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Rosa Santos returned to town and grumbled about her mother's strict rules. Adam realized that JR had stolen drugs from David's locked hotel room. Liza forced Adam to tell Dixie and Tad that JR was using drugs. Laura admitted to Jamie that she was afraid of dying. With her condition worsening, Leo asked Laura to marry him. Ilene shot Gabriel with a tranquilizer and used him as a ploy to get Anna to the turret. Gillian showed up at the turret and unwittingly found herself in serious danger.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of June 11, 2001 on AMC
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Monday, June 11, 2001

At the mall, Adam continued his search for J.R. He was frustrated that J.R. blew off his community service and blamed himself for JR's attitude. He called the hospital to find out if the teenage boy who was brought in could be J.R.

Outside the Pine Valley Hospital, Jake tended to Ken as a car raced off. When the orderlies had Ken on the gurney and had moved him inside, Jake stood up and said, "Oh, JR!"

As Marcus drove recklessly away from the hospital, J.R. tried to talk him into going back to see if Ken was ok. They told him the doctors would take care of Ken and he should quit worrying about it. They were pleased they had scored so well with getting Dr. Hayward's prescription pad.

As David unlocked the door to his room, he turned to see Dixie. He was happy to see her, but Dixie said he wouldn't be so happy after he heard what she had to say to him. Once inside David's room, Dixie asked how he could look for her at the high school. What if JR would have seen him? He told her JR had seen him and that they had argued. Later JR had come by and apologized. They agreed to stay out of each other's way. David had other things on his mind. He told her he had done a lot of thinking in jail and that he now knew that life meant nothing to him without her. He took Dixie's hands in his. Dixie noticed his hand had healed. He told her he would be operating on Laura English as soon as a donor heart became available. He didn't want to talk about Laura - he wanted to talk about their relationship. David noticed that Tad had not moved back in with Dixie and felt that there was still hope for him. Dixie said she also had some time to think. Sleeping with him cost her everything. She couldn't imagine that risking her son's love was worth a few nights of pleasure. David tried to convince her that it meant so much more than that. Dixie had made up her mind. She told David she didn't want him to come anywhere near her. She didn't want him in her life anymore. It was over. David questioned Dixie about her feelings for him. She replied that she could not risk her life for him anymore. She was going to focus on her son, her marriage and her home. David told her she could walk out of his life, but couldn't make him stop loving her. Dixie asked him to let her go. She wasn't going to change her mind, but she had some advice for him. Whatever the judge decided was fair, she hoped he would be able to come to peace with himself. When she had been with him, she had seen something really beautiful in him and it was still there. David told her all he had ever wanted was her happiness. She wished the same for him. After saying goodbye, she turned and walked away. Once he was alone, David said to himself that after the day he had, he needed some aspirin. When he opened his bag, he noticed someone had been in it.

Laura, Bianca and Brooked watched as Greenlee and Leo came into the hospital. Leo accused Greenlee of trying to blind him. Concerned, Laura asked Leo if he was ok. He turned and smiled at her and asked if she was ready to go home. Leo explained that he had been at the mall looking for a welcome home gift for Laura when Greenlee accidentally sprayed perfume in his eyes. Laura apologized to Greenlee for having to stoop down to hawking fragrances in the mall. Greenlee bragged that she was the new face for Enchantment, not to mention the heart and soul of it. Leo was obviously uncomfortable as Greenlee and Laura continued to exchange insults. Greenlee decided to leave and turned to Leo and said, "Have a life!" After Greenlee was gone, Brooke left to get the car. Laura and Bianca continued to put Greenlee down. Leo defended her and told them they were really being harsh. Laura just didn't want Greenlee to hurt him. Leo assured her the only one who could hurt Greenlee would be Greenlee herself. Bianca asked Leo why he had been at the mall and he said Laura knew. Then Laura wanted to know what her present was. Leo wouldn't tell, but gave her a hint by kissing her on the cheek. Bianca warily looked on. Brooke returned to get Laura. Before leaving, Laura asked Leo if he was coming for dinner. He told her he would come over later, but that now she needed her rest. Leaning forward in her chair, she told Leo she loved him. After Brooke and Laura were gone, Bianca glared at Leo. He asked her what was wrong. Bianca said, "You tell me. What's wrong with this picture?" She accused Leo of playing games with her best friend. It was hard for her to believe that he loved Laura after just coming out of a relationship with Greenlee. Bianca said if she believed he really loved Laura, she would be happy for both of them. He was promising Laura a future and giving her the will to live, knowing that she could die. Leo swore he wouldn't let that happen. A heart could come through at any time and they would have to focus on Laura's recovery by giving her love and positive energy. Bianca asked him if he was really in love with Laura. Leo took that personally, thinking that she meant he was not good enough for Laura. He said, "I'm not good enough for Laura, but you are!" Bianca insisted that wasn't what she thought. Leo appeared remorseful as he hugged Bianca. He wanted to get something to eat, but Bianca wanted to be alone. She told him she was going to Wildwind to ride Scorpio. She needed to be by herself.

Edmund and Anna stepped back from a passionate kiss. Edmund told her he was kissing her - not Alex. He cared for her and wasn't going to let her die. Anna assured him she didn't plan on dying. He was concerned that she was taking a risk not only with her life, but also with everyone who loved her. She told him that loving him was not on her agenda. Edmund couldn't believe that she had survived all she had just to let Charlotte win in the end. One step on Charlotte's turf would surely mean death for her. He would not throw soil on her coffin or put her body into the ground. He would hate her if she died on him. Anna was touched by Edmund's concern, but said she needed answers and the only way to get them would be to see Charlotte. After much discussion, Edmund knew he could not convince Anna to change her mind, so he told her he was going with her to "ride shotgun." Now all they had to do was tell Dimitri and Alex. Anna left that up to Edmund as she went off to take care of something before they left.

