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Erica accepted Greenlee's plea to be given a second chance. Robin told Anna that she was HIV-positive and later left town when Anna feared she was in danger. Gabriel found Bianca sobbing at Wildwind and followed her to the boathouse, where he had a run-in with the high school crowd. JR and friends broke into David's hotel room and stole medicine from his medical bag. Ken overdosed on the drugs, and JR and friends dumped his body outside the emergency room. Laura was moved to the top of the donor list as her condition deteriorated further.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of June 4, 2001 on AMC
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Monday, June 4, 2001

Greenlee arrived at Pine Valley Hospital looking for Jake. Obviously she was upset with Erica for ordering her around. Alone in the lunchroom, she took out her cell phone and called Erica. Upon getting Erica's phone mail, Greenlee told her their arrangement wasn't working out. Erica was not living up to her expectations as an employer or human being. She joined Enchantment to learn cosmetics and since that wasn't happening, she quit! Visibly pleased with herself, Greenlee put her cell phone away. Just then Jake came into the room for lunch. Greenlee immediately launched into detail of her bad day. Jake humored her by telling her she was much too good to put up with any kind of hassle. He guessed she quit. Greenlee wanted to know why he thought that. She had worked very hard all day for "the sadist." Jake said, "And you couldn't handle it!" He also added that this was the first job she ever had and the first time she had to work at anything. She denied that and said that she demanded respect from people. Jake wanted to know when she earned that respect. Then he smiled and said that it must be her magical nose for perfume that did it. He reminded her that she had planned on dazzling Erica with her brilliance and make her re-evaluate her contract. Greenlee complained that Erica was trying to crush her by having her run all over town doing errands. Jake said Erica was just testing her and that she had failed that test. He told Greenlee she was lucky she still had the check from her grandfather. Trying to lay a guilt trip on him, she said that she had had a horrible day and came there to talk to someone who cared. Jake reminded her he was her roommate - not her shrink. Feeling snubbed, Greenlee said she wouldn't say another word. Without hesitation, she continued to tell Jake that not only did she not quit her job, but she also told her grandfather to hold her weekly checks. She was going to make it on her salary from Enchantment. She wanted to know what he thought about that. Getting up to get a cup of coffee, Jake replied that he was not her father and it was not his job to stroke her for things she should have learned in grade school. He felt she was acting childish with all her whining and moaning. She asked him if he wanted to see "childish" and with that she grabbed the catsup and squirted it right in his face! He stared at her for just a second before he dipped his hands into his chocolate pudding and rubbed it all over her face. Just as Greenlee screamed, Joe Martin walked into the room and demanded to know what was going on. Jake apologized to Joe for the food fight. Joe handed them tissues, then shook his head and left. Greenlee laughed and said, "Gotcha!" Jake told her he was glad she stuck it out with Erica. He was proud of her and wished her the best of luck. After Jake had gone, Greenlee told herself she'd prove Jake wrong. Suddenly she realized she had quit her job. She rushed from the hospital hoping to get to the phone mail message before Erica did.

At Wildwind, Robin told Anna that she was Hpositive and that she really needed her right now. Anna comforted Robin and told her everything would be all right. She told Anna that she had known she was positive for a few years now. She was on the "cocktail" to prevent her from getting full-blown AIDS. Robin didn't want Anna to worry. Having had a good life, she felt lucky that she had Anna back now. Just then Edmund entered the room. He told Robin he was glad she came and that they could be together again. Keeping Anna alive was his top priority now, so he hoped Robin wasn't upset that he didn't tell her that her mother was alive. Anna explained that they just wanted to keep Robin out of harms way. Robin had met Alex today and said that it was certainly a day full of surprises. Edmund decided it was time to leave so Anna and Robin could catch up on everything. After he left the room, Anna made some tea. She then proceeded to tell Robin how hard Maria's death had been on Edmund. His second love didn't end well, either. It seemed there was always sadness in Edmund's eyes. Anna felt it was a shame because Edmund was such a good guy. Robin asked if Anna was in love with Edmund. Anna smiled and said that due to the shape of her mind lately, being in love with Edmund was impossible. Robin thought she could sense it in the way they looked at each other. Anna explained that it was Alex Edmund was in love with. Anna began to reminisce about the last time she had seen Robin. Robin had been 16. Then it was Robin's turn to reflect on her past. She said she had been lonely after her parents had "died", but that Uncle Max took good care of her. She had good grades and had never been in any trouble until she met Stone. Anna asked if Stone was the one (HIV). Robin nodded. Then she asked where he was now and Robin replied that Stone was dead. She had loved him very much. Robin went on to say that Stone had lived on the streets. He was a runaway. He had had a girlfriend who used drugs. When he got really sick, he tried to push her away, but she was too much in love by that time. Robin had been with him when he died. She felt very lucky that she had been in love with such a beautiful person. If she had to do it again, she wouldn't do anything different. Anna caressed Robin's face and told her she was sorry for not being there for her. Robin was glad Anna was back. Now maybe they could be a family. Anna was pleased at the thought. She felt they had lots of years ahead of them to catch up on what they missed. Edmund returned and wanted to know if Robin had a cell phone. He explained that security found out there had been a call made to England from Wildwind. It had been scrambled and they needed to find out who made the call. There obviously was someone on the grounds they were uncertain of. Anna then told Robin she could not stay there. It was much too dangerous and she would have to leave - now. Disappointed, Robin argued that she had just found her mother again and didn't want to leave. Anna assured her that once they found out who was chasing her they would get together again. Robin needed to leave to be safe. Anna promised she would come to Paris in two weeks and they would be together again. She would never leave her again. Robin finally agreed to go back to Paris. Before leaving, she gave Anna her bracelet. They tearfully embrace and say goodbye. Then Robin left with Edmund. After they were gone, Anna paced the floor and then burst into tears.

