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Ryan made the painful decision to give Gillian's heart to Laura. The heart transplant was a success. At the funeral, Ryan was shocked to see Gillian. Greenlee and Jake had sex. The Chandler and Santos families turned a family picnic into a squabbling match because of JR's drug use. Gabriel became smitten with Rosa. Enchantment's janitor, Chris Stamp, aggravated Erica immensely.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of June 25, 2001 on AMC
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Monday, June 25, 2001

The hysteria in Laura's room was evident as the doctor's rushed in with a crash cart. Edmund ushered Brooke from the room as the doctor's began to work on Laura. David rushed into Laura's room shouting that they had a donor. He instructed the staff to get Laura to the operating room and prep her. The donor wasn't there yet, but he wanted her ready. As they rushed Laura down the hallway to the OR, David performed CPR on her.

Meanwhile, outside Gillian's room Alex and Dimitri listened as Jake explained the grave condition Laura was in. He told them they needed to make a move as soon as possible or Laura wouldn't live. He wanted Dimitri to try to convince Ryan to let Gillian go. Dimitri looked in the window of the room and watched as Ryan clung to Gillian's hand. He asked Jake if they couldn't give Ryan just a little more time, but Jake said there was no time left for Laura. Ryan continued to hold Gillian's hand as the talked to her. He told her he made a deal with God and if God took her, He would have to take Ryan, too. He kissed her gently on the forehead and sat back in the chair. Jake came into the room and told Ryan that Gillian was a perfect match for Laura. They would have to take her now. Ryan begged Jake not to take her yet. Jake told Ryan to honor Gillian and let her go. Ryan finally stepped aside. As they wheeled Gillian from the room, Ryan sobbed.

While Leo and Bianca waited, Leo saw Greenlee peer into the room. He left the room to see what she wanted. She asked how he was doing and told him she knew what had happened to Gillian and Laura. She told him she was sorry and that she knew why he married Laura. Greenlee felt he married Laura because she was dying. Also, another reason was that she had hurt him so much. Leo agreed that he did marry Laura because of her. Leo said when he found out how sick Laura was he thought he could help her. He went to Laura because he didn't want to see the look on Laura's face he saw on Greenlee's the night she found out about Katerina - how she looked when she found out he had married Cat for her money and thought he wanted to marry her for her money, too. She had looked at Leo like he was dead - as though he had killed them both. He knew he had to do something to change who he was, so he turned to Laura. He gave her hope and did the right thing. Greenlee agreed with Leo, but argued that he still loved her and she loved him. He told Greenlee he loved Laura and would sacrifice anything if it meant she'd get better - even sacrifice Greenlee. He said Laura meant everything to him now. The hurt was obvious on Greenlee's face as she turned and walked away.

After they had taken Gillian from the room, Ryan sat down on the floor. Alex asked him to come home with Dimitri and her. Ryan couldn't bring himself to leave yet. Alex blamed herself for bringing her sister there. Ryan and Alex began to weep. She left the room just as Jake walked up. He told Alex and Dimitri that Gillian was in the operating room. He had Gillian's things for Ryan. Alex volunteered to take them. Jake went in to talk to Ryan. He told Ryan that Laura's family was very grateful for giving her a chance. He did the right thing for Laura and Gillian. Just as Jake was leaving, Brooke walked into the room. She walked quietly over to Ryan and sat down beside him. She didn't say a word, but gently took his hand in hers. They sat quietly - waiting. Ryan told Brooke he didn't get to say goodbye to Gillian and wondered if she knew how much he really loved her. He was pained for not being there when she needed him. He couldn't see his life without her in it. Brooke listened quietly and continued to hold his hand. David entered the room and knelt in front of them and said, "It's over." Ryan's look was total despair while Brooke's had a glimmer of hope. David took Brooke's hand and led her from the room. Outside the room he told Leo and Brooke the surgery went well. The next 48 hours would be critical. Leo was hopeful and kept prodding David until he finally admitted with a grin that everything looked very good. Relief washed over the group when they heard this. Leo asked when he could take her dancing. David said if all went well in the next 48 hours, she could be up and walking in three to four days. Brooke hugged David and thanked him. He replied that Laura had an amazing will to live and now she has a new heart. Leo looked past David and saw Ryan staring at them through the window in Gillian's room. He walked into the room and hugged Ryan.

Later, Leo told David how grateful he was and thanked him, telling him he was the best in Pennsylvania. Zora came up to Leo and hugged him. She told him Laura was doing fine so far.

Dixie saw Jake outside of Gillian's room. She hugged him and told him how sorry she was. He told her Ryan was not doing well and there was no word on Laura yet. Dixie sympathized with him and told him that it must be hard on everyone. At that point Jake broke down and began to cry. He said he had really loved Gillian. He had tried but there was nothing he could have done to help her and she died. He felt she had followed her heart and it lead her to Ryan. Then he turned and left.

Jake sat at his table morosely staring at his drink. After a moment, he glanced at his image in the mirror and angrily threw his glass at it. Greenlee came in and told him she thought she was the only one who dealt with loss by destroying things. Jake shouted at her to get the hell out. Greenlee handed him a pitcher and told him to throw it. He reminded her he had just told her to get out. She replied she was ignoring him and then threw the pitcher against the door. What had happened at the hospital was horrible and she was sorry Gillian had died - but she wasn't coming back - not to Ryan, not to Jake. She told Jake she had lost, too. Jake sat down on the sofa beside Greenlee and said he should clean up the mess before someone got hurt. Greenlee stated that someone already had been hurt. Jake turned and looked at Greenlee - then kissed her. Later, Jake and Greenlee continued with their kisses on the bed.