Gabriel asked Anna when she was leaving. She told him soon as it was time she came face-to-face with Charlotte. They needed answers and she was going to get them for both of them. Gabriel was worried about her. Just then Edmund walked into the room and told him he would protect Anna. Before leaving, she wanted to talk to Gabriel. Removing the chain from her neck, Anna handed it to Gabriel. She wanted Gabriel to have their father's ring as a promise that she'd return. Giving him her word that he would never be hurt again, she kissed him goodbye.

At the mall, JR and his friends were fooling around. JR was still worried about Ken and feared that whatever he took from Dr. Hayward's bag could have killed him. Marcus argued that JR needed to show some gratitude because they helped him pay back his mother's boyfriend. As his friends ate, JR continued to worry about Ken. Marcus told him to chill out. JR looked at him in disgust and rushed off.

Adam and Liza arrived at the hospital and asked Jake about the boy who had been dropped off at the hospital. Jake told them it wasn't JR. They had pumped his stomach and he would be ok. Jake told them he had seen the car leave after they had dumped Ken off and he was positive JR had been in the back seat. Jake saw Greenlee and walked away.

Jake walked up to Greenlee and told her he needed a lift to the mall so he could pick up his car. Greenlee was eating Jell-O and watching Leo and Laura. She looked at Jake and said Leo was so obvious. Jake shook his head and told her she was, too. Then he ushered her towards the door.

Back at the mall, Jake told Greenlee he would give her 5 minutes to do the "Greenlee monologue" to talk about Leo. Greenlee said there could only be two reasons why Leo was hanging all over Laura. One, he was after her money, or two, he was on the rebound to get over her. Jake told her to get over herself. Since she was the one to dump Leo, why should she care who he hung out with. He wanted to know if she still loved Leo. At that point Greenlee felt she was a loser and wondered why she cared what Leo did. Jake assured her she was not a loser. He reminded her that she had done a good job and Erica should be pleased. Erica knew quality and Greenlee was quality. Pleased, Greenlee leaned over and kissed Jake. Jake asked what that was for. Greenlee told him it was to shut him up. Then she got up and walked away.

Outside the hospital, JR asked a nurse if Ken was ok. She told him she was just getting off work and he'd have to ask the ward nurse. He was about to go in, when Adam and Liza stopped him. JR wanted to know how they found out about Ken. Adam told him they had been worried about him when they found out he had blown off the community service. He tried to make up an excuse, but finally admitted the truth after he found out Jake had seen him in the car. Adam wanted to know if they had all been high. JR said the others were high, but he wasn't. Liza accused him of lying. She told Adam to look at his eyes - he was high right now. JR angrily told Liza to say out of it. Adam jumped to her defense. JR finally admitted he had taken some drugs. Adam was angry and wanted to know where JR got the drugs. JR shouted back that they had scored the drugs off David Hayward.

Hearing insistent knocking, Gabriel got up to answer the door. Upon opening it, he found Bianca begging him to follow her.

Tuesday, June 12, 2001

At the hospital, Adam asked JR if the drugs actually came from David and if he had tried to buy JR's silence by offering them to him. JR said that was exactly what had happened; David knew how much JR hated him and how he wanted him to stay away from his mom. JR, looking uneasy, went on the explain that he had gone to see David and flipped out on him. David took him inside and took drugs out of his bag and handed them to JR. According to JR, David would give him and all his friends enough drugs if JR would just back off. Adam then asked what David had given him and JR pulled a container out of his pocket and handed it to Adam. Adam and Liza viewed the bottle which turned out to be painkillers. JR apologized to his dad and said that he didn't want to say anything because he had been in so much trouble lately. He then asked if Adam was mad at him and Adam responded that he was not, in fact he was very proud of JR for coming forward. He added that he wanted to kill David with his bare hands. Liza interrupted Adam's rant and asked JR to wait in the car, she wanted to talk to Adam alone. JR left. Liza told Adam that his love for JR was clouding his judgment; JR was lying to him. Adam was shocked that Liza thought JR would lie and told her that David would do anything to get to Dixie. Liza replied that David was a horrible man but not an idiot, he wouldn't give a bunch of kids some drugs to just keep them quiet. Adam said David would stop at nothing to get Dixie, including giving drugs to JR to get him out of the way. Liza replied that his theory was crazy but Adam replied that David had tried to kill his son and he was going to make David pay. He ran for the hospital door, Liza ran after him to try to stop him but he was already gone.

At Brooke's home, Brooke opened the door to find a large package being carried by Leo. "Laura," she said, "there is a large box here to see you, and Leo's with it." Laura walked into the room and Brooke excused herself. Laura grabbed the package from Leo and opened it. She pulled out several pieces of lingerie. She asked Leo if he would like to go to her room to see if they fit. Leo seemed hesitant as Brooke was in the other room. Laura replied that her mom didn't need to know. Leo grabbed the box and they headed for Laura's bedroom. The door bell rang, and Brooke opened the door to find David outside. He apologized for being late and explained that there had been a break-in at his hotel room. He asked how Laura was and Brooke replied that she was doing well. She added that Leo had come by for a visit and David was very happy that he was taking such good care of Laura. Brooke's mood changed and David asked what was wrong. She had to do something that she didn't want to do, tell Jamie how sick Laura was. She asked David if he would help her and he agreed. Jamie came downstairs and asked what David was doing there, staring at him suspiciously. Brooke explained that David was Laura's heart doctor. Jamie said ,"no way, JR hates him." Brooke replied that this wasn't about JR, it was about Laura; she was very very ill and needed David. Brooke explained Laura's condition to Jamie then David sat down and told Jamie that he understood why JR didn't like him, but he was a very good doctor and he would do everything he could to help Laura. Jamie thanked him. Just then, there was a pounding on the door. Brooke opened the door and Adam came in, ran immediately over to David, yelled "you cowardly, murdering bastard," and punched him. In Laura's room, she was holding up the lingerie and told Leo that she felt so lame because she didn't have the energy to even try it on. He told her that very soon she would feel better and he leaned over to kiss her. He pulled away when he realized it might go too far. Laura seemed surprised that he pulled away and he explained that they couldn't do anything more, because her heart couldn't take it. She explained that her heart felt better when she was with him and suggested they leave and go to Ryan's yacht. They kissed again and heard shouting coming from the front room.

