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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of June 11, 2001 on GL
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Monday, June 11, 2001

At Company:

Tony is still in his prom tux but it is the next morning. He is having a cup of coffee and waiting. Ray comes in and tells him that he got his message and came as soon as he could. He asks Tony what happened and Tony tells him nothing happened and that seems to be the problem. He goes on to tell Ray about the hotel and how Marah was upset. He tells Ray that he never felt like this before and found himself preaching to Marah about how they should wait and she was offended. He thinks he made a big mistake. Ray tells him he thinks he did the right thing. He tells Tony that he shouldn't take his commitment to Marah lightly by jumping into bed with her. Ray believes Tony's control shows how he deeply his feelings go for Marah. He reminds his brother that they were brought up to see women in two different categories, the virginal type you marry and the loose women you party with. Tony is upset and tells Ray that he finally did something right and it has lost him everything he ever wanted. Ray tells him that Marah will realize he was right when she thinks it over but in the mean time, Tony should go to her and show her that he loves her with flowers or a poem. He tells Tony that now that he has had time to think about things he will be able to express himself better. Ray asks Tony why he came to him and not Danny. Tony says he gives okay advice for a priest and in some ways he was blaming God and him for his religious beliefs where Marah is concerned.

At the Lewis House:

Reva is sleeping in a chair by the door when she remembers seeing the fireflies and wakes up and sees nothing. She thinks the whole night was a dream. Just then Marah comes in and Reva asks her how the prom was. Marah tries to cover and tells her mom that she will remember it always but Reva hears the pain in her voice and asks her to talk to her. Marah tells her everything and tells her that Tony made her feel ugly by rejecting her when she was begging him to make love to her. She can't believe she ever thought Tony loved her. Reva tries to talk to her to tell her that women are like fine bottles of wine and they need to be appreciated and respected. Marah tells her that sounds like what Tony said. She asks her mom if she wanted to be respected when she was her age. She knows she wanted to be desired and loved more than anything and tells Reva that is how she feels. Marah tells Reva that Tony thinks they should wait until they are ready to get married. Reva asks if Tony wants to get married. Marah says she thinks he was just making excuses because he was turned off. Reva doesn't think that was it. She tells Marah that Tony knows Marah isn't experienced but Marah keeps whining about Tony not loving her; he only respects her. Reva doesn't think that's a bad thing. Marah says Josh still treats her like a little girl and Tony is doing anything he can to get on Josh's side. Reva tells Marah she doesn't want her to make the same mistakes she did. Shayne walks in and overhears what happens and makes a comment about Tony the stud really being Tony the dud. Marah was humiliated and ran upstairs. Reva made Shayne promise not to say anything to anyone about what he heard then she went on to ask him about his evening.

Tony comes to the door with flowers. Marah comes and asks what he wants. He tells her that he brought her daisies because they mean loyal love and innocence. He thought the flowers would say it better than he did and he wants her to know he really loves her. Marah asks why she should believe him. Tony asks Marah what she wants him to say but she says there is nothing left to say. Tony starts to explain about last night but Marah stops him. Tony says he did everything wrong, it was his fault. Marah accepts his apology but says she doesn't want the flowers. Tony asks if she still wants him. Marah thinks he is trying to make a sick joke. Tony wonders if she meant what she said about never wanting to see him again. He thinks she may think he is only good enough as a boy toy but not for anything more. Marah asks him if he met someone better at the prom. Tony says he didn't look at anyone else. Marah thinks that he may want Catalina. Tony says Marah is the kind of girl he wants to marry. Marah says she deserves better than this. Tony starts getting upset and almost shaking. He tells Marah that he poured his heart out to her and all she is thinking about is losing her virginity. He doesn't know what she wants. He has done everything for her to the point of not even recognizing himself anymore. They are shouting and end it by breaking up. Tony leaves, Marah is crying and throws the flowers on the floor.

In San Cristobel:

Beth is asleep and Edmund kisses her to wake her. He tells her how beautiful she is and she gets upset that he has seen her on their wedding day. He tells her that it isn't bad luck to see her, only to see her in her wedding dress. Edmund goes over all the superstitions about wedding and tells her that everything will be fine. He tells her that he knows all about the something borrowed, something blue, something old and something new. He hands Beth a brooch that is very old and very blue. He gives her a kiss telling her that it is loaned to her until they are married and she has the dress, which is new. Edmund leaves to get ready for the wedding. Beth gets a call from Susan who tells her that she has strep throat and cannot attend but wanted to wish her and Edmund well. They end their call just as Olivia comes in to help Beth get ready. Olivia says Beth brings out another side to Edmund, she is impressed. She goes on to ask about Cassie and Beth tells her that Edmund learned Cassie was in SC but that she and Richard are trying to hatch a plan to hurt Edmund. Olivia doesn't look too convinced but the phone interrupts them before she can say anything. Beth answers the phone and it is Phillip. He tells her that he will be coming for the kids. She tells him not to even try coming near her children. She tells him that she has power now and she will use it to have what she wants. She goes on to tell him not to call again because she will have his calls blocked. Phillip tells her next time they talk, it will be in person. Beth hangs up, angry and tells Olivia what happened. Olivia tells her that Phillip is just saying what he is saying because he is jealous and still wants her. Beth thanks her and says nothing will spoil her big day.

