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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of July 16, 2001 on GL
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Monday, July 16, 2001

At the Lewis Office's:

Reva tells Josh that she wanted to ask him something but she will wait until he walks Olivia down to her car. Josh and Olivia leave and Reva remembers the money in Olivia's briefcase, calling it bribe money. She is worried about what Olivia is dragging Josh and the company into. She looks over at the safe and can see it clearly one moment and then blurry the next. Josh comes in and Reva talks to him about Shayne and soccer camp. Reva tells him that she misses working in the offices there. Josh wonders if she doesn't like working at WSPR. Reva tells him that she and Holly are working on a story on construction companies. She asks him how they get the edge on their competition and win bidding wars for jobs. Josh asks what she really wants to know and she tells him. She tells him that she has reason to believe the construction companies in SF are less than honest in their bidding. Josh tells her that some are and he is glad she is working on it because he knows she will expose them. He tells her that those companies make it hard for honest companies to make a living. Some companies cut corners like the one that Diego worked for. Reva asks him what he would think if he heard that someone took a bag full of cash to a meeting for a deal. Josh says no legitimate deals work that way. Only unethical people use cash to pay off inspectors, etc. Josh hopes Reva will run people like that out of town. He offers to help her if she needs it.

At the Bauer's:

Danny tells Michelle that Gus didn't need to fake a body; she is reaching. Michelle says she just knows that isn't Carmen's body. She remembers that Carmen didn't have an ankle bracelet on that night like the one on the remains. Michelle tells him that she was staring right at her ankles when she came to on the dock. Michelle tells him that they will prove it and Danny will get off. Michelle knows that Gus fakes the evidence and could have faked the body as well. Danny tells her that even if they prove it by dredging the lake and getting the real body and real gun, he still committed the crime. Michelle tells him that the fake evidence has to mean something to them. Danny tells her there is no real way to prove it or tie it to Gus. Michelle tells Danny that he is giving Gus way to much credit. Michelle tells Danny that someday he will have to deal with his guilt. He did what he had to do. Danny knows that but also knows that what he did was wrong. He believes in Ross and knows he will do what he can but he is guilty of killing his mother. Danny reminds Michelle that Gus has enough to put her away as well and she needs to be careful. Danny goes to change the baby and when he comes down Michelle is gone. He hears her car crank and pull out.

At Harley's House:

Phillip comes in and sees Harley and Rick. He tells them that Edmund told him that Rick was the father of Harley's baby and he didn't believe him. Harley tells him that it is true. Phillip is stunned and asks how long they have been getting it on. Rick tells him that it only happened one night and they were drunk. Phillip thinks it must have happened hours after they were separated. Harley tells him it was the night he left for San Cristobel . Phillip wants to know when they were going to tell him. He remembers they were supposed to meet the night before and asks why they cancelled. Harley tells him she has a scare and had to go to the hospital but she is alright now. Rick tries to talk to Phillip but Phillip doesn't want his pity. He tells Rick that he betrayed him. Phillip wonders if Rick had been holding his hostility back for what happened in the past with Meredith and just waiting for an opportunity to get back at Phillip. Harley tells him that it just happened. Phillip asks Harley if this is her way of getting back at him for Beth. He looks at Rick and tells him that he was supposed to be better than him. Rick tells him that he was never better than him. He thinks Phillip just had a Rick built up in his mind and refused to realizes that Rick was a real person who makes real mistakes. He tells Phillip that he and Harley made a mistake and they feel horrible. Rick tells him that he is not perfect and Phillip isn't the only one who makes mistakes. Phillip tells Rick he can have the title of "screw up" if he wants it, he doesn't care. Harley feels terrible and tries to help. Just as Phillip goes after Rick, Harley faints. Phillip and Rick both go to check on her.

