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Passions Recaps: The week of June 25, 2001 on PS
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Monday, June 25, 2001

Apologizing profusely for accidentally beheading her, Timmy starts to sew Tabitha's head back on. Julian and Rebecca listen in as Alistair works to convince Sheridan that he loves her dearly and was horrified to get wind of her "brother's" scheme to ruin her life. As Jessica and Charity celebrate Sam and Grace's reconciliation, Kay stifles her jealousy and forces a smile to see Miguel embrace her cousin. Clinging to her father, a beaming Sheridan asks Alistair to walk her down the aisle. Certain he saw Tabitha without a head, Reese whispers to Jessica that he finally has a way to prove the old lady is a witch. Meanwhile, Tabitha promises Timmy that Sam and Grace's newfound happiness will be short lived. Hank and an outraged Luis hear Alistair coaxing a starry-eyed Sheridan to postpone her nuptials and accompany him to Europe for a long overdue father-daughter vacation. Reese's attempt to unmask Tabitha falls flat once again. Sheridan finally realizes how Alistair has been manipulating her and berates her father for his treachery. Later, Luis gives Alistair a piece of his mind as well.

Tuesday, June 26, 2001

Grace can't shake an ominous feeling of doom as the mystery man approaches her shop. Sheridan and Luis fill Ethan and Theresa in on how Alistair tried and failed to put a halt to their wedding. Tabitha faints dead away when she overhears Harmony's teens planning an end of school trip to Warlock Island. After bringing Tabitha around, Sam reminds the kids how everyone has avoided the island for years because of its weird history. Meanwhile, Tabitha whispers to Timmy her fear that Charity and the others will disturb the sleeping warlocks and stir up more trouble than anyone can handle. Anxious to have Theresa exposed as the two-faced little twit she is, Gwen contemplates another call to Mort. Tabitha tries to scare her young neighbors into canceling their trip but is unable to dissuade them. Alistair instructs a jittery Rebecca to either help Julian knock Sheridan off or else kiss her share of the Crane fortune goodbye. Luis does an electronic sweep of the cottage and finds the bugs Alistair has been using to eavesdrop on his daughter. Later, Alistair gives Julian a poisoned ring which will kill Sheridan at the altar.

Wednesday, June 27, 2001

Thrilled to see her kid sister finally on the mend, Whitney firmly reminds Chad that they can never be together. Disguising her voice again, Gwen phones Mort to ask why he still hasn't revealed his source. Reese takes note of Tabitha's anxiety over the teens' scheduled visit to Warlock Island. Two blissful couples finalize plans for the double wedding. Though Rebecca hisses at her daughter to hush up, Gwen urges the tabloid reporter to publish Theresa's name that very day. Meanwhile, Sheridan and Theresa head to the bridal shop for the last fitting of their wedding gowns. Chad brings Whitney a bouquet and entreats her not to throw away the happiness they've found. When Simone mistakenly assumes the flowers were meant for her, however, Chad realizes he must set the girl straight about his feelings for her sister. Sheridan assures Gwen she doesn't blame her for Rebecca's treachery. Determined to keep an eagle eye on Grace and Sam, David checks into the bed and breakfast. Timmy tries his hand at hairdressing.

Thursday, June 28, 2001

Timmy and Tabby are worried about Tabby's horoscope, which tells of danger for Tabby. Timmy isn't too worried about his own life until Tabitha reminds him that if she's in danger, so is he. Tabitha is sure that the horoscope is mistaken, though, and believes that someone else is in danger. Upon closer inspection of the horoscope, her suspicions are confirmed- someone is going to be suffering, but it won't be Timmy and Tabby. She says that the alignment of the stars is making the chart extremely difficult to read, but that someone nearby is in real danger. Timmy worries that it may be Charity, but Tabitha thinks it is Grace who is in danger. She doesn't know who it is that poses the threat, but she knows that it is someone that Tabitha and Timmy haven't met before. Tabby's horoscope chart also reveals that Grace isn't the only one who will be in danger- Kay will be in trouble, as well. Also, as a result of the extraordinarily rare alignment of the stars, Theresa and Sheridan are going to be suffering major heartache. Unfortunately for them, it seems as though Timmy and Tabby are still in danger, as well, though Tabby isn't sure what kind of danger. As Timmy gazes out the window with his telescopes, wishing for a way to change the star alignment, he senses danger at the B&B.

