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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of June 18, 2001 on GL
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Monday, June 18, 2001

At the Bauer House:

Harley comes over and tells Rick that she just stopped in to tell Danny and Michelle that the surveillance van has been dismissed and they can proceed with their lives. Rick thanks her for coming and for coming through for Danny. Harley tells him that the judge asked her questions and she just told the truth. They talk about the baby and Rick shows her his calculations, in a few months the baby will be here and they need to take action. He not only wants to tell Phillip as soon as he can but he also wants to take natural childbirth classes with her. Harley tells him that she knows all about it and when the time comes she will tell the doctor that he can be in the room to watch the delivery. Rick tells Harley that he has wasted enough time, he doesn't want to miss any more of her pregnancy. He wants to be a part of the process and thinks they should go to the classes. Harley reluctantly agrees. Rick then tells her that the classes start in two weeks and he believes they should tell Phillip before then. Harley still doesn't want to tell Phillip and asks Rick to give her one day for everything to settle and she will discuss it all with him tomorrow. Harley leaves.

At Company:

Josh and Billy are having lunch and talking about Tony. Josh wants to give him another chance. He thinks he showed responsibility at the prom with Marah and everyone in towns would like to deck Vince Russo. Billy thinks it is a good idea. Josh goes on to tell Billy that Russo has named him a witness to the assault and he is going to help Tony out there as well. Just then Tony comes in. Josh asks him to sit with him and Billy and tells him that his job is still there if he wants it. Tony sits down and Josh tells him that he realizes he was under a lot of pressure when Russo came in, Reva told him what he did after the prom. Tony was embarrassed and asked Josh if they called a family meeting about it. Josh tells him that he respects him and what he did. Tony is still hostile and tells Josh that he didn't do it for him; he did it because of the way he feels. Josh tells Tony again that he respects him. Tony asks him if he would want him for a son in law. Josh tells him that Marah isn't ready for marriage but he doesn't mind at all if they continue to date. Tony tells him it is a little late for that. Josh tells him he can come back to work in the morning and Tony tells him that he is only offering him a chance to be someone he isn't. He tells Josh that since he has taken the job he has had nothing but trouble. Tony starts to leave and Josh calls him back. He tells him that Russo is going to press charges and has called him for a statement. He tells Tony that he intends on telling the police that Russo provoked Tony into hitting him. Tony tells him not to go out of his way for him because the cops will do what they want to him because he is a Santos. Tony walks off and over to sit with Catalina. Josh tells Billy that he is going by to see Marah and then to meet Olivia.

Catalina asks Tony if he is alright and he tells her he just burned his bridges. Tony tells her what happened and Catalina says he and Marah looked so in love at the prom. Tony says from the outside two people can look like they feel the same way even if they want totally different things. Tony tells Catalina that Marah is the one a guy waits for. "The girl." He says he has never put on the brakes with a girl before. Catalina says what he offered Marah was a dream. Tony says that's the way it should be for someone like Marah. Isn't that what Catalina would want? She tells him that is exactly what she wants. Catalina tells Tony that Marah didn't mean to hurt him, she wasn't thinking. Catalina thinks that Marah just can't understand Tony because she has had an easy life, unlike them. Tony says up until now all he thought about was Marah and now he doesn't know where to go from here. Catalina says the next step will come.

Frank and Harley are talking about Rick. She tells him she knows Rick has rights as the father but she just wants to do things by herself. Frank says Rick is a good guy and she should just let him help her. He says she is more than capable of doing this on her own. She is a great mom but if someone wants to help, she should let him.

At the Lewis House:

Sam is with Marah reading a timetable Marah has developed illustrating her and Tony's relationship from the beginning. She tells him it was just a way to help her put things behind her. She just can't seem to figure out what went wrong. Sam offers to help her figure it out but she tells him to play nice. She says things started slowing down in February and then when her dad gave him a job, things started falling apart. Sam tells her that the popular opinion is that once Tony was on the straight and narrow and no longer a junior mobster, Marah would find him boring. Marah tells him that isn't it at all. Marah says he wasn't boring but he started treating her like something porcelain to put on a shelf. Sam tells her that he thinks Tony may be the kind of guy who wants to protect her. Maybe he doesn't realize that she is capable, fun and beautiful and that she needs to be appreciated, celebrated, and loved. Marah says that is what Tony needs to see. Sam says maybe Tony can't see it and that would be his problem. Sam hugs her. Josh comes in and tells Marah that he fired Tony earlier because he decked a lawyer in the office but he was provoked and he realized that after he talked to her mom so he offered Tony his job back. He tells Marah that Tony refused the job. Josh leaves to see Olivia and Marah seems happier now. She tells Sam that if Tony isn't working for her dad, they finally have a chance. Sam looks like he is losing his best friend. Marah puts on her shoes and tells Sam that the only problem they had is now gone so all she has to do is show up and remind Tony how great they were together. Sam asks if she thinks that was all that was wrong. Marah thinks her dad was just getting in the way. She is going to go over to Infierno to find Tony.

