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Passions Recaps: The week of July 9, 2001 on PS
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Monday, July 9, 2001

The face in the magic pool promises Timmy and a gleeful Tabitha that all kinds of mayhem will take place in Harmony that night. As a fearful Grace looks on, Sam bursts into the bedroom, brandishing a gun, but finds that the mysterious intruder has vanished. Ethan and Theresa find it impossible to keep their hands off one another as the clock strikes midnight to signal that their wedding day has finally begun. Worried about Chad, Whitney hurries to the tabloid office to prevent him from breaking in. Tabitha cautions Timmy not to let anyone spot him strolling around the Crane mansion. Luis' late night appearance at the cottage gives Sheridan a fright. After apologizing for scaring her, Luis pooh-poohs his fiancé's superstitious fears about bad luck dogging them for seeing each other before the wedding. Timmy hears an inebriated Julian bemoaning the fact that he must kill his own sister. Theresa and Ethan make love on the beach. Chad and Whitney are shocked to learn the source of the e-mail which ruined Ethan's life. Julian captures a talking doll.

Tuesday, July 10, 2001

Tabitha begins to wonder where her wandering boy has gone. Meanwhile, a trembling Timmy tries to talk Julian into setting him free. Luis and Sheridan's passionate tango leads to a night of lovemaking. Startled to find David in Tabitha's kitchen, Grace faints dead away and the intruder proceeds to carry her off. Julian threatens to pull all the stuffing out of Timmy with his bare hands if the doll dares to reveal the murderous plot he overheard. Though Whitney urges him to keep mum about their discovery in the tabloid office, Chad feels obligated to tell his best friend about Theresa's treachery. As they bask in the afterglow, Ethan and Theresa laugh to think they were once superstitious about seeing one another on their wedding day. Sam begins to worry about his missing wife. Timmy attempts to reawaken Julian's conscience and convince him not to kill his sister. Grace awakens in a panic and fails to recognize David. An enraged Sam suddenly bursts in and puts his wife's captor in a headlock.

Wednesday, July 11, 2001

As their wedding day dawns, Luis reassures Sheridan that it will be smooth sailing for them from now on. At the tabloid office, Whitney again entreats Chad to have a heart and clam up about the source of the damaging e-mail. After an enraged Sam punches David out, Grace tearfully assures her husband she's unharmed but reveals that the stranger somehow knew to call her by name. Julian pursues Timmy through the Crane mansion but the doll finally manages to flee safely back into Tabitha's arms. Theresa's guilty feelings come flooding back when Ethan reminds her how important it is that they never keep any secrets from one another. Tabitha tells Timmy about a run-in she had with one of Julian's Puritan forebears. Sam roughly interrogates David, who elects to keep mum. Whitney warns an amused Chad that she won't let him leave the office and ruin her best friend's big day. A fortune cookie's prediction rattles the ever-superstitious Theresa. Sam instructs Luis to take David into custody. Julian tumbles down the stairs during his hot pursuit of Timmy.

Thursday, July 12, 2001

Gwen and Rebecca are hopeful that everything will go as planned, but Gwen can't help but be worried that something will go wrong. Rebecca assures her once again that they have covered their tracks, and hopes that she can be there to watch as Ivy learns of Theresa's deceit. She and Gwen plan to have the tabloid editor messenger an advanced copy of the magazine to Ivy before the wedding.

Timmy and Tabby inspect Julian's lifeless body, sure that he has finally met his maker. Tabitha certainly HOPES that he is dead, but Timmy warns her not to speak ill of the dead. Tabitha is more concerned about the big picture- Julian's death is only one of the horrible incidents that will take place that day. Timmy wants to get out of the mansion ASAP, but Tabby insists on going back down to Hecuba's lair to consult The Face first. On their way out, Julian starts to moan- he's alive. Tabitha is depressed by the situation, but realizes there's nothing she can do about it. Timmy and Tabby just barely escape without Rebecca discovering them; Rebecca is shocked to find Julian on the floor. He tries unsuccessfully to convince Becky that Timmy is alive, but she believes he's just drunk. They discuss the murder plan, unaware that Ivy is upstairs watching them. She doesn't hear anything incriminating, but yells at Julian for messing with her room and cutting off the telephones. He tells her that if she wants to talk on the phone, she can do so using her own money, since she's no longer part of the family. She threatens to postpone the divorce for as long as she possibly can if Julian tests her, and he decides to give in to her demands for the sake of his inheritance. Later, a delivery arrives for Ivy, and Rebecca signs for it. To her delight, it's a copy of the tabloid, hot off the presses.

Sheridan is dreaming about her wedding, sure that it will be the happiest day of her life. It seems that Luis has convinced her that seeing each other before the wedding is not going to bring them bad luck. Gwen stops by, and Sheridan asks Gwen if she is going to be able to handle watching Theresa marry Ethan. Gwen, of course, doesn't believe that there will be a wedding, but she convinces Sheridan that she can deal with it and that she has gotten over Ethan.

Pilar is surprised to hear visitors knocking on her door early in the morning, but she is delighted when she learns that it is her brother Francisco and his wife, Cristina, who have traveled to Harmony for the wedding. They are a bit worried about Luis marrying a Crane, but Pilar explains that Sheridan is nothing like the rest of her family. Francisco insists on talking with Theresa before the wedding, and heads to her room, unaware that Ethan is in there with her. Luis arrives and welcomes Cristina, then fills Pilar in on what happened to Grace at the B&B.

Whitney and Chad try frantically to get out of the tabloid office, but they are locked in. Whitney is afraid that they won't be able to warn Theresa in time. The telephone rings, and Chad answers it, afraid that someone in the building may hear it and find them. Unbeknownst to Chad, the person on the other end is Gwen, calling to talk to the editor about the advanced copy for Ivy. Chad promptly hangs up the phone. Things get tense between the two, being locked in such a confined area together, but they are able to find a way out and decide that maybe they should tell Ethan about the tabloid report in private before he finds out from someone else. Things get even worse when a security guard stops by to check on things, but he is distracted by the editor, who shows him the headline and reveals that the paper won't hit stands until later that night, because they weren't able to make enough copies in time.

Ethan and Theresa are in Theresa's room, excited about the wedding that is now only hours away. When Francisco knocks on her door, she quickly explains to Ethan that her uncle is old-fashioned and would be appalled to find him in her bedroom with her. She hides him in her closet, and gets advice from Francisco on marriage. After he leaves, Theresa tries to get Ethan out of the house through her window, but Luis catches them. Theresa is afraid of what Luis will think, but he admits that he wasn't able to stay away from Sheridan either and offers to take Ethan out the back way.

Friday, July 13, 2001

Rebecca is delighted to discover that the tabloid has messengered over to the Crane mansion an advance copy of the latest edition. Meanwhile, Chad again reminds Whitney why he needs to get to Ethan before the tabloid hits the newsstands that evening. Thinking about his sister's imminent death, a shuddering Julian wishes Sheridan's wedding day was already history. At the precinct house, Grace tells Sam she doesn't recall ever having laid eyes on David before. Certain her best friend could not be guilty of sending the e-mail, Whitney begs Chad not to break Theresa's heart. David refuses to answer any of the police chief's questions about his reasons for coming to Harmony. Chad finally promises Whitney he'll keep mum. Kay grits her teeth to see Charity and Miguel growing even closer. Pilar warns Rebecca to remember that she is not welcome at the wedding. David urges Grace to unlock his handcuffs so they can have a private chat.

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