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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of June 11, 2001 on ATWT
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Monday, June 11, 2001

Jack goes to the hospital to see Julia. He gives her the deed to the house and the keys and pink slip to the car and his life insurance policy along with all the money in the bank. He tells her that he only kept five hundred dollars and his pension. She looks at him very pitifully. He says that his pension is his. He has earned it. She says that she doesn't want his pension. She adds that she is so sorry about Holden and little Luke. He tells her how guilty he is feeling about being in New York meeting with her mother when his cousin needed him the most. Julia reminds him that he is not a superhero and he can't be everywhere all the time. He says that Holden and Lily are so close and they have always belonged to each other. Julia takes this as some kind of admission from Jack and in her crazy mind she thinks Jack is there to get back with her. She says, "It is the same with us, we belong together." Jack says that he is tired of wasting time and with what has happened to Holden he can't waste another day. He tells her that Carly is the one that he wants to be with for the rest of his life. Julia is crushed and Jack walks out. Julia walks over to the pile of papers that Jack has left for her. She picks everything up, turns and drops everything on the floor. She says, "I have nothing left, I have nothing at all. I am all alone."

Barbara arrives at Carly's house just in time to see Carly kissing Craig on the cheek. Barbara storms in and starts accusing Carly and Craig of having an affair. Carly informs "Babs" that Jack is moving in with her and she doesn't want that and points at Craig. Barbara turns to Craig and attacks him about giving her Carly's drawings and trying to pass them off as some Montegan designer. Craig reminds her that she did like them. Carly asks, "You like them?" Barbara looks at her and says that she wouldn't hire her even is she was Donna Karan. Carly says that she likes her work but she won't hire her because she thinks she has something going on with her husband. Carly tells Barbara that she has a screw loose. Barbara turns to her with fire in her eyes. Craig says that they need to go home and talk about their marriage. Barbara says that all the sudden their marriage is so important. Carly says that she thinks it would be a good idea for them to leave because Jack is going to be home soon. Barbara says, "Home? Like the home that he had with Julia?" Carly goes off on Barbara and just as Jack walks through the door Carly is saying to Barbara that she is jealous because her designs are not some boring tweed numbers or maybe because she can have any man she wants. Barbara slaps Carly. Jack steps in and wants to know what is going on? Barbara informs Jack that she caught Carly kissing her husband. Carly tells Jack that it was only a peck on the cheek. Barbara says that they were practically necking. Carly laughs and asks if anyone says "necking" anymore. Jack asks if she was alone in the apartment alone with Montgomery. She asks if Jack is going to believe "Babs" over her. Jack says that she is the only one explaining herself. Carly starts to yell at Jack and she says that every time he is gone, Craig comes over and they get naked and roll all over the apartment. Craig tells Barbara that it is time for them to leave. Barbara looks at Jack and tells him to control his slut. Craig opens the door and Jack tells him to never show up there again or he will kick his butt all the way back to Hong Kong. Craig and Barbara leave. Carly turns to Jack and says that she can't believe that Jack would think she would get involved with Craig. Jack asks her about the comment that she made to Barbara as he was entering the apartment about being able to have any man she wants. Carly tells him that maybe he should go back to his house and cool off and they will talk about this later. Jack tells her that he doesn't have a home anymore. Carly asks if Julia hired another bulldozer. Jack tells her about visiting Julia and giving her everything. Carly asks if he can get the divorce now. Jack says that it is still up to Julia and her mother. Jack tells Carly that he does not want Craig in his home. She reminds him that this is her apartment and she will have anyone there that she wants. Jack asks, "Even if it really bothers me?" Carly just looks at him. Jack snickers under his breath, turns and walks to the door. He looks at Carly and walks out the door and slams it behind him.