In San Cristobel:

Dax has just stabbed Richard and the doctor tells Edmund that Richard is dead. Edmund is upset and Beth steps in and tells him that Richard had it coming. An inspector comes in to take everyone's statements and tells everyone not to touch the body, he wants photos of everything. He tells Edmund that they will be as discreet as they can. Edmund goes to Dax and tells him that he was sure Dax would never pick him over Richard. Dax tells him that he serves the crown, not the man. Beth said it is a good thing he does or they would be investigating a murder instead of a man defending his sovereign. Dax tells Edmund he won't insult him by offering condolences and he leaves. Edmund seems distraught and tells Beth it was supposed to be just the two of them, brothers in the end. Beth tells Edmund that Richard is the one who attacked him. Richard has tried to kill Edmund time and time again and it is not Edmund's fault. She goes on to say that Richard was raving about Cassie like Edmund was supposed to pull her out of thin air. Edmund says Richard's supporters will blame him and there could be uprisings. In the end, Richard wins. That is what Richard was thinking when he was standing there. He was willing to die to keep Edmund off the throne. Beth assures Edmund that Richard won't win.

The inspector comes back in and says there will be no charges against Dax. Beth thinks Dax should get a medal but Dax doesn't want a medal for this tragedy. Beth asks the inspector to make a statement to the press. He agrees. Edmund asks Dax if they have a crisis with Richard's supporters. He tells Dax that he didn't want his brother dead and he didn't cause his death but he will be the one that gets the blame. He asks Dax why he didn't just tackle the knife out of Richard's hand. He tells Dax that he made the mess and now he better clean it up. Dax thinks that Edmund should make a statement, if the people see his grief, they may have a better understanding of him. Beth says maybe Cassie will come out of hiding now. Edmund thinks it would only make her run further. Dax says that Cassie will come forward if she is alive. Edmund says he will make a statement and make an appeal to Cassie to come forward. Beth asks Dax if they can keep the press away until morning to give Edmund time to collect himself. Dax says it may look like a cover up if they do that but he will see what he can do. Beth tells him to do his best; Edmund is going to need all the strength he has to get through the next few days.

In their bedroom, Edmund slumps to the floor. Beth asks if there is anything she can do for him. She tells him he did well with the press. Edmund is worried about the funeral and Beth tells him not to think about it now. Edmund would like to say that Richard wanted him to be prince. Beth doesn't think that will work with the people. Edmund says when they were boys they were best friends. Richard hated how their father treated Edmund and felt all the slights as much as Edmund did. They played games and Richard would always make him captain, general or prince; that was Richard. Edmund hated that he had that power in his life and could afford generosity but at the same time Edmund loved him for doing it. Richard hated Edmund's resentment but loved Edmund because he was the only one who could make Richard laugh. It was twisted but it had its balance. Beth says they sound like a lot of brothers. Edmund wonders how it came to this. He says he didn't make Richard the illegitimate one any more than Richard made Edmund the second one born. He doesn't know how he will ever explain it to Cassie. He just wants it all to end. Beth says he doesn't have to deal with Cassie tonight since they don't even know where she is. Beth offers to get the doctor to prescribe a sedative so he can sleep. Edmund angrily tells her he doesn't want to be sedated. She looks a little surprised and Edmund looks like he has had an inspiration. He tells her to call the doctor and tell him to bring the most powerful sedative he has.

The doctor arrives and Edmund is lying in bed. He goes to give Edmund an injection but Edmund tells him that he thinks he will be okay now but he should leave the sedative in case he wakes up in the night, unable to sleep. The doctor shows him the dosage to start with on the syringe and warns him it could stop his breathing if he uses too much. He hands Edmund the sedative and leaves.

Tuesday, June 19, 2001

In San Cristobel:

The bells are tolling for Richard and Beth wakes up to find Edmund is not in bed. She wonders where he has gone.

At the tower, Cassie wakes to the bells, wondering what is going on. Edmund has brought in food and water for Cassie but doesn't look like he is eager to go in. He goes in and asks Cassie to eat. She refuses and asks him about the bells. She notices that Edmund is acting strange and asks him what he is there for and what he has to tell her. Edmund remains silent and Cassie assumes that the bells are ringing because Richard's supporters know he is coming back and they want to ring Edmund's butt out of power. Edmund tells her that he has something to tell her but before she responds she should think of her children and their future. She asks if he is threatening her children. He tells her that her kids need to grow up in Springfield with their mother and not as orphans. Cassie tells him that her children will grow up with both of their parents. Edmund tells her that isn't going to happen. She asks what kind of game Edmund is playing. Edmund says it isn't a game; Richard is dead. He tells her what happened. Cassie tells him that he is lying. She doesn't believe him and wonders how he could be so mean as to tell her this.