At Infierno:

Tony is on edge and yelling at Catalina for following him around. She tells him that he is trapped inside his on heart and mind and he needs to let it out so he can go on. Tony tells her that she is the only one who talks to him like that everyone else wants him to stay away from the trial. Catalina assures Danny that Ross with help Danny but Tony isn't sure. He thinks the jury has already made up their minds. The deck is stacked against Danny. Catalina asks if he thinks it is the same for him. Catalina tells Tony anything can happen and the deck isn't stacked against him. He tells her she is new in America but in a way it is a lot like Cuba. Catalina is offended. Tony says nothing would happen here like what happened to her dad. She asks if he has heard the expression that behind every fortune is a crime. There are people who are respectable now whose grandparents committed those crimes to gain that fortune. Tony says Danny did everything to go straight for Michelle and he is still in trouble. Catalina says it can be different for him; he is reacting this way because it didn't work out with Marah. Tony doesn't think it has anything to do with Marah; he has his own life and his own goals. Catalina thinks the club is good for him. Tony says she thinks Marah didn't understand him and she does. This club is who he is. Catalina says that is part of it but what will he do after that. Tony says he has to make sure people know he is in charge and put this club on the map. Maria walks in and tells Tony that she likes the way that sounds. Tony wants Maria to leave. She tells him that she was just at Danny's trial trying to help him. Tony is angry and Maria tells him that she likes his attitude. She has to make adjustments just like he did. He asks her to leave but she asks for some coffee first. She tells him it is good to see him in charge. Tony tells her not to forget that.

At Tower's:

Blake comes in and looks at the picture she stole of Gus as a little boy. Ross comes in. They get their table and sit down. They talk about her book and the next one she is going to write. Ross hopes she doesn't do any more Santos novels. She tells him she has a few different ideas. She says she won't go back to pure romance; she needs something more substantial, maybe a legal thriller. He teases her about him being the dashing lawyer character that solves the impossible cases. Blake asks about the trial. Ross says Maria Santos sandbagged Doris. He can't really tell her anything because of attorney/client privilege. He just wishes he had more ammunition. Blake says maybe she can help. Ross is very curious and asks for a hint. Blake tells him to wait until tomorrow. She kisses him and things turn passionate. Ross asks how quickly they can get the kids to bed. Blake says they could just ask the sitter to stay late and get a room there at Tower's. Ross likes the idea and kisses Blake again. Gus interrupts them and Ross invites him to sit with them. Ross laughs and asks Gus if all their witnesses are going to be as good as Maria was. Gus tells Ross the trial isn't over yet. Blake and Ross leave.

At the Lewis House:

Reva thanks Josh for driving her home. Josh apologizes for the car service not showing up and tells Reva that he admires the way she is handling her condition. Reva says she is doing okay but worries about the kids. Josh says the kids hate it for her and want her to get better. Reva thinks the kid's lives would be easier if she would regain her sight. Noah calls and wants to come over. Josh takes a hint and tells Reva he has to get back to the office. Reva looks over at something and Josh asks if she saw something.

Tuesday, July 17, 2001

At Harley's:

Phillip and Rick check on Harley. She tells them she is okay and demands that both of them get out. They go outside and argue with each other some more. Rick says Harley is having a child and shouldn't have to bear the brunt of their problems. Phillip tells Rick that he is certain he will be a good dad and in light of what has happened he feels Rick and Harley did him a favor. At least he has been released from all the guilt he has been feeling for all these months. He feels he can move on now.

Frank comes in with pizza and Harley isn't up to company. Before she can ask him to leave, Michelle comes in and she and Frank talk and pass the food around. Michelle tells them about her theory about the body not being Carmen's. Frank tells her that is unlikely since they had dental records. Michelle thinks that too could have been planted since Gus is on some sort of vendetta against Danny. Frank asks Harley if she is okay and she tells them both that Phillip found out the truth. She tells them all that had happened and they tell her she did what she had to. Harley hates that she ruined things with Phillip and Rick. Michelle goes home to see her brother. Frank hugs his sister and tells her that she will always have him. Frank leaves and Harley locks up and sits down. She feels the baby kick and promises it a good life.

At Infierno:

Danny comes in and sees Maria and gets angry. He asks Tony why she is there and tells her to get out. Danny tells Tony that he is already on edge since Michelle is out trying to help him with his case. Tony tells Danny that he thinks she is right; sometimes you have to take action. Tony says he has had nothing but hassles since he moved to SF but Danny says his thinking like is what gets him into trouble. Tony says going legit hasn't done much for Danny but he was a man to give it a shot. Tony tells Danny that the day job scene doesn't work for him. He lost his girl, his job and ended up being the scapegoat for everyone else's problems. He assures Danny he won't make those same mistakes again. He is going to stick where he belongs. Maria interrupts and asks Tony to move back to the house with her. Danny tells her to leave and she finally does. Danny asks if Tony is considering the move and he tells him he is. He doesn't like living alone in a boarding house; it isn't for him. Danny says if Tony wants to go back to that life he may get himself killed. Tony says the real world gave him more trouble then the "Santos way" ever did.

