. Simon reminds her that she doesn't have any money. She informs him that she is in good with Lucinda and Lucinda is giving her an allowance these days. Finally, Simon gives in and says that he will help. Rose gives him a big kiss on the cheek and says that she can see why Lily had fallen for him. She leaves and Simon calls Lily to tell her that he will help with her search. Simon goes over to Lily's house. She meets him at the door and gives him a big hug. She tells him how much it means to her that he would give this time to her. He tells her that the first thing they need to do is go see the man that Damian rented the boat from. He tells her that if he talks to the grieving widow, maybe he will talk this time. Lily drops her head and Simon realizes that he has said the wrong thing. He tells Lily that they will only pretend that she is the grieving widow. Lily says that she understands where he was going; it just bothered her to hear the words. She says that just because they say it doesn't mean that Holden and Luke are dead. Simon agrees. Lily tells Simon that she has to go get Faith ready to go to Emma's. Simon tells her that he will wait for her in the living room. She starts to walk out of the room and turns to him and thanks him again for believing her. After she walks out, Simon looks up and says, "Please let me be doing the right thing by helping her."

At Carly's apartment, Craig has his foot in the door and Carly is trying to shut him out. He finally pushes his way in and she tells him to leave. He says that he is there to make her an offer. She says that she doesn't want anything to do with him. She tells him about finding out from Emily that he didn't dissuade her from running the article about she and Jack. He tells her that he has a confession. He wanted the article to run so she and Jack would break up. She looks at him, not believing him. She asks him why would he want them to break up, he doesn't want her. He says that Jack is not good enough for her. Carly rolls her eyes. Craig says that he should be the one that is mad. He informs her that he knows that she told Jack about the night he said that he wished Barbara were dead. She winces. He asks her what it was that she was thinking about. She says that she didn't think that anyone would believe her. She didn't think that anyone would think he would kick around the idea about killing his wife and then go do it. He asks what it was she was going to say to the D.A., he really didn't mean it! She tells him that he has to leave. Jack will be back soon and she doesn't want him there. He tells her that he is not going to leave until she gives him an answer about being the head designer at BRO.

At the burned out boathouse, Margo is there to supervise the investigation. Jack comes in with Hal and Margo asks why is Hal there? Jack says that he issued him a visitor's pass. Jack tells her that Hal has brought in a special forensics investigator from Chicago to check out the explosion. The Lady from Chicago comes in and introduces herself to Margo and Margo is very cold. The special investigator starts to look things over. Jack tells her that at first he thought it was a Molotov cocktail that was the explosion, but as he looked things over he decided it was not. She climbs up on a ladder where the bomb was sitting. She picks up some residue with her tongs and puts it in a glass tube. She climbs down and holds the tube up and says, "Behold, the leftovers from a time bomb." Margo informs her that her detectives were on the site right after the explosion and there was no wiring from a time bomb. The specialties lady points out to them the markings on the wall. She says that the markings are flared out and fire doesn't leave that kind of marking. Jack looks at her and says, "Acid?" She tells him that he is right. She tells them that it was a bottle of acid that had plastic capsules filled with an active agent and the acid ate away at the plastic and then when the active agent was exposed to the acid there was an explosion. She tells them that whoever set this bomb has a heart of a killer. Hal and Jack look at each other. A detective comes up to Margo and hands her something that they had found embedded in the wood around the door. She looks at the piece of metal that she has been handed. She lets out a disgusted gasp. She hands the metal to Jack and he looks at it and hands it to Hal. Hal looks at it and sees that the metal has C.M. engraved in it. The specialties lady asks if it is someone they know. Margo says, "C.M., Craig Montgomery." Margo looks at Jack and tells him to go put out an APB on Craig and bring him in. He asks what are they going to bring him on. She yells at him, "What do you think? Attempted murder!!" After he is gone, she tells Hal to go ahead and gloat. Hal says that the money clip is circumstantial evidence. She tells him to stop trying to make her feel better. Outside a detective comes to Jack. Jack asks if they have located Craig Montgomery yet. The detective tells him that they aren't sure what they are supposed to do because the guys that were tailing Craig radioed back and said that Mr. Montgomery is at Carly Tenney's place. Jack is not happy and he says, "I'll take care of it."