Edmund continues to tell Cassie what happened but she knows Dax would never choose Edmund over Richard. Edmund tells her that it was instinct; he was defending the crown not the man. Edmund pleads with Cassie to understand, he tells her that there was a doctor right there but he couldn't save him; the knife went right into his heart. Cassie is angry. She tells Edmund that there were witnesses and the whole country will know what he did to his brother. Edmund tells him that whole country already knows and that is what the bells are for. Edmund has declared a national day of mourning. Edmund tells her that he wishes this didn't happen; it didn't have to happen. Cassie looks stunned and starts to cry. She cries that her husband is dead and now Edmund has come for her. Edmund tells Cassie the last thing he wants is for her to be hurt. She asks what he wants. He says he wants her to go home. He has made a public appeal for her to come out of hiding. He will escort her to the funeral and cemetery and then to a plane that will take her home to her children in Springfield. He only needs her not to tell anyone about her past few months on the island. Cassie asks what happens if she refuses. He says her children will grow up without parents. Cassie wants to talk to the witnesses and she wants time alone with Dax so she can ask him how he could do this. Edmund hangs his head and while he isn't looking Cassie jumps on him and tries to strangle him. She shouts at him that he was responsible for killing her husband. Edmund is stronger than she is and he gets away from Cassie. He gets up and leaves, locking the door behind him. He goes back to the palace and grabs the syringe and fills it with the sedative. Beth is awake but Edmund doesn't realize it. He leaves, quickly. Beth jumps up and throws on some clothes and follows him. Edmund returns to the tower and tells Cassie he has brought her a sedative so she can rest. She is screaming and tries to get away from him. Edmund grabs her and gives her the shot. Cassie falls immediately limp. She collapses onto the floor and Edmund is scared. He goes to her trying to bring her too. He unshackles her and gathers her into his arms to take her to the doctor. When he turns towards the door, he sees Beth is standing there. She looks at him and says, "Cassie?"

At the Bauer House:

Rick and Michelle are talking about Harley, the baby and telling Phillip. Michelle tells him that in her fantasies she sees him and Harley married, living at the house with her and her family and Meta. Rick tells her that he has to talk to Harley. Michelle tells him that he is angry and he doesn't need to go and yell at Harley. She tells him to get his anger out before he does over there. He tells her he won't win by sitting around being a nice guy.

At Company:

Gus is about to go in to eat when Agent Peterson stops him. He tells Gus he doesn't feel right about what they did. He heard that Harley stood up for Danny in court and now he is having second thoughts, what if Danny isn't guilty. Gus tries to tell him that Cooper is too close to the situation; she is a friend of the family. They have to be more objective. Peterson says he was listening the day that Gus was in the house alone and he heard the gun shot. He wants to tell the truth but Gus holds him up to the wall and "talks" him out of it. He tells him to let the courts decide and to go back to work. Peterson leaves and Gus says to himself no one should ever listen to that surveillance tape. He has a flashback of shooting the gun and taking the bullet. Gus starts to head back in Company but says he has lost his appetite.

Olivia enters and Harley holding menus in front of her tummy and asks her if she needs a menu. Olivia tells her that she and Josh will be dining and they just want Buzz burgers. Harley asks if she has heard anything about Cassie. Olivia says Edmund doesn't know anything. Harley says she hopes Richard finds her. Harley holds up a menu to Josh when he comes in and Olivia notices she is pregnant. After Harley leaves, Olivia asks Josh if he noticed. She wonders if Phillip knows.

Olivia is showing the harbor plans to Josh when Sam comes in. He tells her that he heard on the radio on the way over that Richard is dead. Harley overhears and looks shocked.

Sam tells them what he heard and Harley is worried about Cassie. Josh asks if the news report mentioned Cassie. Sam says Edmund made an appeal for Cassie to come out of hiding. Olivia doesn't think that Reva should be alone when she hears the news. Sam says Marah went to see Tony and Reva is alone. Rick comes in and Harley tells him not to start on her tonight and goes about telling him what happened. Harley tells him to take it outside with her. They go out and Rick apologizes for pressuring her. He accuses her of being a hypocrite and doing the same thing he accused Phillip of doing when they were divorced. She tells him it isn't the same and she doesn't want to talk it there. She tells Rick to follow her.

Sam gets a call from Marah who is upset about her meeting with Tony. She tells him that he was still too upset to reconcile and to top it all off Catalina and she had a run in. Sam doesn't want her to be alone and asks her to meet him outside Company. He goes back to Josh and Olivia and tells them he will take care of Marah. Olivia says he knows Josh is worried about Reva and he should go see her. Josh wants Olivia to come with him to see Reva. They leave.

