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Monday, July 16

Unable to find a pulse, Kevin performs CPR on Abe but Chris is finally forced to pronounce the judge dead. Feigning an ankle injury, Gaby cons Jamal into taking her back to her place. As he begins to caress Livvie, Jack glances at his own reflection in the mirror and is horrified to see that he's suddenly grown fangs. Anxious to get clear of Livvie before she notices the new dental addition, Jack pushes his startled girlfriend roughly away and flees out into the night. Chris berates a guilt-ridden Kevin for frightening a helpless old man to death. Hiding his face in the shadows, Jack told Alison he needs to see Jamal right away. Meanwhile, Gaby spins a yarn for Jamal about being chased by an eerie stranger. Though Jack begs Alison to leave him alone, she urges him to tell her what's wrong. When Alison stubbornly persists, Jack turns to face her and bares his fangs at his rattled friend. Gaby deliberately inflicts a wound on her own arm, then attempts to lure Jamal close enough to mingle their blood. A weeping Livvie told Kevin and Lucy how Jack walked out on her. Later, Livvie spots the sketch her father made and wonders why Kevin has a picture of Caleb on his desk.

Tuesday, July 17

Jack sadly admits to an astounded Alison that he's well on the way to becoming a full-blown vampire. Meanwhile, Gaby attempts to sink her teeth into Jamal's neck but finds herself unable to put the bite on her unwitting guest. Stunned when Livvie identifies the sketch as a picture of her mystery man, Kevin warns his daughter that Caleb is a prime suspect in a series of bizarre murders. After giving Jamal the bum's rush, Gaby faces a disapproving Caleb. Livvie assures Lucy and Kevin that the new man in her life is kind and sweet. Gaby swears to Caleb that she'll do better next time. Jack explains to Alison why he and Jamal kept her in the dark about his peculiar new lifestyle. Kevin forbids a defiant Livvie from seeing Caleb again. Jack cautions Alison that he's growing hungry and must soon feed once more. Caleb and Gaby share a snack. Lucy begins to suspect that Livvie's new love is a bloodsucking vampire.

Wednesday, July 18

by Jill

Livvie was still furious with Kevin for locking her up and could not believe that Victor was helping him. She refused to listen as he tried to assure her that they where only trying to protect her. She began having flashbacks about the times that she had spent with Caleb, and all of the wonderful things that he would tell her when they where together. She told Victor that Caleb would not hurt her, and she would see him again like it or not.

Thinking that Alison was in danger, Jamal began to attack Jack. Alison was horrified and begged Jamal to stop. She told him that she knew about Jack and that she was only tried to comfort him. Jamal quickly apologized to Jack and told him that he had just thought the worst because he knew that Jack would be in need of blood soon. Jack told him that he would have reacted the same way. He then told them how he ran out on Livvie after seeing that he had fangs. Jamal told him that he was just in his room, and Livvie was not there. Fearing for her safety, they quickly left to find her before Caleb did.

Lucy went to Kevin's office to tell him about her theory on Caleb, and could not believe it when Kevin told her that he had locked Livvie up in a hospital room to keep her safe. Lucy then began to tell him about the movie she had watched and how she had come to the conclusion that Caleb was a vampire. Kevin told her that was impossible, and her that he didn't have time for nonsense when his daughter was being stalked by a killer. After searching everywhere for Livvie, Jack, Jamal and Alison came bursting into Kevin's office hoping that he would know where she was. They where equally as shocked when Kevin told them where Livvie was. Jack told him that even with Victor and a guard, Livvie was not safe from Caleb. He knew just what to do to be invited into almost anywhere. Kevin told Jack that he was wrong, but Lucy picked up on Jack's comment about needing to be invited in. Lucy asked Jack if Caleb was a vampire and Jack told her that it was true. Alison and Jamal backed Jack's claim and told Kevin that Livvie was in real danger. This made Kevin even more angry, and when Jack told him that Livvie would be safer at the lighthouse with all of them there to protect her Kevin told them that Livvie was not leaving the hospital. Frustrated, Jack lunged at Kevin and threw him across the room.

When Eve saw Ian struggling with the computer, she offered to help him open a E-mail attachment. Ian stopped her and told her that it was a background check on Michael. Shocked, Eve questioned Ian's reasons for doing this. Ian told her that he thought there was more to Michael's story, his presence in Port Charles. Eve still insisted that he was all wrong about Michael so they agreed to open the file together. After reading the report Eve was pleased that everything checked out as Michael had said. Ian still believed that Michael was still keeping something from them and decided to confront him directly to get his answers, but when he went into Michael's room, he was not there. Eve became angry thinking that Michael must have overheard their conversation and left. Eve and Ian began to argue but where interrupted by a phone call from the hospital. Eve insisted that Ian go to work before she said anything that she would regret later.

Michael had gone to tell Caleb that he would not be able to harm Eve or the baby, and had even moved it with them to be sure of their safety. Caleb told Michael that he would not stand in that way of him finally having a family. Caleb went on to taunt Michael about how he was really lusting after Eve and if they worked together, he could have the baby, and Michael could have Eve. Furious to hear Caleb say this, Michael lunged at him, but after their scuffle, Michael was lying unconscious in the alley.

A few minutes after Ian had left Eve went to answer a know at the door thinking that it was Ian coming back to apologize, but was startled to find Caleb leaning on the doorway asking to come in.

Thursday, July 19

by Jill

As Jamal jumps in to keep the peace, Jack warns a fuming Kevin that Livvie won't be safe from Caleb in the hospital. Dollar signs dance in Chris' eyes after he learns that his brother's blood as well as Abe's sample both contain an unusual element which could explain their superhuman strength. Ian admits to Karen how he and his new bride have been quarreling about their odd houseguest. Meanwhile, at the loft, Caleb urges a wary Eve to invite him in. Unnerved by his interest in her unborn child, Eve yanks away from Caleb, who flinches to see the family crest hanging around her neck. Gaby grows determined to prove her worth to her lord and master by feeding on Jamal at the very next opportunity. Later, a worried Emilio asks his sister why she seems to be distancing herself from the family. Karen advises Ian to lighten up about Michael and mend fences with Eve. Kevin orders Jack to stay away from his daughter. Ian heads home early to make up with his wife but is annoyed to find Michael comforting Eve. Jack forcibly removes Livvie from Victor's custody and takes her back to the lighthouse for safekeeping.

Friday, July 20

Alison eagerly looks forward to a rare evening alone with Jamal but Jack's arrival with Livvie puts a damper on her plan. Lucy told Kevin about the creepy stranger who came to the door of the lighthouse. Meanwhile, Caleb returns to Gaby's place and hisses at her to swear that she hasn't betrayed him. Describing her dream to Alison, Livvie confides that she still finds herself torn between her boyfriend and the mysterious man who occupies nearly every waking thought. Jack explains to an astounded Jamal how Caleb has made the old monastery into his headquarters. Gaby is startled to realize that the priest she encountered at General Hospital was Caleb's identical twin. Recalling how she caught Jamal stealing from the blood bank, Gaby told Caleb she's certain Jack's friend has been helping him grow stronger. Later, Caleb orders Gaby to lure Jamal into the vampire's web. Kevin shows Abe the sketch he made of Caleb and is dismayed to see the terrified judge suddenly go into cardiac arrest.

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