One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 25, 2001 on OLTL

Sam's trial for murder began. Jen testified that she had seen Lindsay and Sam carrying Colin's body. Cristian caught Lindsay trying to sneak out of the bathroom window. Starr bought love potion for her mother. Lindsay was the next suspect in Colin's murder.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 25, 2001 on OLTL
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Monday, June 25, 2001

At the mansion, Blair accuses Todd of repeatedly luring her into false security, then pulling the rug out from under her. When Todd tells her she can continue to see Starr, she wants written assurances, which he refuses to provide. Starr hears them fighting and tries to convince the Voodoo Priestess that she is old enough to buy "love potion." Unfortunately for her, the Priestess disagrees. Starr tries to sneak out to meet her in person, but is caught, and turns on fake tears to manipulate her parents into revealing their love for each other. She then manipulates them into bed...together.

Gabrielle lures Max down memory lane, but he refuses to play along. When she theorizes that he wanted to move out of Asa's due to his feelings for her, he denies it, mocking her and trivializing their past. Asa enters and plays the jealous husband, and Max leaves; Asa and Gabrielle then gloat about how easily she pushes Max's buttons, and plan to step up their manipulation of him. Alone, Max finds Gabrielle's handkerchief and clutches it; Gabrielle is shocked when she awakes from a passionate dream about Max.

At Sam's trial, Jen interrupts Nora's questioning of Will, revealing that Colin gave her his passport the night he died. Sam vehemently opposes Hank's request to have Jen testify. After the trial is adjourned, Will angrily blames Cristian for Jen's presence, but she claims responsibility for her own choices. Later, Jessica reaches out to Will, but he accuses her of betrayal for telling Ben about the passport, and she leaves with Al. Sam blames Nora for putting Will on the stand, saying that he will protect his children no matter what and that he never wants to see her again. Despite his anger, she vows to continue fighting for him and for the truth.

Tuesday, June 26, 2001

Sam is furious with Nora for going after Will on the witness stand. Will comes for a visit and they are concerned for Jen. Meanwhile, Nora oversleeps while having a nightmare of Colin laughing. She thinks she may remember something, but then shakes it off after she realizes she is late. Nora shows up at the jail, but Sam won't speak to her. He blames her for Jen's involvement, because if Nora hadn't gone after Will, Jen wouldn't have had to incriminate herself to defend him. Nora looks for understanding from Will, who forgives her knowing she was just trying to defend his father. Nora promises not to cross-examine Jen, as she is uncertain if Jen would crack under pressure.

Bo questions Hank if it is really necessary to put Jen on the witness stand. Hank says his patience has run out and he is going to find the truth no matter what. Lanie jumps in and demands that Hank wait until Lindsay is present before questioning Jen. Hank informs both Bo and Lanie that Jen will answer his questions, today! Alone, Bo tells Lanie he doesn't believe Jen is capable of murder. Together they speculate R.J. involvement and his connection to Lindsay. They wonder if Sam would go to such lengths to protect Lindsay. Lanie reminds Bo that both Sam and Lindsay would do anything for their children. Lanie realizes that if Jen was being ripped apart on the witness stand, and Lindsay was there, she knows her sister would tell the truth to protect Jen!

Lindsay goes to Break Bar looking for Cris and Jen, but instead finds R.J. She tells him that she can't let Jen testify. R.J. informs her that he had to give up Will to get immunity. At first Lindsay is irate, but then R.J. reminds her that he didn't do it, so what does it matter. Besides, would she have rather he confessed to moving Colin's body for her? Lindsay relaxes and assures herself that Will can handle the pressure, but she just can't let Jen get on the stand!

Jessica tears into Ben for betraying her confidence. He promises he never told Nora about the passport, the boots or about Will being at the docks the night of the murder. He does however admit to telling Sam everything and the two conclude that Nora must have overheard the conversation. Although Jessica believes Ben, she can't forgive him now that Jen is in so much trouble. Jessica storms out. Ben gets on the phone, determined to find Lindsay...

