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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of July 16, 2001 on ATWT
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Monday, July 16, 2001

Carly shows up at Craig's hotel suite but he is not home. She has new designs to give him for BRO. She writes him a note and slips the envelope under the door. Her cell phone rings and it is Jack and he wants to meet her for lunch. She tells him that she will meet him at the diner.

At the diner, Paul Ryan and Rose are having lunch together. Paul is mulling over how he can get the papers that he knows Craig has taken. Rose asks him if he knows that her sister is part owner in the Lakeview. Paul says that he knows that, but they don't have time to wait for Lily to get back from Malta. Rose tells him to close his eyes. He gets perturb at her but he does what she asks. After his eyes are closed, she clears her throat and drops her voice and imitates Lily. After she is done, Paul opens his eyes and tells her that she is amazing. She tells him that they can go to the Lakeview and she can pretend that she is Lily. They leave the diner together.

Carly walks into the diner and sits down with Jack. He has ordered for her and she starts to eat. He asks her about her new designing job and she is vague about it. He tells her about Craig being back in jail and she goes white. He adds that soon there will be an Oakdale policeman walking in to give him papers so he can search Craig's hotel suite. She loses all the color in her face. She makes up an excuse that she has to go because she has to pick up Parker and she almost forgot. She makes a hasty retreat. Soon after she is gone, a policeman comes in and gives Jack the papers to search the hotel suite. Jack looks at the envelope and says, "I don't believe it. Margo came through."

At the Lakeview, Rose, posing as Lily, and Paul Ryan, posing as a Mr. Dennehy, walk up to Craig's suite with the hotel manager. He is explaining that Mr. Montgomery has the penthouse now, but he thinks he will be out soon. Rose thanks him for letting them look at it and he opens the door and leaves the two to look in private. When the door is closed, Paul digs right in and starts to search for the BRO papers. Rose tries to explain that she does not make a habit of posing as her sister. Paul looks at her and she starts to explain that he may hear something later. He cuts her off when he finds a box of BRO files. He looks through the box but it is not what he is looking for. He sees a big envelope on the desk and asks Rose what it is. She says that it was on the floor in front of the door when they walked in. Paul sees the note from Carly to Craig. He looks inside and sees the designs. He tells Rose that he can't believe that Craig is replacing his mother so quickly. He tells Rose that she can go, but he wants to stay and search a little more. Rose leaves and Paul starts to look around. He can't stop thinking about the envelope from Carly and he goes back to it and looks at the designs. As he is looking at the contents of the envelope, he sees a letter opener poking through under the door. He goes to the door and opens it. Carly is on her knees trying to find the envelope before Jack gets there. Paul looks at her and he asks, "Carly Tenney?" Carly looks up and shakes her head yes. He holds out the designs and asks if she is looking for this. He drops the envelope on the floor, but before she can grab it, Paul steps on the envelope.

Hal walks into Barbara's room to visit her. He tells her that he is afraid that she will be scared if she is alone too long. As he is talking with Barbara, Margo walks in and hears him talking about Barbara moving her hand. She asks Hal about it. Hal says that it was small but at least it is something. Margo is very happy for him and she hugs him. She asks Hal if she could talk to Barbara just for a minute. Hal steps away from the bed. Margo steps closer and tells Barbara that they have not always gotten along. She adds that she is working day and night to try to catch the person that did this to her. Margo turns back to Hal. She tells him that she still doesn't believe her brother did this, but she is building brick by brick a wall of evidence against Craig. She tells Hal that he has been the only person besides herself that doesn't fully believe that Craig is guilty of this crime. She asks Hal to please help her prove her brother's innocence. Hal tells her that he is doing some investigating, but he isn't looking to find Craig innocent. Margo and Hal walk out of the room together. As they walk out, Barbara opens her eyes. She can see Hal and Margo standing at the door and she raises her hand to them. They don't see her and walk away. The guard also doesn't see her and closes the door.

