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Monday, June 25

Gaby told a dismayed Joe she's changed her mind about leaving Port Charles to begin a new life with him. Worried about the bizarre changes in Jack's behavior, Jamal urges Alison to move in with her grandmother for a while. Jack grows violent with a startled Lucy after pushing his way into her house and demanding to see Livvie. Meanwhile, Caleb brought Livvie to his special place and instructs the dazed girl to think of him as her protector. Lucy find a bullet hole in Jack's jacket and realizes that the cop didn't miss his aim after all. Joe is baffled and hurt when Gaby suddenly announces that she's met someone new. Though Alison balks at leaving, Jamal warns her that Jack has become dangerous and can no longer be trusted. Lucy decides to hurry Jack down to the emergency room. Pulling Livvie into his arms, Caleb promises his "Olivia" that they will always be together. Finally yanking away from his embrace, Livvie declares that she loves only Jack and flees out into the night.

Tuesday, June 26

Flustered by her latest close encounter with Caleb, Livvie returns home and tries to put the eerie stranger out of her mind. At the hospital, Karen reports to Lucy that her patient required a blood transfusion which resulted in an amazing change in Jack's condition. Ian and Eve head to the chapel in the woods to ask Michael to perform their wedding ceremony. Hearing a pounding in the cellar, they decide to investigate and are shocked to find the priest suffering from dehydration. Sam warns a skeptical Chris that Jack has become dangerous. After Michael explains how his brother locked him in, Eve places an urgent call to the local police. Jack told Lucy he has a vague memory of being attacked amidst a scene of total carnage. Alison and Jamal attempt to make Livvie understand that her boyfriend has changed drastically. Michael refuses to press charges against his twin and orders Ian and Eve to leave him and Caleb alone. Growing hostile and violent when Chris tries to draw blood for more lab tests, Jack again displays superhuman strength as he races away from the hospital. Lucy asks Abe about his experience in the woods. Jamal and Alison tell their strange story to Dara, who scolds the teens for wasting her valuable time.

Wednesday, June 27

by Jill

Lucy tried to talk to Abe to find out if there were any similarities to his and Jack's experience in the woods. Abe tried to remember what had happened, but as Lucy persisted to question him, Abe grew increasingly agitated. Finally, he told her that her would whisper it to her, and as she leaned forward to hear, Abe broke loose from the restraints and began to strangle her. Kevin heard that she was in the psychiatric ward and rushed into Abe's room just in time. He was able to get Lucy loose from his chokehold and restrain him until he could be sedated. Kevin then reprimanded Lucy for using her hospital board status as leverage to enter the psychiatric ward to talk to Abe. Lucy told him that Abe and Jack had the same look in their eyes, and was sure they where attacked by the same "thing" in the woods, which she feared was some sort of monster. Kevin was leery that there was a monster in the woods but agreed that something was going on.

Jack hugged Livvie and told her how much he needed her in his life. He told her that he had lost everything and could not bear to loose her to. She told him how Jamal and Alison had warned her about him being dangerous. She asked him about what happened with Zach's gang and he said that it was possible, but he was not sure. Livvie told him that she knew he would never hurt her, but jack could not look her in the eye and tell her that she was safe with him. As she laid next to Jack on her couch, Livvie dreamt that she was lying there on the couch as she was with Jack, but it was Caleb next to she instead of Jack. She woke up screaming and saw Caleb standing in her doorway. She screamed for Jack and when she looked up again, the door was shut and Caleb was gone. Jack asked her to tell her about her nightmare and how she was sure the man in her dream was standing in the opened doorway staring at her when she woke up. It was something about the way he looked her in the eye that scared her. To assure her that no one was there, Jack opened the door and looked out in the empty hallway. After closing the door again. Caleb reappeared in the hall by her door and whispered to herself that he was really there, not a dream or hallucination, and he would be there until she was his.

Karen was standing at the desk with Joe as Gaby came up and coldly told Joe that he forgot to sign some forms. Karen joked that soon they would both have a whole new set of forms to sign and Joe told her that Gaby had changed her mind, and was not going to bounce corners. Gaby tried to stop Joe, but he continued to explain to Karen how she had met the man of her dreams. As Gaby walked away Karen asked Joe about what was going on with Gaby, and offered to have a talk with her.

Gaby still acted coldly when Karen asked if she could speak to her, thinking Karen was going to reprimand her for the scene with her and Joe. Karen told her that it was strictly a friend-to-friend talk and she was just worried about her. As they talked, Karen asked Gaby about this new man in her life. Gaby told her how head over heals she was for him, and how he told her that he had plans for her, big plans. When Karen asked a few times who he was, she shocked to find out the Gaby didn't even know his name. Gaby told Karen that his name did not matter, there was just something about the way he looked her in the eyes, something that she couldn't explain, but she just could not get the thoughts of him out of her head.

After talking to Gaby Karen confessed to Joe that she did have a talk with a person that looked like Gaby, but what she had said just did not make sense. She told Joe that she couldn't explain it but there has been a definite change in her personality.

Alone on the roof, Gaby looked up to the sky and asked where the man of her dreams was. She said that all she could do was think about the way he looked her in the eye, and feel his skin against hers. She proclaimed that she had given up everything, thrown away all that mattered in her life. She went on to say that she knew he had said that he would call when he needed her, and she would be there waiting.

Thursday, June 28

Ian and Eve return to the chapel to ask Michael if he would perform their wedding ceremony. To their surprise, however, the priest regretfully declines. Jack's increasingly bizarre behavior continues to worry Chris. Out in the woods, Lucy explains to Kevin how she intends to summon the evil spirit which has been committing diabolical acts against the good people of Port Charles. Unsure if her encounter with Caleb was real or imagined, Livvie decides to take steps to find out. Michael told Eve and her fianc‚ he cannot marry them because of his troubled twin. As a skeptical Kevin looks on, Lucy prepares to get in touch with the astral plane which contains the creature from another realm. Livvie persuades a nervous Alison to accompany her back to Caleb's lair. Michael admits to Ian and Eve that he can't leave the chapel until he's helped his brother get rid of his demons. Meanwhile, Chris urges Jack to let him help before his fits of uncontrollable rage have a tragic impact on the girl he loves. Eve suggests to Ian that they get married in the chapel that very night.

Friday, June 29

Hearing footsteps approaching the mouth of the cave, Livvie and Alison duck into hiding and are relieved when Jamal appears. Jack told his wary brother how he's overcome with an uncontrollable urge to kill. When Chris attempts to inject him with a sedative, Jack uses his newfound strength to force the anguished doctor to his knees. Ian hurriedly prepares the chapel for an impromptu wedding while Eve rummages through the basement of the old monastery and finds the "perfect" dress for the occasion. Though taken aback to learn the couple's change of plans, Michael agrees to perform the ceremony that night. An irked Jamal reminds Alison how he warned her not to go putting herself into dangerous predicaments. Later, Livvie explains to her friends how she first felt Caleb's eyes on her after they buried Jack. Though Chris entreats him to get help, Jack plunges the syringe into his brother's leg and begins choking him again. Jamal returns just in time and prevents Jack from finishing the job but Livvie races off after her boyfriend despite pleas from a frightened Alison. After an emotional Ian and Eve exchange vows, Michael pronounces them husband and wife. As they return to their special place, Ian delights his new bride by revealing that he's purchased the cabin just for her. Caleb displays his fangs as he and Jack finally come face to face.

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