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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of July 9, 2001 on ATWT
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Monday, July 9, 2001

While Lily is trying to convince Lucinda that she needs to go to Malta to find Luke and Holden, she gets a package in the mail. The package contains a note from a fisherman in Malta that states that he and his wife had found this bottle with a message in it. Lily looks at the message and recognizes Holden and Luke's handwriting. Lucinda is more convinced and decides to support Lily's trip to Malta. Lucinda asks if she can call the embassy or a senator to get some support for her. Lily tells Lucinda that she wants to go over to Malta as low key as possible. She makes Lucinda agree to not call anyone and tell them that she is coming. Lucinda says that she won't and she sees her daughter off to the airport. When Lily is out the door, Lucinda goes to the phone and calls her congressman. As she is talking to him and telling him that she needs a favor, Rose walks up and takes the phone out of Lucinda's hands and hangs it up. Lucinda tells her that she is interfering. Rose says that she is interfering in Lucinda's interfering, so that nullifies her interference. Lucinda tells Rose about Lily going to Malta. Rose asks her why she let her go. She reminds Lucinda that she was supposed to talk her out of going. Lucinda tells Rose about the message in the bottle. Rose gets excited to hear that the message was written in Holden and Luke's handwriting. Lucinda says that she has to call the congressman back. Rose tells her to hold on and think about the situation. Rose suggests that Lucinda get Simon to help out with Lily. Lucinda says that this is the last thing that Lily needs. Lucinda asks Rose if she is hoping that Simon will come on to Lily and Lily will fall for him again. Rose says that is not what she is thinking. She tells Lucinda about Simon helping Lily find the lollypop in the boat and the phone number that was Damian's cell phone. Rose tells her that if she offers him some money, he will help. Lucinda tells her that every time she offers Simon money he gets offended. Rose tells her about offering him money to help Lily out before. She tells Lucinda that she offered him ten thousand dollars and he accepted it. She adds that he needed the money to go and find his blond wife that was stranded on the island that he and Lily was stranded on. Lucinda looks at her like she is crazy. Lucinda asks if the whole town has gone crazy. Rose says, "Yeah, like forty-five years ago. Where have you been?" Lucinda walks over to her purse and takes out her checkbook. She tells Rose that if you can't beat them, join them. She gives Rose a blank check and tells her to offer Simon whatever it takes. She adds that she doesn't want Lily on foreign soil without any protection. Rose starts to leave and Lucinda stops her and tells her that nobody has ever taken care of her or her money like she has. She tells Rose to go and waves her off. Rose salutes her and runs out of the house.

At Carly's apartment, she breaks the news to Jack about Craig offering her a job. He tells her that working for Craig is a bad idea. He kisses her and says that he has to go catch a bad guy. After he is gone, she walks over to her sketches and looks at them. She looks up and says, "Just how bad is bad?" Later, Molly comes over to get fitted for her wedding dress. They are making small talk and Carly tells her about Craig making the offer for her to work for him at BRO. She tells Molly what a great opportunity this would be for her. Molly comments that she can tell that Craig has the hots for Carly. Carly tells Molly about the time that Craig kissed her. Molly eyes widen and then she wants Carly to tell it all. Carly tells her that it was right before his wedding and when he kissed her, she stomped on his bad foot and told him to never do that again. Molly says that she stomped too low. Molly gets a sneaky look on her face and asks Carly if she could work for Craig but keep it a secret from Jack. Carly says that Molly is thinking like she is now. She adds that she will work for Craig just long enough to get Jack out of debt and then she will quit and it will be the best for their relationship. Molly adds, "Or it could be the nail in your relationship coffin."

Jennifer goes to see her mother at the hospital. She pours her heart out to her mother about how she misses her and she would even invite an argument right now. She tells her mother how much she needs her. As she is talking to her mother, Barbara moves her index finger. Jennifer goes on with her mother and she picks her mother's hand up and feels her finger move. She calls for Dr. Bob to come and Bob checks her out. Bob tells Jennifer and Hal that although it is a good sign, it could only be a muscle reflex.