Tuesday, June 26, 2001

Lily confronts the Wisconsin boat shop owner and turns on the tears to try to find out what he knows about Damian. Doyle claims he knows nothing about any dead people. When Doyle spots Simon listening from outside, he puts two and two together and threatens to call the police. After Lily and Simon threaten to call the FBI about kidnaping charges, Doyle finally comes clean about the speedboat but denies seeing Luke and Holden. Lily grabs his phone and a phone number from its memory. Emily confronts Margo in her new office and asks for a comment about the arrest of her brother. When Margo's unable to kick her out, she warns the reporter that the evidence against Craig is circumstantial and she is certain that he is innocent. Jack is furious to find Carly with Craig. He takes great pleasure in arresting Craig for the attempted murder of Barbara. Craig insists he would never harm his wife and is shocked when he's shown the money clip found at the boat house. He insists that Barbara took it from him but is thrown in jail anyway. After he's taken away, Jack becomes upset when Carly considers calling Cass to help Craig. He then suggests getting a restraining order against Craig but Carly doesn't like the idea. Katie's scheme works when a disguised Henry gets the upper hand long enough to kiss an upset Cooley. Knocking him out, Katie orders Henry to bury the stranger in sand up to his neck and then demands to know where he hid the scuba gear. Donning the equipment, Katie jumps into the water and emerges later with the missing diamond.

Wednesday, June 27, 2001

The Island:

Katie admired the diamond she found. Henry couldn't believe that she was able to find it so easy. Katie said she was sure that Simon would finally love her now that she found his diamond. As she held her arms out with excitement, thinking of how happy Simon will be, a bird swooped down and grabbed the diamond from Katie's hand. When Katie couldn't catch the bird she was devastated that she lost the diamond. Henry gave her a bad time and told her she'll never find the diamond again. Cooley told Henry to leave her alone. Henry said that Cooley was being nice to her because he wanted them to dig him out of the sand. Katie told Henry she doesn't care anymore about holding Cooley in the sand, now that she lost the diamond, nothing mattered. She told Henry to dig Cooley out of the sand. Henry and Katie argue about who was responsible for them being stuck on the island. Katie told him that all her life she's looked out for herself, but this time it was different; she was doing it for Simon. When the bird stole the diamond, she said in that instant, she realized that she was being punished for all the rotten things she's done. Cooley told Henry that she needed some real food or she wasn't going to make it. Henry left to find something to eat.

Cooley told Katie not to give up. She told him that Henry was her only friend. She asked Cooley if he's ever been in love. He told her he had a fantasy about Lily when she was on the island, but that was all. He told her to take a nap until Henry came back. Cooley told her he was going to look for the bird. As she lay on the sand to take a nap, Cooley covered her with the parachute. She had a dream about Simon rescuing her and telling her how much he loved her. She woke up kissing the coconut that she used as a Simon substitute.

Henry caught a white rabbit. Katie started to pet the rabbit and said she couldn't eat a bunny. Henry gave her the bunny and told her he would find something else.

The Boathouse:

Hal and Jack reenact setting up the firebomb. After checking the time it took them to get there from the chapel and setting up the gallon plastic bottle on the beam, he said that it just didn't add up. Jack wanted to know why he thought the case wouldn't hold up. Hal said that he didn't think Craig had enough time to set up the bomb before Barbara got there. Also they found nothing in the trunk of Craig's car that would indicate that he had the items to make the bomb. He said unless Craig had the things in his car already, that he wouldn't have had time to get the items to manufacture the bomb and set it in the boathouse in time. Hal told Jack that he doesn't have enough evidence to prove that Craig placed the bomb in the boathouse. Jack told Hal that he wondered if Hal was jealous that it wasn't him that got the evidence to arrest Craig after being obsessed in putting Craig in jail for the last year. Hal told Jack that he's got to follow every lead or Cass is going to accuse him of wanting Craig in jail to keep him away from Carly. Jack started to leave as Hal told him that maybe Craig isn't the one that set the bomb after all. Hal wondered how Craig could have pull it off and decided to go ask him.

Lily's House:

Lily tried to get Damian to answer her when she realized it was his voice on the phone. She was more convinced then ever that Holden and Luke were alive, since Damian was alive. Lily called the police to tell them about talking to Damian. She thanked Simon for telling her about the clues that he and Jake found.

Lily told the detective all that they knew about what happened to Holden and Luke. The detective was skeptical which upset Lily. She was angry that he didn't believe anything she told him. She couldn't believe that he wouldn't reopen the case. After she told him that Damian and Luke's lives had been threatened before they left and that Damian would want it to look like they were dead, the detective told her she may be on to something. He said he would check for fingerprints on the speedboat and also they would look into what Damian had been up to before he came to town.