Hayley and Mateo arrived home to find J.R. waiting on their step for them. After Mateo got Hayley situated on the sofa, he left to pick up some milk. After Mateo was gone, J.R. asked if he was the cause of Hayley's contractions. Hayley assured him he was not the cause. He felt Mateo was angry with him. Hayley told him Mateo was just being over-protective. She asked why he had been waiting outside their door. He told Hayley he tried to do the right thing, but it's just too hard. Hayley pleaded with him to talk to her. J.R. tried to explain to Hayley how he was feeling about his parents and stepparents. He was very confused. Just then his cell phone rang. It was Dixie calling to tell him she was at the hospital and would probably be there for a while. She wanted him to know there was food in the fridge and he should just help himself when he got home. J.R. became angry and accused Dixie of checking up on him. Dixie told him just to go home after his visit with Hayley. After he hung up, Hayley told him rules were tough, but Dixie did it out of love for him. J.R. decided to leave and told Hayley he was glad she was ok. Mateo returned home just as J.R. left. Hayley told Mateo she was worried about J.R. Something felt familiar to her and it scared her. Hayley wanted Mateo to look for J.R. She was sure he had wanted to tell her something. Mateo told her all teens were that way. Rosa was that way - she could try a saint. Mateo finally agreed to look for J.R. He decided to check out the boathouse. Hayley remembered Rosa saying she was going to a party there. Mateo grimaced and left.

J.R. arrives at the boathouse and notices Rosa. He asks her not to tell his family he's there since he's grounded. She agreed and told him her mother didn't want her there, either. Marcus approached Rosa and asked her to dance. After Rosa and Marcus were gone, Sweeney thanked J.R. for taking the rap and told him he had a little present for him - the highest grade of "X" they could get. He handed it to J.R. J.R. looked at the ecstasy and told Sweeney that he didn't accept charity. Sweeney told him it was a "thank you" for keeping quiet. J.R. argued that he was grounded and was supposed to be at home. Marcus overheard that and remarked that J.R. always does what his mama wants. J.R. angrily retorted that he could do whatever he wanted - nobody told him what to do. That's why he was there right now. Marcus noticed Gabriel and Rosa exchange glances. Sweeney and Marcus decided to "take care" of Gabriel. Sweeney handed J.R. the "X" and followed Marcus. As Rosa walked to a picnic table, she spotted Gabriel lying on the ground with blood trickling from the corner of his mouth.

Back at Pine Valley Hospital, Ryan was still sitting on the floor in Gillian's hospital room. Outside the room he overheard Brooke saying she wanted to go to the chapel. Bianca asked to go with her and Edmund accompanied them. Leo walked by and looked in, then turned and walked away. Alex and Dimitri came into the room and asked Ryan to come home with them. They didn't want him to be alone. He shook his head and said he wasn't alone.

Ryan looked through the window of Laura's room. Zora saw him as she was leaving and asked if he was one of Laura's friends. When he didn't respond, she told him Laura was doing fine. She has a strong, healthy heart. A grief-stricken Ryan stared into Laura's room.

Tuesday, June 26, 2001

Rosa leaned over Gabriel and helped him to his feet. As she asked the stranger if he was okay, Gabriel gently pushed her away. Mateo, who had dropped by the boathouse to look for JR, arrived on the scene just in time to see Gabriel pushing Rosa. Mateo immediately thrust himself into protection mode and raced over to make sure that Gabriel was not harming his "kid sister." Gabriel reverted to his silent ways and said nothing when he was asked what he was doing. Rosa noted that Gabriel had been injured, but it did little to make Mateo even the least bit concerned. Gabriel tried to take a swing at Mateo, but Mateo ducked and forced Gabriel into submission. A few seconds later, Sweeney and Marcus showed up with artificially sweet greetings and concern. Referring to Mateo as "Mr. Santos" and "sir," the two boys claimed that Gabriel had come at them with a knife, prompting them to "take him down." Since Gabriel was still not speaking, Mateo sided with the two boys - who both happily pointed out that they came from families in high standing in Pine Valley society. Gabriel managed to break free from Mateo's hold and ran away. Sweeney and Marcus chased after him. Mateo, meanwhile, phoned Hayley to tell her that JR had not been at the party at the boathouse. Rosa had lived up to her promise to JR and sworn that she hadn't seen him. Rosa decided to question Rosa about her plans for the future - school, college and career. Rosa angrily snapped back that she wasn't sure and insisted that she would not be "the 21st century Maria Santos." After she made the remark, Rosa fell quiet. She apologized to Mateo, but explained that she doesn't like having to live up to the standard set by Maria. Rosa also pointedly noted that Mateo didn't exactly have a career fostered by a college degree. Mateo hung his head in defeat and assured Rosa that he doesn't expect her to be a neurosurgeon like their sister. Sweeney and Marcus returned and informed "Mr. Santos" that Gabriel had eluded them. The two offered to give Rosa a ride home, but Mateo assured them that he could handle things. Before Rosa left, Marcus asked her if it would be okay for him to give her a call sometime. Rosa nodded affirmatively and smiled broadly. After everyone else had left, Sweeney boasted that he was going to start selling "crystal meth" in addition to his other drugs. "My market is widening," he cackled to Marcus, adding that he was going to make a lot of money off of Pine Valley's rich kids.

Greenlee and Jake continued to roll around in bed. "I thought you said you didn't want this," Jake said with a wry smile. "I lied," Greenlee replied. Later, Greenlee and Jake both laid in bed looking up at the ceiling with dazed expressions on their faces. Greenlee said that she was in need of a drink and slinked off to get some water. A little while later, Jake wandered out to get a drink for himself. He found the door to the loft wide open and Greenlee was gone.

Aboard the yacht, some of Ryan and Gillian's friends and family gathered to spend time with Ryan. Ryan, however, wanted them all to leave. One by one, the loved ones said some parting words to Ryan: Alex pledged to check on Ryan in the morning, Liza urged him to call if he needed anything and Dimitri gave him a big hug and said that he'd always consider him family. Others, like Opal and Marian, were unable to find the words to say anything. Liza remained behind and helped clean up some of the food that had been put out. It was during this "alone" time that Ryan started to open up. Ryan started to find Gillian's belongings everywhere he looked. He found her earrings on the coffee table. He commented that she usually left them on the nightstand beside the bed and wondered why she'd decided to alter her usual routine.