At Millennium:

Danny is telling Tony that he would be in jail except for Harley. He had to put up the Santos house as collateral. Tony asks if he should move out but Danny doesn't think that is necessary. Catalina offer to help Danny with babysitting and extra hours if necessary. She goes to check on a customer and Danny tells Tony that Catalina is a good person. He is thankful to have someone working for him that he can trust. Tony agrees. Marah comes in and asks Tony if he has a minute. Danny leaves and Catalina tries to stop him. She tells him not to leave Tony alone with Marah. She is no good for him and she continues to hurt him. Danny says he doesn't babysit and goes about his business.

Marah tells Tony she heard the good news and is glad he didn't go back to working for Josh. Tony says that is more in character for him. Marah says it is and she thinks it is silly and he should stop making things so serious. She wants to start over. She puts her arms around Tony's neck and says she wants him to take her to Chicago and stay out all night. Tony wants her to leave him alone and he walks away. Catalina confronts Marah and tells her to stop hurting Tony. Catalina tells Marah if she can't love him than she should let him go. He deserves better. They argue and Danny comes over and breaks it up. Marah leaves and Catalina apologizes to Danny for arguing with Marah. Tony is a good guy who needs encouragement and real friends. Tony comes back and Catalina tells him she owes Marah an apology. Tony says he would like to have watched the argument. She goes to wait on a table. Danny tells Tony that Catalina is a good friend to him. He wonders if Tony has ever known a girl as a friend before.

Wednesday, June 20, 2001

At Harley's House:

Rick tells Harley that she is doing the same thing that Phillip did when he lied to her about James. She tells him it isn't the same thing and goes on to tell him that she will deck him if he ever touches her tummy in public again. He tells her no one saw him but that doesn't appease her. She tells him she has had a terrible day and just needs some rest. Rick tells her that she needs to make some decisions and she needs to do it tonight. Rick tells her that she has to bite the bullet and tell Phillip. He wonders if she is just wanting to do the same thing to Phillip that he did to her, lying about it until it hurts that's much more. She denies doing that. Rick asks her what her plans are. Harley tells him that she has 3 or 4 months before the baby is due and he will just have to wait until then to be a part of it's life. She promises until then she will take care of their son and of her self. She just wants to feel like she is charge of herself. She goes on to say that Phillip is not an issue in her life. Rick tells her that Phillip is very relevant in this situation; he is his best friend. Harley tells him that Phillip is irrelevant when it comes to the baby. He tells her that prolonging telling Phillip is the worst thing they can do. He is sure if Phillip had told her what happened between him and Beth on the plane as soon as they were rescued, she and Phillip would still be together. He asks her again if her not telling him is a sort of revenge. She tells him that the truth is, she has no plan, not a clue as to what she is going to do. Rick tells her that he knows what they can do. Harley realizes that Rick is once again talking about marriage. He tells her that he wants to take care of her and the baby. He wants to be a permanent part of their lives and he wants the baby to have his name. She tells him that he can be a permanent part of the baby's life but as too marriage, she is just too tired to think about it. He tells her to go to sleep and he helps her to the couch and covers her up. As Harley sleeps, Rick watches her and promises to take care of her. Frank comes in and Rick asks if he is going to beat him up. Frank tells him that Harley would kill him if he tried to defend her honor. Rick says he will make Harley and the baby his first priority and will never hurt her. Rick tells Frank he just wants Harley to be happy. Frank says she will find happiness and so will Rick.

At Company:

Sam is telling Marah his idea. Marah says she wants Tony to see her as a real girl not a Madonna that he has to protect. Sam says she was challenging Tony tonight and needs to take a more oblique approach. He thinks she should let Tony see her with someone else. Marah tells him he is a genius. She wouldn't want Sam to get the wrong idea; she doesn't want to use him. Sam tells her to use him. Marah thinks Sam wants her to have so much fun with him she will forget about Tony. Marah wonders if it will work. Sam says even if it doesn't work they will have fun. Marah asks if he is going to SC this summer. Sam tells her about Richard and Marah decides she should go home to see her mom.