Cris and Jen share a private moment together before the trial. Bo gave Cris the OK, so long as they didn't discuss her testimony. Jen reveals that she knows Will didn't kill Colin. Later when Hank calls her to the stand, she recounts the events of the evening. She recalls going to Colin's after Lanie had attacked him. Jen demanded he leaves town, but Colin threw her passport at him and claimed he wasn't going anywhere! Colin grabbed Jen and began caressing her despite her struggles. On the stand, Jen testifies that she was afraid Colin was going to rape her! Hank grills her and asks if she killed Colin. Jen admits that she wanted him gone...

Wednesday, June 27, 2001

Todd and Blair have spent the night together, but have told Starr it won't happen again. Todd invites her into their room so he can explain it to her as Blair holds her breath. It's because of the baby, Todd explains. Mom needs the space and he's tired of being kicked around. Furthermore, in answer to her questions, they were yelling at each other because they like it, he says. Afterwards, the couple wonders whether Starr will buy their reasoning since she's so smart. Blair asks Todd if he was going to tell their daughter the truth about the baby; he says he thought about it but didn't want to hurt her. They agree not to argue in front of Starr any longer. Blair thinks that though they've hurt each other they don't really hate each other and they should be able to get along. Todd agrees that their love/hate relationship could easily sway back the other way. As they are about to share a kiss, Blair pulls away with a cry-the baby has chosen this time to give her a huge kick.

Roseanne wants more love potion from Senora Lena to test on Antonio since the other was wasted. The senora wants five hundred dollars first, though Roseanne complains that she has part of her soul already. Sorry, but she wants cash for the potions and souls for the curses, she is told. Roseanne promises to get the money and as she leaves, Starr calls. Later, she stops by to pick up her own love potion for a couple she knows who always seem to mess up. When Senora Lena tells her it'll be five hundred dollars, Starr pulls it out of her purse.

Rae talks to a sequestered Jen to try to convince her to tell the truth when the trial resumes. She praises Jen and tells her how strong she is and how much courage she has. Jen believes her family will be destroyed once she speaks. As John arrives to get Jen back to the stopped trial after chasing a fighting Will and Cris back to the courtroom, he spots Rae and accuses her of tampering with the witness. He doesn't want to hear that she's the girl's therapist and is only trying to help the scared Jen. As he manages to get her out, Cris and Will reappear and Will tries to keep Cris away from his sister. Cris pleads to speak to Jen and promises not to talk about the case, so John relents and gives him a minute alone with her. He promises to stand by her no matter what and gives her a kiss.

In the courtroom, Sam is concerned about Nora, who tells him her dream about Colin seems to be bothering her. She's pleased that he seems to still care about her. As the trial resumes, Jen again takes the stand. Hank picks up his questioning where he left off, asking Jen if she killed Colin. She denies that she did and again explains that after arguing with Colin, she fled the house, afraid that he was going to rape her. Once out of the house, she realized that she had lost her bracelet and went back to the house, hoping that Colin had gone upstairs and that she'd be able to look for it. She spied someone coming out of the house, carrying Colin. After prompting from the district attorney, Jen admits that it was her father. As the shocked people in the courtroom begin to murmur, Hank attempts to proceed further, though his line of questioning is continually objected to by Nora (as he keeps alluding to the fact that it was a dead body that Sam was carrying). Jen finally admits that he wasn't alone, but had help. She saw Lindsay helping Sam remove Colin's body from the house.

Thursday, June 28, 2001


Jenn confesses that she saw Lindsay and Sam carrying Colin's body into the woods. Lindsay bursts in and tries to stop the testimony, and is ordered to the witness room in contempt. Jenn continues to testify, saying Lindsay talked her into covering what she knew and also talked her into leaving town. Jenn also reveals that Rae was the only person she told, causing Rae to get a hateful look from John. Will then leaves the room, and Jess follows him, asking if there's anything she can do. Will tells her no and goes to see his mother. Hank then wants a redirect with Jenn, and the judge orders an hour long recess. Meanwhile, Lindsay begs John, Bo, and Will to tell her what Jenn said before she got there, but nobody tells her. Will gets thrown out of the room where Lindsay is being held by John, and Rae comes in, lashing out at Lindsay for torturing Jenn. Rae and John leave, and John reveals how upset he is with her for not telling him what Jenn had said. Next, we see Jenn, Cris, and Will together in the courtroom, Cris leaves them alone and Jenn asks if Will hates her for telling the truth about their parents. Will says he could never hate her, and they both wonder aloud if their mother killed Colin. In the witness room, Lindsay begins frantically beating on the door and begging the guard to open it. The guard comes in and doesn't believe her when she says she's ill. The guard turns to leave, and Lindsay "collapses." As the guard runs for help, Lindsay gets up and runs from the room. Outside the courtroom, Todd shows up and is disappointed to learn that the court is in recess. He then gets a call from Starr and leaves. Then, Jess goes up and asks Cris's friend Seth who is there delivering a work message to Cris, why he always avoids her, and what he knows about her.