Simon and Lily are getting ready to go to bed in the villa in Malta. Simon promises Lily that they will find Holden and Luke. Lily is in bed and Simon goes to he bed on the floor. Just as they are turning out the lights, Katie comes barging in and says, "Ahaa!!" She sees Simon on the floor and Lily in the bed and she tells them that she has the wrong room and starts back out the door. Simon catches her and makes her come back into the room. Simon and Lily both scold Katie and tell her that she may have put Holden and Luke into a lot of trouble. She apologizes and says that she thought that Lily and Simon was using this as an excuse to get away together. Lily gets upset and starts to leave the room. When she opens the door, the lady that owns the villa is standing at the door, listening. Lily asks her why is she there. The lady enters the room and tells them that she can't have two women and one man sharing a room. It doesn't look right. Katie starts to ask if she thinks they are going to have a threesome, but Simon interrupts her and tells her to be quiet. Lily tells the lady that Katie was not invited and she will be leaving. The lady explains that all the villas in the area are booked up and she can't make travel plans this late at night. Katie tells Simon that she doesn't have any more money, either. Lily looks back at the lady and asks if Katie can stay just one night and then she will be gone tomorrow. Lily adds that she will pay anything. The lady tells them that she can only stay one night and she leaves. After she is gone, Simon brings Lily's attention to the lady and she may have been listening at the door. Lily says that she has always been so helpful. Katie looks at the two and asks if the lady is involved with the people who kidnapped Luke and Holden. Simon and Lily look at each other. Katie asks if they are in danger. Simon tells her that no one is going to get hurt as long as he it there. He looks at Lily and tells her that he promised her mother he would bring her home unharmed. He tells the two women that he will spend the night in the hall. Katie starts to go out with him. Simon stops her and tells her that he is going alone. Simon goes out and closes the door. Katie turns around and Lily is pulling down the covers on the bed. Katie tells her that she doesn't have to give up her bed and Lily hands her a pillow and blanket. Katie, a little deflated, says that she will sleep on the floor. After the two are in bed and the lights are out, Katie asks if Lily is asleep. Lily doesn't answer but her eyes are wide open. Katie says that she doesn't know if Lily is asleep or just ignoring her but she wants to say something. She tells her that she didn't mean to put Holden and Luke in any danger. She adds that she only came because of the way she feels about Simon. She says that she can't explain it; maybe it is the same way that Lily feels about Holden. She says that she and Simon haven't been together that long, but she is crazy about the guy. She ends by saying that she is sorry again and Lily says, "Goodnight, Katie." Katie says goodnight and then she says, "Goodnight, Simon."

Out in the hall, Simon hears someone dialing a phone. He sneaks over to a door and opens it a little. He sees the lady that owns the villa talking on the phone. She tells the person on the phone that Lily has a man and woman that have joined her. She tells them that they have to do something. She finishes by telling them to move the two Americans.

Tuesday, July 17, 2001

Paul finds Carly trying to retrieve her designs from Craig's apartment, and accuses her of being Craig's mistress and trying to take control of his mother's company. Carly defends Craig, stating that there is no way that he tried to kill Barbara. As they argue, she tries to grab her designs. He refuses to give them up, telling her that they are evidence that Carly is Craig's motive for trying to kill his mother. She tries to explain that Craig only wants her designs so that BRO won't go under. As the argument escalates, Paul wonders why Craig needed to steal so much money, since Carly doesn't look all that expensive. "Then again, I wouldn't know," he sneers, "I've never had to pay for it." She slaps him. He throws her designs in the trash.

Jack runs into Jennifer at the diner and wonders why she's not with Carly. After he questions her about Carly's plans to pick up Parker, he calls Hal and learns that it was already planned that Parker was staying with him for the night.

Lucinda tells Bryant that she's proud of the young man that he's become, and gives him the trust fund money, telling him that Craig repaid the money. Bryant's less than thrilled that it took the threat of court to make his dad return his money. Lucinda advises her grandson not to trust Craig. Bryant retorts that he's said the same about her. He announces that he's sick of being in the middle, and from now on he's on his own.

Margo meets Tom for dinner and announces her intention to resign from the force, since she's a failure as a sister and as a cop. Tom avers that she hasn't done anything wrong on either count, and asks if she could live with herself if she resigns and then Craig is found guilty. After he convinces her to trust herself and remain on the force, they enjoy their night out.

Bryant meets up with Jennifer and asks about her mom. Jen's tired from trying to take care of the family in Barbara's absence. He asks if she wants to go to Paris. When he tells her about Craig returning his trust fund, she realizes in horror that it's stolen from her mother. She tells Bryant that it's blood money, and if he keeps it, he can kiss her goodbye, then storms out. Bryant shows up at Lucinda's and asks her if she's happier now than when she was poor. She says him that money provides comfort, but it doesn't make up who you are. She tells him that it doesn't matter where the money came from. After she leaves, he wonders whether his trust fund is more important than Jennifer.

