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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of July 2, 2001 on ATWT
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Monday, July 2, 2001

At the hospital, Tom Hughes and Dr. Ben Harris discuss an alternative medicine for Lien. Ben tells Tom that they need to act soon because John wants to try something different on her. Tom finally decides to try the alternative, but he tells Ben that he needs to be the one to administer it. Ben gives Tom instructions on how to administer the drug and gives him the syringe. While Tom starts, Ben steps out into the hall to watch for anyone coming. John walks up and starts into Lien's room. Ben stops him to talk about a patient. John tells him unless it is an emergency; he has to see Lien now. John starts to walk by and Ben stops him and says, "You can't go in there." Inside the room, Tom is using the syringe to put the medication in Lien's I.V. When John comes into the room, Tom is finished, but still holding the I.V. John asks Tom why is he touching the I.V. Tom tells John that Lien's tubing was all tangled and he was just fixing it. John checks everything out and says that it looks ok and tells Tom that the next time he is to call a nurse to take care of such things. John tells Tom that there is something new that he wants to try on Lien. Tom argues with John a little but John informs him that he is her doctor. Tom informs John that he is her father. John says that they are going to have to try something different soon and he leaves. Ben tells Tom, when John is gone, that anything that John wants to try will negate what they have just administered. Ben tells him that they have to hold John off as long as possible. Tom asks when will they need to administer the next dose and Ben tells him soon. He adds that for now all they can do is wait and pray. Ben walks over to Lien, puts his hand on her head and starts to pray.

At the Lakeview, Hal and Emily are at one table and Craig and Cass Winthrop are at another table. Hal is telling Emily that he has found evidence that Craig did not set the bomb for Barbara. Emily tells him to let the guy take the rap for it anyway. Hal says that as much as he hates Craig Montgomery, he can't let him take the rap for something that he didn't do. Hal influences Emily not to run the story about Craig in The Intruder. Emily finally agrees and then gets a call on her cell phone. When she hangs up, she tells Hal that the phone call was one of her reporters telling her that the footprints that were found outside the boathouse matched Craig's.

Over at Craig's table, Cass is very upset with Craig and demands that he tell the truth about where he was the night of the bombing. Craig tells Cass that he did go to the boathouse, but he didn't go inside. He adds that he got there and saw the look on Barbara's face and turned and left. Cass asks if he is to believe that Craig went all the way there and then didn't stay to see what Barbara had to say to Jack. Craig says that when he saw the look on Barbara's face, he knew that she was going to press charges. He realized that he needed to raise some cash and fast and Hong Kong was the place to do that. So, he left and went to his apartment to get some things together and he knows the rest from there. Cass asks how his money clip was found inside the building. Craig says that he said before that he gave it to Barbara earlier that day. Cass tells Craig that he has lied to the police and he has lied to his lawyer. He asks Craig how he thinks this looks. Cass tells him that at best the jury will think he plotted Barbara's murder or at worst, he walked away from a burning building with his wife in it. Craig says that he has slit his own throat and now all he can do is bleed to death.

When Hal hears that Craig's footprints have been found at the crime site, he charges over to Craig's table. He tells him that he can't believe that he would leave Barbara in an exploding building to die. Craig tells him that he doesn't know what he is talking about. Hal starts to yell at Craig. Craig reminds him that Hal had told him he pretty much didn't do it. Hal says was believing that until the footprints showed up. Hal yells at Craig that he is going down. Emily grabs Hal and pushes him out of the restaurant with Hal yelling, "You're going down, Montgomery. You're going down!!"

Simon is on his way to find Katie. As he is flying along, he gets a message over the radio that he is heading for a storm and should turn back. Simon starts to think about how Katie has lied and schemed against him. He radios back and asks for a new coordinate. The radio person asks where he would like to go. Simon tells him that he wants to go to some island where there are a lot pretty girls and some booze. After he gets turned around, he starts to think about Katie again. He remembers the fun times they had had. He remembers Katie smile and how much she loves him. He radios again and tells the person that he is turning back and they shouldn't try to stop him. He heads for the island to rescue Katie.