Alistair reveals his plot to kill Sheridan, and Julian is impressed by the idea of poisoning the ring. Mr. Bradbury calls Alistair and informs him that Luis wants the rings at the rehearsal that night so they can try them on, and Alistair agrees to allow Mr. Bradbury to pick them up- the sooner Sheridan dies, the better. Alistair tells Julian how to poison the ring, which, appropriately enough, Luis has inscribed with the phrase "Till Death Do Us Part". As Julian coats the ring, Alistair decides they should go to the rehearsal to watch Sheridan die. He also assures Julian that the poison is untraceable, and that they won't be implicated. The jeweler arrives to pick up the rings, and assures Julian that the rings will not be mixed up- the bride's ring is much smaller than the groom's, after all. Julian offers Alistair a celebratory drink, but Alistair tells him they must not risk having liquor on their breath when they get to the rehearsal. Julian can't believe that Alistair is being so callous about the whole situation, like it's a Broadway play; Alistair retorts that it's better than that- he doesn't have to pay to watch his daughter die, like he would have to pay to see a Broadway performance.

The happy couples continue to celebrate their impending wedding, but Gwen is still certain that Ethan will never walk Theresa down the aisle. Elsewhere, Miguel and Charity head over to the rehearsal, and Kay, anxious to be with Miguel, tags along. Charity has another vision of the symbol from Tabitha's book about Warlock Island, and wonders what it could mean. Ethan asks Kay to be in the wedding, since she is his half-sister. He says he wants to get to know her better, and that he also wants Jessica to be in the wedding. Miguel points out that Kay will soon be his cousin-in-law (once he marries Charity) and half-sister-in-law (once Theresa marries Ethan), and Kay must remind herself again to be good. Chad's mariachi band arrives just in time to start the rehearsal. Kay goes to pray at the foot of the angel girl statue, and as she asks for help controlling her urge to break up Miguel and Charity, she thinks she feels tears from the statue hitting her hands. Sheridan is also praying, thankful that she has finally found the man of her dreams. She says that she is willing to sacrifice her family for the love that she and Luis share, and that she has to accept that Alistair will never love her. Chad and Ethan continue to plot to expose the person who ruined Ethan's life. The rehearsal begins, and Julian and Alistair watch as Luis slips the ring onto Sheridan's finger.

Pilar and Ivy share their feelings on the wedding, and Pilar admits that she is still a bit worried about the lengths that Alistair and Julian may go to to destroy Luis and Sheridan's happiness. Pilar admits that she is also worried about the prospect of having two of her children leaving the nest so soon- the house will be so empty without them. Ivy tells her that she isn't losing a son and a daughter, she's gaining a son- and daughter-in-law. Ivy tells Pilar that she is happy for Ethan, but that she wants to be happy herself- with Sam. Pilar is worried that Ivy may try something to break Sam and Grace up again, but Ivy assures her that she is out of schemes. She then explains exactly what happened the night that she tried to seduce Sam at the police department. She admits that she has been holding on to a foolish pipedream, and that she won't waste any more of her life pining for someone who doesn't love her.

Grace senses that Jessica is in danger, and heads off to check on her. At the B&B, the new guest asks Jessica to stay and chat with him for a moment. He grills her about the strange occurrences of Harmony, and Jessica tells him that the house that sunk was her family's- a fact that David pretends to be oblivious to. He also asks where Jessica's parents are from, and seems pleased when she tells him Grace is from Boston. As Grace continues to worry about her premonition, Jessica enters the Lenox house, and assures Grace that she wasn't in any danger- she was just checking in a new guest. Back at the B&B, David is loading his gun with bullets, and Grace continues to have premonitions of danger. David calls someone and informs the person that he won't be back until he finishes his business in Harmony, and continues to look at the newspaper article about the Bennett house sinking. Sam assures her that there isn't a threat- Ivy is out of their lives, their children are safe, and their lives are finally getting back on track. Grace's mind seems to be put at ease for the time being. David spies on Grace as she and Sam survey the work that has been done on their new house.

Friday, June 29, 2001

As Luis prepares to slip the wedding band onto Sheridan's finger, Alistair smugly informs Julian that the rehearsal is about to turn into a funeral. Meanwhile, Charity begins to suffer sharp pains and collapses into an alarmed Miguel's arms. Pilar cautions her son that their culture's tradition dictates that once a wedding ring is on it must not be removed for any reason. After Sheridan agrees not to try on her ring before the actual ceremony, Charity suddenly ceases to feel ill but she has a vision of the bride writhing in pain on the altar. Timmy frets when Tabitha decides to consult with her "friends" in the basement. Father Lonigan recognizes Alistair's voice and icily asks the elder Crane how long it's been since he set foot in church. Whitney accompanies Theresa to the doctor's office to obtain birth control for her wedding night. Meanwhile, Ethan sheepishly admits to Chad how he's been unable to find a job since he lost the Crane name and influence. Hank warns Gwen not to pull any tricks on Luis' kid sister. Later, Gwen confesses to Father Lonigan, who advises her to make things right if she truly wants absolution. Ivy is served with divorce papers.

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