Emily meets Hal at the Lakeview for drinks. After they chitchat for a bit, Hal starts to asks her about being at the Worldwide stockholders meeting with a camera. She asks if he is interrogating her. He says that he is just curious. She tells him that she is not sleeping with Craig Montgomery. Hal replies that he didn't ask her that. She says that she knows that will be next, so she will just answer it. She gets up to leave and Hal stops her. He makes her sit down and tells her that he really just wanted to thank her for making him think the other day about what he was doing to his kids. Emily, after going around for a bit with Hal finally says, "Your welcome." Hal asks if she is always so difficult and Emily says that it is just the reporter in her. Hal starts to ask her again about the board meeting and Craig's involvement. Emily tells him that he is, again, letting something consume his life. He tells her that he is concerned about his wife. She says that Barbara is not his wife anymore and he needs to get on with his life. She adds that his first clue should have been when he lost his job. Hal looks at her like a light bulb has come on. He tells her that she is right again. Emily says that she has to go; she has a party to go to. Hal says that if she keeps giving him good advice, he is going to have to do something extra special for her. She tells him that Paris is nice this time of year. She asks Hal if he was flirting with her just a little, before. He tells her maybe next time. She asks him to come with her to the party and he thanks her for the invite, but declines. She looks at him and says, "Hal, your welcome." Hal snickers and Emily leaves. As she gets to the door, she turns and looks at Hal and smiles.

When Barbara and Craig get home, they have it all out. Barbara tells him that she can't trust him if he is going to lie to her. He tells her that it wasn't really a lie. She asks him what he would do if she pretended Hal was someone else to get him a security job at one of his businesses. Craig says that Hal is a good cop and he would hire him if he were right for the job. Barbara says that she has asked that he not see Carly. Craig replies that he has asked her not to make childish parameters. Barbara asks what it is that is between he and Carly. Craig tells her that Carly lived with him. He asks Barbara why he would marry her and then have an affair with someone that he basically threw out of his apartment. She tells him that she is afraid that they were all right. Craig asks who are they and why are they right. Barbara says, "Hal, Lisa, Jennifer." Craig makes a face and tells her that he is tired of fighting and they will get through this. He tries to pull her close to him. She pushes back and says that he doesn't have to prove what a great lover he is, she already knows. She adds that what she wants to know is if he really loves her and she walks out of the room.

Tuesday, June 12, 2001

Jack came bearing coffee to make up with Carly who admitted she was as much at fault about their falling out over Craig as he was. They rehashed what happened and concluded that Craig was being manipulative. Jack admitted he was jealous of her relationship with him and the time they spend together. But Carly said there's nothing to worry about. Jack still wanted to know why Craig was willing to back her designs, and Carly rationalized that Craig was buying her off so she wouldn't turn her back on him. Satisfied they were on the same page, Jack kissed Carly and they made love. He asked her one more time to stay away from Craig and Carly finally gave in and said she wouldn't see him anymore.

Simon and Jake convinced a chambermaid to let them into Damian's suite. Once inside, after looking around for clues, Jake found a notepad and scratched over it to find the last message on it. A phone number in Wisconsin was revealed and Jake called it to discover it was a boat rental agency. Jake hung up without getting much information and the two brainstormed to figure out that Damian knew all along his boat was going to blow up. He must have planned the bombing so he and Luke could live in secret with everyone presuming they were dead. The duo decided not to tell Lily anything until they had more evidence and set out to find it.

Katie was daydreaming that Simon was out looking for her when Henry interrupted her and told her he hadn't found their missing SCUBA gear and he wasn't about to search the jungle for it and headed out. Alone again, Katie undressed and took a swim as Cooley snuck up and stole her clothes. Katie blamed Henry for stealing her clothes, but he had no idea what she was talking about and gave her a parachute he was carrying to make new ones out of. They found more footprints and Henry said he was tired of hanging around to wait to die and he was going to fix the airplane as Cooley continued to watch them. Katie decided to find the missing gear on her own in hopes of still being able to recover the diamond.