Brooke grabbed Adam and asked him what the hell was wrong with him, she explained that Laura was ill and didn't need any excitement. Adam asked her if she wanted to trust her daughter's care to a 'dope peddler.' Brooke was confused. An equally confused David questioned Adam and Adam told him that JR said David had given him drugs to keep him quiet. David told him that was absurd as Leo ran into the room. He shooed Jamie out of the room and asked what was going on. Adam told Leo that David had tried to kill his son and he would kill David himself but didn't think he'd get away with it. He pulled out his cell phone and told David he was going to call the police and they would put him back in jail. Brooke grabbed the phone and tossed it away and told Adam that David was going to save Laura's life and he was not to call the police. Adam and Brooke argued and then David stepped in and told Adam that JR was lying. Adam went to grab David and Leo jumped in to pull them apart. They began throwing words back at each other. Adam accused David again of giving drugs to kids and David accused Adam of being a useless father. It was because of Adam that JR was the way he was. He had stability living with Dixie but Adam took that away from him. Adam went after David again, threw him to the ground and jumped on him as Leo, once again, tried to pry them apart.

At Wildwind, Alex was upset that Edmund and Anna had run off. She told Dimitri how unhappy she was about it. Dimitri stood there with a grin on his face and she told him to wipe the grin off; she was not jealous that Edmund had run off with Anna. Dimitri was about to respond when Gillian walked in. Dimitri questioned why she was over so late and she replied that apparently she had walked in on an argument between them. Alex assured her that they were not arguing but Gillian replied that something strange had been going on at Wildwind for weeks now; every time she walked into a room everyone clammed up. Everyone knew what was going on, including Ryan and no one was telling her anything. She went on to say that they were forcing Ryan to keep a terrible secret from her. She asked to know now, what was going on. Just then, Ryan walked in and asked Dimitri and Alex if they were going to tell her or was he. Dimitri jumped in asked Ryan not too say anything; Gillian could be in danger. Ryan replied that she was already in danger even if she didn't know the whole story. Alex and Dimitri agreed to fill Gillian in. Alex told Gillian about Anna being alive and how her life was still in danger.

Bianca and Gabriel ran into the stables to find the guard dog lying on the floor. Bianca explained that she had found the dog like that so something must be wrong with him. Gabriel went closer to the dog and found a tranquilizer dart beside the dog. Gabriel patted the dog and it sat up. Bianca was surprised that the dog recovered so quickly and she wondered who would shoot the dog with the dart. They both agreed to put the dog in it's dog run until they found out what had happened. They ran off to the main house.

Gillian was shocked to hear that Anna was alive and that she was still in danger. Ryan explained that that is why he wanted to keep the secret; he didn't want Gillian to be in in any danger. Gillian understood but told him that she was happy to finally know the truth. Alex and Dimitri were about to leave them alone to talk when Gabriel and Bianca ran in. Gillian was confused as to why Gabriel was there and Ryan explained that Gabriel was actually Alex's brother. She seemed very upset by another secret so Ryan whisked her away to talk privately. Dimitri asked Bianca what she was doing at Wildwind and she explained that she had come to ride Scorpio and found the sick dog and had asked Gabriel for help. Dimitri told Bianca that things were very tense around Wildwind and he didn't want her coming around again until he said it was okay and, he added, she was not to see Gabriel again. He would have a guard escort her home. Bianca was very confused and she asked why she couldn't see Gabriel. She knew who he was and didn't feel that she was in any danger being with him. Dimitri made a call to security and asked them to send a car and check the grounds. Bianca, not getting any answers from Dimitri, turned to Alex. Dimitri stepped in and told Bianca that it was a family matter and was very complicated and he couldn't tell her anything. Alex pulled Dimitri aside and asked him why he was overreacting. He didn't think he was, they didn't know if Charlotte had programmed Gabriel to hurt Alex or Anna. He excused himself as he wanted to supervise the security guard's ground check. Bianca asked Gabriel why he was not to be trusted. He replied, "just forget about it," and ran out. He walked past Ryan and Gillian, who were chatting in the foyer. Ryan told Gillian that he wanted to get her out of Wildwind. He added that Dimitri had told him to be suspicious of anyone who asked questions about their lives, like Gabriel. Gillian brought up Ilene and all the questions she had asked. Ryan asked Gillian if Ilene had had questions about Anna. Gillian said that she did; she had just dropped Anna's name into a conversation one day and Gillian didn't think anything of it, until now. Ryan was suspicious. Dimitri came back into the room with a security guard and asked Bianca to leave with him. He noticed Alex had left the room and questioned Bianca as to where she was. Bianca didn't know and added that Gabriel had also left.

Gabriel walked in the barn and Alex followed. He explained that he just wanted to make sure that the dog was okay; and to get away from Dimitri, Alex added. He asked Alex why Dimitri hated him so much and Alex explained that he didn't hate Gabriel, he was just extremely overprotective of everyone. She said that Charlotte had kept Dimitri captive for a very long time and since then he was very suspicious of anyone involved with Charlotte in any way. She then told him that in time, Dimitri would come around.

Back at the hospital, JR came back in to talk to Liza and to find out how Ken was. Liza suggested that he go and explain what happened to Ken, who was waiting in the lobby for his parents. Liza went to make a call and JR walked over to Ken and asked him how he was doing. Ken replied that he wasn't doing too good, his throat hurt alot from the doctor's having to stick a tube down his throat. JR then told Ken that he lied to his father. He told Adam that they got the drugs from David. Ken was shocked and asked JR why he had lied. JR replied that he was already in so much trouble and he didn't need anymore. He then asked Ken to go along with his story. Ken agreed. Liza came back and JR and Liza left the hospital.

