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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of July 2, 2001 on GL
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Monday, July 2, 2001

At Natural Childbirth Class:

Harley and Rick are sitting on the floor going over breathing techniques. The teacher asks Harley and Rick if they have done the class before. Harley tells her she has but Rick admits that he hasn't. After class, Harley has a hard time getting up off the floor. Rick helps her and offers to buy her dinner. Harley feels the baby kick and Rick goes to feel it as well. He is proud and tells Harley that that is his son. Harley apologizes for not taking the classes more seriously before and tells Rick that she knows it is important to him. Rick tells her that he realizes she knows how everything is supposed to go and is glad that she is letting him do this with her; he enjoyed it.

At Company:

Tony calls over to the Bauer's to find out about the grand jury. Afterwards he tells Catalina that he is worried about the FBI messing with the family. They continually keep coming over to the Santos house. Catalina tells Tony he should think about moving into Company. She tells him the rent is cheap and he could use the change. Meanwhile, Buzz and Sam are talking and Buzz asks Sam what is going on with Tony and Catalina. Sam tells him that he can't explain love. Buzz can't understand what Catalina would find in Tony. He asks Sam what he is getting out of it and he tells him about Marah and the deal.

Tony tells Catalina that even if he wanted to move in there, he doesn't think Buzz would let him. Catalina tells him to ask and she will help him out. Catalina reminds Buzz that there is an empty room across from her and Tony would like to have it. Buzz finally agrees to let him live there. Catalina thanks him and tells Tony he will love it there. Sam thanks Buzz too and offers to pay him back for his sacrifice by washing his car. Buzz tells Sam just to have fun with Marah and let the good guys win for once.

Rick and Harley come in for dinner. Buzz asks Harley why she is going to the classes when she already has two kids. Harley tells him she is doing it for her coach to get in some practice. Harley is uneasy about the questions Buzz has posed to her and when he leaves she voices that to Rick. He tells her once Phillip knows things will be easier for them to go public. Harley tells Rick she thinks they should talk about his proposal. He tells her just to enjoy the evening there is no pressure. They talk about telling Buzz but decide to wait until after they talk to Phillip. Harley tells Rick that they will all enjoy the BBQ tomorrow and then when Phillip gets back from SC they will tell him. She tells Rick that for once Beth is helping her out, giving her some extra time away from Phillip.

Buzz and Harley are talking on the porch. He tells her he is proud of her and he hopes she doesn't get back with Phillip because of the baby and she tells him that won't happen.

At the Bauer House:

Ray is over helping prepare for the BBQ. He is upset about Danny being indicted and doesn't know how they can act like everything is normal. Michelle goes to check on the baby and Ray seizes the chance to ask Danny exactly how bad it is. Danny tells him that Gus is framing him, so it is pretty bad. He asks about the defense strategy and offers his confessional to Danny sometime to get things off his chest. He tells Danny that he is praying for him. Tony comes in and they put him to work preparing for the BBQ. Michelle tells Tony he can invite Catalina if he wants, she is sure Marah will be there. Tony doesn't understand why they are going ahead with the party after Danny was indicted. Danny tells him that it is part of the Bauer family tradition. He asks Tony not to upset Michelle; he is trying to make things as normal as possible so that she can have some semblance of happiness. Tony tells Danny that there were many people who hated Carmen and he knows the charges against Danny are bogus. Danny tells Tony that Gus is out to get him so whatever they try, won't work. He tells Tony just to let Ross handle it. Tony can't believe that Danny is trusting in the system now. Danny tells him that Gus is fighting dirty but he wants to keep it quiet. Tony understands what he is telling him and tells Danny just to give him the word and he will take Gus out. Danny tells Tony to calm down. Tony says if Gus is playing dirty he deserves what he gets. Danny doesn't want anything to happen to Gus during his trial because he will end up taking the blame and they would throw away the key. Ray comes back and asks if everything is okay. Tony tells them that he is going to be moving into the boarding house; it's cheap, it will drive Buzz crazy and Catalina suggested it. Ray thinks the third reason is the best one. Danny tells him and Catalina to both take the night off. Tony leaves. Ray wonders what is going on with Tony and Catalina; Danny thinks they are just friends. Danny whispers to Ray that Tony wants to help with Aitoro. Ray tells Danny, not to worry he will keep an eye on him.