Barbara was still reeling over Craig and Carly. Craig tried to explain again what had happened, but Barbara told Craig to leave her business with BRO alone - that was her turf and it was completely off limits to him. Needing time to cool off, she left to visit Julia. At the hospital, Barbara confided in Julia over her situation with Carly and Julia was no help in easing her mind as she fed her information on how Carly weasels her way into other people's lives. She made Barbara doubt Craig and told her that Carly would stop at nothing to get her hands on some cash because she couldn't bare to live on a cop's salary - in fact, she must already think she is rolling in money because Jack stopped by to tell Julia he could have everything they owned. Julia told Barbara he must think that Carly would support them. Barbara felt she was a fool for trusting Craig with Carly and told Julia they would be better off if Carly didn't exist.

Rose met with Cass and offered him some shares of Worldwide, which he quickly handed over a check for. Rose realized she just stumbled onto who was behind it all when she noticed the check was from BRO. Rose immediately paid a visit to Craig and showed him the check then asked to be cut in on a piece of the action. Craig wasn't willing to take on a partner, but Rose convinced him that having someone in the family on his side would bode well for him and she could play Lily to a tee. He still wasn't sure and Rose asked him what Barbara's involvement was as she walked in the door to find the two of them. Craig quickly covered up and said Rose was there to tell them about the memorial for Holden and Luke. Rose ducked out to make a phone call and Barbara told Craig about her meeting with Julia and how Jack had given up everything to Julia because Carly thinks her venture with BRO is going to go through. Barbara snapped at Craig and told him that he will not have any part in subsidizing Carly's designs and if he had any more involvement with her, their marriage would be over. Rose came back to find Craig alone, but lets on she overheard the conversation and knew he was in big trouble. Craig called her bluff about her disloyalty to Lucinda and wanted to know what she was up to. Rose made a deal with him to sell back all the Worldwide stock within 24 hours or she would take the check she has and go straight to Barbara.

Wednesday, June 13, 2001

Lakeview Hotel Bar:

Molly and Jake were talking when Simon walked towards them. Jake told her about him and Simon looking into what happened to Damian and Holden. Molly was upset when she heard what they were doing and wanted Jake to stop. She said the police couldn't find anything and had closed the case. Molly was worried that the same people that were after Damian could hurt Jake and Simon too. Jake told her their theory about things not adding up. They wondered where the bodies were and why no food provisions etc. They told her that they are trying to find proof that Damian, Holden and Luke aren't really dead. When Jake told her that he thought that Damian rented another boat and blew up his, she wanted to know why Damian would blow up his own boat. Jake told her that if everyone thought they were dead, then the people that were looking for him would stop trying to find them. Molly was still worried about Jake but said she's not going to try to stop him. She begged him to be careful, and hoped that he had good news about Holden and Luke.

Craig & Barbara's Hotel Suite:

Craig asked Barbara if she wanted breakfast. She said she couldn't eat, she was upset about going to the memorial service for Holden and Luke. Craig agreed that it was sad, but that he wanted to talk about a business proposition instead. Barbara said she didn't want to talk anymore about Carly. He assured her the business deal was something else. Emily was at the door and said she had the pictures he wanted. When she saw Barbara, she stopped what she was saying. Barbara was disgusted to see Emily there and left. Emily commented that it was a little soon for marital conflict. Craig looked at the pictures and realized that it wasn't Lily at the board meeting, it was Rose instead. He was thrilled to find out that bit of information. Emily wanted to know what Craig was thinking and why he was so happy. He asked Emily to leave and then picked up the phone and called Rose. He told Rose he wanted to meet with her.