Ryan and Gillian filled Dimitri in about Ilene. Dimitri told them to let him know as soon as they heard from Ilene again and then suggested Ryan take Gillian home. Before they left, Dimitri apologized to Gillian for not telling her the truth. She understood why he did it. They left just as the security guard came back in the house. Dimitri asked him if Bianca had gotten home safely and the guard explained that she had been taken home. Dimitri hoped Bianca would keep quiet about what little she knew. The last thing he needed was Erica sniffing around. The phone rang and the person on the phone told Dimitri that he could not locate either Alex or Gabriel. Dimitri wondered aloud what had happened to them.

Back in the stables, Gabriel was staring at the ring Anna had given him, which was his fathers. Alex asked him about their father and Gabriel explained that he didn't know the man as his father, he only knew him as the person his mother had worked for. They talked more about his family when Ilene, wearing a security guard uniform, walked in and pointed a gun in Alex's direction.

Wednesday, June 13, 2001

Erica and Jack arrived at the Valley Inn for dinner. She told him that she'd had a rough day and Jack wondered if it had anything to do with a "half naked spritzer" squirting perfume on unsuspecting customers at the mall. Across the room Greenlee and Jake had champagne served to them when Greenlee spied Erica. She pranced over to Erica's table and asked if she'd heard about how she'd single handedly gotten the Isador's Blush account. Erica introduced Jack to the "half naked spritzer", much to his amusement and Greenlee's delight in herself. Erica told Greenlee she almost regretted not letting Greenlee go to jail. Greenlee wondered who would have her arrested and Erica said "Me!". Greenlee claimed that Enchantment products were going to be displayed at the boutique all because of her efforts at the mall and Erica told her she had no authority to make that deal. A woman walked over to the table and said hello to Erica, and introduced herself as Miss Simmons, the manager of the boutique at the hotel. Erica complimented her on her store and Miss Simmons told Erica she'd heard about her latest Enchantment campaign. She was not impressed and asked Erica not to run the same promotion at the hotel. Erica ran damage control and told Miss Simmons that this latest promotion had pushed sales to the roof and that she had signed on 8 more boutiques today. This impressed Miss Simmons and she finally said she'd like to have the same model do the same campaign at her store. Erica promised to have the paperwork over to her in the morning. After Miss Simmons left Greenlee asked if it was true, that 8 boutiques had signed on for the promotion. When told yes, Greenlee said it was all due to her and that she'd settle for twice her salary as compensation for the brilliant idea. Erica was amused and told her to check her contract, there would be no raises. Greenlee began to argue but Erica cut her short, telling her to clear her next blockbuster idea with her boss first. She went on to tell Greenlee she likes people who think fast but not ones who take risks with her company. Greenlee gave up the argument and went back to her table. She was all smiles though and told Jake that Erica was intimidated by her brilliance. She said she was ready to take on the world and had Jake to thank for giving her the confidence to do it. She leaned across the table and gave an astonished Jake a big kiss. Jake said she didn't owe him anything and that he couldn't take credit for her accomplishments. She said he should because he showed her that she can make it on her own. He reminded her that she needed to live within her paycheck when she wanted to celebrate with more champagne. This time she said she was going to spend his money, not hers. She wanted to take Jake out to buy new clothes, to make him over. She once again made snide comments about his boring, predictable life and said it made her sad to see him settle for so little.

Roger Smythe came into the dining room and spied his daughter sitting with Jake. He then found Erica and walked over to her table, thanking her for taking Greenlee under her wing. Erica denied being Greenlee's mentor, and said Greenlee was just another employee. Roger thanked her anyway and then walked over to his daughter's table. He pretended to be thrilled for her latest employment opportunity. Greenlee told him not to bother hitting her up for money. Jake excused himself and Roger took his seat saying "Dedicated doctor; moving up?" Greenlee resented the implication that she was using Jake and told him to just stop it. Roger told her he was going to pay back all the money he took from her trust fund. She laughed and wondered how. Roger said he had a job in Pine Valley. Erica and Jack joined Roger and Greenlee for a moment to say goodnight. She reminded Greenlee to be the office bright and early the next morning as she walked away. Roger then told Greenlee that he's working for a Dutch import firm with high end merchandise. He asked if the two of them could be friends but Greenlee said that was an insult. She believed he was trying to buy back their relationship. She told her father that money didn't make up for what he'd done to her. "I don't trust you and I won't let you close enough to hurt me again" she told him. Roger backed off and said good night. Jake returned to the table and asked what Roger had wanted. Greenlee told him it wasn't important and that she wasn't done discussing his "makeover". Jake just laughed and handed her some money to pay for the drinks. He asked her not to show up at the ER spritzing people with perfume. Greenlee stood up, saying "That was almost funny Jake! I am rubbing off on you!" and left him sitting at the table amused.

David and Adam continued their fight in Brooke's living room. Brooke argued that David was there to help Laura and Adam said he'd hurt JR and Jamie could be next. David said "The only person that hurts JR is you Adam, and the only person lying is JR!". Adam said he didn't believe David and David invited him to "come and see". Brooke told Adam that if David has information regarding JR he should listen. Finally the two men left to go to David's room at the Valley Inn. When they arrived Adam said David had no proof but there was a knock on the door. David let in the bellboy who'd stopped JR earlier in the day just outside David's room. David asked the man to describe his encounter with JR. The bellboy said JR was belligerent and said he was "doing something for his father". He said a little while later he saw JR outside David's room and then David showed up and the two of them went inside. He saw them come out a few minutes later but watched JR go back into David's room and walk back out with his friends. David thanked the bellboy and let him leave. David told Adam he'd questioned the hotel staff and knows that JR and his friends broke into his room and stole the drugs out of his bag. Adam didn't believe this and said David must have paid the bellboy to make up this story. David said he'd be happy to have the police dust for fingerprints and Adam said that would just prove that David had invited the boys in. David said there was no way he'd be involved in something like this, he wouldn't risk his bail for something so stupid. "JR and his friends came in here to do mischief. Face it Adam, your boy has a problem, a serious problem!". Adam said he'd deal with JR and wondered if David was going to black mail JR. David listed all the bad things JR did and said he could have Adam arrested for assault. But he won't if Adam would give him what he wants. Adam said no way and David asked if JR will get in an ivy league school with a "juvie record". Adam called David the scum of the earth and David replied "I may be but I hold your son's future in my hands". David demanded that Adam use his clout to get the charges against him dropped. "You overestimate my power!" Adam told him. David said "If I go down, JR goes down." He then told Adam to take the night to think about it and Adam left the room. After he shut the door David laughed and said "Thank you JR, I owe you one!".