At the new SOS, Tad received a call from Dixie asking him where he'd been for the past few days. Tad explained that he'd been on a business trip and gave Dixie the green light to meet him at the club in a little while. After he ended the phone conversation, a woman seated across from him asked him if he was "going to tell Dixie what [they've] done." Tad said that he wasn't sure what he was going to do. Time passed and the woman thanked Tad for helping her through a very hard time. They embraced, unaware that Dixie had walked into the club. Tad eventually spotted Dixie and re-introduced her to Pam Perotti, Leslie's sister. Tad and Pam took turns explaining that they'd just returned from a trip to Denver. Someone had spotted Leslie - or someone resembling Leslie - at the Denver airport. By the time Tad and Pam got there, Leslie had vanished. Tad explained that he hadn't told Dixie about their trip because he didn't want to unnecessarily alarm her. Pam also revealed that Tad had posted a reward to help aid in finally finding Leslie. Pam decided to head back home to her husband, musing that he'd probably forgotten what she looked like. Dixie made Tad promise her that he'd keep her in the loop when it comes to Leslie and her possible whereabouts. Later, Dixie revealed to Tad that Gillian had been killed. Both admitted that they didn't feel like being alone and headed off to an all-night diner for a bite to eat.

Across the club, Greenlee sat alone drinking a club soda. When she looked up, she found that Jake had tracked her down. The two tap-danced around the issue of what had gone on between them, repeatedly referring to it as "what happened." Tad and Dixie stopped by briefly - partly because Tad was still not thrilled with his younger brother and Greenlee spending time together. Tad also gave his brother a hug to comfort him over Gillian's death. Greenlee and Jake again tried to talk about "what happened." This time, though, Jake was paged by the hospital and told Greenlee that he'd have to leave. Greenlee smirked a bit and asked Jake what would have happened if his pager had beeped while they were busy earlier in the night. "I would have answered it," Jake responded rather matter-of-factly. Greenlee thought that Jake was kidding, but soon realized that he was totally serious. Jake headed on his way and Greenlee was once again left alone with her club soda.

Mateo and Rosa showed up at the club a short time later. Mateo continued offering his "kid sister" some advice. Rosa teased Mateo about sounding more and more like their father. Mateo was not at all pleased with the comparison. Mateo also warned Rosa to steer clear of Gabriel at all costs. With that, Mateo headed to the backroom to handle a few business matters. While he was gone, Rosa pulled out her pocket mirror and began adjusting her makeup. Outside, Gabriel peered through the window at Rosa with a fixated glare. Mateo eventually returned to his sister's location and handed her some cab fare for the ride home. Rosa took the money and headed out of the nightclub. As Rosa exited, Gabriel hovered in the background watching her walk away.

Back aboard Fidelity, Ryan walked slowly to his bedroom. There he found one of Gillian's scarves on the bed. Ryan took the scarf in his hands and caressed in gently before lying down on the bed and drifting off to sleep. As he did, Gillian's voice quietly called his name. Ryan stirred slightly before sitting up in bed. He looked over at the door to his bedroom and saw that it was open. He told himself over and over that he had closed and locked it. He looked out into the corridor and saw a shadow move across the deck. Ryan raced out of the room, calling out his princess' name. Ryan searched the boat, but found no sign of Gillian. He eventually returned to his stateroom, picked up Gillian's scarf and went back to sleep. Shortly after his eyes closed, again Gillian's voice called out to him.

Wednesday, June 27, 2001

Hayley and Mateo arrived at the park for a picnic. Hayley announced that she invited Adam and JR to come along and explained that she did this in order to "reconnect" with her little brother. Mateo was miffed but let it slide. Rosa and Isabella walked towards them with picnic goods and Hayley told Mateo that he was "busted." As the ladies chatted, Rosa went to help her brother set up the food and pulled him towards the boathouse. She asked Mateo if he was going to tell their mother about last night and stated that she didn't think she had to hear it. Isabella suddenly approached her daughter and asked her what she wasn't supposed to hear. Mateo tried to change the subject but she wouldn't let him. He stumbled and stuttered through an explanation, but Rosa took over and told her mother that there had been boys at the lake and one of them liked her. Isabella looked to Mateo for answers and he stuttered that it would be good for Rosa to be at PVH because she could get used to guys. "I want to meet him," Isabella stated to her daughter. JR, Marcus, Liza and Adam suddenly approached Hayley with picnic foods in hand. Liza and Adam went to speak to Rosa and her mother. Hayley motioned for JR to come over and asked him if he was okay. He assured her he was fine and that they had just won their softball game. Marcus walked up and said hello to Hayley but she wasn't as cordial when she responded. Marcus and JR walked away and Marcus asked his friend if he had tried Sweeney's new stash. JR replied that he hadn't and advised him to take things slowly with Rosa. "I know how to impress the mamasita," Marcus assured him, and went up to the boat house. He introduced himself to Isabella but Mateo made no moves to shake his hand when Marcus reached out for him. Marcus explained that he didn't want to interrupt a family gathering but Isabella asked him to stay. Alone at the picnic table, Hayley confided to Adam that she worried about JR and would do whatever she could to help him with his problem. She assured him that it wouldn't be anything like an "intervention" and Adam replied that he was relieved about that, because JR didn't have a problem. Hayley replied that he was "blind" if he didn't see it and Adam furiously accused Liza of spreading rumors about his son. Liza approached him and he blasted her for telling everyone about JR's "isolated incident." She calmly replied that it was right for her to tell Hayley because she was his sister and knew about addiction. Adam angrily asked them to drop the topic and stormed away. Alone, Hayley confided to Liza that she hoped that she could do anything to help one of her children when they were in trouble. Liza reasoned that it was too bad Adam's version of helping out had nothing to do with being good. Isabella stepped down from the boathouse and overheard Hayley tell Liza that they had done a whole special on Ecstasy at PVH and that JR had fit the target user. Rosa, Mateo and Marcus came down behind Isabella and she pulled Rosa away. She told her daughter that she was going to have to think about her going to PVH because they had a drug problem there. Rosa reasoned that there were drugs everywhere and Isabella replied that was true because JR was using them. "What the hell is going on here?" Adam thundered as he heard Isabella's outburst. JR approached the group as Adam asked if everyone thought his son had a drug problem. Mateo replied that they didn't but Adam asked why they were all talking about it. Isabella told him he should do something to help his son and Adam replied that it was only a "one time accident" and he didn't need her giving him advice on how to raise his son. Mateo blasted back that he had accused him of not being able to provide for his own family but he couldn't even control his son. Isabella blasted back that Hayley was lucky to have such a "fine man" as her husband. Adam turned to Liza and asked her if she had done this. The entire group started to argue and JR slipped out and went behind the boathouse. He pulled a pill out of his pocket, heard Marcus asking if he had tried Sweeney's "new stash" and swallowed it.