Carly fishes her designs out of the trash and storms out the door, and right into Jack. He blows off her explanation for being there and lays into Paul for disobeying his orders about entering Craig's apartment. Now Cass can argue that any evidence found there was tampered with. After a short argument, Jack throws Paul out. Carly confesses that she lied to Jack and was planning to work with Craig behind his back. They get into a nasty fight, and Carly gets frustrated at Jack's attitude that her career isn't important. She tells him she's sick of being the prize in his spitting contest with Craig. As the argument escalates, he blurts out that he doesn't trust her. He likens Craig's obsession with Carly to Julia's psycho actions. They eventually call a truce, but neither is happy with how they leave things.

Paul visits Barbara, admitting that he should have been in town to protect her, but he was mad that she was leaving Hal and marrying Craig. He vows to make Craig pay for her near death. Barbara opens her eyes. Recap --->

Wednesday, July 18, 2001

Java Underground:

Ben and Isaac discussed Lien. Isaac wondered if Ben did something to bring on Lien's miracle cure. Ben told him what he did and told Isaac to keep it a secret. Isaac argued with Ben about using the illegal drugs. He told Ben that he could lose his license to practice medicine. Ben said he couldn't live with himself without trying to keep Lien alive after he heard that the drug had helped others in other parts of the world. He told Isaac that Lien means a lot to him and he wanted to save her. Isaac told him he's doing the same thing that he did with Camille and then Denise and now Lien. He told him to chill out and not fall in love with every woman that came along. Isaac wanted to know what Lien thought now that Ben saved her life. Ben told him that she didn't know about it.

When Ben left, Lisa walked over to talk to Isaac. She told Isaac there was nothing wrong with love and she sees nothing wrong with Ben looking for the right woman. She went on to tell Isaac that she is not against looking for husband number 9.

Holden & Luke's Prison:

Luke and Holden discussed their escape. When they heard church bells ringing, Holden told him that when they escaped, they would run to the church for sanctuary. The Italian guard came in the room that they were being held in. He told them that he was taking Luke somewhere alone but he would give them a few minutes alone to say goodbye. When the guard left, Luke wondered how they could escape later if the guard took him away now. Holden told him they would have to make it look like Luke was too sick to go. Holden put stage make-up on Luke to make him look sick. He told Luke to cough and pretend he was tired. When the guard came back, Holden told him that Luke was sick. The guard looked at Luke and told him that he better not be lying. The guard wanted to know what was wrong with Luke. When he started shaking him, Holden told him that Luke might be coming down with TB. He said that one of Luke's school friends came down with it and he was supposed to get a booster shot but they didn't have time to get it. The guard left and said that he would be back later that evening. Holden told Luke that the guard was probably afraid to get TB from Luke and they were happy that they tricked him.

Lily's Rented Room:

The church bells waking her up annoyed Katie. She and Lily talk about the mess they are in. Katie apologized to Lily for going after Holden last summer. She said she knew now that she didn't love Holden. She said she is so much in love with Simon and she knows now what it's really like to be in love. Katie went to see how Simon was and ran back in the room to tell Lily that Simon was gone. The Senora brought them breakfast. As Katie started to drink the orange juice, Simon ran in the room and told them not to eat anything the Senora gave them. Lily wanted to know why the Senora would have put something in their food. The Senora claimed to know nothing. Simon brought the Italian police with him. The cop was surprised when he saw whom Simon was accusing of kidnapping and murder. He apologized to the Senora and told them that she was his friend. Lily said it wasn't a coincidence that she met her on the plane to Malta and accused her of working with Damian. When the cop was taking the Senora's side in the argument, Simon asked whom was she talking to when she told them to get rid of the two Americans. Lil told the Senora she wanted to know what she knew about Holden and Luke. The woman became irate. The cop wanted to know what Damian had to do with this. Lily briefly told them about her being married to Damian and how he, Holden and Luke disappeared. The woman appeared to not know the true facts and apologized. She said she would never hurt Damian or his son. Lily asked her to help her find them. Before the woman could say anything there was a knock at the door and the person told Lily to open the door. It was another Italian policeman looking for Katie. They arrested her for stealing a bicycle. As they argued with the police, the senora disappeared. The cop told them because of Katie's stealing the bike, he said he no longer believed their story of the kidnapping. After the cops left, Simon told Lily he was stupid for getting the police involved. He said first they need to get Katie out of Jail and send her back to the US and then they would continue the search for her family. He said they couldn't trust anyone but each other.