Brooke and Jamie brought in popcorn and lemonade to share with Laura and Leo. They all sat down to enjoy their snack and Leo asked Jamie about his friend Petey. Jamie explained that Petey was really his uncle and they began a discussion on family ties. Jamie asked Leo about his brother David and how he could be such a jerk but such a good doctor. He then wondered if David could save his sister Laura. Brooke, Laura and Leo tried to answer Jamie's questions about the transplant. Laura told her little brother he could ask her anything he wanted. He looked at her and asked "Are you scared?". She looked away and Leo tried to change the subject. But Laura turned back to Jamie and said yes she was, but that she wasn't going to crumble in a corner. She told him it was like jumping in the deep end of the pool for the very first time and when you get back to the surface everything is brighter, better and more real. She said she opens her eyes now and has so much to be grateful for, the coolest brother, an awesome mother, friends she adores and good doctors working like crazy for her. "No matter what happens, I'm the luckiest girl I know". Jamie told her he didn't want her to die and she said she doesn't want to either, but if she did she wants him to know that she "loved her incredible life". This brought tears to Brooke and Leo's eyes. The phone rang and it was Liza looking for Adam. They wondered where he could be. Then Brooke decided it was time for Jamie to go to bed. She walked him upstairs and gave Leo and Laura some time alone. Leo said he didn't know what to say after what she'd told Jamie. Laura said that was the good thing about running out of time, you get to what really matters quickly. Leo said he didn't deserve her and they shared a kiss. Leo got a blanket to tuck around Laura on the couch. She asked him to stay with her so she could wake up and see him first thing in the morning and Leo agreed. He climbed under the blanket with her and held her in his arms while she smiled and went to sleep.

Alex and Gabriel continued their discussion in the tack room at Wildwind. She asked what his plans were, what he wanted to do in Pine Valley. He was unsure so Alex began making suggestions. She thought he'd be a good veterinarian and he gave her a funny look as he asked "Why? Because I like dogs?". She said he probably was good with all animals and asked about horses. Gabriel said horses didn't like him but Alex found that hard to believe. She came up with an idea to ask Edmund to give Gabriel a job on the grounds, looking after the guard dogs and horses. He began to get nervous and tense. Finally he looked around and asked "Did you hear that?". Alex didn't hear anything suspicious but Gabriel felt something wasn't right. In the next room was Ilene dressed as a security guard with her gun drawn. Gabriel ran out of the room and Alex called out to him. Dimitri showed up and startled Alex. He was still very hostile toward Gabriel but Alex told him she has no doubts about her brother and was sure they had nothing to fear from him. Dimitri began to disagree but Gabriel returned and breathlessly asked Dimitri if he'd "seen who it was?". Dimitri jumped all over Gabriel and told him this "phantom person" was just Gabriel's way of deflecting suspicion off of himself. Meanwhile outside the tack room Ilene was on her cell phone, and told the person on the other end that she almost took out the wrong sister until Gabriel called the woman "Alex". She said that Gabriel was in their way and the person on the other end gave permission to "take out Gabriel". In the tack room Dimitri and Gabriel began to argue. Gabriel said he knew Dimitri didn't like him because of how he looks, not because of who he is and stormed out. Alex asked Dimitri if this accusation could be possible. Dimitri denied being a bigot and said that her family is dangerous and he can't trust any of them. Alex wished that things were over so they could stop living in fear and the two of them walked back toward the main house.

Gabriel looked around the stables and found Ilene hiding with her back towards him. He berated her for not doing her job, protecting Alex and forced her to face him. Ilene held her gun up pointed right at Gabriel. He told her he was allowed to be there but then realized she wasn't really a security guard. He took a good look at her and said "I know you!". Ilene replied "I thought you might." Gabriel tried to grab her gun but she pulled the trigger. He fell to the ground and Ilene dragged him away.

Thursday, June 14, 2001

Laura and Leo awoke in each other's arms. Laura confessed that his breathing was the "safest, most comforting" sound she had ever heard. She turned around to snuggle into his arms but suddenly sat up and grabbed her chest. Leo asked her if she was okay and as she breathed in deeply, she replied that she was. Zora came in and told Laura she wanted to take her "vitals" but Laura quickly replied that she wanted to eat first. Zora left to prepare oatmeal and Laura told Leo she wanted to spend the day outside. Leo was dubious but Laura assured him that "bionic" Zora would be able to reach them through his cell phone. Leo agreed and Laura grabbed her camera. They crept to the door, opened it and jumped back in surprise. "I guess she really is bionic," Leo stated, as Zora stood in front of them with her arms crossed, blocking the exit way. She took Laura by the arm and led her back into the living room. She explained that she was following doctor's orders and was doing it only in Laura's best interest. Leo suddenly grabbed a box of chocolates out of his bag, handed them to Zora and thanked her for all of her hard work. Zora happily accepted the chocolates then quickly left to check on her oatmeal. Alone, Leo confessed that Vanessa taught him to always keep a box of chocolates in his bag. Laura laughed and suggested that Zora was starting to like him. "Let's go," Leo stated, and reasoned that Zora couldn't get mad at her "new best friend." Without a moment's hesitation, the pair scurried out the door.

