One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 9, 2001 on OLTL

Max comforted Gabrielle. Will and Jen blackmailed Lindsay. Starr moved to Viki's attic to avoid her parents. Roseanne admitted she had been present when Colin had been killed. Lindsay confessed to killing Colin. Roseanne packed her things.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 9, 2001 on OLTL
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Monday, July 9, 2001

At St. Anne's, Addie tells Todd and Blair that Starr left with Rae, but when Rae returns and they angrily confront her, she informs them otherwise. Distraught, Blair leans on Todd; he promises her they will find Starr. Meanwhile, Starr is alone on a dark road, attempting to hitchhike to New York.

Roseanne asks Senora Lena for love potion for Antonio, but Lena tells her it is too late for her soul because she keeps a dark secret. She tells Roseanne the secret involves footsteps on stairs, and death.

At Asa's, Gabrielle tells Max of her difficult life with Al, and convinces him to sleep in the bedroom with her, for security. Later, she fakes a nightmare and Max goes to her; she smiles behind his back as he reassures her she is safe from Asa.

Renee demands to know what Asa is up to, and he says he is scaring Gabrielle into fidelity. When Renee mentions trust, Asa tells her he trusted none of his wives, including her; Renee tells him she only kept quiet about Max to shield Asa, and leaves. Asa then stages a drunken rant outside Max's bedroom.

Nora goes to Colin's house and remembers hearing his laughter. Meeting Bo in the foyer, she tells him she is seeking evidence against Lindsay, but that she wants her memories back for her own sake. Bo leads her through the night Colin died, and Nora remembers awakening in Colin's bed, then staggering for the door. Finally, she remembers footsteps on the stairs.

Locked in a cell opposite Sam's, Lindsay accuses him of letting her believe Jen killed Colin; Sam suspects that she killed Colin and is wearing a wire to deflect suspicion from herself. Lindsay swears she is not the killer, then wonders who, if neither of them, might have done it.

Tuesday, July 10, 2001

Will tells his sister that it is over between him and Jess just as she walks in. She asks him if he really means that. He replies that too much has happened and walks away. Upset, Jess sits down and Jen approaches her. Jen believes that if they just try, Jess and Will can get back together. Jess says that all they've been doing is trying and why does she care anyway? Jen thinks that if Jess and her brother can't make it then there's no hope for her and Cris. Jess encourages her to believe in Cris. Jen leaves saying she is going somewhere no one can find her to be alone.

In jail, Lindsay testifies to her innocence, but Sam's not buying it. She pleads with him and tells him he is still the love of her life. Will shows up, but he has heard enough of his mother's lies. After Will leaves, Lanie pays her sister a visit. She informs Lindsay that Nora is getting her memory back. Lanie also remembers seeing a car with a woman behind the wheel the night of the murder. Lindsay is not impressed! Meanwhile, Senora Lena warns Roseanne that the spirits won't rest until the truth is revealed. Roseanne cries out that she will lose Antonio forever if she tells the truth. The Senora informs her that far worse will come to her if she doesn't and that the dead soul is much more dangerous dead than alive. After Roseanne leaves, Senora Lena performs an incantation to hasten the revealing of the truth. At the same time, Nora suddenly remembers Colin tumbling down the stairs! When Nora looks up she sees Roseanne standing in the courtroom...

At Break Bar, Cris is upset that he hasn't heard from Jen. Al arrives looking for Jess. He informs Cris and Seth that Will and Jess are finished. Cris doesn't really believe it, but Seth looks very interested... Kortney Kayle comes in and finds her friend Al. He is excited that she has a gig at Break Bar. Jess shows up and Al asks if she's OK. She tells Cris that Jen went somewhere to be alone where no one could find her. He takes off for the rock quarry to find her. Al gives Jess a hug to comfort her just as Will walks in... Cris finds Jen and the two are reunited.