The place is full and Tony introduces Catalina who tells everyone they are having Karaoke night. She introduces the first singer, Sam, who sings bad to the bone. The second singer is Marah who sings a song called, I believe in the mystery directing it to Tony who is uncomfortable.

At the Lewis House:

Josh remarks that Reva caught a picture before it fell and he wants to know if she can see. She tells him she can't but wishes she could. She just heard the photo and caught it before it fell. Josh doesn't buy it. Noah comes in and Josh asks him if there has been any change in Reva's sight. Reva tells Noah not to tell Josh, she is tired of talking about it. Josh finally leaves and Reva tells Noah that she was lying before to Josh, she really can see. He is excited and thinks it is the answer to their prayers. He hugs Reva. Reva says she doesn't want to tell anyone yet about her sight, especially not Josh. Noah wants to know why. Reva says she may be able to catch Olivia at her scheme if no one knows she can see. Noah is angry that Reva is still thinking about Josh and Olivia but Reva says this may be a way to get Olivia out of the picture for good.

At the Spaulding Mansion:

Alan sees Beth and tells her that she seems to be getting back to her old self. Now she should just get rid of Edmund. Beth says she is divorcing Edmund so Alan should be happy. Alan thinks it is wonderful and wants her back with Phillip where she belongs. Beth thinks he has nerve considering he once tried to break them up. Edmund comes in and asks to speak to Beth. Alan is angry but Beth asks for some time with Edmund. Edmund wants Beth to try counseling with him but she tells him she wants the divorce. He thinks Phillip put her up to it but she insists that it is what she wants. She tells him if he needs any thing, money to tide him over or anything she will give it to him. He tells her all he wants from her is her love. He had it once and it was the happiest time of his life. He tells her when she is ready to open her heart to him, let him know. He leaves.

Phillip comes in, depressed. He sees Beth and tells her that Harley's baby is Rick's. Beth tells him she is sorry and hugs him.

At Company:

Sam meets Marah to go to a movie. She tells him that he is like every parents dream of a date for their daughter. He asks if she is saying he can't have a dark side. He takes it as a challenge and tells her if she will forgo the movie, he will show her how bad he can be.

Phillip comes in and Buzz tells him he looks like he has lost his best friend. Phillip thinks Buzz is making fun of him but Buzz has no idea what he is talking about. Phillip tells him that he knows Harley is having Rick's baby. Buzz is blown away. Phillip expects Buzz to celebrate Harley having a non-Spaulding heir. Buzz is worried because Harley will have three kids with three different fathers and he wonders how Rick and Harley could have sat on a secret this big for this long. Edmund arrives and says secrets are a nasty business. Edmund says he guesses Rick is busy preparing for his new baby so Phillip is there by himself. Phillip and Edmund almost come to blows but Buzz stops them. Buzz thinks they had everything, looks money and power and still they wind up losers. He tells them to play nice and he leaves. Edmund tells Phillip that Beth wants a divorce. Phillip wonders if Edmund had fun telling him about the baby. Edmund says he was only glad to know that Phillip's life is as pathetic as his. He raises a glass of wine and toast to he and Phillip, the losers. Phillip toast, drinks up and leaves.

At the Bauer House:

Rick comes home and tells Meta what happened. Rick says he and Harley kept putting off telling Phillip and he ended up learning it from his worst enemy, Edmund. Rick hates himself for not being a better friend. Meta reassures him and goes up to bed. Rick looks at the sonogram and thinks about how he loves his baby. He only hates that to become a father he would have to lose his best friend.