In San Cristobel:

At the hospital, Phillip is sitting with Beth. He goes outside the room to talk to the doctor who tells him that she has bruises but nothing serious. They will do some other tests to make sure there is no brain damage but if all is okay she will be able to fly out tomorrow. Phillip goes back into the room and tells Beth everything will be okay. She calls out for Edmund. Phillip tells her that he is there and asks her to talk to him. He reminds her that she took a bad fall but assures her that she will be fine. She asks for Lizzie and Phillip tells her that she is right outside and he will get her. Beth is crying and tells Phillip that Cassie is dead. Phillip assures her that Cassie and the children are fine. Everything is over now. Beth tells Phillip that Edmund locked her up, she has no idea how she could have loved him. Beth is in pain and asks for something to help it. Phillip tells her the doctors won't give her anything because of her concussion. He goes on to tell her she has sprained both her ankles, dislocated her shoulder and bruised up her back pretty good but the CAT scan is clean. He tells her she wants to take her home to Springfield in the morning. He tells her that he called her mom and told her that she had an accident while she was climbing; he didn't think everyone needed to know all the dirty details. He goes to get Lizzie and James and brings them in while Edmund is lurking in the shadows of the hall, disguised in doctors garb. Lizzie asks her mom why she was climbing while she was already sick. She tells her that Edmund told her that she was under the weather. Phillip tells Lizzie that everything will be okay. Phillip tells Beth that he his going to take the kids back to the palace and tell the nanny not to leave them alone in their room. Beth thanks him and Phillip kisses her.

At the palace, Richard touches the throne and Noah asks if he misses it. Richard says he was born to rule this country. Noah suggests her run for office. Richard says he just wants a fair election and then he will spend the next 50 years taking care of his beautiful wife. He asks Noah if they have found Edmund yet. Richard says he thinks Edmund will head for Beth. Noah says Edmund would be crazy to go to the hospital to visit Beth but Richard knows the way Edmund's mind works; Edmund thinks he is still the rightful prince. Noah mentions the message Cassie wrote on the wall. Richard thinks Edmund will spin it someway but Beth is the only one who can go against him. Richard wants to warn the guards at the hospital to expect Edmund.

Phillip is there and Noah asks what Beth's side of the story is. Richard tells Phillip that Edmund escaped and they have doubled the guards at the hospital. Phillip says there is a lot of evidence against Edmund. Noah and Richard say they need Beth. She saw Edmund with Cassie in the tower room. Richard hopes Beth will testify against Edmund but knows she has changed her mind before. Noah hopes Edmund doesn't find out she is going against him for her own safety. Phillip tells them he is going back to the hospital.

Meanwhile, back at the hospital, Edmund uses his cell phone and pretends he is Richard. He calls the guards and tells them to go off and search for Edmund. He tells them that Beth will be safe for 5 minutes. After the guards leave, he slips into Beth's room. He takes the mask off and walks over to the bed where Beth is asleep.

Tuesday, July 3, 2001

At Company:

Tony is bringing boxes of his things through Company into the boarding house and Buzz is staring at him. He tells Tony not to play his stereo too loud and not after a certain time. Tony hands Buzz his security deposit and Buzz tells him that he better give him two months security because of his rough neck friends. Catalina comes over and asks Buzz if she is one of those roughnecks. She asks Buzz not to give Tony a hard time. Frank comes in and asks Tony how he got Catalina to help him move in. Tony and Catalina go on to move the boxes and Frank tells Buzz that Tony isn't a bad kid. Buzz tells Frank he is pretty na´ve and Gus, who has just walked in, agrees with him. He tells Buzz he is there for dinner but Buzz tells him that the kitchen is closed. Frank tells Gus he can have his food and of course Gus starts eating it. As he eats, Frank tells Gus that he shouldn't bother Buzz about Blake's source. Gus tells him that he already knows about the source. Gus gets up to serve himself more coffee and tells Frank that he knows Buzz doesn't like him. Frank tells him not to try getting in Buzz's face. He is a good man, a decorated war veteran and Gus just isn't seeing his best side. Frank goes on to tell Gus that 8 months ago Buzz was beaten up pretty bad trying to protect his girlfriend and after that the woman left town. Gus mentions that there was a lot of action in Springfield about that time. That was when Blake's computer was stolen as well. Gus wants Frank to tell him what he already knows. Frank asks Gus why he is after Danny and calls him a vigilante. He suggests he should go after the real bad guys. Gus says Infierno is just a cover and when he takes down the Santos family, everyone will see what he sees and want to be his friend. Gus tells Frank it is a matter of time before he finds out everything; it is a small town and people like to gossip. He leaves. Buzz tells Frank he doesn't like Gus. He won't give up Selena to him. Frank says Gus knows everything about Selena but her name.