Isabella stopped by to visit Hayley and Mateo at the condo. Hayley assured her mother-in-law that she was following the doctor's orders and was taking it easy. Isabella surveyed the room and announced that she and Rosa were going to clean their condo and that she had some exciting news to share once Rosa got there. She explained that she dropped her daughter off at the library to do some research for her papers. Mateo laughed and suggested that she was out with a boy but Isabella refused to listen and made her way to the bedroom to clean. As she passed Hayley, she placed her hand on her tummy and spoke in Spanish to the baby, explaining that it now knew "grandma's (was) here." Hayley told Isabella that they were remodeling SOS and she replied that she was glad everything was going so well for them. Outside, Rosa, dressed in a Catholic school girl's uniform, untied her cropped shirt and unrolled her skirt. She walked into the condo and was greeted by the trio. Rosa told them she was glad she was nearly done exams so she could leave St. Agnes. She added that she may be transferring to PVH but Isabella refused. Hayley asked her what she planned to do for the summer and Rosa replied that she was getting a job. Isabella happily informed her that the priest was going to get her a job in the rectory and that she'd be starting Monday after school. "No!" Rosa cried, horrified. "No mama, I won't do it!" Isabella scolded her for yelling and upsetting Hayley and Rosa quickly apologized. She confessed that she hated St. Agnes but Isabella assured her that she knew what was best for her. Sadly, Rosa agreed to do as she was told and left to take the garbage out. Isabella apologized and returned to the bedroom. Alone, Hayley told Mateo that she felt sorry for Rosa and that she reminded her of someone she used to know. "You?" Mateo asked. Hayley reasoned that Arlene and Isabella were nothing alike but that she knew how it felt to be unable to "breathe in (her) own skin." Mateo angrily replied that Rosa should feel lucky because she was loved. Hayley stated that they should listen to Rosa when she expressed herself or she may turn to someone they "didn't like." Isabella came out of the bedroom with a bag of trash and Mateo took it outside. "Mateo," Rosa whispered when she saw him. "Can we talk away from Mama?" She explained that she wanted to work at the mall that summer and Mateo suspiciously asked what was there. He told her that Isabella had sacrificed everything for them and that it had been hard on her since their father died. He explained that she was focusing all of her energy on her because she didn't get to speak to Julia and Anita very often. Rosa desperately told him that she could get lots of stuff for the baby with her 20% mall employee discount and begged him again to talk to their mother. Before he could answer, Isabella came out and ushered him inside to see Hayley.

Once they were done cleaning, Rosa and Isabella began collecting their things to leave. Mateo suggested to his mother that it would look better on Rosa's college application if she got a job on her own. Isabella insisted that Rosa wasn't going to waste her summer at the mall and that she had a bright future ahead of her. Rosa angrily replied that she only had a B average and that she kept her partial scholarship to St. Agnes by working in the school cafeteria. Isabella encouraged her to raise her average by studying her sciences, but Rosa stated that she hated science and she was never going to be like Maria. Isabella sadly agreed and the pair left. Alone, Mateo wondered if Hayley wanted to bring another "crazy Santos" into the world, but Hayley assured him that she loved them all.

Adam drank coffee and peered outside as Liza came up behind him. She asked Adam what David had said to him but he replied that he would repeat it once Dixie got there. Liza informed him that Tad was also coming over for a business meeting. JR walked down and Adam stated that his mother was coming over to see if he was alright. JR complained that he was going to be late for soccer but Adam didn't care. The doorbell rang and Liza went to answer it. Quietly, Adam advised JR to agree to everything he said and to not make any confessions. Dixie walked in and frantically asked JR if he was okay. He nonchalantly replied that he was fine. She told him she had heard all about Ken from Jake and Adam interrupted them and applauded JR for getting him medical attention. Dixie faced her son and asked him if he had also been on drugs the night before. Adam quickly replied that she should know JR better because their son wasn't into drugs. JR answered that Ken was high when he met up with him and that Marcus had driven them to the hospital. Dixie asked if Marcus was high as well and JR angrily replied that he wasn't that dumb. Adam jumped in and suggested that Dixie end her interrogation because JR had done the right thing. Dixie ignored him and asked her son why he had skipped community service. Adam quickly replied that JR would have been replaced if he missed another band practice and that he had paid off someone to keep JR in the band. Infuriated, Dixie asked her son if he could see how wrong all of this was. Tad arrived and asked what was going on. Dixie quickly recapped what had happened and Tad wondered what Adam was up to. He told them that he had spoken to Jamie who had repeated how Adam had almost beat up David. He added that he had said something about David giving JR drugs and asked him why he would say such a thing. Liza prodded him to answer the question and Adam explained that someone had given him the wrong information and that he had gone over to apologize. Jr confessed that he had told his father that David gave him drugs and angrily explained that he was angry that David had come looking for his mother at PVH. Adam and Liza left Tad and Dixie alone with JR. "Well, aren't you going to yell at me?" JR asked, rather defensively. "Yes, we are," Tad assured him. Tad apologized for all they had put him through in the last year but stated that he couldn't use this as the excuse for everything he did. JR apologized and explained that he was angry when he saw David at his high school and had wanted to hurt him the way he had hurt them. "If he's turned you into a liar, he's still hurting us," Tad stated. JR apologized again to Dixie and she accepted. She explained that he was the "most important thing in (her) life" and that she always wanted to be proud of him. JR assured his mother that he wouldn't "mess up" again and gave her a big hug.

In the study, Adam asked Liza to let him handle things his way but Liza told him that he was going about it all wrong. She explained that this was an important time in JR's life and in his relationship with his father. Adam suggested that JR would be better off with them and away from Tad and Dixie's problems. He stated that he couldn't let this incident go public and he had to keep his son out of the juvenile detention system. Angrily, Liza asked Adam if she was keeping anything from her and asked what else JR had done. He asked her if she would be his partner is remedying the situation and Liza reminded him that she was his wife. He explained that JR had stolen the drugs from David and that they were facing felony charges. Surprised, Liza agreed that they had to keep things quiet and do what was best for JR. Adam stated that they couldn't tell Tad and Dixie yet and confided that he had a plan to fix everything. He explained that David wanted him to help him escape his jail sentence but Liza was doubtful. Adam suggested that they hire a "dream team" for him and then get the "right judge." He remembered that Judge Macdonald had been complaining about losing money on Wall Street and reasoned that he could dismiss the video tape and then the lawyers could create reasonable doubt. Liza asked if this was a "done deal" and when Adam didn't answer, she turned to storm out of the room. "So much for me being a partner," she stated. Adam stopped her before she left and confessed that he didn't think she would have gone along with him. Liza admitted that she was surprised that he was going to let JR get away with what he did without facing the consequences but Adam refused to let David control his son's life. Liza stated that she loved JR like he was her own son and suggested that the four of them stand by him as he dealt with the consequences of his actions.