At the Lewis House:

Olivia and Josh come in to see Reva. She is checking out the brail computer programs. Josh tells her about Richard. She can't believe Dax could do that; he loved Richard like a son. Olivia tells Reva that Edmund is devastated. Reva doesn't think so. Josh invites Reva to attend the state funeral with them. Reva wonders about Cassie but Olivia says no one has heard from her. Reva tells her that Cassie is Edmund's prisoner. She wonders who will tell the children. Olivia tells her that Cassie is alright. Beth told her that Edmund interrogated one of Richard's supporters and Cassie is in hiding and Richard knows all about it. Reva says that is a lie. Reva says Richard would never lie about Cassie; he wouldn't make her and the children suffer with worry. Olivia says that the Richard they knew wouldn't have done that but he lost it after the baby died. Reva says Richard is as sane as she is and she orders Josh to get Olivia out of there. Olivia says she is sorry; Reva doesn't believe her. Olivia tells Reva she still has contacts in SC and offers to see what she can find out. She and Josh start to leave and Reva asks her to make the calls. Olivia agrees and she and Josh leave. Reva sits back down alone and cries.

Marah comes home and sees Josh and Olivia outside. Josh is glad she is there and Marah goes inside to see Reva. Olivia goes to make those calls while Josh talks to Sam. Sam tells Josh Marah is having a hard time getting over Tony and he has offered to help her. His plan is to give Marah the time of her life this summer. He won't put her at risk or do anything out of bounds and hopefully; Tony will be a distant memory by the end of the summer. Josh doesn't want him to manipulate her. Sam says Marah knows what he is doing. He is just telling Josh because he doesn't want this to be another thing for Josh and Olivia to fight over. Sam says he loves his sister too much for that. Josh tells him that he loves her as well. Sam goes on to tell him not to feel bad for Tony since Catalina finds Tony very attractive and this may be turn out better for everyone.

Marah tells Reva she is sorry and they hold each other. Reva says Richard loved his country and Cassie. He died for both of them. She admits to Marah that Noah is in SC trying to find Cassie. Reva is frustrated because she knows she is the only one who could put Edmund in his place. She wishes she could confront Edmund.

In San Cristobel:

In the tower, Edmund tells Beth something went wrong and he needs her help with Cassie. Beth is shocked and says Cassie is not breathing. "Good God, what happened?" She asks Edmund if Cassie is dead and demands to know the truth. He is in a hurry to get help but Beth wants answers. She looks at Cassie and cries to him that he killed her. Beth is hysterically crying and yells that she doesn't know Edmund and that everyone warned her. Now she has given everything up for him and he wants her to cover up that he killed Cassie. Edmund tells her he will explain when he returns and goes out closing and locking the door behind him. Beth is locked in and is screaming out for Edmund. She falls to the floor, crying. She finally looks around and sees that the little room is a prison and starts to wonder around. She gets to the wall and sees where Cassie has written her letter to Richard. She reads the part that says, "Edmund killed Cassie" and she starts crying all over again.

Edmund has taken Cassie into his room and put her on the bed. He grabs an ammonia swab and puts it under her nose. She jerks awake but goes right back down. Edmund is desperately trying to get Cassie awake and starts walking her around until she comes to. She is calling out for Richard. She wants to see Richard. Edmund says she can see him at the funeral. If she cooperates she can go home afterward to her children. If she doesn't, he still has some sleeping potion left and this time he may make a fatal error in the dosage. Edmund tells Cassie he will let her go to the funeral, say her goodbyes to Richard and she will say nothing to the press. She can't mention the tower. If she tries, he will make people question her sanity like he did Richard's. Cassie says Richard will haunt him. Edmund asks if she wants to see Richard. Cassie says he can't trust her. Edmund says he can go to the tower and remove all traces she was ever there. She passes out again and he puts her back on the bed. Lizzie comes in the doorway and asks what is wrong with Cassie. Edmund tells Lizzie that Cassie has the flu and needs to rest. Lizzie says she is looking for her mom because she had a bad dream. Edmund says Beth went for a walk and takes Lizzie back to her room.

Back in the tower, Beth is reading the rest of Cassie's message. He finishes with, "tell my children their mommy loves them." She is crying again as Edmund comes in. She asks him if he starved Cassie to death. Edmund tells her that Cassie is alive but Beth doesn't listen. He tells her that he put her there after the night on the beach and then he had his stroke. Beth wonders if Edmund would rather have let Cassie die than tell Beth where she was. Beth tells him that she is leaving and going back to Springfield. He begs her to listen to him. She yells at him that she loved him and trusted him with her children. She asks him if he ever thought about Cassie's children while he was holding her hostage. Edmund says none of this is his fault. He will explain everything after the funeral. He tells her he loves her but he has to leave her to check on Cassie. He tells her there is plenty of food and water. He leaves and locks her in again. Beth is lying on the floor crying again.

Thursday, June 21, 2001

At the Lewis House:

Reva calls and leaves Noah a message to get back to her. She feels helpless and wants to come down to SC and get her sister and bring her home. Afterwards, Marah comes in and offers to fix Reva a bite to eat. Reva says she isn't hungry and they talk about the current situation in San Cristobel. Marah offers to go to the funeral with her mom but Reva thinks she needs to stay and finish out the school year. Reva wonders if Marah doesn't just want to get away from the situation with Tony. Marah tells her about Tony not taking his job back. Reva tells her that life is fragile and can change in a split second. Marah goes on to tell her about Catalina and how she has been after Tony since the day she met him. Reva doesn't believe sweet little Catalina would do that but Marah tells her that she doesn't really know Catalina.