Wednesday, July 18, 2001

At Company:

Harley comes in and sees Buzz. He tells her that he knows about the baby being Rick's and he wishes she could have come to him but he understands why she didn't. Harley tells him that the worst thing about that night is that she knew it would hurt Rick and it did; it killed his friendship with his best friend. She tells Buzz how things went the night before and how Phillip almost hit Rick. She feels awful and wants to apologize to Rick. Frank tells her to worry about herself, everything else will work out. Rick comes in and sits with Buzz who lets him know that he knows about the baby. Rick feels like he has to explain things to Buzz but Buzz tells him that he and Harley were both consenting adults. Rick promises to take responsibility. Buzz tells him to treat his daughter right and name the baby after him and they will be fine. Harley comes over and sits down with them and moments later, Phillip comes in. Frank tells him he is glad he could make it. Harley tells Frank the situation isn't funny. Phillip doesn't know why he is there. Frank tells them all to sit down; no one is leaving until they have a few things settled. Harley tells him he can't keep them there. Frank dares anyone to leave.

Outside Company, Ross and Danny are working on a plan. Ross asks if this is what Danny wants to do and he tells him it is.

In San Cristobel:

At the hotel café, Dax, Cassie and Richard come in for Cassie's meeting with Vreeland. Cassie thinks she doesn't need two escorts but they are in fear of some of Edmund's men. Cassie isn't sure if Vreeland is dirty but she will find out. Vreeland arrives and he and Cassie take a table next to that of Dax and Richard. Cassie tells Vreeland about her commission and that she wants to do a through job for SC and this precipitated their meeting.

Dax tells Richard that half the royal council wants an open election. He has an internal memo where some of them want to run Vreeland for president but he won't have a change if Richard would run. Dax tells Richard that Vreeland was Edmund's friend, which makes him an enemy of theirs. He tells Richard he is the only one that could keep Vreeland from running the country. Dax leaves.

Cassie asks about the harbor project and how it got started. Vreeland says it started with Olivia Spencer bringing it to Edmund who turned it over to him. Now it is Vreeland's project to oversee. Cassie wonders if he ever reported to Edmund but Vreeland says he didn't. Cassie has phone logs that show that he spoke to Edmund five times a day once the project got proposed and she wants an explanation. Vreeland says there is nothing unusual in him contacting the prince. Cassie compliments him on his Rolls. He says it is not his but his wife's, who comes from a wealthy family. They talk a while and Cassie asks Vreeland if she can have some of her people go over his books since he says he has nothing to hide. Vreeland is shocked but tells her again that there is nothing dishonest going on in his office. Cassie grabs her phone and calls Vreeland's office telling him to let his secretary know her people will be there shortly. She hands him the phone and he reluctantly tells his aide to let the people have whatever they want. Cassie leaves to join up with Richard and Vreeland curses her. He starts to leave and runs into Olivia who has the case of cash. He tells her not to come in there and to act pleasant and businesslike, Richard and Cassie are watching. He tells her they will have to meet another time at another place and from now on they will have to be cautious. Cassie wonders why Olivia didn't come in and talk to them.

At the Lewis House:

Reva is looking around the room until Noah and Shayne come in. She pretends again to be blind until Shayne leaves. Noah asks if she feels good lying to her son. Reva tells him that she has to keep up the charade until she can find out what Olivia is up to. She had millions of bucks in cash in her satchel. She wants to catch her. Noah says maybe Josh is in on this too but Reva says that is not the way Josh operates. Noah says Josh may not know what Olivia is doing but the company belongs to Josh and it is his responsibility to investigate. Reva says that Josh is the father of her kids, so this is about them as well and not just the business. Noah thinks Reva is giving Olivia too much power. Reva says Olivia is in business with Edmund and she can't let him get away with this. Noah asks if Reva would be chasing Edmund if Olivia weren't involved. Reva asks Noah if he thinks she is out to get Olivia. She knows Olivia did something illegal with Edmund. Noah thinks she should let Richard and Cassie handle it. Reva says she has to handle it and he can either help her or get out of her way. Noah says she is always drumming up trouble and intrigue. They were planning to move ahead as a couple and should be celebrating her eyesight, not chasing down more trouble. Reva says she can't let Edmund get away with this and because of Olivia he could take Josh down too. Noah wonders if his opinion matters. She says he matters but she has to do this. He finally relents and offers to help her.