In the tower, Cassie is taking her antibiotics and feeling better. She goes to the window and wonders how the day can be so beautiful when Richard isn't there. Cassie realizes that Richard must be coming for her. She continues to work on the bars of the window until she hears Edmund. She drops her nail out the window putting everything back and getting back over to her mattress. Edmund comes in to greet her and she curses him. He tells her how she cannot compare to Beth and she tells him how he could never be anything as good as Richard. Edmund leaves, locking the door behind him. Cassie looks around for another nail on the floor. While she is prying up boards she hears the wedding bells and wonders how Beth can do this.

At the wedding, Edmund talks to Dax about what a great day it is and how it is only second to his coronation day. Beth, Olivia and Lizzie are at the top of the stairs. Lizzie talks about wanting to see her dad, Beth changes the subject when she hears the music start.

At the Spaulding Mansion:

Phillip is looking at pictures of Lizzie and James when Noah and Richard come in. Phillip tells them that a psychopath is becoming stepfather to his children today; he has to have his kids rescued soon. Richard tells Phillip that he too is tired of waiting and will be going back to SC today. He says he is going to accept Edmund's invitation and go to SC alone tonight so he can find out where Cassie is being held. Phillip doesn't think Richard will do Cassie any good if he walks into a trap. Noah tells Phillip he has told Richard the same thing. Richard says he will force Edmund's hand. Cassie has suffered enough and he doesn't want her to endure it one more day. Richard will be Edmund's seemingly easy prey but he won't endanger the kids. Phillip wants to know what his plans are and Richard tells then he will tell him and Noah only if they are sworn to secrecy. He only hopes Cassie can hold on a little while longer.

Noah wants to sneak Richard onto the island but he thinks the more fanfare from his arrival the better. He tells Noah and Phillip that if he fails and is not able to return he hopes they will carry out his wishes. He tells them his lawyer is outside and wants them to witness the revisions in his will. Phillip is glad that Richard realizes how dangerous this is. Richard goes on to tell them that Cassie appointed him guardian of her children and if neither of them makes it back they need to have other arrangements. Richard thinks the children may be too much for Reva right now. He asks Noah and Phillip to be their co-guardians. Phillip agrees but says he will treat this like an umbrella that you carry on a sunny day, to have just so you wont need it.

Tuesday, June 12, 2001

At Company:

Gus is meeting with Harley. Buzz interrupts them to bring Gus's food and sits down beside Harley. Gus tells him they are having a working lunch and tells Buzz to leave and mind his own business. Buzz leaves and Harley tells Gus he should be nicer. Gus tells Harley that he has some big news. He tells her that the ballistics report show that Danny's gun killed Carmen. He has Danny where he wants him and he will be able to put him in prison soon. Harley can't believe Danny killed Carmen. Gus tells her that the marks on the bullet are as unique as fingerprints, he did it and Gus knew it all along. Harley tells him that she doesn't buy it; Danny was trying to go straight. Gus tells Harley that Danny killed his mother. He thinks back to when he shot Danny's gun in the Bauer home. Harley asks if Gus has a warrant. He tells her he doesn't yet but he will and then he will be able to arrest Danny. Gus asks if he can take her to dinner to celebrate but she tells him that she doesn't celebrate tragedy. Rick comes in and interrupts. Harley tells Gus that they were through anyway and she gets up and leaves. Buzz comes back over and Gus apologizes for being rude to him. Gus tells him that he liked the book signing Buzz threw for Blake and asks if he knows anything about Blake's sources. Buzz tells him Blake has a good imagination. Gus tells Buzz that he doesn't believe the book was fiction. Buzz tells him he should steer clear of stuff that isn't his business and stop trying to bust up everyone's families. Buzz is upset and Gus asks what is getting Buzz so riled up.

Rick tells Harley that it is time to tell Phillip. Harley tells Rick that she wishes she could tell Phillip that she is pregnant and that he isn't the father and she wishes she would never have to tell anyone who the real father is. Harley apologizes for what she said and Rick apologizes for hounding her. He tells her that he doesn't want to talk to Phillip about this either but he will acknowledge his son.