Tony is in his room and asks Catalina if she would like to go to the Bauer barbecue with him. Michelle asked him to invite her. Everyone goes and he tells her about the party. Catalina sees an action figure in one of Tony's boxes and asks if it is for Robbie. Tony tells her that his dad gave it to him for his birthday right before he died. Catalina says it takes a big man to have such big feelings. They unpack some and Tony tells Catalina she doesn't have to stick around if she doesn't want to; it is her night off. Catalina enjoys his company and it will be fun to have him across the hall. There are boxes all over the room and Catalina asks Tony where he will sleep. He jumps on the bed on top of everything and tells her that it is quite comfortable. Catalina lies down beside him and agrees the bed is comfortable. Just then, Marah and Sam walk in. Catalina offers to get some lemonade and Sam goes with her. Marah asks Tony if he is going to the Bauer barbecue. He is bringing Catalina and she is bringing Sam. They are bound to run into one another. She tells him she doesn't want him to be uncomfortable and she is glad they cleared the air.

Downstairs, Sam tells Catalina that he outsmarted himself by telling Marah guys think it is sexy when you allow them to date other women. Catalina realizes that Marah is setting Tony free. Marah comes down and hugs Sam and she tells him he was right. Tony's eyes almost popped out of his head when she talked to him. Marah can't wait for the barbecue.

At Infierno:

Sam and Marah are having dinner but Marah is looking around wondering where Tony is. Sam tells her just to have fun and not worry about him. Marah tells Sam that Catalina isn't there either. Danny walks through the club and Marah tells him that she is surprised he is there after being indicted for murder. She asks where Tony is and Danny tells her that he gave him the night off so he could move. Sam talks to Danny and learns that Tony is moving into the boarding house.

Marah doesn't know if there idea will work. She wonders how can she remind Tony how much fun she is if he isn't paying attention. She should have realized Catalina would jump right in. Sam says maybe they should call off their deal and he will take her home. He wants to spend time with her but she is not there. He tells her that if she is only interested in making Tony jealous, Sam is not her guy. Maybe he should have gone backpacking around Europe. Marah says she is counting on him. Sam tells Marah to go over to Tony's and watch him if she wants but it is a turnoff. The key is to have self-confidence; it's sexy. Marah tells Sam that she can't keep asking Danny where Tony is or think about Tony when he is having dinner with her. Marah asks Sam to take her to the boarding house.

Bernardo arrives and tells Danny he is glad he made bail. Danny says he wonders about that. He tells him to come into his office and asks him what he wants. Bernardo tells him that he had a disturbing phone call from Abuela. Danny wonders how she heard about his indictment in Cuba. Bernardo says she thinks that Carlos and he were involved in having Danny arrested. Danny says that is what he thinks and if he can prove it, they will regret returning from Cuba.

In San Cristobel:

Edmund comes in and puts his hand over Beth's mouth as she wakes up. He tells her not to scream. He tells her if he removes his hand and she screams he could be shot. He tells her that he has risked everything just to see her, he was worried about her. Beth thinks he was hoping she would be dead. Edmund asks if her injuries are serious. She says they are not permanent, at least the ones to her body. Beth says she is the only one who can corroborate what he did to Cassie and she wonders if he is there to silence her. Edmund asks if she thinks he is capable of that and she says yes. Edmund says Cassie is alive. When he was carrying her out of the tower, she was sedated, not dead. Beth says he locked Cassie in a hellhole for weeks and she could have died. Edmund tells her that he only locked Beth in the tower so he could go on with the funeral. Beth tells Edmund he could have told her the truth from the beginning. Edmund says he tried to tell her when he was in the hospital but he was afraid. Beth says he was only afraid for himself and he can't justify what he did. He says Beth doesn't understand. Beth says he locked Cassie up as bait and wanted to teach Richard a lesson. Edmund says it wasn't his fault. Beth says it is never Edmund's fault. Edmund says he crawled out of his sick bed and brought Cassie food, water and medicine. When he told Cassie that Richard had died, he gave her a sedative and then risked everything when he thought he had given her too much. Both Cassie and Richard are alive and everything can be alright. Edmund tells Beth he is still the prince and she is still his princess even though he has made mistakes. Beth says he locked her up and lied to her; that isn't love. Edmund says she is the only one he can trust. Beth says she felt fear when he locked her up and wonders if that is the way Cassie felt. Edmund says if she can't forgive him, the rest means nothing. Edmund sits next to her and says if he thought they would never be together again, never make love all night and share their dreams, nothing is worth it. He tells her that SC needs them and they need each other. He asks her to come away with him now to heal. Edmund tells Beth they belong together; she is his life. Beth wonders if he thinks that is all it takes, an apology. Edmund asks if she thinks he came to stop her from testifying against him. Beth says yes. Edmund says there is so much to say. He asks her to be patient with him; he can change and be a better man. He doesn't want to lose her. Beth says he already has. Edmund starts to get frantic and then calms, realizing he is frightening her. Edmund says she will realize he did this for SC and for them. Beth says he can't make her responsible for the things he has done. The man she loved and married didn't exist and everyone tried to warn her. She tells him that she doesn't love him and if he ever loved her he should let her go. Edmund says he does love her, more than he thought possible. He agrees to leave and suggests she turn him in to Richard, if that is what it will take to prove he loves her. He tells her to call him in there and get it over with. Beth tells Edmund to just go and she starts to cry. Edmund tells her he will be back and will change her mind; she promised she would never leave him. She says he promised he would never lie. Edmund looks out the window and tells her that the guards are back. He hugs her and Beth cries. He says he loves her, kisses her and leaves.

Phillip, Noah and Richard come in and Beth is crying. Phillip realizes Edmund has been there. He tells her that someone sent her guards on a wild goose chase. He asks about where Edmund is but she won't tell them anything and asks them to leave her alone. Richard gets on the phone and orders the dogs to track Edmund down. He tells them that he has just left the hospital and is an enemy of the state.

Wednesday, July 4, 2001

In San Cristobel:

Richard and Phillip are talking about Edmund escaping and coming to see Beth. Richard tells Phillip that the only way they can find Edmund and bring him to justice is if Beth helps them. They go in to talk to Beth. Before they could say anything she tells them that she will not help them or tell them anything about Edmund.

Phillip asks Beth if she remembers why she is here and what Edmund did to her. Richard says he was hoping she would help them after everything his brother had done. Beth says she doesn't remember anything about that. They remind her how he kidnapped Cassie and then locked her up as well. Beth tells them that she doesn't remember that. Phillip tries to tell her that she told him about Edmund and Cassie just the night before. Beth tells them that she thought Cassie was dead and everything was such a jumble she just needs to forget. Phillip tells Beth not to protect Edmund especially after everything he has done. He tells her she should know by now who she is dealing with. Beth tells Phillip and Edmund that she probably knows Edmund better than either of them. She goes on to tell them that she made a huge mistake and it ended with Edmund breaking her heart. She hurts but she is not going to help them exact revenge on Edmund. She is upset that they want her to remember things that she just can't; things she has to forget. Beth says because of Edmund she is a better person. He saw things in her, encouraged her to be stronger and to grow. She can't turn her back on Edmund else she would turn her back on herself as well. Richard tells her he will respect her position and he excuses himself. Phillip tells Beth the doctor said she was well enough to fly so if she wants to she can fly home with him. She tells him that she wants to go home, to Springfield.

In the hall, Richard talks to Dax about the election. Richard is eager to turn San Cristobel into a democracy. He tells Dax that they won't need him for a few days and he would like to see his wife. They thank each other for everything and Dax leaves. Phillip comes out and tells Richard that he is leaving with Beth and the kids for Springfield. Richard thanks him for everything and asks Phillip if he can ask for one more favor.

At the Annual Bauer BBQ:

Rick is bossing everyone around the kitchen and tries to get Danny to put on a "kiss the cook apron." Harley comes in and tries to help out but Rick doesn't want her lifting heavy things. Rick tells her to sit down and relax. She says she hates it when he is nice to her. The Lewis family walks in and Harley runs to hug Cassie. Harley is glad that Cassie is okay and Cassie notices Harley is pregnant. Marah asks who else is there and Meta tells her that Tony and Catalina are outside. Marah says she will go find Sam.

Outside, Sam and Tony are talking about Tony's new room. Tony tells him and Marah that it is fine and that Catalina has been helping him a lot. Rick comes out and notices that Danny has set the food afire. He takes over and tells Danny to go work on the slaw. Rick hands the BBQ reins over to Tony.