At the Bauer House:

Ray and Tony come in and are talking to Michelle. They are upset at how Ross is handling the defense and Tony thinks he has bought out to the other side. Michelle tells them that Ross will be there soon. Tony thinks someone got to Ross. Ray says they will use this time to talk to Ross calmly and ask him to explain what he is doing. Michelle says there has to be an explanation; Ross is a decent and loyal man. Tony says people turn all the time. Ray says Ross defended Tony when he needed it and he should give Ross the benefit of the doubt. Tony agrees. The doorbell rings and Ross comes in. Tony yells at him and asks who he is working for. Michelle and Ray are concerned about Danny and tell Ross they are just having trouble understanding his approach. Ross says he wants to get Danny acquitted. Tony doesn't buy it and asks Ross whose side he is on. Ray tells Tony he won't get anywhere with a confrontation. Michelle tells Tony to take it down a notch but Tony is still angry. Michelle wants to understand Ross's strategy. Ross says it would take a long time to explain it but he is committed to getting Danny off and they will just have to let him do his job. Tony says Blake could do a better job. Michelle goes over the evidence and tells Ross that Gus faked some of it. Ross says they have been over this before. Tony thinks they need a new lawyer. Michelle tells Ross that she thinks Gus planted the body as well. Ross says they need facts or the jury won't trust them. Ray and Michelle suggest DNA tests on the body. Tony tells him to take the idea or he is fired. Danny arrives and wants to know what is going on. He tells everyone that he is satisfied with the job Ross is doing and he wants them to stop arguing with him and leave so Danny can talk to him alone. They leave. Michelle tells Ray and Tony it is as if Danny wants to be convicted. Ray tells Michelle to do whatever she has to do for Danny. She says she won't let him go down without a fight.

Harley comes in and runs into Tony who is angry seeing her and leaves. Michelle asks Harley if she gave any thought to her idea about Carmen's body. Harley tells Michelle she is looking for Rick. Michelle wants to talk and Harley tells her that she also would like to talk to a woman since the men in her life are driving her batty. The phone rings and its Frank. He tells her Rick just came into Company and she tells him she is on her way over.

In Chicago:

At the records dept, Chicago PD, Blake is looking at Gus' picture again and hopes she can find what she needs here. She goes to the Sergeant in charge and asks if she can look over some old files. He tells her she will need a certain form for that. Blake goes over to his desk when he walks away and notices the book he is reading. She tells him that he is reading her book. He is impressed and tells her that it is very authentic. He dealt with the mob for years before he got a desk job. She asks him to be her consultant for her sequel and he accepts. He offers to help her get the papers she wants. He leaves and brings back a stack of files. She thanks him and tells herself there has to be some information on Gus in there.

Thursday, July 19, 2001

At the Lewis Offices:

Reva is walking into the Lewis offices, using a cane and wearing sunglasses. She tells the secretary she is looking for a missing bracelet in Olivia's office. Reva feigns a headache and asks the secretary to call Noah for her. The woman leaves to call him and Reva logs on to Olivia's computer to dig up dirt.

Reva turns off the computer monitor when Noah arrives. He asks what is the problem and she says it is the optic nerve. Noah writes a prescription and asks the secretary to pick it up. The secretary, leaves for the pharmacy. Reva tells him he is great. Noah wonders what she is up to. Reva says she got the goods on Olivia and shows him the screen. Someone has been cooking the books. Noah says they can't let something like this go. He says her loyalty to Josh is part of the package and he can live with it. He loves her and is in on this with her. She asks him to go to SC with her.

In San Cristobel:

Cassie tells Richard that Vreeland took off; she wonders what Olivia is up to. Richard reminds her the project could be legit, innocent until proven guilty. Olivia arrives and greets them. Richard asks if she would like to join them. She sits with them. Cassie asks if Olivia is there for the Harbor Project. Cassie says she is also familiar with the project and is looking for evidence of graft. Ed's assets are frozen and now they are starting to investigate. Richard says that they realize someone may have been forced into a bad situation by Ed. Cassie says that if that person came forward.... Olivia is looking uncomfortable.

Olivia says she dealt with Ed for the project but wants to help Cassie's commission. Cassie asks for their financial records; Olivia says she will call Josh to send them. Richard sees Josh arrive and he joins them. Olivia is surprised that Josh is there so soon.