Margo and Craig are at the boathouse and Margo begs him to tell her the truth. Just as Craig starts to open up, Jack walks in. Craig looks at Margo and asks if she was setting him up. Margo asks Jack how he knew they were there. He tells her that another police officer told him. Margo looks back at Craig and tells him to continue. Craig is reluctant with Jack there but he goes on and tells his side of the night the explosion happened. All along the way Jack is making comments. At the end, Craig tells Margo that Barbara will wake up from her coma and tell everyone that it wasn't him in the boathouse that night. Margo tells Craig that she believes what he has told her.

Simon and Katie are in the small airplane heading home. Katie keeps going on and on about Simon loving her. She tells him that she hasn't "got any" since their night together in October. She says that she knows that he has had sex because of the Latin bombshell that he was running around with. Finally, Simon has heard all he wants to and tells her if she will just shut up; when they get home he will make love to her. She gets all giddy and agrees to not say another word until they get home.

At the airport, Lily is waiting to get on her flight. She looks at a picture of Holden and Luke. She vows to find them and bring them home. An attendant comes over and tells her that it is time to get on the plane. She picks up her purse and her bag and walks onto the plane. As she leaves the room, Simon and Katie walk through. Katie is going on about she and her husband getting home and making love. Simon pushes her forward and they leave the airport.

Tuesday, July 10, 2001

Holden and Luke find a hidden section of wall filled with insulation. Holden guesses that it's keeping the room soundproofed and may lead to another room. A guard comes in and they hide what they've found. The guard speaks English & demands that Holden turn over his wedding ring. When he refuses, Holden finds himself threatened with a knife, and gives up the ring.

Lily strikes up a conversation with the woman sitting next to her on the plane to Malta. The woman is familiar with the castle that Lily is looking for and offers a place for Lily to stay while in Malta.

Paul Ryan arrives at the airport without his wallet, and the driver sent for him won't take him anywhere without cash or an I.D. He sees Rose and, mistaking her for Lily, hugs her. Rose gives him the short story of who she is and offers him cash so he can get a ride. He arrives at the hospital and reunites with Hal and Jennifer. He gives Bryant the cold shoulder after finding out that he's Craig's son. Bob comes out of Barbara's room and informs the family that they've detected higher brain activity, but warns not to expect too much too soon. Paul breaks down when he sees his mother's condition.

Katie & Simon arrive home and alternate between fighting and flirting. Katie convinces Simon to sleep with her. While she prepares, he fall asleep. She wakes him up, and Simon wonders why Katie is in love with him. She remains positive that in time, he'll realize he's in love with her, too. She tells him she knows that he was worried about her while she was missing. He kisses her, but they're interrupted by Rose's insistent knock at the door.

Jennifer and Paul bond as each blame themselves for Barbara's condition. After Jen takes off, Paul and Hal discuss the case against Craig. Paul calls BRO and plans to get proof against Craig from the company's financial records. Later, he vows to Barbara that he'll make Craig suffer.

After a few snide comments to Katie, Rose begs a reluctant Simon to follow Lily to Malta, and pulls out a blank check from Lucinda. Simon replies that Lucinda will get her answer in person, and 'next time she wants something from him she better park the checkbook and get on her hands and knees and beg.' Much to Katie's chagrin, he takes off to confront Lucinda, promising to pick up where they left off.

After Lily steps away from her seat, her new friend makes a phone call to the guard that was in Holden's room. They discuss their plan to make Lily believe that her husband and son are dead. Holden and Luke hear music through the hole they've found, and Holden thinks they are in an opera house. A group of guards start firing automatic weapons at the room that Holden and Luke were formerly held in, and leave Holden's wedding ring there.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2001


Hal comes in and asks Isaac if he can have a table since he's meeting someone. That someone is Emily who has just entered. When Isaac tries to make a guess as to what exactly their relationship is, Hal tells him that Emily is simply a good friend who helped him out of a jam weeks ago. At Isaac's disbelieving look, Emily adds that she had Hal so liquored that she had her way with him hanging from the chandelier.