Wednesday, July 11, 2001

Cris finds Jen at the quarry where they admit to how much they mean to each other, though Jen voices her concern over Cris heading back to Jess since she and her brother have split up. She is also afraid the same thing will happen to them. Cris is no longer interested in Jess he tells her and they are also different from Will and Jess and won't have the same problems. He tries to get her to promise to keep Lindsay away from them but she is unable to do that though she does admit that her mother no longer has the same power over her as before. If that's the case, Cris urges Jen to tell him a secret. He agrees to go first and admits to be angry that he can no longer paint. Jen tells him that if she had to pick one parent to stay in jail it would be her mother. Cris picks her up and tosses her into the water, to get her mind off of her problems. Later, both sit down soaked, and she admits she forgot for awhile. She knows how to help her father now, she needs two people ! to testify against her mom. She needs to find Will.

Will walks into Break Bar to find Jess in an embrace with Al. He's extremely upset and he and Al get into an argument over it, while Jess attempts to explain that it's not what it looked like. Will apologizes as Jess insists that there is nothing between her and Al and that it would take a long time for there to be another guy in her life. Both still obviously love each other and feel the same loss. Will wants to remain friends but Jess refuses, saying that she would still want to come to him for comfort and other things. He admits he'll be jealous everytime he might see her with someone else and what he needs is distance. He decides to move on without her and even change his classes at the university so he doesn't have to see her. Jess sadly says she'll miss him. Over by the bar, Seth is applying for college loans since he doesn't have a Buchanan helping him, he tells Al. Al suggests he take psychology and film but Seth retorts that he's taking business classes so he! can make money. After Al mentions that both he and Jess are taking those classes, Seth looks thoughtful. Later, he wanders over to Jess sitting at a table and asks for help with his application. She notes that he's trying for the same classes as she and Al. Kortney tells Al she's looking forward to playing at the club.

While visiting her sister in jail, Lanie remembers seeing a woman driving to Colin's house as she was leaving, but she's not quite sure who it was. Lindsay is distraught that sis doesn't seem to remember as she's afraid if it's between Lanie and Nora, she'll end up facing a murder charge. She really thinks that Lanie should be on her side and denies that it was her in the car. Lanie comes down on her for hurting Sam and as she thinks about it, she becomes more positive that it was Lindsay who she saw and she would definitely testify against her if she had to, especially over an innocent man. Lindsay cries over the usual; Lanie had more of their father's love, Bo, etc. Lanie urges her to shut up since she's sick of hearing her. She forgave her for sleeping with her husband, she defended her with the Nora kidnapping and couldn't believe she'd ever kill Colin but she does now. Lindsay is bad, not misunderstood and Lanie turns the knife even further by stating that they were! never sisters. Will stops by for a visit and Lindsay tells him she needs him since he's the only one left. She wants to know if he believes that she's innocent. He only looks at her.

Senora Lena recites an incantation, urging the spirits to free Roseanne from the spell of murder.

Roseanne enounters Nora at the courthouse as the lawyer is having another flashback of Colin tumbling down the stairs. Roseanne appears disturbed, especially when Nora is about to remember something else, but they are interrupted by Hank (accompanied by Sam) who wishes to speak with Nora and Sam alone. As Roseanne rushes off, Nora calls out to her, asking what she wanted to see her about but Roseanne claims to only be looking for Antonio as she thought he might be back in town. As she darts off, she runs into Senora Lena who has come to urge Roseanne to tell the truth. Hank thinks Nora is risking Sam's life if she's willing to depend on the jury and he wants to offer them a deal. He says that Lindsay's testimony was damaging and the evidence still points to Sam so he is willing to change the murder charge to one of manslaughter and if he pleads guilty, will give him 10-15 years jail time. Nora refuses the offer though Sam thinks maybe it is right. Nora claims to have a s! urprise witness, herself when she remembers everything, though she can't count on it yet. She won't allow him to leave her for 10 years and besides, Matthew needs his father and so does she. Sam appears touched and tells her she never told him how much his freedom meant to her before. They are reminded of a previous client in Chicago who took the same kind of deal and is already out, but Nora relates that the particular client was guilty, Sam is not. He's afraid to testify since he will damage his own cause by admitting that he killed Colin (though he thought he was really protecting Jen). He agrees not to take the deal. Just then, Nora has a flashback, hearing Colin's voice asking someone if they think they could really stop him. Outside of the courtroom, Senora advises Roseanne that the spirits are unhappy. When Roseanne cries that she will lose Antonio if she comes forward, the Senora orders her to tell the truth. At the same time that Nora has her flashback, Ros! eanne wants Senora away from her and Lena says she can't stop her. She's "unstoppable." Roseanne remembers Colin on the stairs, saying the same thing. Nora too, hears Colin say "unstoppable." She remembers!