Michelle comes to see Gus. She tells him she heard he is in the mood to make deals and she is ready to help. He asks what she has in mind and she tells him that she has information about Maria and Carlos and all she wants is to keep Danny out of jail. Gus tells her that he will make that deal when hell freezes over. Gus tells Michelle that he is no longer interested in anyone but Danny. He thanks her for the offer but tells her that there is no deal. She leaves.

At the Bauer House:

Claire comes in and Michelle tells her to get out. Claire tells Michelle that she thinks she has found a way out for them. Michelle is angry and tells her again to get out. Claire tells her that she was only trying to help her and asks how Robbie would be without his mother for 10 or 15 years. Michelle asks if this way out has Danny covered as well because if it doesn't, she isn't interested and as far ass she is concerned Claire can rot in jail herself. Claire tells Michelle that Gus can't force her to testify against herself without a deal. She tells Michelle that she is trying to get him to extend immunity to Michelle as well. Michelle tells her that she wants nothing to do with her. She walks over to the door and opens it for Claire to leave. Tony is there about to knock. He is upset and asks if he can see Danny. Michelle tells him that everyone in Springfield think the Santos family is the only family that turns on each other but it isn't true. She tells Tony that her mother, pointing to Claire, betrayed Danny and her by working with Gus and wearing a wire. Tony can't believe it and stares at Claire. He asks why she would sell Danny out. He tells her that she is as low as a person can get. Claire tells him that people like him sell each other out all the time. She tells Tony that she saved Danny. Michelle tells Claire that Tony saved Danny as well. Tony tells Claire that in his world people like her end up dead. She argues with Tony and he tells her that he doesn't have to put up with self-righteous people like her and she had better get out. Claire turns to Michelle who tells her she shouldn't have come there in the first place. Claire leaves. Tony is upset and apologizes to Michelle for talking to Claire like that. She tells him he just beat her to it. Michelle goes on to ask Tony what is wrong and he tells her Marah broke up with him. She asks what happened and he tells her about prom night. Michelle tells him that Marah probably does love him but she isn't ready to be married. Tony thinks Marah thinks he is a loser. Michelle tells him that he turned down the most precious gift that Marah tried to share with him and it hurt her. He doesn't understand. Michelle tells him that he has good instincts and he should listen to them. He apologizes for Claire again and leaves.

In San Cristobel:

In the Tower, Cassie is remembering her wedding day and how now the bells of SC are ringing for Beth now, who is marrying a terrible man. She doesn't understand how Beth can't see how wrong this is. Cassie hears a plane pass overhead and wonders when Richard will be there. She knows he is getting closer, she can feel it.

At the palace, music is playing and the guests are being seated. Edmund asks Dax how things are. He tells Edmund that there have been no unwelcome guests reported on the premises. Lizzie comes down throwing flower petals and Edmund tells her he promises to care and love her the rest of his life. Olivia walks down the stairwell next and stands beside Lizzie then Beth starts her descent. Beth kisses James and goes on to stand next to Edmund. The Holy guy starts the ceremony. When he asks if anyone objects, there is tension in the room but no one speaks.

The wedding goes off and the Holy Guy pronounces Beth and Edmund husband and wife, everyone claps. Edmund tells Beth that she is his and she is also the new Princess of San Cristobel . Edmund and Beth dance while all the guests watch. After the dance Edmund takes a glass of Champagne and talks to the people about how fortunate he has become. He toast Beth and everyone claps. He goes back over to Beth to dance some more and she tells him she feels like she is in a fairy tale. Edmund goes over to the kids and asks Lizzie to dance while Beth asks James to dance with her.

After the wedding, in Edmund's bedroom, Edmund gets a call from Dax who tells him that Richard is on his way down there. Edmund tells Dax to send the welcoming committee down to greet Richard. Beth comes in wearing her tiara and negligee. She throws the crown off as well as the robe and climbs on top of Edmund and onto their ‘royal bed'.

At the Spaulding Mansion:

Claire comes in screaming. She welcomes Alan home and tells him about her horrible week. She tells him that she should have never came back to Springfield. She talks to him but doesn't give him any details. He tells her that the situation is frustrating because he cannot help her without knowing more. She goes on to tell him how afraid she is and how Tony Santos threatened to kill her.

Alan calls Russo and gets him over there. He tells Russo that Tony threatened Claire's life. Alan doesn't want to go to the cops but he wants Russo to scare the pants off Tony. Alan tells Claire that Tony will pay for threatening her.

Wednesday, June 13, 2001

At the Carriage House:

Blake is trying to get Holly to babysit the kids so she can surprise Ross for their anniversary. Holly asks her if she will ever give up on trying to get Ross to remarry her. Blake tells her that she is perfectly content with what she has. Holly takes the kids and leaves.