Leo and Laura arrived at the park and Laura confessed that she had always said she hadn't wanted kids but that it was only a "cover." She explained that she didn't think she could ever like a normal life and wondered what would have happened between them if she had more time. Laura sat down on a bench and Leo took the camera from her and began snapping pictures of her. They spent the rest of the afternoon snapping pictures of one another and playing with the kids. Laughing, Laura suggested that since he took so many pictures of her that he must have owned her soul. Leo agreed that it was only fair since she owned his and they kissed. Leo asked her if she wanted to go anywhere else before they went home and Laura became serious as she answered, "the hospital."

JR assured Dixie that he would call his social worker about the community service and left to do so. Alone, Dixie told Tad that she had meant to tell him about David visiting the school but forgot. She explained that she went over and told David that they were through and hoped that he "got it." They tried to make plans for the day but both were busy. Their conversation was interrupted by Liza, who came out of the study with Adam behind her calling her name. She confessed that she had something to tell them and that Adam had been lying to them.

Thursday, June 15, 2001

At the Chandler mansion, Dixie and Tad stood confused as Liza repeated that Adam was keeping something from them. Adam quickly asked for a moment alone with his wife and Tad wondered if he hadn't planned everything in their last "huddle." Liza asked the pair to take a short walk and they left. Alone, Adam reminded Liza that JR had only taken one pill and that he would be blacklisted from every Ivy League school if this incident ever became public. Liza began to tell him that she would do the same thing if she was his mother, but Adam quickly reminded her that she wasn't. Angrily, Liza replied that Dixie had a right to know that her son stole and was using drugs. She told him that if he didn't tell her, they were through. Adam calmly asked her to realize the consequences of her actions, but Liza remained firm. She replied that Dixie had a right to know the truth. Adam told her that they and David were the only ones who knew the truth and that David wasn't going to tell anyone. Quietly and frantically, Adam gave Liza an ultimatum: if she said anything to hurt JR, he would never be able to forgive her. Before she could answer, Tad and Dixie returned and demanded to know the truth. Adam confessed that he had lied and admitted to a shocked Dixie that JR had taken one prescription pill the night before. Dixie angrily stated that he shouldn't keep such a thing from her and Adam suggested that they "work together in the future" to do the right thing for their son. A suspicious Tad replied that JR taking one pill wasn't what Liza had wanted to tell them and asked her for the rest of the story. "What rest of the story?" she asked, as she averted her eyes from his stare. Tad looked sternly at the pair and told them he knew there was more to the situation. He challenged them to tell them or else he would find out on his own. Adam offered to swear on a stack of bibles that he was telling the truth but Tad reasoned that he would just "burst into flames." Dixie asked to speak with JR and Adam left to get him. Alone, the trio went into the foyer and Dixie asked Liza if she had done something to make JR want to take drugs. All Liza said was that she shouldn't place all the blame on herself. At the landing of the stairs, Adam admitted to JR that he knew he stole the drugs from David's hotel room. When JR asked him how he knew, Adam only demanded that he admit to taking 1 prescription pill and not to tell anyone where he got it from. As Liza and Dixie talked, Tad turned around and saw Adam whispering to JR.

Dixie asked JR if he was using drugs and JR admitted to taking 1 prescription painkiller. Confused, Dixie asked if he was in pain but JR angrily replied that he didn't want to feel anything anymore. He accused them all of being liars and told Tad that he was wrong when he said David was out of their lives for good. He accused Dixie of liking David's attention but Tad told him that wasn't true. "One pill and twenty minutes later, I'm fine!" JR shouted, and asked his mother what she thought about that. He asked why they couldn't be a family again and Tad replied that they were working on that. Frustrated, JR sighed deeply and sat down. Dixie stated that she wanted to take her son home and have Joe check him out. Adam asked JR if he wanted to go and JR only nodded. Before he left, Adam advised his son to remember what they had spoken about earlier. Alone, Liza asked Ada if that was his "way of coming clean" but Adam only replied that his son wasn't a criminal. Liza angrily wondered why he was going to such great lengths to protect him and stated that JR was in more trouble than Tad and Dixie knew. Adam told her that he would do anything for his children and Liza coldly replied that she was glad JR had left their home. She stormed up the stairs as Adam yelled that he would do anything for his children and, after she slammed the door, he reasoned that she would "thank (him) someday."

As Laura lay in her hospital bed, Zora scolded Leo for taking her to the park and exhausting her. Laura tried to explain that he hadn't brought her chocolates to bribe her but to make her feel better. Zora replied that she wasn't "Aretha Franklin and he's no Doctor Feel Good." Brooke burst into the room and asked her daughter if she was alright and Laura calmly replied that she had only gotten "a little tired." She explained that she had gone to the park with Leo and David suddenly walked in and told her she had done the right thing by coming to the hospital. Leo, Zora and Brooke left David to examine Laura. As she described the chest pains she had felt earlier that morning, David pulled out his stethoscope and began listening to her heart. Laura suddenly became very sullen and told David she knew she was in "overtime" and that she was no longer "scared." David was touched and she asked if he could help her get Leo and Brooke through her illness.