Tom & Margo's House:

Lien tried to walk with a walker. When she saw how difficult it was, she decided she wasn't quite ready for too much walking yet. Lien wanted to know why Ben has to give her the shots and not John Dixon. She told Tom that she left a message for John to call her and she was going to tell him that she wanted him to give her the shots. When the phone rang, Tom stopped her from answering it and told her that Ben is the only one that is to give her the shots. She wanted to know why. Tom told her the medication that was used, wasn't approved. Tom told her that he was the one that gave her the first shot. Tom explained to Lien that she was dying and the only way to save her life was to use the illegal drug. He asked her if she was angry with him. She said he gave her life not only once, but twice and she was so grateful to him. Tom told her that Ben didn't want her to know so that she wouldn't feel indebted to him. When they heard Ben at the door, Tom asked her not to let Ben know that she knew. She told him she wouldn't say anything to Ben. Ben examined Lien. He told her that he had a talk with Isaac and although he didn't like what he had to say, he thought Isaac was right. He promised to give Lien her space and not push. He said he was going to keep their relationship professional. Lien kissed Ben. He wondered why the change. She told him he saved her life and she was grateful for his encouragement and support. He told her Curtis had been asking about her. He asked if the three of them could go out to dinner sometime when she was ready. She told him she would be happy to go with them.

Italian Prison:

When the cop put Katie in a jail cell, she said she wanted to talk to someone in charge. She tried to sweet-talk the guard by flattering him. He just smiled and walked away. The opera singers began singing and Katie was complaining about the loud noise. The guard told her that she better get used to it. He said that the annual Argotti Garden Opera Festival was opening and the singing would be around for a few days. When Katie heard the word "Arogotti", she realized where Holden and Luke were. She told the guard she needed a phone. He told her it wasn't a hotel and walked out.

Thursday, July 19, 2001

As a way of rewarding Molly and Jake for rescuing Matthew, Lucinda offers to throw them an all-expenses paid wedding at her home. Molly and Jake quickly thank her for her offer but try to convince her that it's too generous in hopes that she'll back off. Instead, Lucinda becomes more insistent, and much to Jake's surprise, the two agree to let her handle their nuptials.

Hal is caught off guard when Jack approaches him at Al's for help with his relationship with Carly. Hal can't believe that anyone would seek advice about affairs of the heart from him after his many failed marriages. Jack admits that Carly feels he's sabotaging her efforts to have a career. Pointing out all that led to his divorce from Barbara, Hal urges Jack to accept Carly for who she is, as hard as that may be. Emily brings Hal check out cards for all the military books in the library and tries to find out who has been reading them. They laugh to find most have been checked out by Nancy.

By bringing in photos and CDs of her favorite music to her hospital room, Jennifer and Paul do their best to try to get Barbara to emerge from her coma. They argue about what Barbara's feelings toward Craig may be once she comes to. Jessica interrupts and warns that if Barbara fails to wake, it's likely that Craig will go free because Cass has arranged for a judge to rule at a bail hearing today. Their efforts are rewarded when Barbara finally wakes after a violent convulsion. Paul's relieved but disappointed when he discovers that she's unable to talk, however, she did make an attempt to speak.

Friday, July 20, 2001

Jake received an anonymous wedding present--a tee shirt with Molly's jailhouse mug shot on it. When they questioned the doorman who delivered the package, he told them that it appeared out of nowhere. They called in Margo who advised them she would check the surveillance tape outside of the building. She also informed them that even if they ascertained the person's identity, he or she could not be arrested because they had not yet committed a crime.

Jen and Paul were overjoyed when Barbara awoke from her coma and immediately asked for Hal. When questioned about the accident, she appeared disoriented and had no memory of the explosion. She acted worried when Paul told her that the police needed her statement.

Jack apologized to Carly for giving her an ultimatum about taking the job with Craig. He admitted that he was afraid of losing her and worried that her job would take her away from him and out of the country. Carly countered that she was worried every time he left the house because of his police work. They were in the process of kissing and making up when Jack received a call from Paul telling him that Barbara had awoken from her coma and was getting ready to name her assailant.

Bryant refused to accept his trust fund money from Lucinda because he felt it was stolen from Barbara by his father. Lucinda insisted that it was his money and he should be able to use it as he saw fit but he admitted that Jen would break up with him if he took the money. He finally decided to keep the money until after the trial but informed Lucinda that he did not plan to spend one cent of it and was not going to tell Jen.

Colleen Zenk makes surprise appearance as Y&R's Aunt Jordan
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