Blake is waiting for Ross in the living room wearing a sexy black slip and robe. She begins to put some of their wedding photos out when she hears a car pull up. She runs to the door and throws it open showing off her negligee, only it isn't Ross, but Gus at the door. Gus smiles and gets a good look before Blake closes her robe. She tells him she was expecting her husband. Gus reminds her that she doesn't have a husband. He goes on to tell her he wants to talk to her some more about Miguel's death. Blake tells him that she can't reveal her sources. Gus offers to help her out a bit if she gave him what he wanted. Before Blake could answer, Ross comes in. Blake is there with Gus and looks over to Ross and tells him, "Happy Anniversary." Ross asks Blake if she was expecting him. She admits that she took a file out of his briefcase, so he would come back home. Gus asks if they celebrate the anniversary of their marriage or their divorce. He annoys Ross thoroughly and finally leaves. Ross turns to Blake and asks why Gus was there. She tells him he was looking for information about her source. Blake tells Ross she has arranged for him to stay home all day. She cancelled his appointments and her mother has the kids. Ross seems pleased.

Outside, Gus gets a phone call from his boss. He tells him the case is ready and he is looking forward to ruining someone's day.

Blake and Ross are curled up on the couch. She tells him she loves to remember their anniversary, the day she walked down the aisle. She never thought she could love him anymore than the day they were first married but she does. Blake tells Ross she is happy and finally secure for the first time about their non-marriage. She tells him she no longer feels the anxiety of losing him and he tells her that he can also tell it is different now. He goes over and looks at the wedding photo. He tells her that they need a new photo and he thinks it may be time to replace it. Blake is surprised. They are cuddling and ignoring the telephone that is ringing in the background until they hear the machine pick up and Michelle's voice begging Ross to meat Danny at the police station. Blake tells Ross she understands and he hugs her and leaves.

At the Bauer House:

Michelle is having breakfast with Rick and Danny. She is wondering why they haven't heard from Gus lately. Buzz calls from Company to tell Michelle she left her scarf there when she was talking to Gus. Danny and Rick want to know what that was about and she reluctantly tells them that she was trying to offer Gus a deal. She was going to give him Maria and Carlos if he would leave Danny alone. Danny tells her that Gus is only after him and she should stay away from him. Michelle tells Danny that she doesn't want to lose him and she doesn't want him to turn himself in. Michelle has to leave to attend to Robbie leaving Rick and Danny alone. Danny tells Rick he may need his assistance dealing with Michelle. He says he will turn himself in rather than let Michelle go to jail. He apologizes for getting the family into this but Rick says he is family and he supports him. He tells Danny that he doesn't deserve this either. Tony comes in and tells Danny Josh fired him and he needs to have his old hours back at Inferno. Danny and Tony go outside to talk and he tells Tony that Rick and Michelle are on their side as far as the feds go but he wonders what happened with Marah. Tony doesn't really want to rehash it anymore than to ask for the extra hours. Danny tells him that he knows how he feels about Marah and he is worried about Tony. Danny tells him that if Marah is the right girl it will work out but either way he should stay cool. He tells Tony that he should get out of there and he goes back inside. Michelle is worried about Tony as well and tells Danny to invite him to the BBQ that evening to cheer him up. Just then Gus knocks on the door and arrests Danny for the murder of Carmen. He reads him his rights and Danny tells Michelle to call Ross. As they are cuffing Danny, Gus sees Tony and arrests him as well for the assault on Russo. The police and Gus take them away. Gus tells Danny to take a good look at the trees on his way to the station since it will be the last time he sees them in his miserable life.

At Company:

Marah is sitting at the table reading when Sam comes in. He asks her if she had a good time at the prom and she tells him that she and Tony broke up. Sam asks her what happened and she tells him that she is legally an adult but physically she is still a kid. She goes on to tell him that Tony doesn't want her and rejected her. Sam tells Marah he is sorry and Marah gets up to go home. Sam thinks to himself that Tony is an idiot.

Holly, Clarissa and the boys are there and Buzz offers them all ice cream. Holly tells Buzz how she got roped into babysitting so that Blake and Ross can have some adult time. Buzz tells her he doesn't mind helping out and he starts playing with the boys. Holly asks about Coop and Rocky and Buzz tells her they are still in England with Jenna's family and seem to be really happy there.

At Lewis:

Josh asks Tony how the prom was. Tony says it should be a dream come true for Josh. Marah went to the prom happy and gorgeous and now she thinks he is a loser and has dumped him. Marah decided that who Tony is and what he has to offer is not for her. Josh doesn't know what to say. Tony says Josh should give him his hard hat before he does the happy dance. Just then, Russo barges in the office and tells Tony not to threaten Claire again or he will never see the light of day. Tony says he didn't threaten Claire but just made an observation about her type winding up dead. Russo and Tony trade insults and Tony punches Russo. Josh tells Russo to leave. After he leaves, Josh asks Tony what happened. He tries to tell the truth but starts exaggerating the story and Josh fires Tony telling him to get out. Tony tells him he never wanted anything from him in the first place as he storms out.