Reva is down and Marah is trying to help all she can. She asks if Reva is thinking about Jonathan. Reva tells her that she thinks of him everyday and she hates that he will never get to know Richard as his father. Reva thinks that she and Marah and their depressions make a wacky pair. She tells Marah to focus on Tony and his love and if it is real, everything will work out.

Blake comes in to console Reva. Reva tells her what she knows and Blake wonders why the funeral is taking place so fast. She wonders if it is Edmund's way of getting people to forget about Richard as soon as possible.

Noah calls Reva and she tells him that she wants to do something, to help with Cassie. Noah asks if she is alone and she tells him she isn't. Noah tells her not to react to what he is saying but he wants her to stay in Springfield. Reva tells him how distraught she is. Noah tells her that the mercenaries are going to hit right after the funeral and he can't have her, Lizzie and James in the middle of the gunfire. She tells him to be careful. He asks her how her eyes are but she has had no more fireflies. Noah promises to have her family home to her soon. Reva mentions Josh and Olivia going down for the funeral. Noah tells her that Olivia is already in bed with Edmund. He ends his call telling Reva that he loves her. Blake figures out that Noah is down there to rescue Cassie and Reva admits it. Blake goes into the kitchen with Marah to fix a bite to eat and Reva makes a call to Josh. She thanks him for being the one to tell her about Richard but she wants him to do her a favor and stay away from San Cristobel and the funeral. Josh realizes that Reva knows something about the danger of the situation and he tells her he will do his best.

At the Bauer House:

Danny and Michelle are talking about who could have tipped Gus off to Carmen's body. Micelle thinks Claire was behind it but Danny is sure it was Carlos's way to bring Danny down without Danny being sure it was him, so he couldn't use the 'insurance policy'. Michelle wonders if there is any way out for them. Danny tells her not to think to hard about Claire. Michelle says there must be something to prove Danny's isn't guilty of murder; he was defending her and the baby. Maybe they could find the two kidnappers. Danny says those guys would not testify against a crime family and no one would believe them anyway. Michelle says there must be a way to clear him.

Claire comes in and asks to speak to Michelle. Michelle accuses her of entrapment and tells her to leave. Michelle says that Claire started all of this by plotting with Carmen. Claire tells her that she wants her to make a deal with Gus against Danny to save her from going to prison and being away from her son. Michelle is against it. Claire says mothers have to make sacrifices for their children and it is time for Michelle to sacrifice. Michelle tells her to leave. Claire says if she testifies against Danny, she can be with her son permanently. Danny walks in and tells Michelle to listen to Claire. He tells her he can handle anything as long as he knows she and Robby are alright. Michelle tells Danny not to put her in this position. Danny says this is her way out and their baby needs her. He begs her to take the deal for him. Michelle tells him she is in this with him and she won't let him be the hero and take all the blame. She reminds him that they are a family. Danny tells her this is what is best for their son. Her testimony can't put him away and no one knows what she really knows so she can say as much or as little as she wants and no one can connect her to Carmen's death. He asks if she looked at the evidence before she burned it. Michelle says she didn't. Danny says she doesn't know anything then and she has to take this deal and save their boy.

At Company:

Claire is talking to Russo about getting a deal for Michelle as well. He tells her that if she testifies as well as Claire, Gus will help her but it is Michelle's choice, not Claire's.

Josh just hung up with Reva when Olivia comes in. He tells her that they aren't going to SC for the funeral; the political situation is just too dangerous. Olivia tells him that she has to go say her goodbyes to Richard as well as talk to some people about the harbor project. Josh says the project will be safe for now; they are not going. Olivia wonders if this is about Reva. She tells Josh that Reva shouldn't decide if they go to the funeral. Josh repeats that he doesn't think it is safe. She asks if Reva is going and thinks Josh knows something. Josh won't answer and says he has to go. Olivia is sure Reva has something to do with this. As soon as Josh leaves, Olivia calls Edmund.