Barbara returned to the suite after Craig had left. Hal came to the door and Barbara told him it wasn't a good time. He told her he wasn't drunk and that he needed to talk to her. He assured her that his head was screwed on straight now and he knew that he had to be there for the kids. He said he came to ask her about the bills. He was going to pay the bills and was looking for them when Will told him that she took them. He said he didn't want her paying the bills for him. He assured her that he has savings and they would be fine without her help. She said she was sorry, but she knew he didn't have a job and wanted to help. She opened the desk drawer to get the bills and took out her checkbook and the she hesitated. Hal asked if anything was wrong. She told him that she hoped not. Barbara said that her checkbook was in the wrong place and she wondered about it. They talked about the kids and the fact that Jennifer still wouldn't talk to her. Hal offered his shoulder if she needed to confide in him. She told him she was OK. As soon as Hal left, Barbara counted the check stubs in her checkbook and couldn't believe that 15 checks were gone.

Barbara called Paul. She tried to tell him about Holden and Luke, but she stopped when he asked her about the money that was being spent from her account. She asked him how much money was he talking about. She told him to get the check numbers and the amount that each was written for. She said she knows exactly how it happened. Barbara told Paul she would call him back as soon as she got a few more details. She realized what a blind fool she had been. Craig walked in and didn't notice she was there until he turned and saw her standing next to the wall. He asked what she was doing. She told him she was thinking. He asked if they were sad thoughts. He thought she was sad about Holden and Luke and tried to comfort her. He told her that he would always be there for her. He asked her if she knew how much he cares for her. As he hugged her, she said, "yes, I know how very lucky I am", as she stared wide eyed looking over his shoulder.

World Wide Office:

Joe asked Rose if she gotten in touch with Lucinda yet. She told him that she hadn't. Joe and Rose talked about Holden and Luke and how hard it will be for Lucinda when she comes home to find out the news about what happened to them. They were sad that Lucinda would miss Holden and Luke's memorial service. Rose told Joe that she couldn't believe that Craig was trying to steal Lucinda's company while Lily was grieving about her loss. She told Joe that Craig has 6 more hours to sell back the stock or she would tell Barbara that Craig has been using her money to do the buying. Craig called and told Rose he wanted to meet with her. Joe told Rose that he was so proud of her for taking charge for Lucinda and Lily. He said he knew how much she was hurting about Holden and Luke too.

When Craig said he was coming to talk to her, Rose was happy and told Joe everything was working out for her. Joe left so she could be there alone to handle Craig. When Craig walked in the office, he told Rose he wanted twice the amount he paid for the stock. She told him he was crazy. He insisted that was his price. Rose grabbed the phone to call Barbara. Craig told her to listen to what he had to say first. He showed her the picture of her posing as Lily at the board meeting. He said that he realized it was she and not Lily at the board meeting because of the necklace she wears. She still had the necklace on that she wore when posing as Lily. She wanted to know what he wanted. He told her he wanted her silence and that if she said one word to Barbara; he would tell all the board members that it was she and not Lily at the meeting. Rose told him she wouldn't say anything to Barbara, but that Barbara was bound to find out soon from someone else. He told her that the timing is everything and that by the time Barbara finds out, she'll have a hefty profit and will over look what he did. He told Rose he liked her and he might find a job for her when he's the CEO of WorldWide. She told him she'd be sucking Popsicles with the devil before she would work for him.

Rose was disgusted with herself for being exposed by Craig. Joe came back and asked her how it went. She told him how Craig knew it was her and not Lily at the board meeting. The phone rang... it was good news. Rose was jumping with joy. She told Joe that Lucinda was on her way home and that she would be home today.

Lien's Hospital Room:

Ben tried to cheer Lien up with small talk but she cried and told him that she was afraid that she was never going home. Ben tried to comfort her. She told him not to worry, that she was just stir crazy and hated being there in the hospital. Curtis and Isaac came in for a visit. Curtis brought her flowers. He asked Lien if she could help him with his schoolwork. Ben tried to tell him she couldn't but Lien insisted she wanted to help and that it would give her something to do. Ben and Isaac left the room and talked in the hall. Isaac asked how Lien was. Ben told him she was afraid and so was he.