At the Lewis House:

Josh comes over and tells Reva he fired Tony for punching out Russo in his office. Reva thinks Josh should have rewarded Tony with a raise since she has always wanted to punch Russo herself. Josh tells her that Tony needs to learn self-control. Reva feels bad for Tony and tells Josh he will end up eating his words. Reva tells Josh that Marah and Tony had a disagreement about how prom night will end. Josh thinks he needs to sit down to hear this. Reva thinks he has forgotten what he was like when he was a kid. She tells Josh Marah wanted the night to be "The Night". It was Marah's idea and she made all the plans. Tony went along with it at first but then he had the self-control and told her no. He said he couldn't make love to her because he wanted to respect her because she was the person he wanted to marry. Josh is stunned. Reva says that Marah took it as an insult and ended it. If someone had said something like that to Reva as a teenager, it may have changed her entire life but she may have not wanted to hear it either. Reva was glad she was blind during that conversation because she could feel and hear that pain in her daughter's voice. She tells Josh she knows that pain and wished her daughter didn't have to experience it. Josh thinks Tony handled himself better than either he or Billy did at his age. Reva tells him not to go back there; it's not about them. Josh wants to know what happened. Reva says Marah is still mad at Tony and they broke up. She feels bad that Tony lost his job too. Marah walks in and says "Oh, no." Josh tells her to wait. Josh tells Marah he heard her prom night didn't go well. Marah is angry that Reva blabbed. Josh says he is sorry she was hurt by what happened. He says she is beautiful, intelligent and loving. All the guys at the prom were crazy for her. Marah doesn't want to discuss this at all. She thinks Tony wants different things and they are moving on and maybe now they will find what they want. Josh says Tony looked miserable. Marah gets tearful and walks out. Reva says she doesn't feel good that Tony is miserable, does he? What more could they want for Marah than a guy who thinks so much of her? Josh thinks that maybe Marah was right about Tony's motives but Reva tells Josh that she believes Tony. She thinks Tony would be a good boyfriend for Marah. All he did was hit a slimy lawyer. Josh agrees to talk to Tony.

Thursday, June 14, 2001

In San Cristobel:

Edmund hands Olivia the signed harbor agreement and she thanks him. He tells her that he is on a lucky streak with the deal, the coronation and the wedding. Olivia tells him when the construction starts he will get his kick back. Edmund doesn't think Olivia trusts him. Beth comes in and asks why Olivia wouldn't trust him and Edmund makes up excuses about the project. Beth tells Edmund that there is a horde of reporters around the airport waiting for Richard's arrival. She thinks Richard is trying to make his return as public as possible. Edmund welcomes the opportunity to show the press how ridiculous Richard's allegations are. Olivia leaves and Edmund goes on to talk to Beth about how Richard has altered the press to suit his cause. Edmund tells Beth that he will not allow it to continue and Richard will never find Cassie. Beth wonders how Edmund can stop him if he doesn't know where Cassie is. Edmund covers and says he doesn't know where she is but that won't stop Richard from using the press against him. He wonders how he can turn the press against Richard. Beth tells Edmund that Richard wouldn't return without a foolproof plan. She offers to help but Edmund tells him he needs to have some time to think on his own. He leaves and Beth asks an aide to let her know when Richard arrives.

On the Spaulding Jet, the plane has just landed when Beth comes aboard. Richard asks her if she is doing Edmund's dirty work. She ignores his remarks and asks why he is in San Cristobel . Richard says he has come to find his wife and bring her home. Beth asks if Richard will leave Edmund in peace after he finds Cassie. Richard says Edmund doesn't deserve to rule. Beth says Edmund was given that right by birth and Richard tried to take it away from him. She accuses him of being sanctimonious. Richard says he will decide what to do after he finds Cassie. Beth tells Richard that he knows where Cassie is because the whole situation is a set up to get back at Edmund. Richard says her new husband is holding Cassie prisoner. Cassie is Edmund's victim and so is Beth, but she doesn't know it. Richard asks Beth if she thinks he is the evil one. He tells her she is an intelligent woman and she should rely on her instincts to see which brother is the manipulator. He tells her that Edmund is paranoid and self-destructive and if she thinks about it she would realize that this grand plot that Edmund has told her about sounds like Edmund and not Richard. Richard asks Beth if she ever has had cause to doubt Edmund and his constant evasion of the truth. She has a flashback to the tower and the 'war room'. Richard knows she has had doubts and for good reason. Just then, a guard comes aboard and tells Richard he should accompany him to the palace. Richard asks if the armed guards will accompany him and if he is under arrest. He knows he is and tells them that if the tyrant bellows, he has to come. Richard tells Beth that Edmund's benevolence shines through yet again.