Danny goes over to Michelle upset. He asks what Harley is doing there. He insists that either she goes or he will. Michelle tells him that Rick and Harley need each other right now and she can't ask Harley to leave. He wonders why Michelle isn't upset after all Harley did, after all she is Aitoro's partner and she is helping Gus to frame him when she was supposed to be their friend. Michelle says Harley wouldn't do that. Michelle finally tells Danny that Harley is having Rick's baby. Danny asks if Phillip knows. Michelle says that he doesn't and she would like Danny just to leave Harley alone. Danny tells her he will and kisses her.

Reva is walking around using her cane when Josh offers to help her to the chicken and coleslaw. He tells her that Cassie looks great and he wonders how Reva is doing. She tells him she had a good episode but she doesn't want to talk about it. Olivia comes over and asks Reva when Noah will return. Olivia makes a remark about Noah overthrowing a legitimate government. Reva tells her that her legitimate partner is a coward who tucked his tail between his legs and ran and hid. She wishes Olivia good luck with the harbor project and tells her she will need it and walks away.

Harley comes over and asks Tony for some chicken. He isn't happy to see her and she tells him to at least give her a drumstick and he could beat her over the head with it. He gives her something that was burnt to a crisp. He tells her that is for burning his cousin.

Blake is chasing her kids in the kitchen when she sees Cassie. She runs over and hugs her and asks her all about what happened. Cassie tells her she is happy to be home with friends but with Richard still in SC it just doesn't feel right.

Marah talks to Sam in front of Tony and Catalina about their plane. Sam tells the others that they will be building their own plane. Marah leans over and kisses Sam on the cheek and Tony and Catalina leave. Marah giggles and thinks they did perfect. She asks Sam if he saw Tony's reaction. Noah arrives at the barbecue and goes over and kisses Reva. She tells him he doesn't know how happy she is that he is here. He tells her he wants to find out and they take their private party into the kitchen. Reva tells Noah that she thought about him while he was in SC and she is glad he is back. Noah believes her. She tells him she was hoping to set a date but thought he might think it was a ploy. She wants him to know she is committed to him and wants him.

Rick is playing with Zach and Frank tells Harley the two of them are getting along great. Harley says Rick is trying to show her he can be a good dad but she just can't be with him. She love Rick as a friend and that is it, but she doesn't want to see him hurt.

Meanwhile, Phillip comes into the Spaulding House with Beth. Alan is glad to see her. Phillip takes her to her room and tells her that no matter what he will always care for her. He tells her she will be safe there and she can heal. Beth thanks him. He tells her that he is going to the Bauer BBQ but will have his cell phone if she needs anything. Lillian comes in and Phillip leaves. Lillian asks how Beth is and tells her that she was worried about her. Beth says she is tired of hearing people say that. She made one long line of mistakes but this one hurt the most. She tells her mom that she really did love him.

Back at the Bauer's, Cassie and Blake are talking. Cassie is lonely without her husband but he has to think of San Cristobel. Blake says it must be difficult being married to a prince and having to share your husband with everyone. She knows that it is difficult with her to share Ross just with his clients. Blake goes to find her hubby while Cassie stares off in the distance, looking sad. Richard comes in and asks Buzz where Cassie is. Buzz points her out and Richard starts towards her. He is standing several yards behind her watching her. Everyone sees him and applauds him. Cassie turns to see what the commotion was about and sees Richard. She runs into his arms and kisses him. Buzz sets off the fireworks, thinking it was the appropriate time. Reva hears the fireworks and tells Noah that he thinks Cassie just got the surprise of her life. Noah goes out to see Richard. Tammy calls out for her dad and jumps into Richard's arms. They are all surprised to see him. Richard says he wouldn't miss this for the whole world. He sees RJ and picks him up to hold him. Josh goes over to see Reva and asks her if she is going to say hi to Richard. She tells him that she is going to wait her turn. Josh tells Reva the fireworks are beautiful. Reva looks up to the sky and can see them blurred as well. Phillip comes in to the BBQ carrying Lizzie. He bends over to put her down and looks up too see a very pregnant Harley.