At the Springfield Police Department:

Claire and Russo are meeting with Gus. Gus tells Claire to tell the truth and help them take Danny down. If she tells one lie, she will be wearing an orange jumpsuit. Claire tells Gus she wants everything in writing. Gus hands her the agreement and she reads it and signs. Claire and Russo leave and Harley is stuck there with Gus. Harley asks if it bothers Gus that his case relies on a woman who would betray her own daughter. Gus says at least she is not trying to slow down the investigation. Harley wonders if that is some sort of accusation. Gus tells Harley he is not trying to pick a fight with her but he never had a partner like her. She needs to separate her friends from her job. He suggests it may be due to her hormones. Harley tells him if that is the case, he must be pregnant as well because he is nowhere near objective. Harley notices that Gus has Blake's book completely highlighted. She says it is fiction and old information anyway. Gus says there is no statute of limitations on murder. A crime family usually is careful about its secrets but Blake seems to have inside information. If he finds her source he can shut down the Santos family. Harley is sorry she ever suggested he read the book. Gus asks Harley for his book back. She gives it back to him and asks when they started collecting evidence from the fiction section. Harley tells Gus that Blake just has a good imagination and was writing a love story. Gus says the source probably knows even more about the Santos family since Blake wasn't trained to ask the right questions. Harley tells Gus that the case is almost ready to be closed and he just doesn't want it to end.

Harley asks Gus about the grand jury situation. Gus says he thinks he knows the source of the book and reminds her that it is a small town. Harley says he doesn't know who she is. Gus realizes it is a woman and keeps on pestering Harley. Harley tells him the source is no longer in SF. Gus says he has a passport and can travel.

At the Carriage House:

Ross gets a call about the Grand Jury meeting that morning. He tells Blake that they may have an indictment as early as tonight. He isn't happy about the way his day started and goes about working while he is still in bed. Ross tells her about Danny and his legal troubles. Blake says she is sure Ross will help him out because he is the best lawyer in the world. Ross asks how their bed ever got so full with kids and work, etc. He apologizes for what happened on their anniversary and says he still wants to talk to her about something. He tells her what he has to say is in the form of a question. Blake is excited and just as Ross starts to pop the question the phone rings. Blake gets it, saying she will get rid of whoever it is. It is Reva. She tells Blake about Richard and Blake tells her she will be right there. Blake tells Ross what happened and that whatever he wanted to ask her, the answer is yes.

Friday, June 22, 2001

At Company:

Buzz is in a good mood today and Holly has noticed. She tells him she could get used to this Buzz Cooper. Gus comes in and ruins the good cheer and asks for a cup of coffee. Buzz is not more of his angry self and tells Gus that he doesn't like him. Gus taunts Buzz about the source of Blake's book until Holly asks him if he doesn't realizes that no one wants to talk to him. Gus accuses Holly of being in on the cover up as well. Holly says she can't believe he would be any good at his job, if he confuses compassion with conspiracy. She says newspaper people know the difference in the two but maybe agents don't. Gus tells her that he thinks Blake knows an important source that he could use and if he has to step on some toes to get to them, so be it. Buzz is angry and starts yelling at Gus. Just then Blake and Ross walk in. Ross asks what Gus is doing to his friends now. Holly tells them that he was after the source of the book. Gus tells Ross that he was complimenting Blake's way of accumulating information. Ross tells Gus that he and Blake are not fools. Gus tells them that he just wants to talk to her source. Blake tells Gus not to try to get to her source through her mother or her friends. Buzz is ready to tackle Gus but Ross tells him that he will handle it. Ross grabs his cell phone to make a call. Ross tells Gus not to say he didn't warn him. He calls someone and tells him or her that he needs their help with a situation. Buzz and Gus are still bantering back and forth when Ross hands Gus the phone. Gus takes the phone and asks who it is. He grows serious and goes about with a series of "yes, sirs." He hangs up the phone and apologizes to everyone, promising not to bother them again. He leaves. Holly and Buzz are impressed and wonder who Ross called. Ross tells him he called the boss of Gus's boss. He works in the Justice Department and they went to law school together. Ross turns around and notices that Blake has left.

Olivia is outside on her phone shouting at a palace aide to get Edmund on the phone. Edmund finally gets the phone and tells Olivia it is a bad time. She offers her condolences and tells her that Josh heard from Reva that there maybe trouble after the funeral. Edmund tells her that Richard is dead and he was the only threat. Olivia tells him that she heard there was going to be trouble. Edmund tells her that he will take care of it. Olivia asks about Cassie and Edmund tells her that she is there at the palace but Olivia shouldn't tell anyone until the press announces it, else it would look like Olivia had been talking to him. She understands and asks about Beth. Edmund tells her that Beth is taking things hard. He hangs up and goes to talk to Dax, who was eavesdropping near by. He tells Dax to put security on full guard during and after the funeral.