Back at the Palace, Edmund asks about Richard's plane and learns that it just landed. He tells the guards to go and arrest Richard and bring him to the palace. The guards think it is a bad idea because of the press but Edmund demands they do it.

At Company:

Frank calls Harley and tells her about Danny's arrest and that Michelle is about to lose it. Harley tells him she will be right there. She starts looking for her keys when she gets outside. Phillip is inside Company looking for Harley. Harley thinks she may have left the keys on the counter so she goes back in. While Phillip is on the phone, Harley sneaks in for the keys. Phillip sees her and offers to drive her to the station. She refuses and tells him she is in a hurry. Phillip thinks she is acting weird and nervous. His phone rings again and Phillip tells her not to move. He gets off the phone quickly. Harley has left and Phillip wonders why there is so much mystery around here.

Tony is talking to Catalina. He tells her Josh fired him and he and Marah broke up. Catalina is surprised since they seemed so happy at the prom. Tony says even when he tries to do the right thing it turns out wrong. Catalina says he started life in a different place and his journey is harder but his life will work out. Her life is turning around and so will his. Tony says his journey will be without Marah. Catalina says he is a good guy with a good heart; he has to believe in himself because she does. He tells her she is a good friend.

At the Springfield Police Department:

Gus has Danny and Tony in cuffs. Ross comes in and Gus hands him the reports on why he arrested Danny. Ross is laughing at Gus's evidence. He wants to know when the alleged homicide took place and how Gus can prove a bullet was the cause of death? He tells Gus he jumped the gun and has tipped his hand.

Michelle asks Tony how he is and he tells her that Russo provoked him. Tony wants to know what is up with Danny and Michelle tells him about Carmen's death. An officer comes over to take Tony's report and Michelle goes back over to Danny. She tells him Gus doesn't have a case and everything will be okay soon. Ross comes over and tells Tony that he will get bail but he isn't sure about Danny because they may consider him a flight risk. Michelle asks Ross if the case will hold up; she overheard him with Gus. Ross is glad she thought he was convincing because he was bluffing; Danny is in serious trouble. Ross tells them that he will set up a bail hearing for Tony. He tells them if they are able to get Danny bail it will be severe.

Gus is arguing with Harley about Danny. She wonders why he had to arrest Tony when he was doing a public service decking Russo. She tells Gus that the satisfaction he gets from destroying people's life is creepy. Gus accuses her of apathy. He tells her she did nothing about following the leads on Blake's book. Her father is acting weird about it too. He tells her to get her priorities straight. Gus leaves and Harley checks her messages. She gets one from Rick and leaves to go to the Bauer's.

Tony made bail and Danny is telling Michelle that he is glad he got out. Michelle assures Danny that he, too, will be home tonight with his family. Danny isn't so optimistic. Danny asks Michelle to let it go and just let Ross handle things from here on out. He doesn't want her to get in trouble as well. He wants her to promise not to do anything to jeopardize her and Robbie. An officer comes to lead Danny away. Michelle is crying.

At the Bauer House:

Rick is checking the news looking for something on Danny's arrest when Phillip comes in. Rick tells him what happened and Phillip can't believe it. Rick wonders why Phillip is there. Phillip tells him that he is on his way to SC to get his kids and wanted to stop by and to talk about Harley. He tells Rick that she is acting peculiar and can't wait to get away from him every time he sees her. Rick says she was probably trying to get to the station due to Danny's arrest. Phillip apologizes to Rick for nagging him about what is bothering him. Phillip assumed Rick was the one with the problem, but something is wrong with Harley he thinks Rick knows what it is. Rick tells Phillip that he and Harley are busy people with busy lives. Phillip isn't buying and says Rick did admit there was a problem the other day. Rick thinks Phillip should concentrate on getting his kids back. Phillip says he hates the waiting until he can go for his children. Rick is acting stressed and Phillip tells him that he thinks Rick is taking out his frustration about Danny on him. Phillip wants to know if Harley is upset that he is going to SC for the kids and if she is still jealous of Beth. Rick says he is a worse pit bull than Gus. He tells Phillip that he has to call to find out about Danny. Phillip says he knows Rick is being a good friend to Harley and is comforting her. He knows Harley has shared things with Rick. Phillip will back off once he knows what the problem is. Phillip starts shouting that he is already upset enough about his children; he doesn't need to worry about Harley too. Rick tells him he doesn't want to betray Harley's confidence. He tells Phillip that he is the best friend he ever had but he has no right to ask Rick to betray Harley's confidence. Phillip wonders if Harley is seeing someone. Rick shouts at Phillip to stop pushing him. Phillip says he will stop pushing, he'll go to SC and get his kids but when he gets back, someone will tell him what is going on. Phillip says they have been friends all their lives and this is not right. Phillip leaves and Rick picks up the phone to call Harley.