On the island, Katie is in the middle of an attitude change and it is freaking Henry out. Henry decides to shake things up and gets a great idea. He sits Katie down and asks her to marry him. She jerks her hand away and her mouth drops open. She starts to yell at him and jumps up and starts to throw coconuts at him. He has achieved what he was after. She tells him that she is married and she is now and will remain a Frazier. Cooley walks up in the middle of their fight and settles them down. He brings Katie some flowers and tells her a myth about the flowers. The legend with the flowers is that if you viciously destroy the flowers, the person will be cursed. But, if you gently pick the petals off the flowers and throw them into the sea, the sailor will find peace and the person will be granted their most secret wish. Katie loves the story and asks the two men to leave her by herself for a while. Cooley tells "Hank" to come along with him and let the little girly be by herself. Henry says that he will come, but he better never call him Hank again. After the men are gone, Katie looks at the flowers and says that she can't believe that she is this desperate. She goes to the edge of the water and starts to pick the petals off the flower. She closes her eyes as she drops the petals in the water and says, "My only wish is to see Simon again."

Tuesday, July 3, 2001

Hal talks to Jen, she asks how Barbara is and he says he talked to Ben and the skin grafts are holding. He asks what she is making and she says that she is making potato salad like her mom used to make. Hal tries it and makes a little joke when it turns out to be crunchy, but she gets upset and runs upstairs. Emily stops by and tells Hal, they have to figure out who tried to kill Barbara. Hal says they know who did it, Craig's shoe print was there and that he must have be the one to do it. Emily asks if that's the cop talking or the man whose wife was taken by another man. Says asks if he was there, why didn't he help Barbara; Emily says that may make him a coward, but not a killer. She asks him to think who else had motive. Hal says Barbara had no real enemies -- Craig had to do it. Emily asks Hal to keep an open mind. He says he will and they spit shake on it. Jen overhears them throwing around the notion that maybe Craig wasn't responsible, she gets upset, but later says she is just tired of constant surprises. They promise to keep her in the loop and Jen leaves. Hal asks Emily what her plans are for the holiday and says she can spend it with him. Hal says he is surprised Emily is playing the Guardian Angel and she smiles and says don't get used to it and leaves.

Rose tells Craig she has a message for him, Bryant's trust fund is due in a couple of days. Craig taunts Rose as being Lucinda's flunky and asks her what is the big payoff. He says that if Rose doesn't do exactly what Lucinda wants, she won't get a thing. She snaps back that it doesn't matter what she gets, it will be more than where she came from. Rose leaves and Craig calls Bryant and asks him to come over, Bryant agrees to. Bryant blames Craig for what happened to Barbara. He tells Bryant he is going to need a financial advisor, when he gets his trust fund. Bryant gets angry and tells him he doesn't want anything to do with him any longer. Craig says he will always be there for him, but Bryant doesn't buy it. Craig calls Cass and asks him to come over. Cass shows up with news that BRO's assets have been frozen and Craig cannot sign any more checks off of the account. This means that Craig cannot repay Bryant's trust fund. He tells Craig to sell the World Wide stock, but Craig says that is frozen also. Craig figures out that Lucinda went to New York; she must have been the one to get them frozen. Cass warns Craig not to go to New York after Lucinda; he laughs and says he won't. After Cass leaves, Craig mumbles that Lucinda will not win. Meanwhile, Jen stops over to see Bryant. She asks him, where they went wrong. Bryant says they got to mixed up in their parent's lives. He says they should celebrate their independence and they try to make plans. They start to kiss and decide to start over together.

Lily stops by Emma's. Emma's been crying. Lily asks if there is anything she can do to help and Emma's says yes. Lily asks Emma if she will keep Faith while she goes out of town. Emma asks where she is going. Lily reluctantly says she is going to Malta. Emma asks if Damian has family in Malta, Lily replies no, she is going to find Holden and Luke. Emma is stunned and asks Lily not to do this to her. Emma tells her not to put her and the family through this. Lily tries to explain evidence, but Emma is skeptical. Lily tries again to explain the clues and that if they were really gone, she would feel it. Emma asks Lily to stop. She tells Emma that she heard Damian's voice, but Emma tells Lily she is being selfish for putting Faith trough this. Lily says she can't raise Faith knowing she could have done something to save Holden and Luke and did nothing. Rose stops by and Emma asks her to talk some sense into Lily. Emma leaves and Rose asks her why she told her. Lily says she couldn't help it. Rose understands why Emma is upset. Rose tells Lily not to go until Lucinda gets back. Lily tells her she wanted to leave before Lucinda returned. Lily says Lucinda will fight her, but Rose thinks when Lucinda sees how determined Lily is, she will help. Lily agrees to wait. She asks Rose, "Do you believe Holden and Luke are alive?" She replies, "Almost as much as you do."