Later, Tom joins the pair and asks why Hal wanted to see him? Hal says he wants to ask him about the explosion that injured Barbara. At first, Tom thinks Hal is questioning the thoroughness of Margo's investigation, but Hal reassures him that isn't the case. In fact, he thinks he's trying to prove that Craig is innocent. Hal shows Tom a diagram of the bomb and asks Tom if he knows about or has ever had any reason to make one? Tom says no, this bomb is too heavy or cumbersome to use in combat; no Special Service division would use. Hal says that his friend at the Chicago PD bomb squad told him that was a Special Services bomb. Tom says his friend is wrong; this bomb is used by the CIA. And the schematics on how to build it are easily available.


Craig enters and gives Lucinda some papers telling her that the loan to Bryant's trust fund is paid off. Lucinda accuses him of using BRO funds to pay off the money he stole. Craig said he didn't steal it, he borrowed the money to get Bryant out from under Lucinda's thumb. He says Bryant's a free man now. Lucinda tells him she intends to run the papers by her legal experts to make sure everything is legitimate. She then asks him what he intends to do with the WorldWide stock he bought. He tells her she'll find out in the next stock holder's meeting, but her leadership of the company is in question.

Lucinda asks Craig to leave and as he does, Simon enters. Simon tells Craig that he rescued Katie. After Craig leaves, Simon rails at Lucinda, telling her he won't be bought off and rips up the check she gave him. Lucinda apologizes for using money to get his cooperation, but she had no idea that he already knew that Holden was possibly alive. She tells him about the message in the bottle and Lily flying off to Malta. Lucinda tells him that Lily could be in danger and since he doesn't want anything from her, he should help Lily for Lily's sake. Simon relents and says he'll leave tonight.


Paul is visiting Barbara holding an envelope. He tells her the envelope contains financial statements, cancelled checks, WorldWide stocks bought with BRO money etc. He then calls Jessica at the DA's office and tell's his mother that Craig will be in jail before the night is out. Later, Craig enters and is surprised to see Paul. He says Paul saw no reason to be there for his mother's wedding. Paul says that was a mistake. He should have been there to protect his mother from Craig. He tells Craig that Barbara called him the day of the accident telling him she tracked some financial irregularities at BRO. Paul says his mother is coming out of the coma, which startles Craig. Paul then amends it and says that Barbara will come out of the coma soon and she will convict Craig. At that point, the police come in to arrest Craig: the judge had his bail revoked for leaving the state. When Craig leaves, Paul tells his mother that he will annihilate him. Unbeknownst to Paul, Barbara moves her fingers.


Molly is getting ready to meet Jake the church in Luther's Corner's when suddenly Abigail enters the room upset. She shows Molly a picture she printed off the fashion page in the City Times web page. It's a mug shot of Molly. Abigail assumes it was from when Molly was arrested for helping David Stenbeck, but Molly says it was earlier. She starts to give Abigail the details, but Abigail says it doesn't matter. Molly is shaken up though. She says she doesn't want her girls to apologize for who they are or who their mother is. She worries about what the picture will do to Jake. Molly says that even if Jake says it won't make a difference, it will; everyone will be wondering what a successful guy like him is doing with someone like her. With a heavy heart Molly leaves with the picture to confront Jake.

Later, Adam enters ready to take Abigail to the movies but she's no longer in the mood. She asks him to stay and shows him another copy of the picture. Adam is shocked. He says he feels bad for Molly and if he ever finds out who did this, he's going to punch him out. After Abigail tells him that she's afraid her mother will break it off with Jake, she tells him about how she was scared after the way things ended with Chris. She said that it's scary to open oneself up to another person. Adam told her that being too careful is like zoning out. Sometimes you have to take a chance. The teens kiss.


