One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 2, 2001 on OLTL

Lindsay accused Sam of killing Colin. Jessica moved out of the apartment she shared with Will. Starr ran away and ended up at St. Anne's with Addie. Rae had a nightmare. Nora set out to prove Lindsay was a liar.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 2, 2001 on OLTL
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Monday, July 2, 2001

On the stand, Lindsay blurts out that she did not kill Colin. When she avoids Hank's questions, Jen tells her to be honest. Lindsay then admits she went to Colin's and found Sam there, and that she believed, seeing her daughter's bracelet, that Jen killed Colin. Cristian angrily accuses her of lying to protect herself. Facing so many accusers, Lindsay becomes hysterical and has to be removed from court. During the recess, Nora expresses disappointment that Lindsay was not allowed to hang herself, while Cristian apologizes to Jen for his outburst. When Lindsay returns and recounts how she and Sam moved Colin, she speculates that Sam killed him and allowed her to believe Jen did it.

Watching the testimony, Jessica offers Will her support. He rejects it because of her dislike for Lindsay, and she leaves.

At R.J.'s bar, Al meets his old friend Kortney, an aspiring singer. Jessica arrives and tells Al about her argument with Will; when R.J. overhears her mentioning Lindsay, he leaves for the court. Jessica tells Al she is moving out of the loft, and Al offers help.

At Dorian's, Blair confronts Todd about his concern for her and her child, but he says he cares for her only as Starr's mother and could not trust her again. She tries to tell him the baby is his, but is interrupted by Max, who has heard about the love potion incident and wants Blair to leave the mansion. When she refuses, Max says he will be in his child's life no matter what, and leaves. Todd worries that Max will tell Starr who the baby's father is.

While Max, Blair, and Todd argue, Starr sneaks out to see Senora Lena, angry that the love potion was unsuccessful. The Senora hints to Starr that she can divine whether or not her parents will reunite.

Tuesday, July 3, 2001

On the stand, Lindsay asserted that Sam definitely said that he killed Colin and had wanted to call the police. She lashed out at Sam for letting her believe that Jen was the one who did it, when in fact Sam was the murderer. After an uproar in the courtroom, the judge orders a recess. Lindsay rushes into the restroom and Lanie finds her there. She is furious with her sister and is tired of all the lies. Meanwhile, Nora tells Jen and Will that she is going to let Lindsay have it on the witness stand. Jen, Will and Sam go to the restroom and demand to hear the truth from Lindsay, but she just apologizes for incriminating Sam. Lindsay insists that she is telling the truth and is sorry that Sam will have to go to prison. When Lindsay finally makes it back on the stand, Nora approaches her with a look a fury!

Seth finally reveals to Jessica why he has been acting so strange around her. When he was a young kid, he tried to set fire to Llanfair as part of an initiation. He got in major trouble for the incident and ended up being sent to reform school. Seth offers a sincere apology and still feels guilty. Jess remembers the fire, but bears no hard feelings. Al asks Jess if she still wants him to get her things from the loft. Reluctantly, Jess tells him, yes...

Despite Starr's lack of faith, Senora Leno reads the voodoo bones and tells Starr that her parents don't need another love potion because they are deeply in love. However, she reveals that "a child" is coming between them. Starr asks if it is her fault, but Senora Lena can not confirm. Roseanne bursts in and attempts to give the Senora jewelry in exchange for another love potion. She is shocked to find Starr there. Senora Lena is highly insulted and angry that Roseanne would try to give her jewelry instead of cash. Roseanne decides to take Starr home, hoping for a reward from Todd. Back at Dorian's Blair and Todd are too busy arguing to notice Starr is missing. After a deep conversation, Blair is ready to tell Todd the truth—until Kelly unknowingly interrupts. Blair takes Kelly aside and explains her feelings for Todd. Kelly finally agrees to go along with Blair and let her tell Todd that he is the baby's father. When Blair comes back downstairs, Roseanne has returned Starr and Todd is scolding her. Starr rushes up to her room, and Todd blames Blair for Starr's behavior. Starr overhears their argument and leaves them a note explaining that she is running away!

Wednesday, July 4, 2001

Rae walks through a dark, stormy night, finally reaching St. Ann's where she is to see a patient. She pauses at the sign by the door which reads "St. Ann's, Llanview's Home for the Mentally, Criminally and Absolutely Insane. Yes, They're Really Nuts. Enter At Your Own Risk." She uses the "enormous knockers" and the doors creak open, where she encounters a rhyming nun, playing a gameboy. She thinks it's Renee but it's "Sister Mary Richards" yelling at her with an Irish brogue that she's late. Rae can't believe Renee has become a nun after her divorce and finds it way too much that a former madame has become a nun. The sister doesn't know her and wants her to visit with the patient immediately. Rae wonders if it's Rhoda Morgenstern but it's Victoria Riley Burke Riley Buchanan Buchanan Carpenter Davidson as the sign on her door and the pictures that appear of Viki with all of her individual husbands indicate. Rae goes in to visit with "Viki", thinking her DID has returned because she thinks it's really Todd, dressed like Viki for some unknown reason. "Viki" refreshes the doctor of her kidnapping by Gina though Rae continually tries to tell her she's really Todd. Suddenly, "Niki" appears and begins to dance.