Outside Laura's hospital room, Leo assured a worried Brooke that David was taking so long because he was giving her daughter a thorough examination. David suddenly walked out and Brooke asked how she was. David explained that Laura was in "congestive heart failure" and that her organs were not receiving enough blood through her heart. Confused, Leo stated that she had been fine in the park then sadly realized that it was "(his) fault." David corrected him and told him that this was just the way the illness progressed. Leo asked him how long Laura had and when she would be able to get a heart, but David couldn't answer his questions. Quietly, Brooke moved towards Leo and comfortingly took his hand. David assured the pair that Laura was high on the list for heart donations but couldn't determine when a heart would become available. Brooke asked if there was still hope and David replied that there always was. "I'm not giving up then and neither is she," Brooke stated and went into Laura's room. Alone, David told Leo that all they could do was wait and Leo became angry. He asked David what he was doing to help her but David replied that Laura needed a "miracle." He walked away and Leo sadly sank to the ground. Brooke came out and told Leo that Laura was asking for him. She saw him on the floor, made her way over to him and crouched down beside him. "You really do love her," she whispered, and Leo deeply and sadly sighed in response. Leo stood up and reminded Brooke that she was the one who asked him to spend more time with her daughter. Brooke admitted that she had done that and asked him if he was afraid of the new feelings he had for her. Leo confessed that he didn't want her to die and that he cared deeply for her. He assured her that he wasn't feeling anything that he didn't want to feel but was unsure of what true love felt like. He remembered when they were in the park and Laura was wishing for a man who would love her, marry her and give her a big house with lots of children. Leo described these wishes as "impossible" but Brooke reminded him that Laura didn't think they were now that he was in her life. She asked him to stay and Leo remained silent. Tearfully, he told her that he would stay by Laura's side for as long as it took and the pair embraced.

Leo went into Laura's room and sat on her bed. She declared that she wasn't expecting a miracle and told him the biggest miracle of all was when she met him. Leo replied that this miracle went on his list because she made him feel like a good person. Laura wished she had more time to show him how much he had given her in return and Leo told her that she couldn't give up. He reminded her of what she wished for in the park and Laura replied that would have to happen in another lifetime. As a tear slipped down his cheek, he told her that it didn't have to be that way. "Marry me," he said.

Ryan, Alex and Dimitri met up with Gillian on the yacht as she was packing for their honeymoon to Budapest. She repeatedly asked Alex and Dimitri if they would like to go as well, but they politely declined. Dimitri reasoned that everyone was now out of harm's way but Ryan reminded him that he and Alex were not. Dimitri replied that nothing had happened since Gabriel disappeared and Alex stated that she didn't think her brother had contacted them to hurt them. Dimitri asked Gillian if she had heard from Aileen lately and Gillian nonchalantly replied that she hadn't. Ryan left to get a bottle of wine and Gillian suggested proposing it to "Budapest, (her) family and friends." Alex quietly added on that she would like to propose a toast to her family too. Ryan returned with the wine and he toasted their family for being "kind and caring." Dimitri toasted Alex as a "lesson to us all" and Alex angrily added that he thought she had "cloudy judgment." She told him that her heart had been right when it told her to love him and that it was right about Gabriel too. Dimitri explained that he loved her and only wanted to protect her and the pair kissed. When they were through, the left Ryan and Gillian to pack. Alone, Gillian wondered if they were going to be "alright" and Ryan assured her that they couldn't live without each other. Gillian reasoned that it was "kinda like (her)" and asked how their love began. "With a kiss," Ryan replied as he kissed his bride.

In the turret, Aileen slapped Gabriel until he awoke. She admitted that she didn't like to use tranquilizer guns and wouldn't hurt him if he told her where Anna was. Gabriel angrily screamed at her to "go to hell" and Aileen became irate. She told him that she couldn't tell the sisters apart so she would have to kill Alex then Anna. Gabriel asked Aileen if Charlotte had sent her. Aileen replied that even though Charlotte was in jail, she had been moved to learn that he had contacted his long-lost sisters. She reasoned that if he wouldn't tell her where Anna was, then she'd have to shoot them both. Aileen placed tape over Gabriel's mouth and explained that she was going to write Anna a note "from him", requesting that she meet with him immediately in the turret. Gabriel squirmed in his knotted ropes as Aileen told him that she would shoot Anna first, then him and left to go find her.

As they prepared their luggage, Gillian became excited about "showing" Ryan off to her family in Budapest. She explained that Corvina had arranged a reception for them with about 400 people in order to "receive" him into the family. Ryan was nervous at the thought but Gillian advised him not to worry. She recounted what had happened when Eugenia brought home Alexei, who was the son of a poor farmer. She assured him that everyone "adored" him just as they would adore her husband. Gillian told him he made her feel "breathless" and the pair kissed before Ryan left to get his passport. Alone, Gillian called Stella and asked her to get the dress Eugenia wore when she introduced Alexei to the family from the trunk in the attic. At Wildwind, Stella went upstairs just as Aileen crept in. Quietly, she entered the living room and placed a letter addressed to Anna on the coffee table before tiptoeing out.

At Wildwind, Gillian sorted through the trunk until she found Eugenia's dress. She joyously admitted to Stella that she was excited to wear it for Ryan. Outside Wildwind, Dimitri asked Alex why she trusted Gabriel so much. He reminded her that Charlotte had brainwashed her into trying to kill Anna and suggested that the same thing may have happened to her brother. Alex was doubtful and told Dimitri she felt that he was sent there to protect them. Gillian left to get a negligee from the turret as Dimitri and Alex came inside. Alex entered the living room and asked Stella if she heard anything from Gabriel but she replied that she hadn't. After Stella left to make some tea, Alex noticed the note addressed to Anna on the table. She read it aloud and believed it to be from Gabriel, who was begging for help in the turret and requesting that Anna not tell Dimitri.

In the turret, Gabriel wriggled free of the ropes around his wrists, took the tape off his mouth and ran out.

Ryan went back to the yacht and couldn't find Gillian. He received a call from Gabriel and was shocked to learn who Aileen really was: a professional assassin hired by Charlotte. At the turret, Aileen returned and spotted the back of a brunette woman beside the window. Slowly, she raised her hand and pointed her gun.



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