Later, Harley comes in and Rick tells her Phillip was there. Harley wonders if Rick told him about the pregnancy. Rick says he didn't tell but Phillip is not taking no for an answer and Harley won't be able to hide it much longer. Harley says she will tell him but Rick doubts she would have told him if he hadn't seen the date on the sonogram. He tells her that Phillip is already feeling betrayed by them and it will only get worse. Harley tells Rick that they did not betray Phillip; Phillip walked out on her to go to San Cristobel . Rick says they were still married at the time the baby was conceived and that is betrayal any way you look at it. Harley says she can't face Phillip right now. She is planning on telling him but not now.

Friday, June 15, 2001

At the Carriage House:

Blake and Holly are talking about the children and how Gus interrupted Blake and Ross earlier. Blake tells Holly that Gus ruined her entire afternoon the moment he arrested Danny. She tells her that she had the seduction act down but when she opened the door barely clad in a negligee, it wasn't Ross at the door but Gus. She goes on to tell her mom how Ross showed up moments later and she had to work on the seduction that much more after they got Gus to leave. Blake says she had Ross talking about needing to replace their wedding photo with a new one and Gus barged in again, this time on the phone. He arrested Danny and Ross had to go to the station. Holly wonders what is wrong with Gus; he has been badgering Buzz as well. Blake tells her that he wants to know about her source and she is going to use that to get the inside information she needs for her sequel. She goes to call Gus. She tells him she heard he has been gossiping about her. She is annoyed that Ross is busy having to take care of Danny, due to him. She tells him if he wants information on her source he should ask her not her friends because they won't talk. Gus tells her he will be over in 20 minutes and he asks her to wear the negligee again. She says no and hangs up. Blake asks Holly to watch the kids again. She needs to have a professional fact finding meeting. Holly takes the kids and leaves.

Gus arrives awhile later and is disappointed that Blake has clothes on. He says he preferred her earlier greeting. She says it wasn't meant for him and she didn't appreciate him interfering with her afternoon with Ross. She thinks the timing was kind of obvious. Gus tells her he wants to know her source. She says she won't tell him and he should stop asking her friends because he is alienating them. Gus says her friends are defensive and that means she knows something major. Blake doesn't think he has any friends. She says not to harass anyone else anymore or he won't get what he wants. He tells her he always gets what he wants. Blake tells him he has to know how to ask for something in the right way. She goes on to say that telling him who her source is would be a breach of ethics. She says she needs to know what he would do with the information and he has to promise to protect her source. In exchange he has to tell her real life Santos stories. He says he doesn't know anymore but he will pull up some files to see what he can find. Blake says if she is pleased with the information they may be able to make a deal.

At the Bauer's:

Meta is serving lunch to Ross. They are wondering if it will be possible to bail Danny out. Ross said he was able to get the bail hearing and arraignment moved up to today but the Judge will probably think Danny is a flight risk and deny bail. Michelle wants to get Danny out of jail as soon as she can. She thinks someone from the police or other mobster would kill him in there. Ross reminds Michelle that when she was on trial, Danny broke her out of prison and they went on the run for months. Ross says the judge will make a decision based on this case and will look at everything. Meta offers to talk to some friends who know the judge. Ross doesn't want to encourage her. Michelle says Danny wouldn't leave the country now that he has a family and two legitimate businesses. Ross tells them to keep their spirits up and he will see them all later. Michelle is leaving to get help for Danny.

Rick is playing with Robbie when Meta comes back in. She tells him she would love to see a little Rick running around there. Meta mentions Harley's baby and sees Rick's reaction. She tells him to look at her and he finally does. She can see from his eyes that Harley's baby is his. She says maybe it is none of her business. Rick says she wouldn't have been able to read him so well if deep down he didn't want her to know. Meta feels bad for both Rick and Harley. He tells her what happened and she can't believe it. She wonders about Phillip and listens to everything Rick has to say.

Rick is still playing with Robbie when Ross and Michelle walk in with Danny. Rick is surprised and they tell him that they had to put up everything, including Carmen's house for collateral. Rick is glad Danny is home but wonders how Ross swung it. They tell Rick that Harley presented her evidence and when the Judge questioned her on her thoughts of Danny and whether he was a flight risk, she gave a glowing testimonial of a reformed person. Danny says he couldn't believe it; he was ready to hate Harley forever after he learned she bugged the house but she really went to bat for him. Rick thinks Gus must really be angry with Harley now and wonders why she put herself out there like that. Danny tells him that Michelle appealed to her sense of fairness. Michelle gets Robbie and brings him over to his dad. Danny is so happy to be at home with his family. Ross tells him he is lucky to be there. Danny says his wife is a miracle worker. Michelle feels sorry for Harley now, having to deal with Gus. Ross tells Danny not to do anything to get his bail revoked. Gus is not above entrapment. They will find out about the evidence at the indictment. Then they will find out if Gus is also going to charge Michelle. Ross wants to get home and start working. They all thank him as he leaves.