Leo sat with his head in his hands outside Laura's hospital room. Brooke approached him and stated that she hadn't woken up yet and Leo assured her Laura would pull through it. Bianca arrived with a coffee and danish and Leo snatched it away. Zora suddenly poked her head out of Laura's room and announced that Laura was "coming to" and they could go in and see her. The trio put on scrubs and entered the room, where Leo immediately bent down and took Laura's hand. She awoke and asked if "this (was) heaven" and asked what had happened. She breathed in and complained of chest pain and Leo explained that she had a heart transplant. Smiling, Laura told the trio that she appreciated everything they had done for her. Leo stood up and hugged everyone, including a none too pleased Zora. As Bianca and Leo spoke to Laura, Brooke took Zora aside and asked her how her daughter was doing. As she leafed through Laura's chart, she assured her that it was all looking "good." Leo knelt beside Laura and asked her how she was feeling. "I'm floating," was all she could muster. Leo advised her not to float away to Venice without him. "That reminds me," he stated. "I bought something for you," and he left the room. "Should we brace ourselves?" Bianca joked.

Ryan tossed and turned in his bed and was awoken by the sound of Gillian's voice calling his name. "Gardenias," he stated as he sat straight up. He went to the door and saw the door to the deck swing open. "Gillian," he whispered as he stepped outside.

Ryan chased Gabriel on the deck through to the main room. "This is private property!" he shouted and Gabriel stopped running. He told Ryan he had come there to apologize for Gillian's death and handed him a Gardenia. Ryan accepted it and asked him how he knew it was his wife's favorite flower. Gabriel explained that he had seen Ryan give it to her one time. Dimitri suddenly came up behind Gabriel, grabbed his arm and cautioned Ryan to not trust the boy. "He may be behind Gillian's killing," Dimitri explained. Frustrated, Leo replied that he wasn't and ran out of the room. Alone, Dimitri warned Ryan to believe nothing Gabriel said. He advised Ryan to let him handle Gabriel but Ryan assured him that he wasn't about to be taken in. He asked his Dimitri what he had come by for and Dimitri handed him the bag of Gillian's items that the hospital had given Alex. Ryan sat down and pulled out Gillian's wedding ring from the bag then picked up her cameo. He held it tightly in his hand until he began to bleed. Dimitri got him some kleenex and asked him to stay with them at Wildwind but Ryan refused. Dimitri asked if he would stay with them after Gillian's funeral and Ryan became shocked. Dimitri explained that he wanted to hold a small ceremony in the chapel then put her body in the mausoleum. Ryan told Dimitri that there wouldn't be a funeral because Gillian was still with him. He stated that he could still smell her perfume and that she was "everywhere." Ryan told Dimitri that he couldn't listen to him talk about her funeral and asked him for some time alone. Dimitri assured him that he wouldn't rush him and slowly left. Alone, Ryan laid down on the couch and looked at Gillian's cameo.

Edmund was looking over some papers in his study at Wildwind when Anna walked in with Gabriel in tow. She asked if he could stay there and Edmund replied that he could. Gabriel reasoned that he wasn't welcome and that it wasn't a good idea, but Edmund replied that Dimitri was just "reeling from Gillian's death." He explained that Dimitri didn't hate him, he hated Charlotte because he had a "first-hand experience of her cruelty." Gabriel sadly replied that he had too. Edmund told him that when they had gone to Europe they had seen first hand how Charlotte had treated him. Anna told her brother that he should have told them and reached out to hug him but he backed away and told them to leave him alone. He grabbed his bag and was about to leave but Anna stopped him. Edmund was sympathetic and apologized for the way Charlotte treated him by locking him up. Gabriel shouted that he didn't want to talk about it and ran for the door where he bumped into Dimitri. "You again?!" Dimitri shouted as he let him pass. Edmund assured his brother that Gabriel was packing and leaving but Anna interrupted him and told him she wanted her brother to stay. She was upset that every time she reached out to him, he pushed her farther away. Edmund commented that he had a horrible life and told Dimitri that they had uncovered some things about his past while they were in Europe.