Josh asks if that was an earthquake. Richard says SC is on top of a volcano and this happens once in a while. Olivia says it is time to toss in another virgin. Josh wants to meet with Vreeland but Olivia wants him to take her to the beach in her bikini. They leave. Cassie wonders if a bikini is what was in that bag Olivia was protecting. Cassie calls Reva on her cell phone. Reva wonders if Cassie found out something about Lewis construction. Cassie did. Reva thinks Olivia is involved in something but not Josh. Reva is on her way to San Cristobel . She can't wait to see Cassie.

In the courtroom:

Michelle recognizes one of the thugs who kidnapped her. He is Doris's next witness. Ross wonders where Blake is today. Doris asks Mr. Carmichael about who was his employer on November 14. He says he was a driver for Carmen. The last time he saw her was on the docks that night. He picked up Michelle and drove her to the docks with Carmen. The two women were arguing over Danny. He says Michelle was disrespectful to her mother in law. Danny arrived and tried to intercede. They continued to argue and then Danny walked away with Michelle, turning and shooting Carmen. He quotes Danny as telling Carmen he didn't have to put up with her any longer. Ross takes his turn to cross-examine the witness. He goes over Carmichael's criminal record and asks about a plea bargain. Ross insists Michelle was drugged and kidnapped by Mr. Carmichael and taken to Carmen. Ross asks him if he is standing by his story. Mr. Carmichael says Carmen wanted to straighten some things out with Michelle. Doris' case is finished. Ross wants to make his opening statement, allowing Danny to do it in his place. Ross asks Danny if he fired the gun that killed his mother. Danny says he did. Ross asks if Danny loved his mother. He says he did at times. For a long time he did what his mother wanted and she was pleased. Carmen vowed to make Michelle's life hell when he married her. She framed Michelle for murder. Carmen agreed to go into the witness protection program but the night before she was to leave, Carmen was shot in front of Michelle. He goes over the miscarriage, etc. When Michelle was pregnant again, Danny planned to start fresh in another place. He went to pick Michelle up from the hospital, but Michelle was missing. He goes over finding out Carmen wasn't dead, finding her holding a gun on Michelle at the docks, etc. She told him she would kill Michelle. Danny tried to reason with her. He didn't want anyone to get hurt. He promised Carmen they would go away and not tell anyone she was still alive. Carmen turned her gun on Michelle. Danny says Carmen thought Danny was his father and Michelle was Selena. Danny begged for his child's life but Carmen wouldn't listen. She cocked her gun and Danny shot her. After he made sure Michelle was okay, he threw his gun into the water and put Carmen's body in the lake. Ross asks how the prosecution proved another gun was the murder weapon. Danny doesn't know. Ross says defense of life is not a crime. Danny was protecting his wife and child. Why did he keep quiet for so long? Ross says Danny came from a dysfunctional family filled with conditions and secrets. Danny had to make a choice to go forward with love or to go back to evil. Ross asks if Danny should be punished for choosing love over evil. Court is in recess. Ross tells Gus they just want to get to the truth. Gus makes some gibes against Manny. Danny is ready for Doris' questions but doesn't want Michelle to take the stand. Ross says he will see what happens. He calls Blake on her cell phone but she ignores it. She is on to something very big.

At Company:

Harley is at Company with Frank and the others. She says she has to go to court. Frank won't let anyone leave. Buzz offers to help. Rick tells Frank that he and Harley can deal with this. Phil wants to be counted out. Buzz accuses Phil of not caring. Buzz doesn't want Harley to be miserable. Phil says Buzz is miserable and wants company. Frank tells them they had better cooperate or he will show them pain. Everyone takes a seat at Company. Frank lays down the rules, no swearing, etc. They have to be honest. Frank asks who wants to go first. Frank asks Rick why he didn't wear a condom. Frank tells Phil he is mad because no one told him. Phil says he is mad that his best friend slept with his wife. Frank says everyone made mistakes but they should wipe the slate clean so they can help Harley. Phil says he only found out 24 hours ago and can't adjust that quickly. Phil wonders if Rick wanted more than revenge for Meredith. Phil thought that Rick and Harley were the people he could trust. He storms out. Frank says they all went over to Harley's to cheer her up; Rick and Harley helped each other out and Phil can't deal with it. Phil is the one who had walked out on Harley. Rick says everyone else is trying to decide what is best for Harley, but it is between him and Harley. Harley agrees. Rick tells Harley he isn't going to proclaim his rights to his child. He is trying to do the right thing. Rick tells Frank Harley isn't 16 anymore. Buzz shouldn't try to make up for the fact he wasn't there when she was 16. Rick tells Harley he is more than ready for the baby. He will be there if she needs him but if she doesn't want his help he can deal with it. He wants to be a dad, but even under these circumstances it is enough. He promises to be a good father to the baby and will never turn his back on him. Frank hugs Rick. Outside Company, Harley is sad. Rick tells her they all care. Harley says they all care too much.

In Chicago:

At the police records office, Blake is reading files. Sgt. Kaplan brings a soft drink for Darlena. He thinks it is a coincidence that she is researching her book while he is reading the other one. He looks at the picture. She asks if he recognizes someone; he looks more closely and says a blast from the past. She asks Kaplan if he recognizes the man and boy in the picture. He recognizes the man, Joe August. He was big on the organized crime unit in the 70s. They used to drink beers before...He gives her something to read about what happened. Kaplan won't buy her next book if she writes about that; he would rather forget. Blake is growing more and more curious about Gus.

Friday, July 20, 2001

In San Cristobel:

Cassie is thinking about Olivia and her place in Edmund's schemes. Richard doesn't think Josh would have anything to do with any underhanded dealings. Cassie doesn't either but thinks Olivia is a different story.

Olivia is concerned because Cassie continues to look her way. Josh is discussing his upcoming meeting with Vreeland. Olivia is a bit nervous and tells Josh that she would like to spend some time at the beach with him. He tells her they will have plenty of time after their meeting.

Dax comes in and is anxious to know what Richard's answer is. He pulls out a statement that says Richard has decided not to run for President. Richard tells Dax that he will talk to him later and he starts to leave. Cassie tells him that she wants to stop by and talk to Olivia and Josh again and will meet him later. She goes over to the Lewis table and tells Olivia she wants to ask her something about Vreeland.

Dax is in the garden arguing with Richard about his decision not to run for president. Richard tells Dax that he only wants him to run so it can be like it was when he was prince and not president. He tells Dax that the monarchy worked for over 300 years until Edmund destroyed it. Richard says he is thinking of running but the monarchy is over. It died with his brother William and that is what the people want. Richard leaves. Dax says "Not all the people."

Josh tells Cassie he will call her after he meets with Vreeland and she thanks him for his help and leaves. Josh wonders why Olivia doesn't want him to meet with Vreeland. She says that Vreeland is shy around Americans and then she tries to distract him with a description of her tiny bikini. Meanwhile, Cassie gets an anonymous tip on her cell phone that tells her to "follow the money" when it comes to the Harbor project.

Tammy and Richard are playing and she says she will tell his fortune. She tells him to follow his heart. Richard asks if she is happy to be in SC and she tells him that she is and asks if they will stay there. She tells him everyone wants him to be president. She mentions her friend's father was put in jail for writing bad things about Edmund and how Richard released him and the other political prisoners when he got back to SC, there families are saying that Richard gave them back their lives. Cassie comes down to the garden and asks Richard if he is okay. He tells her about his conversation with a very insightful Tammy. She told him she would like him to become president and he says he thinks he will run if it is okay with her. Cassie kisses him. She says he will win in a landslide and wonders what they should do to celebrate. He suggests making another little Winslow. Her phone rings and while Cassie believes it is Lord Darci; it is really Edmund disguising his voice. Edmund tells her to follow the money and it will lead her to Peter Vreeland and Lewis Construction. Edmund hangs up. The earth shakes again and Cassie doesn't like it. Richard tells her it is just a minor tremor.

At Company:

Buzz is reading about SC as Edmund comes in. Buzz tells Edmund the country is in good hands again. Holly comments that Richard should run for President. Edmund tells Buzz he made mistakes, can't Buzz understand. Buzz says he has made plenty of mistakes of his own but Edmund has to earn forgiveness. He asks Edmund if he is so down on his luck that he has to eat here. Edmund says yes.