Rae runs out and comes across Jen who is now "Nurse Jess" to help her mother and "Will" an orderly, who appears to really be Cris. They need couples counseling, they tell her. "Jess" describes their sex life and Rae tells them sex isn't everything. They become turned on and passionate in front of Rae. Just then "Sister Mary Richards" approaches and yells at them that it's a hospital, not a brothel. She orders Rae to help "Viki" or she will be sorry.

"Viki" is now "Jean" who tells the therapist how ineffective she is. Rae grabs Jean who hyperventilates and becomes "Tommy." Just then "Todd" arrives (really Viki with scar and all) and tells Rae she's a quack and pokes her nose into other people's business. "Todd" and "Viki" (again) begin to bicker and Rae is able to duck out into another room.

She picks up a paper and learns that the nuns of St. Ann's are suing her for millions of dollars for not curing the patients there. She notes aloud that she needs a lawyer and who should appear but "Nora" (Lindsay, clothed like Nora). She will help her, she says. Rae wants to know if she notices anything different about herself and tells her to look into the mirror. No, she says, she's just stressed, due to the previous bad months she's had. "Lindsay" arrives (Nora), and "Nora" tells her she will get her memory back and make her pay. "Lindsay" says that "Nora" always lies, she's the one who tries so hard and always sacrifices for her family. They argue, "Lindsay" using eye drops for tears, as Rae tries to point out that they're not who they think they are. They pull off each other's wigs, calling FRAUD! Rae thinks the madness can end while the two women look at her as if she's crazy, even when she again orders them to look into the mirror. "Lindsay" even pulls out a syringe and threatens "Nora". They avidly discuss their roles in the upcoming trial.

Rae decides she should call the police when "Bo" (really R.J.) shows up suddenly with "R.J." (Bo) behind him. "R.J." makes a pass at Rae who screams but "Bo" stops her. There's a complaint out against her. "R.J." reviews "Bo's" poor arrest record. "Sister" shows up again and calls for the "orderlies" (Will and Cris) to take the doctor to her room. Dr. Cummings gets away and a chase ensues with everyone after her. She can't find the front door and finally runs into a room marked Closet. She hears "Todd" enter the room with "Viki" who is lecturing him. They all speak about how they need to lock Rae up and sedate her because she's dangerous and violent so they'll need to get the restraints from the closet. The "flying nun" (Ben) assures everyone that the area is secure and the two "nurses" (Jen and Jess) whip out their needles. They all rush off so Rae is able to escape again. She notes that she's "out of the closet and feeling freer." "Todd" and "Viki" rush at her with weapons as do the "orderlies" and "Lindsay" and "Nora." Rae runs and encounters the "flying nun" trying to stop her.

Suddenly Rae is in a room with "Max" (Gabrielle) and "Gabrielle" (Max) who argue over how Gabrielle is trying to destroy him as they speak about the past and his deserting her. Rae leaves the room but reenters as the others near. She offers the couple therapy, they begin to argue again but suddenly upon hearing Michael Bolton singing, they fall into an embrace and end up on the bed. Everyone else bursts into the room and the "orderlies" carry Rae out as she screams she's not crazy and everyone else is behaving like someone else, they should be normal and decent. "R.J." questions if they should be like the people in Pine Valley. Rae thinks they are all insane, they think she's a fraud-especially when the "real Rae" (Starr) finally arrives and orders her put into a strait jacket. Rae looks down at her clothes and she's become "Starr." She begins to cry out that she's a therapist and calls for help.

As Rae is calling for help, she wakes up, courtesy of Viki who is gently shaking her. She was ringing the doorbell but could hear her yelling-her door was even open. Rae tells her that she was in the oddest place. "Port Charles?" Viki asks. Everyone was there but they weren't themselves, the psychologist explains. She's back now and they agree that there's "no place like Llanview."

Thursday, July 5, 2001

Dorian's house
Starr leaves her note for Blair and Todd saying she's run away and leaves. Todd and Blair are in the living room fighting, oblivious to the situation. Blair tells Todd she won't let Max come around anymore and asks Todd if he wishes the baby was his. She is just about to reveal the truth when they once again begin fighting and head out to the foyer. Todd discovers the note and shares it with Blair, who panics and wants to call the police. Todd convinces her not to and they leave for the voodoo lady's house together.

Voodoo lady's house
Todd and Blair burst in yelling for Starr. The voodoo lady is at first belligerent, but agrees to help them when shown Starr's picture. The lady takes Starr's note and holds it, then says she can find Starr for them.