Thursday, July 12, 2001

Max's room at Asa's-Max awakens from a dream of Gabrielle to find her still there in his bed. She then awakens and feigns surprise at the time and pretends to be horrified that she's still in Max's room. Asa then comes down the hall yelling for Gabrielle and threatening what he will do to her if he finds her with Max. Gabrielle quickly hides in the bathroom as Asa unlocks the door. Max tells Asa he took Gabrielle to a hotel, and Asa leaves. Gabrielle comes out and Max is angry when Gabrielle says she's not ready to divorce Asa. Gabrielle then "sneaks" out of the house and comes to the front door. Asa answers it and pretends to apologize to her with expensive gifts. They are locked in a passionate embrace as Max comes down the stairs.

Lindsay's cell-Lanie is disgusted as Lindsay proclaims her innocence. Lanie tells her she won't say it wasn't Lindsay approaching Colin's house the night of the murder in a car because she knows it was a woman, she's just not sure who it was. Lanie tells Lindsay they're no longer sisters and leaves. Jenn, Will, and Cris then show up and Will and Jenn tell her they don't believe her. Cris then leaves before things get too ugly. Jenn then tells Lindsay that if she doesn't confess to killing Colin, Jenn and Will are going to Hank to tell him about Lindsay's part in Nora's abduction. Lindsay begs and pleads with them to believe her, but they leave to go tell Hank. When Lindsay is alone, her conscience comes to her once again in the form of Nora. Nora tells her to win back her children by confessing to the murder. Lindsay argues, saying she didn't do it, but "Nora" tells her that confessing might help her make up for her past crimes. Lindsay calls for the guard and tells him to get "her" out of the cell. The guard of course can't see anyone and looks at her like she's crazy.

Courtroom-Nora struggles to remember Colin's murder, and does remember some of his words and then sees an image of him falling down the stairs. Nora and Sam have the autopsy report brought to them by a skeptical Hank, and discover that the report says Colin could've died from a fall. They are elated as this could shed doubt on the fireplace poker and thus clear Sam. Hank tells them that Sam is still prime suspect without new evidence, and Jenn and Will walk in and say they have something to tell Hank.

Outside the courtroom-Senora Lena is talking to Roseanne saying the same words Colin used right before he died. Roseanne becomes visibly upset at this and at the Senora's urging that she purge her soul, and tells her to leave her alone. The Senora leaves, but first gives Roseanne a watch and tells her it stopped when a dark soul met its end. Roseanne becomes hysterical when she sees the time and date on the watch are exactly when Colin died, and is panicking when Cris walks up behind her. She asks Cris to take her away, so he takes her to Break Bar.

Break Bar-Cris urges Roseanne to spill what she knows, but Roseanne hedges, saying she doesn't want to lose Antonio.

Friday, July 13, 2001

R.J.'s Break Bar

Roseanne tells Cris that she was there the night Colin was killed and has always known who the killer is.

Llanview Courthouse

Lindsay tells Hank to put her on the stand and she will tell what really happened to Colin MacIver.

Llanview Police Station

Detective Sykes tells Todd and Blair that they have picked up a little girl matching Starr's description in a neighboring town. Blair is so happy; she puts her arm around Todd and kisses his cheek. Todd, in turn, puts his arm around Blair.


Starr is in the attic torturing her Barbie when she hears Viki and Ben outside the door discussing a picnic in the attic. Viki hears something inside.

Llanview Courthouse

Lindsay makes an impassioned speech about how she has to tell what she knows or she couldn't live with herself and she would not want her children to live with it. She says all she ever wanted was for her children to love and respect her and that nothing, not even her freedom, meant anything her except that. She tells Sam that he was willing to make a huge sacrifice for their family, and now it was her turn. Hank asks her what she has to tell the court.

Llanview Police Station

While Blair has gone to freshen up, Sykes tells Todd that Child Protective Services will be questioning he and Blair about Starr running away. Just as Blair returns, she overhears Sykes say he is afraid that, considering Blair's history, it is possible CPS could permanently declare her an unfit mother. Todd tells Sykes if he wants to know what kind of mother Blair is; he will give him an earful. From the look on her face it is obvious that Blair thinks Todd is going to say unkind things about her.