Tony arrives at Company with Catalina, talking about what is happening to Danny. He is upset and she tells him to sit down. He tried to play by the rules and Marah dumped him. Catalina says he did the right thing.

Edmund orders a turkey sandwich and Buzz wants him to pay cash. Edmund sees Holly and sits with her, telling her he has a proposition for her. He tells her that he is willing to give her first crack at his memoirs. She thinks he will want a hefty advance and tells him to try someplace else. He tells her that he is the rightful ruler of San Cristobel . Holly goes over how all the people in his life have given him the boot and now Cassie is investigating him. SC has moved on without him, almost like he never existed. Holly leaves and Edmund comments that they will see about that.

Sam and Marah are planning their vacation. Marah wants to say hi to Catalina and Tony. She says last night was a blast as she drops her travel folder for San Cristobel . She says she and Sam are going to SC on vacation and may even visit a nude beach. Marah asks Tony why he doesn't go to his family's place in San Cristobel . Catalina and Sam are watching Tony and Marah. Marah wants Tony to come to SC but he says he can't. Danny is on trial and he has to run his business. Buzz overhears and says he thought Tony was out of the family business. They start shouting at each other and Buzz throws him out. Marah goes to follow him.

At the Spaulding Mansion:

Phillip is telling Beth about Rick and Harley. He says it was not revenge even though it seems like that to him. Beth tells him that he can talk to her since he can't talk to Rick right now and she tells him how sorry she is for what he is going through. Alan comes in and tells Beth that he has made arrangements for her divorce in Mexico. Beth tells him that she will go but now for him or anyone else. Alan tells her that he is just worried Edmund will try to stop her if she doesn't get it over with soon. He suggests Phillip go with her. Beth thinks Phillip only wants to go to get away from Rick and Harley. Phillip tells Alan about the baby and Alan is happy that Phillip isn't the father. Alan leaves. Phillip goes to get the phone and tells Beth that he just got the news that her stepfather, Bradley Raines, just past away.

At the Courthouse:

Ross is preparing Danny for his cross exam by Doris. Gus tells Doris to rip Danny to shreds. Court reconvene and Danny takes the stand. Doris reminds Danny of his admissions, that he shot his mother and that Carmen hated his wife. Why didn't Danny admit it from the start that he is a ruthless amoral person who shot his mother in cold blood? Ross objects. He says Doris shouldn't be giving her biased conclusions. Doris asks Danny why he didn't go to the police right away. Danny says he didn't think the police would believe him because he is a Santos. She asks if he called an ambulance. Danny says Carmen was already dead. Doris asks if he had medical training. Danny says there was no heartbeat. Doris thinks Danny was happy that she was dead. She says he wrapped his mother and tied her body with chains, then dumped her. Doris thanks Ross for providing her with an admission of guilt. Tony starts shouting in the courtroom that they are setting Danny up. Tony leaves before the bailiff's escort him out.

Ross re-questions Danny. He asks if Danny went to the docks to kill his mother. Danny says he didn't even know Carmen was alive. Why did Danny draw his gun? He drew it because Carmen had a gun on his wife. He only shot her to protect Michelle and the unborn baby. Testimony over and court is recessed. Ross tells Michelle she is next. Michelle tells Danny he was wonderful on the stand. Ross says he is either a genius or in trouble. In the lobby, Gus is lighting up and Michelle takes his cigarette, telling him there is no smoking in here. She tells him Danny is innocent and she is about to prove it. She tells Gus that she is on to him. She knows he planted the bullet but he took the bullet from the wrong gun. It all started with the body that he probably faked too. Gus says they used the dental records for ID and she shouldn't take it out on him.

Blake comes in and says this is Gus's unlucky day. She is on her way in to see Ross when Gus stops her and asks what she has there. Blake tells Gus she has some research for her next book. Gus wonders why she is so cool to him. He tells her she missed Danny's testimony. She goes in to see Ross. Ross says he has to prep Michelle for testimony but Danny says he can't find Michelle.

At the Dentist Office:

Michelle arrives dressed in disguise and starts flirting with the dentist.

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