In San Cristobel:

On the plane, a palace guard is telling Richard to come with him. Beth tells him he is not under arrest. Richard sarcastically says he is glad he is traveling with Beth so he won't get into an 'unfortunate accident'. He just wants to find Cassie and Beth tells him that they know he knows where she is. Richard says she is more deluded than he thought. Edmund's reign will be short and so will hers. Richard hopes she enjoyed herself. They leave for the palace.

In the throne room, Dax and Edmund are discussing Richard's arrival. Dax wonders whether Edmund's invitation to Richard was sincere. Edmund says he has even invited members of the royal council to attend the meeting. He goes on to say he would like nothing more than for Richard to find Cassie and take her back to SF. Dax says Richard claims he doesn't know where Cassie is. Edmund says Dax and the others have free run of the palace and no one has seen Cassie. Richard can search the palace from top to bottom under the observation of the international observers. Dax tells Edmund he serves the crown and his allegiance is to the house of Winslow. The doctor comes in and is taking Edmund's blood pressure. Edmund is tired of all the medical attention as well as the medications. The doctor concludes his exam just as Beth arrives. She tells Edmund she went to try to talk some sense into Richard but it didn't work. Richard follows her in and Edmund calls him the prodigal bastard. Richard asks Edmund where Cassie is. Edmund calls Cassie a terrorist. Richard asks Edmund how can he rationalize holding Cassie hostage. Edmund tells Richard he put a bullet in his heart but he still doesn't have Cassie. Richard says if Edmund had a heart he would have hit it. They continue to argue and Beth defends Edmund. Richard asks Edmund where Cassie is again. Edmund is angry and Dax intercedes. He pushes Richard in the chest and says that is enough. Richard asks if Dax is going to arrest him. Dax says he serves the crown and will not let Richard pass. They are glaring at each other. The royal council has arrived and is watching the sparing. Richard tells Dax he trusted him and he wants him to step aside. Dax refuses and tells him that he serves the crown not the man. Richard pulls out a knife and starts going toward Edmund. Dax refuses to move from between them. Richard continues to move forward and Dax stabs Richard and he falls to the floor. Edmund is stunned. He says he never knew that this would happen. He tells the doctor to help him. The doctor checks Richard out and tells Edmund that there is nothing he can do. The knife went into his heart and Richard is dead. Richard is lying on the floor with blood spilling from his chest and mouth.

At the Springfield Police Department:

Michelle is talking to Harley. She says Danny doesn't deserve this. Michelle thinks she is helping Gus too much. They both know that Danny doesn't belong in prison. Harley says the arraignment will be this afternoon and Harley has to attend in Gus's place. Michelle says if she is really their friend, she can help Danny make bail. Harley says she is just presenting the facts; she doesn't have control over bail. The prosecution will present Danny as a flight risk. Michelle says now that Danny is a father and gone straight he won't run. She asks again for Harley's help. Harley tells her she has to do her job. Michelle asks Harley if she thinks Danny will run and Harley tells her she doesn't. She doesn't think Danny would leave Michelle holding the bag. Michelle talks about Gus's tactics and how Danny had plenty of time to run but he didn't. Why would he run now? Michelle is asking Harley to do what is right. Harley says she is concerned about the evidence but she is also concerned about Gus's vendetta. She will keep an open mind and do what she can.

After the arraignment and bail hearing, Harley is back in her office when Gus storms in. He is yelling at Harley for getting in bed with the mob. He tells her to take her stuff and get out because she is fired. He grabs a box and dumps the contents out and starts throwing Harley's stuff into it. He tells her she had no right to help Danny get bail. He has put his life into this case and she ruined it because Danny will run. Harley refuses to leave. She tells Gus that the judge asked her a question and she was honest in her reply. If he has a problem with the bail hearing, he should talk to the judge. Gus says he doesn't understand why she wants to stay now when she has been trying to get off this case since he came into town. Harley says he needs someone to watch over him and not let him play funny with the evidence. She tells him he is stuck with her and now she is going to the Bauer's to dismiss the surveillance team. Gus doesn't want her to but she tells him that Danny is no longer a suspect, he is a defendant and Gus's spying days are over. She leaves, saying, "see you tomorrow, partner." Gus bangs his head against the wall and says he turned her into a good cop after all.

At Company:

Blake meets up with Holly. Buzz has the kids out playing ball. Holly asks about Blake's meeting with Gus and they talk about it. Holly tells Blake she should be celebrating her anniversary instead of making deals with Gus. Blake says she can do both.

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