Thursday, July 5, 2001

At the Bauer BBQ:

Phillip sees Harley and tells her to join him in the kitchen for a few words. She tries to ignore him but he tells her if she doesn't go with him to the kitchen they will talk about it here in the open. Phillip asks Michelle to watch James while he and Harley talk. Harley tells Phillip not to make a scene and she reluctantly agrees to go into the kitchen. Rick asks what is wrong and Phillip gives him a short answer. Rick offers to go into the kitchen with them but Phillip tells him that it doesn't concern him. Rick tells them both that it isn't the time or place to get into this.

In the kitchen, Phillip tells Harley that she is pregnant and that everything is beginning to make sense. She asks when she was planning on telling him. Harley says she has been thinking about it but hid it intentionally from him because she knew how he would react. Phillip is angry and asks her if she thought she could keep this a secret for good. Phillip doesn't believe that she and Rick were keeping this from him. Harley tells him there is more. She goes on to talk about Rick but Phillip interrupts her and asks if Frank also knows. He thinks everyone in town knows but him. They argue and she tells him that they are divorced and she will be the one dealing with this pregnancy. Phillip tells her that he is going to help even if she doesn't like it. She is going to have a full time housekeeper and money and she is going to quit her job. Harley tells him that she doesn't want any of that and that he is trying to control her. He says she should have told him from the beginning. She says she would have had to go to SC to tell him. Phillip tells Harley not to blame this on him. She had the chance to tell him the truth. He was not on a pleasure cruise to rescue his children. He would have done the same thing for her and Zach. Harley says she wouldn't have got in that position. Beth keeps making the same mistakes and not learning from them. Phillip tells her she is right, Beth is stupid sometimes but that doesn't have anything to do with her pregnancy. Harley tells him that she doesn't want to talk about it and she will make decisions about the baby on her own. Phillip tells her that she will not do it alone. He tells her that this is his baby too and he has rights. Harley tells him he is assuming. Phillip doesn't understand. Harley says they are divorced and she can do what she wants and she is going home. Rick walks in and tells Phillip to give Harley some space. Harley leaves. Phillip is angry and lashes out at Rick. He tells Rick that Harley is carrying his child. Rick asks if Harley told him it was his baby. Phillip tells him she doesn't have to tell him that, he knows it is his. Phillip and Rick argue and Rick tells Phillip to give Harley some space. Phillip tells Rick to stay away from them; he can take care of Harley and the baby from here. Phillip leaves.

Cassie and Richard kiss and talk about how lucky they are to be together again. Richard tells her to get used to it. Cassie asks Richard what he is thinking. He thinks he wants to be alone with her. She says the Bauer's' won't mind and they join hands to leave. Olivia notices Richard and Cassie leaving and Josh tells her that they probably want to be alone. She insists that she has to know what is in their minds about the harbor deal right away. She goes over to them and Josh tells Richard and Cassie that he is glad they are both okay. Richard looks at Olivia and tells her that Edmund did have Cassie prisoner. Olivia says she is a businesswoman, not a co-conspirator. Richard is anxious to leave but Olivia wants to talk about the deal. Josh thinks it might not be the right time. Richard asks Josh to oversee the project now that Edmund is not involved. Richard says only a natural catastrophe can stop this project now. Olivia is happy and Richard and Cassie leave.

Danny tells Tony that he would rather he not come to his trial Monday. He doesn't want him going after Aitoro and getting thrown in jail. He would like it if he would stay back and manage Infierno until the trial is over. Tony agrees but says he still hates Gus.

Blake tells Ross she can't believe Danny is lighting fireworks tonight and will be on trial for murder in the morning. She feels somehow responsible since she wrote about Miguel's death and how Carmen was responsible for it. Ross tells her not to blame herself and just let him handle the case.

Billy and Holly arrive at the barbecue. Billy finds some chili and teases Buzz about bringing it every year. He picks up some hot jalapenos and eats some. Billy and Buzz take turns eating jalapenos to impress Holly. She thinks they are crazy and acting immature. She thinks they will next try fire walking. Holly leaves and Ross takes Buzz with him into the house. Billy drinks a can of soda and goes over to the chili. He takes a bowl and puts jalapenos in it as well as lots of Tabasco sauce. He sits it down and looks for Buzz. When he goes back to the bowl, he notices he cannot tell the difference in it and the five other bowls lying there, so he leaves it.