Molly & Jake's Condo:

Molly called out for the nanny and Abigail. Abigail came in the front room and said that Mary and the twins were at the park. Molly asked Abigail if she had on her dress. She told Molly that she didn't have anything black and asked if it was OK if she wore her black dress. Molly told Abigail that she didn't have to wear black, she could wear what ever she wanted to. Abigail began to cry as she talked about Holden. She said that he had wanted a picture of her and she never got around to giving one to him. She continued crying as she said that she was just getting to know him and she missed him so much.

Boat Rental Store:

Jake walked in the boat rental store and asked to speak to the owner. When the guy that was there said he was the owner, Jake said he wanted to talk to him about the boat he rented to Damian Grimaldi. Simon came in and when they began asking the owner questions about Damian, the owner said he never heard of Damian and that he was out of business. He said he retired and he his wife was moving to Florida. At first Jake thought that this was a dead end, but Simon told him that all the owner had outside were small boats and canoes, but in the garage in back, he had a speed boat. They surmised that the owner could have used the speedboat to get Damian, Luke and Holden away from Damian's boat before it exploded. That would be the only explanation of how the guy that owned such a small boat operation could afford to retire and move to Florida.

Thursday, June 14, 2001

Lucinda returns to Oakdale and Rose greets her as they both prepare to attend Holden and Luke's memorial service. Rose explains that she discovered Craig was buying up shares of Worldwide stock and though she attempted to buy back all the shares of stock, he uncovered their secret about her posing as Lily. Impressed with her actions, Lucinda thanks Rose for her efforts.

Now knowing what he has done to her and her company, Barbara chooses her moment and eventually boasts to Craig that he's going to prison for stealing from her. Caught off guard, Craig smugly accepts her charges but then tries to explain his actions by revealing that he's quadrupled the money he used. Though he implores her to believe that he did it all for her, she insists that he repay the money he took from her company plus the profit he made from that cash by 10 p.m. or else she will go to the police. She also announces their marriage is over and adds that his reputation in bed is exaggerated.

A despondent Julia somehow finds a sharp knife while the nurse isn't watching and tries to kill herself. While staring at her wrist she is saying Jack's name. Dr. Michael's calls Jack with the news, interrupting his quiet time with Carly after they made love.

In spite of Jake's fast-talking, he can't get the boat shop owner to tell what he knows about Damian. Simon, however, finds a half-eaten lollipop on the back seat of the boat hidden nearby.

With giant photos of Luke and Holden in the background, Lily takes comfort when Cal, Caleb and Seth arrive at the memorial service.

Friday, June 15, 2001

Various citizens of Oakdale, including Cal Strickland, and Seth and Caleb Snyder, Holden's brothers, gathered for Holden and Luke's memorial service. Lucinda threatened to have Simon forcibly removed the service if he didn't leave. She was disbelieving and angry when Simon told her of his and Jake's suspicions--that Luke and Holden may possibly still be alive, and refused to help him. A shaken Barbara showed up momentarily but left when Hal and Kim pressed her for the real reason she was so upset. She ran into Craig on her way out and they argued.

Carly was horrified when Craig confessed that all of his problems would be solved if Barbara was no longer around. He pleaded with her to help him out of his mess with Barbara but she refused. She was incredulous when he asked her if he could stay with her until he figured out what to do and insisted that he leave.

Jack visited Julia in the hospital but was suspicious that her suicide attempt may have been just a ploy for attention. In the midst of one of Julia's tirades about Carly, Jack received a phone call from Barbara. She told him that everyone had been right about Craig--he was only after her money. When Jack questioned how she came to that conclusion, she told him that Craig stole money from her company to make some shady investments and that she was ready to press charges. They decided to meet at the old boathouse to discuss the situation in person. Unbeknownst to Barbara, Craig overhead their conversation. Before they arrived at the boathouse, someone beat them there and set off some sort of mysterious gaseous mixture.


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