Jake is at the church waiting for Molly. He tells the Reverend that he and Molly are planning to get married, they just can't decide what kind of wedding to have: big or small. When the Reverend leaves, Molly enters. Jake can tell that Molly's upset and asks her what's wrong. Molly says nothing and tells Jake that maybe they should have a small civil ceremony instead of a big church wedding. Now Jake knows something is wrong. Molly shows him the mug shot. Jake starts to make a joke about and then tells Molly it's no big deal: they'll delete the picture from the web page and find out who posted it. Molly is still unconvinced that he doesn't have any doubts about her after seeing the picture so Jake invites her to drive to Bay City and look up his police record. She tells him it's not the same thing; he's risen above his past and doesn't have people throwing it up in his face. She tells him he doesn't even know what she was arrested for. Jake tells her it doesn't matter. Their pasts don't mean anything because it has nothing to do with them. All that matters now the future is the pact they will make before God on their wedding day. Molly, her fears relieved, kisses him.


Katie is ready for her and Simon's first romantic night as a married couple when Simon enters and announces that he has to leave tonight to rescue Lily. Katie is upset and can't figure out why HE has to go. Simon tells her Lily's situation and that she could be in danger. When Katie pouts and starts to talk about his feelings for Lily, Simon tells her he isn't doing this because he has feelings for Lily. He tells Katie that she has to think of others besides herself. Katie then offers to go with Simon saying that she's a survivor. If she can survive on the island with Henry and Cooley, she can survive Malta. Simon again gently refuses to let her tag along because of the danger and promises that he'll come back. As he leaves, Katie tells him that she loves him and he tells her to wait for him. Katie isn't too keen on waiting and makes arrangements to leave town.

Thursday, July 12, 2001

At the airport, while Lucinda is giving a reluctant Simon last-minute instructions,while Katie sports a nun's habit and fast-talks her way onto the flight with a cheap ticket. Meanwhile, Lily arrives at Senora Cordina's house and takes her room with a view. The "helpful" woman urges her not to travel to the castle Holden described in his note but Lily ignores her and is caught snooping by the guard who's been watching Holden. She's stunned to find a bullet-riddled room splattered with blood and starts crying hysterically. Simon arrives and urges her not to assume the worst, even after he finds Holden's wedding ring on the floor. Holden and Luke make plans to cause a disturbance during the opera being performed next door. Katie lands in Malta and steals a bicycle in order to follow Simon.

Ben is amazed to find Lien trying to get out of bed. She reports that she is feeling much better and John confirms that her recovery from an almost certain death is remarkable. Pointing out that Ben spent a lot of time in her hospital room over the 4th, John also mentions that Bob felt someone may have injected extra medicine into her IV. Tom arrives and is thrilled by his daughter's recovery. Though Tom argues that she has a right to know what was done to save her life, Ben asks him not to tell Lien about his use of the foreign drug because he doesn't want her to feel obligated to him. Tom warns that Lien's not going to stop asking him what saved her life. Ben's caught off guard when Lien admits that her encounter with death has put her future in question and their relationship on hold.

Friday, July 13, 2001

As Lily collapses in his arms, Simon comforts her and then tries to convince her that the bloody room has too many bullet holes for a simple killing of a father and his son. When she calms down long enough to stop crying. He then wonders aloud why they would remove Holden's wedding ring and not take it with them. Simon guesses that Damian is behind this scheme to make her believe that Holden and Luke are dead. Meeting Cordina at the villa, Simon suggests to Lily that it was no coincidence to run into the perfect person on the flight to Malta. Meanwhile, Holden and Luke try to put their plan into action as the opera rehearsal gets underway next door. Holden overhears that an American woman has been asking questions. After her chain comes off the bike she stole, Katie hitches a ride with a man who speaks no English and makes her way to Simon who is sharing a room with Lily. Paul runs into Rose at Lucinda's and thanks her for rescuing him at the airport. She urges him to urge Jessica to file more charges against Craig in order to improve their chances of keeping Craig in jail. At the station house Jessica urges Jack to find more evidence against Craig. Margo is outraged to discover that her brother is back in jail and starts to blast Jack for going behind her back. Jack and Jessica point out that she was caught on surveillance tape meeting Craig at the airport which raises a question about her objectivity in this case. Paul arrives and announces that he was behind Craig's re-arrest.


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