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Monday, July 9

A vamped up Gaby slinks into a sleazy bar and talks tough to attract the attention of her next unwitting victim. Desperate to keep Livvie safe, Jack urges a horrified Jamal to put him out of his misery before he turns into a full-fledged vampire and harms the woman he loves. Meanwhile, in the cave, Livvie confides to Caleb how she's been unable to get him out of her mind despite the fact that everyone she knows has warned her to stay away. An agitated Jack admits to Jamal that he doesn't know how much longer he can control his overwhelming desire to kill. Caleb continues to sweet-talk Livvie, who feels dazed by the man's mesmerizing tone. After sinking her teeth into the man's neck, Gaby easily fends off her enraged companion's attempt to retaliate. Jamal and Jack plot their next move against Caleb and realize they must first find the fiend's special talisman. Caressing Livvie, Caleb gently encourages the girl to forget about Jack but she finally pulls away and insists she's not ready. Gaby catches Jamal stealing pints of packaged blood from the hospital's cold storage.

Tuesday, July 10

Cornered by Gaby and anxious to talk his way out of trouble, Jamal claims he came by to donate some blood. In the cave, Caleb boasts to Michael how Livvie came to see him once again. Meanwhile, Livvie admits to an agitated Jack that she went willingly to Caleb's lair. Worried that Eve's child may be in danger, Lucy arranges to meet Madame Alicia at the Recovery Room. Eve and Ian happily begin picking out names for their unborn son. After drawing blood from Jamal, Gaby eyes the donation hungrily. Jack warns Livvie that Caleb is pure evil. Madame Alicia advises Lucy to be patient and collect more data instead of acting in haste. Michael reminds his sneering twin that the unholy family he's planning to put together will only lead to another disaster. Turning a deaf ear to Michael's warning, Caleb insists that he will perpetuate the bloodline at all costs. Later, at the hospital, Gaby bumps into the priest and mistakes him for his brother. Jamal finally manages to get the stolen blood to Jack. Pleasantly surprised to see her new friend in Port Charles, Eve invites Michael to stay with her and Ian at the loft.

Wednesday, July 11

by Jill

Ian set a romantic candlelight dinner for Eve, but his mood was quickly spoiled when she came home, and Michael was with her. He was even more surprised to hear that he would be staying with them for a few days. Seeing that he was upset, Eve apologized for bringing him home without warning, but told Ian that Michael had helped her out when she really needed someone, and that she was just trying to do the same for him. Alone in his room, Michael looked around, locked the door and then pulled out a necklace. Holding it up, he whispered to himself that it was over for Caleb, and that the necklace would keep Eve and her baby safe. Eve was flattered when Michael gave her the necklace, but Ian was a little more skeptical. He asked Michael what that necklace represented and Eve quickly told him that it was his family's crest. Michael then told them that he gave it to Eve as a good luck charm too keep her and the baby safe from any dangers. Ian then asked Michael if Eve was in danger of his brother; Michael hesitated and then told him no. After Michael had gone to his room Ian told Eve of the reservations that he had about Michael, Caleb and the necklace, and that he wasn't very happy with the whole situation.

Lucy set up an elaborate board of pictures, tarot cards and arrows to try to solve the mystery that has been going on in Port Charles. When Kevin arrived she was eager to share it with him. At first glance, Kevin was very confused by her pictures and arrows, and told her that she was jumping to conclusions; but as she began to explain each piece of the puzzle to him, he began to see how everything was linking together and to Lucy's surprise agreed with her. He then moved Livvie's picture to the middle of the board concluding that his daughter was right in the middle of everything.

Livvie walked into Jacks room as Jack was finishing a bag of blood. In a panic, Jamal through a blanket over Livvie's head to give Jack time to put the back away. Furious with him, Livvie demanded to know what was going on, and why Jack and Jamal has so many secrets lately. Jamal tried to shrug it off as a joke, telling her that he was trying to ease the stress that they had all been under. Jack then grabbed Jamal's backpack and told Livvie that they where ready to go. Livvie asked Jack if leaving town was really the best solution. He assured her that it was the right thing to do, and that he also knew the perfect place to go. As Jack led Livvie into the monastery, she admired its beauty and asked Jack how he found a place like this. He told her that Jamal had told him that it was where Eve and Ian had gotten married, and how secluded it was. He told her that it was the perfect place to keep her safe.

Alison also questioned Jamal about what had had just done to Livvie, and Jamal told her again, that he was just tried to lighten things up. They agreed that they had been under too much stress and would meet back at their apartment to spend a quiet, romantic evening alone. As soon as Alison left, Jamal pulled out his book on Vampires and began to read about. The book told him about a charm that would protect a person from a vampire. He looked at a picture of the charm and wondered where he could get one. Alison came back into the bike shop and snuck up on Jamal. Reading the title of his book, she made a few jokes about it and then asked him where he had gotten a book like that, and why he was reading it. He told her that it had been left by a customer and that he was just checking it out.

Thursday, July 12

by Jill

As he caters to his pregnant bride's early morning food cravings, Ian told Eve he wants Michael to find another place to stay. Andy fills in Kevin and Lucy about three recent victims of broken necks who were bled completely dry before they died. Meanwhile, a distraught J.J. recognizes Gaby as the vixen who lured Garth out of the bar and to his death. Sam again warns Chris that his kid brother has become something less than human. While Livvie sleeps, Jack begins exploring the old monastery and is horrified to realize that he and his girlfriend have stumbled into Caleb's main haunting ground. Ian explains to an skeptical Eve why he dislikes the way their house guest looks at her. Questioned by the police, Gaby admits meeting Garth but claims she knows nothing about his untimely demise. Later, J.J.'s description of a creepy guy at the bar rings an unpleasantly familiar bell for Lucy. Caleb laughingly assures Jack that garlic, crosses and holy water have no effect on real vampires. Ian quietly asks Victor to run a background check on Father Michael. Livvie unwittingly saves Jack from a lethal attack by Caleb.

Friday, July 13

Alison eagerly looks forward to a rare evening alone with Jamal but Jack's arrival with Livvie puts a damper on her plan. Lucy told Kevin about the creepy stranger who came to the door of the lighthouse. Meanwhile, Caleb returns to Gaby's place and hisses at her to swear that she hasn't betrayed him. Describing her dream to Alison, Livvie confides that she still finds herself torn between her boyfriend and the mysterious man who occupies nearly every waking thought. Jack explains to an astounded Jamal how Caleb has made the old monastery into his headquarters. Gaby is startled to realize that the priest she encountered at General Hospital was Caleb's identical twin. Recalling how she caught Jamal stealing from the blood bank, Gaby told Caleb she's certain Jack's friend has been helping him grow stronger. Later, Caleb orders Gaby to lure Jamal into the vampire's web. Kevin shows Abe the sketch he made of Caleb and is dismayed to see the terrified judge suddenly go into cardiac arrest.

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