Joe checked on Laura and told her he was pleased with the way she was recovering. Zora went to tend to Laura and Brooke pulled Joe aside. He assured her that she was doing well and getting better at a faster rate than expected. He also cautioned her not to get her hopes up because she wasn't out of the woods yet. Brooke realized this and Joe commented that it was amazing how something so good could come of something so tragic. "Tragic?" Laura asked but she was interrupted by Leo, who burst into her room on a scooter. Zora demanded that he give it to her but Leo told her that this was Laura's and he'd buy her one later. Zora and Joe left Brooke, Laura, Bianca and Leo to speak to each other. Alone with her family and friend, Laura asked again why her heart donation had been tragic. Brooke fumbled that it was always sad when someone died but Laura asked whose heart she had been given. Brooke replied that she had to concentrate on recovering and shouldn't worry about that but Laura was persistent. She asked again who it was and wondered whether it was a male or a female who died and if they had a family that loved them. Leo knelt beside Laura and assured her that the young woman who had died had been very kind and greatly loved and he would thank her for the rest of his life. Laura asked if she could thank her family, but Brooke replied that it wasn't possible at that time but perhaps in the future. Bianca quipped that she should concentrate on getting better in order to make the donor's family feel better that their loved one's heart was keeping someone else alive. Leo suddenly jumped up and declared that he had an errand to run, leaving the three women alone. Brooke left to make some phone calls to share the "good news" and Bianca told Laura that she was amazing. She was in awe that she had just got out of major surgery and was doing so well. Quietly, Bianca asked her friend if she wanted time alone but Laura told her that she was too happy to rest because she had just gotten her life back with Leo.

Leo stopped by the yacht to talk to Ryan. When Ryan saw him, he placed the cameo on the table and stood up. Leo explained that he had just come from the hospital and that Laura was waking up. He told him that it was too early to detect if Laura would reject the heart and asked Ryan if he wanted to go visit Laura. Ryan replied that it was too early and he couldn't. Leo reasoned that if he saw Laura he may surrender his regrets but Ryan replied they were all he had. Quietly, Leo told Ryan he was thankful for what he had done and that he had been so "courageous" in his decision. Ryan barely smiled and told Leo to go visit his wife. Leo left and Ryan went back to the table to get the cameo but it was gone. He looked under the couch and chairs but he still couldn't find it.

Mateo told Adam it was a mistake letting him see his daughter before she had the baby but Adam only scoffed and asked him if he was the "jailer." Alone, Rosa and Marcus went to the boat house and Marcus suggested they go for a walk. Rosa hesitated but decided that her mother was too busy to notice and agreed. She asked if they should help JR but Marcus assured him that he was fine doing his own thing and the pair left. Alone, JR sat in another area of the boathouse with a walk-man blaring music so he couldn't hear the argument.

Brooke returned and Bianca left to visit her mother at Enchantment. As she took her scrubs off, she watched the pair through the window and smiled. Leo approached and told Bianca that he had gone to see Ryan. Bianca replied that was "good of (him)" and apologized for the things she had said to him. She explained that she didn't think he was marrying Laura out of love because she didn't think he had any more love left after Greenlee. Leo assured her that he loved Laura and the pair hugged. Bianca left as Vanessa crept up on Leo and told him that was "touching." She stated that she heard Laura was going to live and told him that he had a whole life and marriage to look forward to with his new wife.

After hearing what had happened to Gabriel, Dimitri confessed that he felt sorry for him as it was the worst case of child abuse that he had ever heard. He stated that Gabriel would have to undergo psychiatric testing and Gabriel listened at the door as Anna told him that what he needed was "compassion." Dimitri replied that he needed to be in a "controlled environment" and suggested that they place him in a sanitarium. Upon hearing this, Gabriel ran off.

Ryan re-entered his bedroom and found the cameo lying on his pillow. "How did this get here?" he asked. Suddenly, the door swung open and the sound of chimes could be clearly heard. Ryan stood amazed and confused.

Thursday, June 28, 2001

A wet, naked Greenlee stepped gingerly into the kitchen looking for the shampoo she had purchased. She held a small towel in front of her. Spotting the shopping bag, she tiptoed over to it and grabbed the shampoo bottle. As she turned to go back to the shower, she spotted Jake standing inside the door admiring at her. Greenlee explained that she was getting her shampoo. Jake looked at her and told her the dishtowel she was covering herself with didn't do the job. He picked up a bathrobe and handed it to her. She asked him about the hospital and he told her it was quiet there now. Laura was getting better. Jake looked at her again and told her he had shampoo in the shower. Using his "locker room stuff" disgusted her. Her shampoo was imported from France at $45 a pop. Jake wanted to talk about what had happened between them. Greenlee felt it just happened like they had been in a war, comparing wounds - Leo and Gillian. Jake said he had loved Gillian. It was apparent they were both awkward talking about it. Greenlee said they had hit a rough patch and helped each other through it. Jake agreed and said they shouldn't make it more complicated than that. Before she left to finish her shower, she turned and reminded him that if they ever made love it would be better than nice. Jake replied, "Greenlee, it was!"

At Enchantment, Erica gave Shirley orders that the number one priority that morning was to have Greenlee pick up her dry cleaning. She needed it for Gillian's service that afternoon. As Shirley left Erica's office, Bianca entered. Erica was delighted to see her daughter and told her she would have cancelled her luncheon appointment had she known Bianca was coming. Bianca pulled out two airline tickets and told Erica she found them at the breakfast table. She wanted to know if Erica could get a refund. Bianca felt she knew what her mother was up to and told her it wouldn't work. Erica asked Bianca if she wanted to know what the tickets were for. Bianca thought Erica was going back to "Plan A", trying to get her out of Pine Valley and away from Laura. With all the sadness around them lately, Erica stated she just thought they needed to get away. She was hopeful they could spend some time together on a beach in Cannes and forget everything. Bianca, of course, was sure Erica meant she should forget Laura. Erica realized it must be hard for Bianca to see Laura with someone else. Bianca said it was hard and that she had felt jealous. She knew she had to get over it because Laura cared about her and she didn't want to lose that. Erica told her she didn't think she was her daughter at all. She was being so unselfish and wise. She hugged Bianca and told her she loved her.