Later, Sam meets with Catalina who is sitting on the bench outside Company. He tells her about his plan with Marah for the summer and thinks she should spend some more time with Tony and maybe at the end of the summer they will have stopped the reconciliation of Marah and Tony. Catalina doesn't want to manipulate the situation. Sam tells Catalina he is acting as a stand in to show Tony how much fun Marah is. Catalina says Marah is in love with Tony. Sam says Marah will be away from Tony and it's her turn to get busy. Catalina says she won't do it, she thinks it is unethical. Sam says it is okay if the other person does it of their own free will. Sometimes you have to help people out a little. If at the end of their little experiment Tony goes back to Marah, at least they tried. Sam says Tony and Marah bring out the worst in each other. He thinks the situation can be to their benefit and tells Catalina that they can at least dream. Catalina says the problem with that is that you eventually have to wake up. Sam just wants one summer to try to begs Catalina to help. Catalina laughs and thinks Sam is proud of himself. Sam says at the end of the summer they will have four happy people instead of four miserable ones.

At the Springfield Police Department:

Gus storms into his office and throws things around, slamming drawers. Blake comes in and Gus asks if Ross sent her to rub salt in his wounds. Blake says Ross is loyal to his friends and goes the distance for people he cares about. He didn't like the way Gus was talking to Buzz and he took action. Blake asks who was on the phone. Gus tells her it was the Attorney General. Blake smiles and tells Gus he should not underestimate Ross. If he promises trouble, he will deliver. Blake tells Gus she is angry because he went behind her back to find her source. Gus tells Blake they didn't have a deal yet. Blake says that they did and he just didn't trust her. She says you have to subtlety get someone off their track and onto yours if you want something. She tells Gus to stay away from her mother and her friends. Gus says he needs to end up with something useful. Blake says if he delivers on his end, she will give him her source.

At the Lewis House:

Marah is dancing around the house when Sam gets there with a big box. He tells her it is their first summer project for "Project Forget Tony." Sam tells Marah along the way she may just find him a little addictive. Marah asks what is in the box and he gives it to her to open. It is a little scale model of a plane. She likes it and asks about it. Sam tells her that it is only a prototype of the much bigger one they are going to build this summer. Marah is excited and he tells her that it will be big enough for two to fly over the lake at sunset. The only thing is, they should build it away from anyone's view. Marah suggests the pool house and Sam thinks that will work great. She tells him she thought it was going to be a dull summer and now she can't wait and can't wait to tell Tony. Sam tells her not to tell Tony yet. He tells her if she doesn't say anything to him, he will know she is keeping things from him and it will drive him crazy.

In San Cristobel:

Beth is reading over Cassie's message again and crying. She is lying on the dirty mattress asking why this is happening. Edmund comes in and tells Beth not to look at him with such disdain. He tells her she was hysterical and he had to tend to Cassie. Beth asks if he threw her body off a cliff. He tells her that Cassie is alive and at the palace. Beth tells him what Cassie wrote while she was dying. Edmund tells her that Cassie is taking a bath and dressing for the funeral. Beth wants out of the tower and asks if he plans to keep her locked in there forever. Edmund tells her to calm down and she can come with him to the funeral. Beth tries to escape but Edmund grabs her and pulls her back down. He calls her ungrateful and then apologizes. He tells him that she can't leave him; San Cristobel is her home now. Beth tells him to let her go and she wont tell anyone anything, she will just get her kids and take them back to Springfield. He tells her she can't leave, she is his princess and they are going to rule the land together. He waits for Beth's answer but she only yells that she wishes she had never met him. Edmund looks beaten. He leaves, locking the door behind him. Beth is lying back on the mattress crying. She wonders how she can get out. She has to get her children away from Edmund. She thinks a moment and says, "Phillip."

Edmund comes in his bedroom and tells Cassie that she needs to get up, take a shower and get dressed for the performance of her life. Cassie tells Edmund she won't do anything for him. Edmund says she will if she wants to see her children again. He puts his hands on her shoulders and she yanks them off. She tells him that she will do anything for her children. She will do his act but it isn't for him. He tells her he has brought her widow's weed for the funeral. He will send up some food and when she is ready they will go down to the viewing and funeral. He asks if she will be able to do this. She tells him for her kids she can. He apologizes for keeping her in the tower for so long but it had to be done. He starts to leave and asks if she needs anything else. She tells him she wants to visit her baby's grave. He tells her that he will take her after the funeral on their way to the airport. She tells him she would like to be able to come back someday with the children to visit Richard's grave. Edmund tells her that will be fine. He tells her if she does what he asked, they will have no problems and no need for animosity. Cassie tells him never to turn his back on her. He tells her he never will. Edmund leaves and tells her to relax; he will lock the door to give her extra privacy. He reminds her that this is her last tribute to Richard and she shouldn't disgrace him. Cassie lies back on the bed and cries.

In the throne room, the guards carry in Richard's casket. They put it in place and step back while Edmund and Cassie walk in. They walk to the front and Edmund turns to go to their seats but Cassie goes on to the coffin and cries. She rubs the lid and then throws the lid open. She is confronted with Richard's body and cries. She kneels down beside him, in tears.

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