Blake goes over to Danny and apologizes to him. He doesn't understand. She tells him that she feels responsible for his trouble since she dug up so much writing her book. He tells her that she fictionalizes her book and he heard that it was pretty good. She is surprised he hasn't read it but he tells her that he didn't want any bad memories coming back so he hasn't read it. Blake mentions Gus and how he had been working on the Santos family for four years. Danny asks how she knew that and she told him that Gus crashed her book signing party. Danny tells her as long as she isn't buddy-buddy with Gus, they are fine because any friend of Gus is not a friend of his. She assures him they aren't friends. Just then, Gus shows up and wraps his arms around Blake and asks how his favorite writer is. She tells him not to grope her and walks away. Danny asks Gus what he wants. Gus says he came to see Harley. Danny says Harley is not here. Tony gets angry and is ready to jump Gus but Frank finally pulls Gus aside and tells him to take some food to go. Gus goes over and grabs the bowl of chili that Billy had doctored up and takes a big spoonful. He gasps and runs out to get some water. Billy sees him and laughs.

Richard and Cassie:

Richard is sitting on a bed, taking off his watch. Cassie comes out in her nightgown and he tells her not to move; she looks so beautiful. He tells her how he sat in this bed so many nights praying she would walk through the door. She says sometimes prayers are answered. They kiss and Richard tells her he missed her so much. She tells him she missed him more. Richard says, "Let's find out." He begins undressing her and they kiss again. Cassie tells Richard she knew he would come back for her and that is what kept her going. It also made her more afraid because Edmund knew he would be back as well and he was using her as bait. Richard says he was aware of that but he had to come back for her. Richard says he would risk everything for her. She takes off his shirt and kisses down his chest. They undress and begin making love.

Later, Richard and Cassie are lying together talking about how long it has been since they were together. Cassie says they won't wait that long again. He tells her they won't be apart from now on. Cassie asks for him to promise her and they start kissing again.

At the Spaulding's:

Lillian is taking care of Beth and giving her medicine for the pain. She tells Beth she wishes she could give her something to erase her pain. Beth says she would have to erase her memory and that won't happen. Beth says she thought she was free to be an equal partner to the man she loved, but she is not free of anything, least of all the past. Beth says Edmund was Edmund from the very start and it was her choice to believe in him. Lillian tells her that she was the one who brought her up in a house with a manipulative man so it was her fault. Some scars just don't heal. Beth wonders whether she should just stay there to be safe. Lillian tells her that Edmund was smooth and charming and Beth couldn't see past his courtliness. Beth says she wanted to believe him. Lillian tells her to go to bed. Beth says she will see what she can do to get over it. Lillian leaves and Beth is lying in bed, crying while remembering times with Edmund.

Lillian comes in to check on Beth and Beth tells her that she loved Edmund. The phone rings and Lillian answers. No one talks and she asks if it is Edmund. The person hangs up and Lillian tells Beth it was a wrong number.

Friday, July 6, 2001

At Company:

Harley comes in and bumps around in the dark. Rick has followed her and knocks on the window. She tells him she just needed a break from everything and a closed Company seemed the perfect hideout. Rick tells her that he knows things got nasty with Phillip at the BBQ and it is sure to get worse. Harley says it is much worse than any nightmare she imagined. Rick asks Harley what happened. Harley says Phillip was a maniac. He would ask a question and when she would start to answer, he would scream at her. Harley thinks she should tell him the rest in a note. Rick wonders what she said. Harley says she told him the baby was her business but he was so arrogant, he just assumed the baby was his. He figured there was no way she could have been with another man. Rick says Phillip would never think it possible of him as well. He wonders if she didn't tell Phillip everything because once he knows, everyone will know the truth. Rick believes she would never tell anyone if it were up to her. Harley tells him that at least Phillip knows she is pregnant, she can tell him in sessions. Rick thinks it is best just to get it over with and not let Phillip think he is going to have another child. He wonders when she wants to tell Phillip the rest since there is no perfect time. Rick tells her he needs to do this but Harley wants more time. Rick tells her that he wants to be the one to tell Phillip and he wants to tell him tonight. Harley asks how he plans on telling Phillip. Rick thinks that he will just tell him and Phillip will hate him but he owes it to Phillip to tell him. He knows Phillip still loves Harley and listened to his thought about Harley after the divorce but he betrayed him anyway. Harley tells Rick that Phillip is probably still at the barbecue with Zach and she wishes him luck.

At the Bauer BBQ:

Marah is looking around for Tony and Sam tells her that he has already left. She tells him she wasn't looking for him but Sam knows better. Sam tells her that he doesn't really like being kissed for show. Marah tells him it was only partially for show. Sam tells her to prove it and kiss him now that Tony isn't around.