At Pine Valley Hospital, Vanessa told Leo she wished he were more like her. She told him he was too much a softie. She was aware he wanted to make Laura's last days blissfully happy, but then David came along and saved her. Now those last few days would take him into his doddering years. She told Leo that in a year he'd resent how Laura cramped his style. She advised him to make a clean break, which in the long run would be much kinder. Laura's heart would be stronger and she'd be able to handle it. Then "they" could figure out how to spend the money. Leo wanted to know what money. She said it was the generous settlement Laura's mother was going to give him. Leo wanted to know if Vanessa ever got tired of conning people. Vanessa ignored him and continued badgering him about his finances. She asked how he was going to support his wife and keep her in "curlers and canned soup." He said he was planning on getting a real job. She suggested the only thing he'd be able to do is manual work. His response was that he wouldn't have to use his hands - he had a brain. Vanessa argued that he didn't have a college degree. The only real training he had was to be someone's charming companion. Now that he was married, he wouldn't even be able to do that. She told him he was completely unemployable and would be unable to make it on his own. Perhaps Laura's mother would come to his rescue. Leo thought maybe she would now that he was married to her daughter. Vanessa agreed and said he would have to stay faithfully married until Laura recovered. Amazed, Leo asked Vanessa why Brooke would give him any money if he walked out on Laura. Vanessa's reply was that Brooke would be eternally grateful to him for saving Laura with his love. Brooke would rescue them by writing out a blank check and all he would need to do was add a lot of zeroes. Leo was appalled at that suggestion and told Vanessa he would not consider it. She told Leo to consider Laura a consolation prize. He had almost married Greenlee Smythe and her exquisite trust fund. Now he was getting a second chance to provide for his mother who taught him everything he knew. Leo argued that she taught him nothing. David approached them and said he could see mother was helping Leo with his self esteem again. Then he took Leo by the arm and told him he was going to give Laura a progress report. He told Leo not to listen to her and reminded him that their mother was very unhappy and wanted him to join her club.

Outside Laura's room, David gave Dora Laura's prescriptions. After she had gone to the pharmacy, Dr. Joe Martin approached David and thanked him for his skill in saving Laura. He asked if David was going to treat Laura after she was released. David said that was the plan. David was mistaken when he thought he'd be able to continue his work at the hospital. Joe told him that once he finalized his work with Laura, he was done at the hospital. David was disappointed. He told Joe he knew that Joe's sons were spiteful and petty, but thought Joe was above that. David saved a life in the hospital, and then got barred. Joe agreed that he was one brilliant surgeon, but one miserable human being. David felt Joe was being very unprofessional. Joe was tired of David hurting his family and friends. He did a brilliant job on Laura, but as soon as Laura was discharged, David would be barred from the hospital at every door. After Joe left, David said to himself, "Go ahead and threaten me - see who gets locked out!"

Greenlee went into Erica's office with an armful of files. Realizing Erica was not there, Greenlee poured herself a cup of tea. Bianca came in and asked Greenlee where she had been all morning. Her mother had been looking for her. Greenlee replied that she had been in the file room. Then she asked Bianca if she had seen Laura that morning. Bianca said Laura was doing better. Greenlee wanted to know why Bianca didn't stay there and cheer Laura up. Bianca said she figured Laura and Leo could use the time alone. After all, it was their honeymoon. Greenlee snickered and told Bianca that the marriage wasn't for real. It was a rebound relationship - or more like a bungee jump relationship. Bianca couldn't believe that Greenlee was so deluded to believe that no man could get over being obsessed with her. Greenlee agreed it was a curse and she wished Leo could wriggle out from under her spell. Bianca informed her Leo already had. Greenlee replied, "With the girl of your dreams? The one you lost? St. Leo married her out of pity. I don't' think so!" Bianca wanted to know if Greenlee was in love with Leo. Greenlee replied that she wasn't. Bianca asked if it was because she found out he was just after her money and broke her heart. She told Greenlee to just leave Leo alone. He was happy with Laura now. Greenlee reminded Bianca that Laura had a fortune, too, so why wouldn't he hurt her, too. Bianca believed Leo had changed. Greenlee said he hadn't changed. He was only settling for Laura because he couldn't have her. He could even feel noble because his poor little bride was an invalid. She gave their relationship a month. Bianca asked if Greenlee thought Leo would come crawling back to her. Greenlee replied she would slam the door in his face if he did. Bianca couldn't believe that Greenlee didn't want Leo, yet couldn't stand to see anyone else have him, either. Greenlee replied under her breath after Bianca left, "You are so wrong! I'm going to prove it to you and everyone else!" Shirley came into Erica's office and told Greenlee that Erica's dry cleaning was top priority. Greenlee reached into her purse, handed Shirley a fifty-dollar bill and told her to pick up the dry cleaning - but wanted Shirley to tell Erica she picked it up. She said she had to clear something up once and for all.

Erica returned to find her office in disarray. She called for Greenlee and Shirley. When they didn't reply, she went to her desk and made a telephone call. As she talked, she could hear a vacuum cleaner coming closer - getting louder. The noise made it difficult for Erica to continue her conversation. She ended her phone call and shouted at the man to stop vacuuming in her office while she was working. He didn't respond to her. She told him she could get him fired and gave him until the count of 3 to stop. She counted, but he kept vacuuming - not acknowledging her at all. Finally, she got up and went over to him. Erica shouted at the man to turn around when she was talking to him. He continued to ignore her. Totally frustrated, she unplugged the vacuum cleaner and pulled him around to face her. He pulled plugs from his ears and asked if there was a problem. She called him a stupid man. He took offense at that and told her for a little woman, she had a big mouth.