Voodoo Lady's Apartment

Starr gets her love potion and instructions on how to use it. She then tells the lady she will be back to put a curse on Max if the potion works.

Todd and Blair exchange hateful comments about Blair going to court to support Sam, and Todd decides to go instead. Kelly comes in, and Blair tells her once again she's not going to tell Todd the baby is his. Meanwhile, Starr is mixing lemonade for Blair with the potion in it and calls Todd to convince him to come home. Starr then brings the lemonade in and convinces Kelly not to drink it and to leave. Kelly leaves and Starr tells Blair to stay put, drink the lemonade, and wait for her "surprise." In the hall, Todd overhears Starr say that her daddy had better hurry up and the stuff better work. Todd then asks her what stuff.

Sam's cell

Nora tries to convince Sam that Lindsay killed Colin after Sam tells her that Lindsay arrived right after he found Colin's body, and didn't look surprised. Sam also reveals that Lindsay convinced him not to call the police before Sam revealed to her that he thought he was covering for Jenn.

Friday, June 29, 2001

Dorian's Mansion

Todd confronts Starr about the bottle she has hidden behind her back and finally gets her to tell him about the love potion she has put into the lemonade she has given Blair.

Llanview Courthouse and Jail

While the guard goes for a doctor, Lindsay slips out of the witness room. Jen and Will discuss the possibility of Lindsay being Colin's murderer. Rae tries to reason with John, but he is incensed that she did not go to the police immediately upon learning that Jen had crucial evidence. He refuses to try to understand Rae's doctor-patient viewpoint. Lindsay tries to crawl out the window of the ladies room. Nora convinces Sam that Lindsay tricked him into shielding her by letting him believe that Jen had murdered Colin when Lindsay was actually the murderer.

Jessica tries to get Seth to tell her why he has avoided her ever since he learned who she was. Will apologizes to Jen for believing that she could have murdered Colin. Cristian boldly walks into the ladies room and catches Lindsay just as she is halfway out the window. Of course, Lindsay tries to make him believe that she was just "getting some air" which is pretty lame even for Lindsay. Cristian starts berating her for what she has done to her own daughter and accuses her of killing Colin and letting Sam take the rap. Jen walks in and asks if it is true.

Dorian's Mansion

Todd finally gets the whole story about the love potion out of Starr. He rushes into the bedroom to try to stop Blair from drinking it, but Blair holds up an empty glass. Starr is delighted. Todd immediately calls for medical help thinking Blair might have been poisoned. Starr asks Blair "Did it work? How do you feel about Daddy now?" Blair doesn't have a clue what is going on and is totally confused.

Llanview Courthouse and Jail

Seth tells Jessica that he would definitely remember her if he had ever met her. He tries to convince her that he has avoided her because she is a beautiful girl...with a boyfriend. He makes up some really weird story about being a friend of Cristian's that Jessica never met because while they were going together he was hiding out in a mansion named Llanfair. He said he would hide in the attic and come out at night and raid the fridge and shine everyone's shoes to pay for the lodging. (Who is this kid?) Of course Jessie isn't buying any of this.

Nora tells Sam that she will not let him go to prison. She will say that Lindsay lied to Sam about his daughter's involvement in Colin's murder manipulated him and that he made a mistake by trusting Lindsay. Sam says he will never forgive himself for letting Lindsay make Will and Jen her victims. Nora and Sam share a tender moment as she assures him that they are good kids because they had him for a father. Just then, two guards come in making a joke about "two lumps" and that apparently triggers a memory for Nora. At first she thinks she is remembering the dream she had earlier, but then realizes that it is the memory of something that really happened.