St. Anne's
Starr, disguised as a nun, goes to find Addie and tells her the whole story. Addie is pleased to see her and agrees to let Starr live with her. She also promises not to reveal Starr's whereabouts to Blair or Todd.

Asa's house
Gabrielle and Asa put their latest plan into action when Max shows up upset about Blair being around Todd. Gabrielle feigns support for Max, and Asa bursts in and accuses them of adultery. Max then leaves the room and listens to Gabrielle and Asa's pretend fight from the hall. Max stands by until Asa pretends to drag Gabrielle from the room by the arm. Max then bursts into the room and grabs Asa, telling him to get his hands off her.

Nora rips Lindsay's credibility to shreds by bringing up her various past lies, from Bo's changed DNA test, to her affairs with Sam's partner and Colin, to her running when the trial started, Nora continues to destroy her. Hank throws in various objections, but Nora keeps going, getting the jury to believe Lindsay is a liar and is mad at Sam for divorcing her, so she's covering her own crime by accusing Sam. Lindsay's testimony leaves her in tears as Nora asks her if there's one person in Llanview who will vouch for her honesty. Lindsay tearfully says no. As soon as Lindsay leaves the stand, Bo arrests her as an accessory to murder.

Friday, July 6, 2001


Viki comes home only to find out that Jessica is at odds with Ben because of what she considers his "betrayal" of what she told him in confidence about her concern that Will might be Colin's killer. Jessica manages to look like a complete fool by asking Viki how her Dad was in front of Ben. Viki counters by telling Jessica how happy Clint and Dallas are together. After Ben leaves the two together in private, Jessica finally tells Viki about the problems she and Will are having and Viki convinces Jess to go talk to Will and try to work it out. After Jessica leaves, Ben and Viki discuss the trial and Ben tells Viki that he betrayed Jessica's confidence and that he is certain Jess will never forgive him. Viki completely understands why Ben told Sam what Jess had told him and tells Ben that Jessie will eventually understand. Viki feels that if Will and Jess love each other as much as she thinks they do that Jessie wont be living at Llanfair much longer.

St. Anne's/Senora Lena's Apartment

Starr has run away to St. Anne's to stay with Addie. Starr makes Addie "cross her heart and hope to die" not to tell Blair and Todd she is there with her. Rae comes to see Addie and finds that Starr is there. Starr convinces Rae that it is Addie's birthday and that Blair is somewhere on the premises. Rae asks Starr to tell Blair she wants to see her, then leaves.

Blair and Todd are at the priestess' apartment trying to learn where Starr has gone. Todd is extremely skeptical, but both he and Blair are listening to Senora Lena when she tells them that all they need to do to get Starr to come home is admit their love for each other. The priestess explains that Starr thinks she is the cause of Blair and Todd fighting all the time when actually it is the child Blair is carrying. She tells Todd that he should be able to love the baby and until he does, Starr will be unhappy. Senora Lena says it will cost Todd to find out where Starr is, and he finally agrees to pay for the information. The priestess tells them Starr is in a very big place where there are many women in black and white. Blair figures out that Starr is at St. Anne's with Addie. Blair calls Addie and tells her that Starr is missing and Addie tells her that Starr is there with her. Starr takes the phone from Addie and tries to disguise her voice, but Blair has apparently hung up. Blair and Todd rush to St. Anne's and find that Starr is not with Addie. Addie tells them Starr is gone.

Buchanan Mansion

An apparently drunken Asa is manhandling Gabrielle when Max steps in to stop him. Rene comes in and Asa continues his performance by accusing Gabrielle and Max of all sorts of adulterous behavior. While still talking, Asa "passes out". Rene accuses Gabrielle of marrying Asa for his money, then trying to kill him for it. Renee and Gabrielle exchange barbs about Asa and Max. Renee leaves and Max starts to question Gabrielle about what is going on between she and Asa. Gabby tells Max that she does not want Al to know about the "problems" between she and Asa. Max tries to convince Gabrielle to divorce Asa, but she refuses because life is so much better for Al. Max finally does convince Gabrielle to spend the night in his room so that Asa wont be able to find her if he wakes up.

Renee returns to the mansion to check on Asa and to give him some of his "hangover remedy" when she becomes aware that Asa is not drunk. She asks him what he is up to. Max returns to his bedroom and Gabrielle asks, since there is only one bed, where Max is going to sleep.

Will and Jessica's Apartment

Jessie goes to see Will and tells him she loves him and asks him not to push her away. Will is afraid they wont be able to deal with the terrible things they have said to each other, but they agree to try to make things right again. When they start trying to discuss their problems, they end up arguing about not being able to trust each other. They profess their love for each other, but decide that the love they share is not enough. They decide that they have become strangers and that they just can't make their relationship work any longer. Jessie leaves.

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