On the Fidelity, Ryan held Gillian's cameo in his hands. He called out to Steven and asked if he had seen anyone in the hallway. When he said no, Ryan asked him if he had been in the stateroom. Again Steven answered no. Ryan appeared sweaty and pale. He told Steven Dimitri had brought Gillian's things to him and the cameo had been among those items. Then it disappeared and when he came into the stateroom, it was on his pillow. Steven suggested Ryan may have picked it up himself without realizing he had done it. Steven noticed Ryan didn't look well. Ryan said he felt cold with chills. He put his hands to his head and swayed. Steven helped him lie down and covered him. Ryan asked for some tea and after Steven left to get the tea, Ryan fell asleep. He was dreaming about the time he was on the run and had to hide in the icy water. He saw Gillian doing her best to keep him warm so he wouldn't freeze to death. Jake arrived at the Fidelity and was greeted by Steven. He said he was glad Ryan had called Jake. When Jake said Ryan hadn't called him, Steven explained that Ryan was very ill. He had some kind of an attack - was very pale, couldn't stop shaking and was chilled to the bone. Jake went into the stateroom and was surprised Ryan was not there. He called out Ryan's name. Ryan entered the room looking much better. Jake questioned him about what was wrong and told him he thought Jake was on death's door. Ryan said he was, but Gillian had helped him. Ryan explained that he had this dream/memory about how Gillian saved him. She kept him warm. It was more than a dream and he woke up warm. That seemed to prove that Gillian was with him - it wasn't an image in his mind. He felt Gillian was in the room with him. He could feel her heart beating. Jake said her heart was beating. It was keeping Laura English alive. He asked Ryan if he was having trouble accepting that. Jake said he came to talk to Ryan about the funeral. He wanted to know if Ryan would mind if he said a few words at the service. Ryan picked up Gillian's cameo and stared off into space. Ryan told Jake he wouldn't stand in the way if Jake wanted to speak at the funeral. Jake didn't want to do anything that would make Ryan uncomfortable. There was a knock at the door and Dimitri entered. He told Ryan he looked better and said he came to see if he could get Ryan to change his mind and come to the service. There would be many people there who loved Gillian and would want to remember her. Ryan said he wasn't interested in the funeral. Gillian wasn't a memory, but was here with him. Dimitri felt the service would help Ryan. Ryan asked why. To give him closure? You close on a house - not on what you feel inside. He told them to go to the service and share happy memories. Start to forget about her - but Ryan said he couldn't do it because she's not gone. Jake and Dimitri pat Ryan's shoulder as they leave. After they were gone, Ryan held the cameo and said, "You can't be gone, Gilly. We didn't get to say goodbye."

Laura wanted to know when she could get out. David said the way things were going she should be out in a couple of days. Brooke told David she would never be able to thank him for what he did. David felt fate had more to do with it than he did. Much to Dora's chagrin, Leo joked that he was going to the nurse's station to get some champagne. Brooke told Laura that she could sleep in a room downstairs until she was well enough to manage the stairs. Laura informed her that she would not be living at home, but in the cabin on the yacht with Leo. She felt Gillian may be able to use some help. Brooke wanted Laura to come home so she could take care of her. Laura felt she would hover. Laura again said she'd have no problem living on the yacht with Leo. Brooke and Leo both told her no. It could be very hard to get her back to land if there was a problem. Laura seemed suspicious and wanted to know if Gillian and Ryan were having problems. Leo told Laura he didn't want to live on the yacht because he wanted her all to himself. Then he talked about where they could live when she was able to leave the hospital. He mentioned an apartment, condo and a penthouse.

When Brooke and Leo left Laura's room, Brooke apologized to him for having to lie to Laura about Gillian's heart. She felt Laura was not ready to hear that yet. Leo agreed and said they should wait until they got into an apartment. Brooke wanted to know where he was going to get the money for his "penthouse in the sky." He told her he had been thinking about that and decided he would talk to Marion Chandler. Brooke asked again where he would get the money. Leo told Brooke that he was going to look for a new job so they wouldn't have to worry about money. Brooke said that was good, but things are expensive and she wanted to help them. Leo said no - he married Laura because he loved her, not because he wanted to get his hands on her money. Brooke said that never crossed her mind again. She felt he was a different man now - one she admired. Then she took out her checkbook and wrote out a check. She told Leo to consider it a wedding gift because it was the least she could do after everything he's done for Laura. Greenlee came around the corner just as Brooke handed Leo the check. She said to herself, "I knew it!"

Thursday, June 29, 2001

At her office at Enchantment, Erica is livid because the custodian, Christopher Stamp, has just told her, "For a little lady, you sure got a big mouth." She says he is not supposed to be vacuuming while she is working. Christopher retorts, "Look, I just do what I'm told to do, and if you hadn't interrupted me, I'd probably be finished by now, so why don't you go curl your eyelashes or something and you let me get back to work." Erica cannot believe the gall of this man. She asks, "Do you have any idea who you're talking to?" Christopher says he sees her mug plastered all over the place and is she one of "those overpaid models?" She says she's Erica Kane and he says, "And I'm the governor of Minnesota." Erica convinces him she is whom she says and suggests he leave if he wants to keep his job. Christopher says, "You may be the boss lady, but your leadership skills-they need a little work." Erica is exasperated, saying, "I am really not going to stand here and be judged by a man in a jumpsuit." Christopher deliberately misunderstands and says, "Oh, I see what's going on now. Forget it, I'm not taking it off." Erica says she will speak to his supervisor. Erica's employee, Shirley comes in with Erica's dry cleaning. Erica asks if Greenlee wasn't supposed to pick it up. Shirley says Greenlee was too busy and left. Erica tells Shirley to get Greenlee on the phone right now. Christopher, who has been packing up the vacuum, says, "Guess the boss lay's fingers are broken, huh?" Later on, Erica is dressed for Gillian's funeral. Her dress catches on the chair and she calls for help. Christopher comes in and Erica asks for his help. He says, "I'll see what I can do for you. Oh, you smell good. You sell that perfume here?" Erica says she will give him a free case if he gets her out there fast. She says he can't cut the dress and he says she'll have to take the dress off if he's going to untangle it from the chair. Erica makes him turn around and she takes the dress off, leaving her in her underwear. She tells him to stay there while she grabs her Pashmina (her robe). He doesn't understand the word, turns around, and sees her. He picks up her robe and hands it to her. She is putting it on just as Jack comes in. Erica tells Christopher to see her assistant about the case of perfume. He talks to Jack a second and tells him "Lots of luck." Jack says, "You have no idea." Erica finishes getting ready to go to the funeral with Jack.