While he is sitting alone in the courtroom, Will recalls the conversation he had with Lindsay about keeping secrets from Jess and how it was tearing them apart. He remembers that Lindsay told him he didn't know everything that could hurt him. Jessie walks into the courtroom and tries to talk to Will, but he is very defensive and unfair to Jess. He accuses Jessie of hating his mom and feeling that Lindsay is getting exactly what she deserves.

Jen asks Lindsay if she killed Colin and then tried to put the blame on Sam. Lindsay denies the accusation (big surprise). Jen assumes that Lindsay and Sam thought she was the one who killed Colin and that Lindsay still thought so.

Dorian's Mansion

Blair confesses that she did not drink the lemonade because it would upset her stomach. Todd tells Starr not to ever give her Mother anything to eat or drink without knowing exactly what it is. He says they don't want her little baby sister or brother to come out with two heads. Blair realizes Todd was very concerned about the baby.

Llanview Courthouse and Jail

Nora is convinced that the memory she is having happened on the night Colin was murdered. She remembers Colin laughing at something or someone. She tells Sam that she may have overheard the murder and that she might be the witness they need.

Lindsay is really a piece of work! She continues to argue that she was trying to protect "her child" and tries to convince Jen that was the reason for all the lies and deceit. Cristian tells Lindsay to drop the act and asks her if she was "protecting" Jen by escaping. Lindsay says she had to get out to hire Jen a good lawyer. Just then John and the guard walk in and John tells her she is not going to escape and that she has a lot to answer for. The woman looks at him like she just doesn't understand why he would be saying that to her.

Dorian's Mansion

Todd insists that Starr promise him that she will not ever pull another stunt like that. Starr promises and says, "I just wanted you to love each other. What's so wrong with that?" Blair tells Todd that he reacted with care for her and fear for the baby. She asks him what that was about.

Llanview Courthouse/Jail

Nora is convinced Lindsay killed Colin and thinks she may remember hearing Lindsay's voice. Sam hopes Nora is wrong because of the impact Lindsay's guilt would have on Will and Jen. He doesn't know how much more Jen can take especially if she learns her own mother may be the culprit for all she has been through.

John takes Lindsay into custody and as they walk out of the ladies room (she and Jen were the only "ladies" in there) Hank tells John and the guard back to the courtroom and pulls out a subpoena for Lindsay to testify.

Will continues to badger Jessie about hating his mother, and even admits that half of Llanview hates Lindsay for the things she has done, but he insists that he will not turn his back on his mother. Jessie starts to tell Will that she would not wish what was happening to him on anyone, especially someone she loves, but she changes it to that she wouldn't wish it on anyone, especially him.

Hank and John walk in with Lindsay. When Will asks what is going on, Hank tells him that Lindsay is going to testify as a witness and Will says she doesn't have an attorney. Hank explains that Lindsay is not a defendant, but rather a witness and that even if she hired ten lawyers, he would not let it stop him this time. Lindsay asks what that means and Hank responds that he intends to get to the truth about Colin's matter what it takes. Nora and Sam walk in and Nora says those are sentiments exactly and has a very self-satisfied look on her face knowing that once Lindsay is on the stand, she will get to cross examine her.

Nora asks Lindsay how she can live with herself after what she has done to Sam. Lindsay denies having done anything to Sam. She starts to talk to Sam, but he tells her not to talk to him because he is not sure what he might do. Lindsay tells Nora she is not going to admit to something she did not do. Nora says "Unlike Sam." Lindsay is surrounded by Jen, Will, Nora, Sam, Hank and John and she can see that it is obvious they all think she is the one who killed Colin.

Dorian's Mansion

Starr calls Senora Lena and tells her that she is on her way over to discuss the love potion. Todd finally admits that he didn't want anything to happen to Max' baby. Blair starts to tell Todd that he cared about her, even though he thought she was carrying someone else's baby, but she changed her mind and says, "even though I'm carrying someone's else's baby."

Llanview Courthouse

Lindsay is being sworn and when asked if she swears to tell the truth, she has an incredulous look on her face like she just doesn't understand why everyone is picking on her. Nora leans forward in her chair to see what Lindsay will say.

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