Viki and Ben go into the attic and find Starr's backpack and food she has been eating. They hear another noise behind some clothes and when they push them aside they find what appears to be three dolls, but the "doll" in the middle looks surprisingly like Starr.

Llanview Courthouse

Lindsay says it is much harder than she thought it was going to be to tell what she knows.

Llanview Police Station

Todd defends Blair and adamantly tells Sykes that Blair is a very good mother. Blair overhears him and is very touched. The officers arrive with the little girl and it is not Starr. Todd assures Blair that they will find her.


Viki tells Ben that the doll in the middle is very familiar and Starr knows the "jig is up" and comes out. When Viki asks what she is doing there, Starr shows her a wad of money and says she wants to move in and will "pay the rent". She tells Viki that Blair and Todd really love each other, but they fight because of her. Viki tells her that her parents love her very much, but Starr tells her that Senora Lena threw the bones and the bones never lie.

R.J.'s Break Bar

Roseanne confesses to Cris that she was R.J.'s mole at the police station and that Antonio had found out. She tells Cris how much she truly loves Antonio and that she knew she would never get him back if he found out what she had done on the night Colin was murdered. Cris asked her what she did at Colin's house the night he was murdered. She says she wanted him dead.

Llanview Courthouse

Lindsay confesses to killing Colin.

Llanview Police Station

Blair throws a fit because the police have picked up the wrong little girl. Ben calls Todd on his cell phone and tells him that Starr is with he and Viki at Llanfair.


Viki and Starr swap stories about Todd and Blair when they first got married. Viki tells Starr that the first time he ever saw Starr was in the attic and how happy he was to have her. She tells Starr that she is certain Todd will figure out that Starr has gone to the first place they ever saw each other and will come to get her. Starr insists that Todd and Blair can't get along because of her, but Viki promises her that is not the case and says that when Todd and Blair get there they will ask them.

R.J.'s Break Bar

Cris asks Roseanne if anyone else saw her at Colin's house the night of his murder. Roseanne says she could have gone through her whole life and never told anyone about being there.

Llanview Courthouse

Lindsay insists that she is the one who killed Colin. She said she had not come forward because she kept hoping that Nora would get Sam off. She tells Jen that she wants her to have the gallery and apologizes to Will for ruining his relationship with Jessica. She begs them to forgive her and says that she loves them, all of them (including Sam). Jen yells at her to stop and tells her mother that after everything she has done to protect herself and let Sam nearly go to prison; she does not feel sorry for her. Sam asks to be alone with Lindsay for a minute and asks Lindsay if she was really going to let him go to prison. Lindsay repeats that she decided she could not have lived with herself if she had and Sam says he believes her. Sam says that, considering Colin has been blackmailing her and threatening their daughter, that Lindsay had a good case for self-defense but Lindsay says that after what Nora had done to her on the witness stand, there wasn't a jury anywhere that would take mercy on her.

Outside in the corridor, Hank and Nora discuss Lindsay's confession. Nora continues to see the image of Colin falling down the stairs, and she is obviously very uncomfortable with Lindsay's confession. Hank says the justice won one but Nora is not so sure. She says Lindsay's confession just doesn't make any sense. She wonders why, if she can remember seeing Colin falling down the stairs, doesn't she remember seeing Lindsay push him.

Will encourages Jen to stand by their mother and Jen apologizes to Lindsay.

R.J.'s Break Bar

Roseanne begs Cris not to make her tell anyone else, but he tells her she has to. He calls Bo's office to let them know he is bringing Roseanne in to talk to him, but when he turns back around Roseanne is gone.


Todd and Blair are sitting on the couch with Starr. Blair tells Starr that she is not the reason she and Todd fight. Viki says that perhaps Blair and Todd should explain to Starr why they aren't together.

Roseanne's Motel Room

Roseanne starts throwing some clothes into a bag.

Llanview Court House

Hank recalls Lindsay to the stand and she is reminded that she is under oath. Lindsay again confesses to murdering Colin, but Nora suddenly remembers seeing Roseanne at Colin's house the night of the murder.

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