Lily wanted Simon to help her further. Simon told her about Katie being on the island and he needs to find her. As Simon was telling her about Katie, Rose came in the door with Faith. Lily told Simon thanks for the help he gave her. After Lily walked out of the room with Faith, Rose wanted to know what he did for Lily. He told her everything he could and now Rose has to keep her end of the bargain. Rose asked Simon if he really wanted to tract down Katie on the island. When he said he did want to save Katie, she told him that he had a good heart.

Craig's Jail Cell:

Emily took pictures of Craig in his jail cell. Craig tried to convince her that is innocent. When she wasn't falling for it, he intimated that Emily and Hal were having sex. He told her that there must be a reason that she's cozying up to Hal. Emily said she and Hal are just friends. Craig wanted to know what Hal promised her. She told him Hal promised to give her a front row seat at Craig's murder trial. Craig calls out for a guard and Margo showed up. She asked what Emily was doing there and told her to leave.

Margo told Craig to tell her something to make her believe him. Craig asked Margo how could she not believe him. She told Craig that her gut feelings tell her that he is guilty. He said he doesn't get his kicks from blowing up his wife. Margo said she wished she could believe him but she can't. Craig said he couldn't believe that his sister believed that he would try to kill his own wife. He told her if he wanted to kill Barbara, he wouldn't be so careless or stupid.

Hal walked in and asked Craig who else was there to visit him. Craig told him his less than loyal sister and Hal's new girlfriend Emily Stewart did. Hal said he wasn't there to gloat that Craig was in jail, he told him to confess and tell him how he pulled it off.

Thursday, June 28, 2001

An astounded Jack informs Lily that the DNA testing of the green lollipop proves that it belongs to Faith. Though Jake suggests that Molly cancel the birthday party planned for Abigail at the Lakeview, Molly insists on going ahead for her daughter's sake. Abigail says the same thing to Jake, urging him to go ahead with the party for Molly's sake. Molly's furious to learn that Lily called and will be in attendance. When Lily arrives, she boasts to the three that she feels Holden and Luke are still alive and tells them about the lollipop. She later informs Chicago Detective Adamski about the sucker testing.

Jessica informs Margo that they only have a little circumstantial evidence and thus, there is not enough to go ahead with a case though the motive is strong. In fact, she adds that Craig should never have been arrested. Meanwhile, Hal questions Craig for information about his whereabouts for the time leading up to the explosion at the boathouse. Craig advises Hal that he doesn't trust him but then explains that it's impossible for him to have set the bomb to try to kill his wife. Margo's furious to find Hal listening secretly to Craig chatting with Cass and orders him thrown in jail only to have him released later, after more evidence against Craig in the form of a footprint is found at the boathouse. Hal tells Jack, he's sure Craig did not set the bomb that hurt Barbara.

At his hearing, Cass announces that Craig pleads innocent to the charge against him.

Friday, June 29, 2001

Lily was crushed when Adamski informed her that his department would not authorize another search for Holden and Luke. She withheld that information from Simon however, because he had already decided to go search for Katie. Lily told Rose that the only thing for her to do was to go to Malta herself to find her husband and son.

At Craig's arraignment, Jessica informed the court that the evidence against him was conclusive because it placed him at the scene of the explosion. Jennifer made a scene in the courtroom when Craig's bail was set at three million dollars and was furious when she realized that Craig planned on using Barbara's money for his bail. Jessica told Cass that the mud found on Craig's shoes matched the mud at the scene of the explosion. When Cass questioned Craig about the shoes, he was stunned when Craig admitted that yes, he had been at the boathouse that night.

Tom had to calm Lien down when she couldn't catch her breath upon awakening in the hospital. John told him that Lien could possibly die within a week because all of the treatments they had used so far had been unsuccessful. Ben received a package from China which contained an illegal serum he hoped would ultimately cure Lien. When he performed an experiment mixing the serum with Lien's blood, it was successful. He asked Tom for permission to use the experimental serum on Lien.

Holden and Luke were able to pull a plank out of the floor that revealed a passageway down to the water, but it was too small for either of them to go through. They wrote a letter detailing their captivity, put it inside a bottle and threw it down the passageway, hoping that someone would find it and rescue them.



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