Phillip comes out looking for Zach. Michelle says all the kids are in the den watching cartoons. Buzz comes over and starts an argument with Phillip. He tells Phillip that his daughter doesn't want him in her life so he should stay out. Phillip tells Buzz to get out of his way. Buzz says Harley is not Beth and will not be intimidated by the Spaulding's. Phillip starts to leave but Buzz goes after him baiting him over and over again. Ross breaks the argument up and Blake takes Buzz aside and gives him a Popsicle to help him cool off. Buzz is worried about how Phillip will interact with Harley and the new baby. He doesn't want him back in Harley's life and thinks that maybe he will only be interested n the baby and not Harley now that Beth is back in the Spaulding fold. Meanwhile, Phillip tells Ross that he should have known better than to let Buzz get under his skin. His only problem is with Harley and Rick. He hates that Harley hid her pregnancy from him and that Rick helped her do it. Ross tells him that he has been out of the country a great deal lately. Phillip tells Ross that isn't an excuse. Ross thinks Harley may have been distressed by the divorce and thought she had closed some doors. She may be in denial. Phillip understands about Harley but wonders why Rick would keep it a secret. Rick had no right to keep quiet. Ross reminds Phillip about the lies surrounding baby James and Phillip thinks that shouldn't matter since two wrongs don't make a right. He thinks Rick is a better person than he is so he shouldn't have hid this from him. Phillip is frustrated about the whole situation. He goes on to tell Ross about Edmund and Beth and his trip to San Cristobel. Ross tells Phillip to let Beth know they are thinking about her and mentions to Phillip that the whole family being together under one roof for awhile may be good for the kids. Phillip leaves.

Rick comes back and asks Ross if he has seen Phillip. Ross tells him that he has left to get Zach. He thinks Rick should leave Phillip alone about the pregnancy for now, he needs sometime. Ross tells Rick that Phillip has his plate full with Beth back at the mansion and Buzz picking fights with him. Rick tells him that he won't talk to Phillip right away.

Danny and Rick start the clean up from the party. Rick thinks that they may have to pay people to come to the next BBQ. Danny tells him he knows about the baby and wishes he could help somehow. Rick tells him that he could tell his best friend about it. Danny said he would do anything for him but that.

At the Spaulding Mansion:

Lillian is sitting with Beth when Phillip comes in to ask how she is. Lillian tells him she will be better in time. She thanks Phillip for standing by Beth. Phillip tells her about the baby and the new complications in his life. He asks Lillian not to mention anything to Beth about it right away. He goes over to check on Beth and tells her about the party. Beth asks if there is news from San Cristobel . Phillip tells her that Richard got to the BBQ and will be in town for a few days but that Edmund escaped off the island. He doesn't think Beth should stand by Edmund after all he has done. He tells her that she needs to deal with the pain and scars that Edmund left on her. He thinks she should start by making a clean break and filing for a divorce right away. Beth tells him that before she does anything she has to talk to Dax and find out about what happened to Edmund. Phillip leaves the room and Beth goes over to the mirror and tells herself that no one will run her life but her, not Phillip, not Lillian and not Edmund.

At the Lewis House:

Reva and Noah come in smooching and groping one another. They lay back on the stairs making out. Reva tells him that she saw more fireflies that evening and he tells her that she will regain her sight it may be all at once or gradually. She tells him how much she missed him and they head up to the bedroom.

Marah and Sam come in and are playing with their model plane. Sam tells her how when they finally get their real plane built they can fly it on the beaches of San Cristobel. He takes off his shirt and sits behind her describing how the sun will hit their bodies as they glide through the air. He tells her that they will sit like that because there is only room for two, which will put her in control of the throttle. He shows her how to handle the throttle while she leans back on him. He kisses her and Marah gets upset. She asks him if that is what he meant by them having a fun summer. Sam doesn't understand why she is so upset and she tells him that they are friends, with an understanding. She loves Tony. Sam asks her to let them start over and be friends. Noah interrupts them and Sam grabs his shirt and puts it on. They talk a bit about the small plane and Sam leaves. Marah tells Noah that her mother loves him very much and while she also loves her dad, it is different. Noah tells her he understands and he is glad that Marah approves of him. Marah tells him he isn't like Olivia and she likes him. Marah tells Noah that she is now realizing that love can be very complicated. Noah tells her having no love to give is the worst thing of all but that will never be her problem or her mother's.

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