Over at the hospital, Greenlee observes Brooke giving Ryan a check. Just then her phone rings. While she's taking care of it, she misses Leo telling Brooke that it's a loan and he will pay her back. Leo says he is not going to the funeral because he doesn't think Ryan wants him there. Brooke says she is going to the funeral and Leo walks her out. Greenlee wears a self-satisfied smile and says, "Leo married Laura for her money. That's all it was." She goes into see Laura, who appears to be asleep. Greenlee says, "Poor thing. Well, you're alive. There's that, at least." Laura wakes up and says she's Leo's wife now and he loves her, even if Greenlee doesn't believe it. She says, "I really glad you didn't want him anymore, that you saw it couldn't work." Greenlee says, "Believe what you want to believe. You'll find out the truth soon enough." Laura says, "I know what you think....Let her believe it till she's well, then Leo will leave her." Greenlee asks if she's not worried that Leo married her for her money, Brooke's money. Laura says Leo's not like that anymore. Greenlee says, "But can you trust him? I couldn't." Laura says, "Leo isn't lying to me. I can feel it in my heart. I know that's kind of strange, isn't it?" Greenlee says, "You can already feel things with that heart?" Laura says, "It's my heart now, even though it was somebody else's just a little while ago....and if it were for that person, I'd be dead now." Greenlee says, "That person? You don't know who it is?" She looks about ready to spill the beans to Laura when Zora comes in and tells her to leave, because she's not wearing a gown and a mask. Greenlee leaves and runs into Jake, who is dressed in a dark suit. Gillian is happy about Leo and Jake interrupts her to tell her to go home. Greenlee remembers that Jake is going to Gillian's funeral, and offers to accompany him.

On the yacht, Ryan is lying on his bed. A package arrives for Gillian; Ryan opens it to find he and Gillian's wedding photos. He hears her voice telling him that he was her heart. He hears a heart beating and Gillian repeating the words "my heart." He goes to the hospital to see Laura. She's asleep and he places his head carefully on her chest to listen to the heartbeat. Laura wakes up and tells Ryan the heart is working fine and she's going to be well now. Ryan hears Gillian's voice telling him to come to the chapel. He tells Laura, "I can hear her. Gillian's voice. She's here, she's with us." Leo comes in and takes Ryan away before he can say more. Ryan says he has to go to Gillian and leaves. Bianca comes up and Leo says Laura doesn't know about Gillian and they should wait until she's stronger to tell her. Bianca goes in to talk to Laura, who says Greenlee seemed surprised that she didn't know whose heart she had. "She knew something when she came in here," says Laura, "She did, and so do you." Bianca says not to pay attention to what Greenlee says. Laura says, "It's not what she said. It was this look on her face. It's like she was afraid to say something. It's like the look on your face." She tells Bianca about Ryan being there, and then it hits her. "Oh my God," Laura says, "He came because of her. It was Gillian. I have Gillian's heart."

Adam goes to see David Hayward. He tells him their deal is off. David says he will tell the police about J.R. breaking into his room and stealing drugs. Adam says, "My situation has changed. I can't just go around bribing judges anymore. Besides, my lawyer's convinced me that it'll be easier to keep J.R. out of trouble than to keep you out of jail." David says, "You don't want to call my bluff, Adam. I have enough on J.R. to mark him for life." Adam says no one will believe anything David says and leaves. He tells Liza that he has stopped Dr. Hayward. David calls someone on his phone, says to meet him at the boathouse and "If you're not there, you're going to wish that you were never born." When David gets to the boathouse, Sweeney is waiting there. David says he knows that Sweeney and his buddies broke into his room and stole drugs. Sweeney protests his innocence but David says, "You're a dealer, Sweeney. If I finger you, you're going down." Sweeney asks him what he wants. David says, "I want you to help me get J.R. Chandler. The reason is none of your business. You just do as you're told and we'll get along just fine."

At the Chapel at Wildwind, Anna is looking a photo of Gillian on the coffin, and rubbing tears from her eyes. She says, "I will never forgive myself, Gillian." Edmund comes in and Anna says, "I shouldn't be here at all. I wonder who else is going to lose their lives because of me....I'm afraid. I can't explain it. But I have this feeling that it isn't over." Gabriel comes in and says, "Anna? This was not your fault. Eileen would have killed all of us." Edmund goes to check on Eugenia and Anna tells Gabriel that Charlotte won't get either of them. She says he's her brother and she wants him to have a normal life. Gabriel says, "But I'm not normal. I'm an animal. Charlotte locked me in a cage. She told me I was an animal, then she made it true." He says he's never going to be locked up again and Dimitri wants to put him in a mental hospital. Anna assures him, "It's not going to happen. I promise you. I can't change your past, but I can see to it that you have a better future. The one good thing that has come out of this whole mess is that I have a brother, and you have me. And I won't let you down." Then Anna leaves. Dimitri and Alex escort Eugenia in. She is dignified and strong. Eugenia says, "My faith tells me that my dear one is happy now and I will see her again when God wills it." People start arriving for the funeral. Mateo brings Hayley in her wheelchair. He sees Gabriel and asks Dimitri what he's doing there. Dimitri says his name is Gabriel and he is Alex's brother. Mateo says he met him at the boathouse and he took a swing at him. Rosa says it was a misunderstanding. Dimitri says, "Well, Gabriel is a very troubled young man. He's got a lot to work out." Mateo wants to know if he's a threat. Dimitri says he honestly doesn't know. The funeral begins and Opal asks Myrtle if she feels a cool breeze. Myrtle asks what's wrong. Opal says, "I really couldn't say. All I know is that the hair on the back of my neck is standing straight up." While the funeral is going on, Ryan comes in. He carries a gardenia flower, which he places on the coffin. Eugenia asks him to sit with her. Ryan says, "I came for Gillian." He turns around at sees Gillian, dressed in a beautiful white gown, standing at the back of the chapel.



Multi-soap vet Michael Tylo dead at 73
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