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Passions Recaps: The week of June 18, 2001 on PS
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Monday, June 18, 2001

Due to coverage of a playoff round of the US Open Golf Tournament, Passions was not shown. Regular broadcasting will resume on Tuesday, June 19th.

Tuesday, June 19, 2001

A distraught TC and Eve remain by their daughter's side as Simone hovers near death. Whitney and Chad feel guilty over not telling Simone the truth and worry she saw them kissing. Against Theresa's better judgment, Whitney prepares to tell Chad about her promise to Simone to stay away from him. Father Lonigan urges Kay to redeem herself so she might reclaim her soul. Meanwhile, Miguel is still in disbelief over Charity's assertion that Kay has no soul. Charity points out all the evidence to support her theory. Miguel grows concerned. Charity also shares her suspicions with Reese. She reveals she remembers Kay allowing Hecuba to push her into hell. The cord attached to the vial containing Kay's soul continues to strangle Tabitha. A panicked Timmy finds an old sword to cut the cord in two. When Timmy takes a swing at the cord, he accidentally cuts off Tabitha's head! An ominous, mysterious figure arrives at the Crane mansion. Meanwhile, Julian worries his father will force him and Rebecca to kill Sheridan now that he has failed to split up her and Luis. Julian and Rebecca are startled when the mysterious figure makes his presence known - it's Alistair! Alistair announces he's come to Harmony to clean up Julian's mess. Rebecca recalls a shocking moment from her past with Alistair. The Crane patriarch confirms Julian's worst fears when Alistair insists Sheridan must be killed. At the cottage, an unsuspecting Luis and Sheridan celebrate triumphing over her family's machinations. Luis assures Sheridan her father can't hurt her anymore.

Wednesday, June 20, 2001

Certain it's her fault her sister lies near death, Whitney tearfully tells Chad they can never be together because of the promise she gave Simone. Though Rebecca counsels patience, Gwen itches to expose Theresa for the lying little twit that she is. Mort regretfully reports to his editor that he still hasn't located the source of the scandalous e-mail. Jessica is pleased to learn that her parents have reconciled. Charity and Miguel confront Kay, who tries to laugh off their assertion that she no longer has a soul. Frightened to see Tabitha's body following him, Timmy runs off with his princess' head but accidentally rolls it beneath a car. Later, forced to wear the vial containing Kay's soul, Timmy retrieves Tabitha's cranium and heads off again. Hank quietly asks his brother if he's truly done with Ivy. Father Lonigan advises Charity to pray for her cousin's soul. Reese is amazed to spot Timmy sprinting past the hospital with Tabitha's head under his arm. Gwen phones Mort with a hot tip. Tabitha is finally reunited with her body. Timmy releases Kay's soul in the hospital chapel just as Simone makes a miraculous recovery.

Thursday, June 21, 2001

Certain she will win Sam back forever if she can just lure him into her bed one time, Ivy decides to leave a love letter for her old flame in a familiar place in the park. Meanwhile, Sam and Grace bask in the afterglow following a night of passion in the back room of the precinct house. At the mansion, Alistair reminds his shuddering son to waste no time eliminating Sheridan. Pilar scolds Ivy for her scheming but her advice falls on deaf ears yet again. In the cottage, Luis tries to comfort Sheridan as the terrible truth about her father and brother's treachery finally sinks in. Grace and Sam happily vow never to let anyone come between them again. On a far off island, an itinerant photographer recognizes Grace's picture in a magazine article about the "devil's sinkhole." Eavesdropping electronically on Sheridan and Luis, Alistair has another brainstorm when he hears his sobbing daughter wishing her dad could love her. Ivy is flabbergasted to walk in on an intimate moment between Sam and his wife.

Friday, June 22, 2001

The kids celebrate the reconciliation of Sam and Grace. With her soul intact, Kay forces herself to be happy for them as she eyes Charity and Miguel close together. Charity spots Kay crying tears of happiness and assumes that she was wrong to think that she no longer was in possession of her soul. Meanwhile, Tabitha complains to Timmy about giving the girl back her soul. Pointing out that Charity and Miguel are back together, she reminds her stuffed friend that they need Kay on their side to help break up the young couple. A snooping Reese almost catches sight of Timmy sewing Tabitha's head back to her body. He later asks Tabitha why she's wearing a scarf around her neck. When she lies to protect her secret, Reese quickly pulls the scarf out and points out to everyone the stitches that encircle her neck. Convinced that her father truly loves her, Sheridan asks Alistair to walk her down the aisle in a couple of days. Sickened by the thought, Alistair claims that he had wanted them to take a trip to Europe together. Julian overhears this and advises Rebecca that Alistair will make sure that Sheridan and Luis will never marry. Luis and Hank arrive and overhear Alistair trying to manipulate Sheridan. Though he's furious, Luis decides to let Sheridan make her own decision and hopes that it's the right one.

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