Holden and Luke blindfolded are lead into a new room. The guards speak in Italian and tell them they will have fresh food everyday and a place to sleep. Holden says it's good they don't speak English, and that he can speak Italian, this makes their game easier to play. Luke asks Holden what they said and he tells them, that they were so good at playing the game, that they got moved to the next level. Luke asks why they had guns and he tells Luke they are just fake. They look around the room for clues and Luke questions that if they can't finish, how will mommy find them. Holden says mommy will find them. They eat the food they are given and again look around for clues. They find a locked trunk and Holden jimmies the lock and finds costumes. He figures that it must have been an old theatre. Luke falls asleep and Holden starts to look discouraged. Recap --->

Wednesday, July 4, 2001

BRO New York Office:

Craig entered the office and saw Lucinda on the phone telling someone it was imperative to find Paul as soon as possible. Craig wanted to know what she and Barbara's staff was doing working on the holiday. She told him that she has BRO stock and she is making sure that the business is kept running while Barbara was in the hospital. She told him that the corporate accounts are frozen so there is no money for the attempted murderer to get a hold of. Craig looked at Barbara's sketched for the 2002 Spring line. Lucinda told him that with those sketches they would have no problem in keeping Barbara's business going while she is in the hospital. He accused Lucinda of having Barbara's accounts frozen to keep him from paying back Bryant's trust fund. He told her he was going to repay the loan. Lucinda told him that maybe he would, but not at the expense of Barbara. Craig got the attention of the staff and made an announcement. He said that he was now in charge of BRO since Barbara was in a coma and Paul was unavailable. Craig said as of this moment he's in charge of BRO and he fired Barbara's staff. He had guards there to make sure that everyone would leave. Lucinda assured them that she would get this straightened out and would hire them back the next day. Craig said from now on, BRO business would be handled in Oakdale. Lucinda told Craig to enjoy it while he could and walked out.

The Hospital:

Tom told Ben that he is disappointed that there is no change in Lien after giving her a shot of the new drug. As Tom gave Lien another dose, Margo walked in the room and wanted to know what was going on. They told Margo it was a new drug that wasn't approved yet. Margo was upset when they told her what he was doing. She wanted to know if John and Bob were in the dark. Tom told her he doesn't care if he gets in hot water; he had to do everything he could to save his daughter. They talked about the decision that Margo made with Casey years ago. She said she understood what he was going through. Bob and Lisa walked in and asked if there was any improvement. Lisa said she had a dream and it was so real. She said they were all together watching the fireworks, including Lien. Lien opened her eyes and was gasping for air. Tom called out for Ben. Lien said, "I can breath." Everyone was so excited and began asking questions all at once. When she heard the fireworks, she wanted to know what the noise was about. Ben carried her to the window so she could watch the fireworks display.

Outside Barbara's room, Jack was playing with Parker. He told Carly that he was going in to visit with Barbara and would be back in a few minutes. As he opened the door, he saw Julia talking to the unconscious Barbara. When she saw Jack, she asked him not to leave. Julia told Jack that the doctor gave her special permission to visit Barbara. She said she had no idea that Barbara was hurt so badly. She told him she would have been to see Barbara sooner, but it was so traumatic the way she heard that Barbara was injured. She told him she was in shock when Carly accused her of setting the bomb because she wanted him dead. She asked Jack if he thought she could ever want him dead. Jack didn't answer and said he'd better leave. She asked him not to leave yet. She told him that he must feel sorry for not being able to save Barbara from being hurt. They argue about whether he did all he could to save Barbara.

John saw Carly and Parker waiting for Jack and stopped to talk to them. Carly defended Craig when John talked about Craig being responsible for Barbara being in the hospital. John couldn't believe that Carly could defend him. John wondered if Craig was paying Carly to defend him.

Julia walked out of Barbara's room and stared daggers at Carly. She told Jack with disgust that she knew now why he wanted to leave Barbara's room so soon, because Carly was waiting for him. When she saw Parker she walked over to talk to him. Carly didn't want Julia near Parker and told him to go to Jack. Julia told Carly that it was good that Parker was there or she would have clawed her face off. As Julia walked off, Carly told John and Jack "Julia is totally around the bend." John asked her how she was able to derive at that diagnosis. He told her she should be more charitable to people whose lives she had ruined. As Carly walked away, John tried to warn Jack about Carly ruining his life too.

Building Rooftop:

Jennifer and Bryant were planning to spend the evening alone on the rooftop to watch the 4th of July fireworks. As they talked, Adam and Abigail opened the door to the rooftop. They had the same idea about spending time alone on the rooftop to watch the fireworks. Adam and Bryant left to get something to eat, so that the girls would have a chance to talk. Abigail asked how Barbara was. Jennifer told her that she is so sorry about the way she treated her mom and she hoped that Barbara could hear her when she told her that she loves her. Abigail told her she was sure that Barbara would be OK. She said she knew how Jennifer felt, because she was in the same situation last year when Molly was in a coma. After Adam and Bryant returned, he and Jennifer started to leave the rooftop and stopped to kiss as the fireworks began. Adam looked at them kissing and then turned to Abigail and they kissed also. Abigail smiled and took Adam's hand

Al's Diner:

Jack, Parker and Carly were sitting at a booth. Jack asked Carly if they were OK. Carly said yes, everything was fine.

Thursday, July 5, 2001

An angry Margo greets Craig at the airport as he returns from New York and reminds him that she could arrest him for leaving town. He insists it was for business but she implores him to realize that he now has a motive for trying to kill Barbara. He agrees to meet her at the boathouse later to talk about his footprint found there. However, being there made him a little on edge so he agreed to talk but outside. Later, Emily offers Hal a list of Oakdale residents with ties to Special Forces. The two then joke about what they like in each other.

Staring at pile of bills, Jack explains to Carly that he has nothing left now to support her and Parker. Worried, Carly decides to talk with Craig about his design job offer at BRO. After she does so, Craig complains about how Paul and Barbara have run BRO into the ground. He agrees to hire her to design a spring line.

Simon arrives on the island and makes Katie's dream come true. He kisses her passionately but then denies that he kissed her back. Henry and Cooley have different reactions to Simon's arrival. Simon accuses Henry of putting his wife in danger and Katie reacts to the word "wife." She tells the story about finding the diamond but Simon doesn't believe her in spite of Henry and Cooley's confirmations of the story. Katie refuses to leave with him until she finds the diamond again. He then explains that he has no room for Henry on the rescue plane.

Friday, July 6, 2001

Craig assured Margo that although he was in the vicinity of the boathouse the night of the explosion, he did not talk to Barbara. Margo found it hard to believe that Craig came all the way out to the boathouse but left without speaking to Barbara and accused him of lying.

Lily asked Lucinda for her assistance in finding Holden and Luke in Malta. Lucinda tried her best to talk Lily out of it to no avail. Lucinda finally agreed to help Lily but insisted on accompanying her to Malta. Lily appreciated her offer but feared that traveling with Lucinda would bring unwanted attention to them. They were interrupted when a courier delivered a package from Algeria. Lily was ecstatic when she opened the package and discovered the contents--it contained the bottle with Holden and Luke's handwritten note!

Simon and Katie took off in the seaplane and left Henry alone on the island with Cooley. To Henry's disbelief, he witnessed a bird running into the propeller of the plane and falling to the ground. Upon examination of the dead bird, he and Cooley discovered Simon's diamond was still clutched in the bird's claws. In the plane, Simon berated Katie for her recklessness but all Katie could think of was that he had kissed her back earlier on the island. When she insisted that he admit his love for her, he reluctantly admitted that in his own "small" way, he did love her.

Carly told Jack about Craig's job offer but as she suspected, he was dead set against it. They argued and Carly reluctantly agreed that it was a bad idea.

Emily presented Hal with a list of Special Forces people with knowledge of bombs. The list included Tom Hughes as well as a former employee of Montgomery & Associates. They located the former employee, Albert Norville, in a bar working as the bartender.


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