Bianca opened the door to Laura's hospital room. Upon seeing Leo talking to Laura, Bianca hesitated at the door. Leo told Laura he could not imagine his life without her. Laura told Leo she loved him and that she had since the very first time she saw him. She took Leo's hand in hers and kissed it. This hurt Bianca and she turned and left the room before they could see her. Laura was embarrassed that she had kissed Leo's hand. As Laura praised Leo, he told her he wished he could be the person she thought he was. Laura felt that if Leo had feelings for her now, it was only because he felt sorry for her. He liked how bravely she was handling things. Knowing how she felt about him, he'd be a fool not to love her back. Laura was terrified to ask him, but wanted to know if he still loved Greenlee. He said he still had feelings for her. Laura asked him again if he was in love with Greenlee. He hedged the answer saying that when you can't trust someone, you have to call it quits. All he and Greenlee ever knew how to do was hurt each other. Laura felt love was being able to say or do anything and they would love you as long as you live.

Bianca walked into the stable at Wildwind followed by a security guard. She wasn't happy that he had followed her, but he explained that it paid to be extra careful. After the guard was gone, Bianca began to cry. Looking up, she saw Gabriel standing in the doorway. He walked into the room and picked up a blanket and began folding it. Bianca introduced herself. Making small talk about their names, Bianca told Gabriel that his name was from the Bible - the angel Gabriel. Gabriel said he was not an angel. Bianca then turned her attention to the guard dog. She began to pet and talk to him. As she stroked the dog, she told Gabriel he didn't need to fear her. Gabriel bent to pet the dog and replied that he was not afraid of her.

Outside Laura's room, Brooke and David discussed Laura. David felt Laura must be disappointed that the heart hadn't been compatible. He told Brooke Laura's name had been moved to the top of the waiting list for a heart transplant. He explained that Laura had pneumonia and needed a heart soon or complications would get more serious. Brooke wanted to know if Laura was running out of time. David felt with a transplant, Laura would live. At this point, they had done everything they could do; the rest was in "God's hands" now. Brooke asked David if he believed in God. He said yes. She said God took her first daughter and she didn't know why she should believe He would come through this time.

Leo rubbed Laura's neck as they discussed a trip to the Grand Canyon. Brooke came into the room and asked if she could have a minute alone with Laura. After Leo had gone, Brooke told Laura she was going to be completely honest with her. Now that Laura had pneumonia her condition was worse. Brooke explained that David said there was every reason to hope. Laura wanted to know if Brooke was giving up hope. No, Brooke wasn't giving up hope. She believed Laura would get well. Laura felt there would be a miracle. She had so much to live for and was not going to give up without a fight. Brooke told Laura she would get the first available heart. David had assured her that once she had the heart the prognosis was great. Laura felt that all the love from the people in her life would save her. Best of all, Leo loved her and that would be the best medicine in the world. Brooke smiled and touched her hair.

Outside Laura's room, Brooke approached Leo. She told him she was grateful for what he had done for Laura. He said he really wished he could love Laura because she's such a great girl. He would do what he could for her because he cared for her very much. Turning, he saw Greenlee standing behind him. She had obviously heard what he just said. They looked at each other for a moment, and then Greenlee turned and walked away.

Tuesday, June 5, 2001

At the hospital, Ryan and Gillian ran into Jake and asked him about Laura's condition. Jake explained that Laura's transplant was on hold because the donor heart was unusable. They asked Jake if there was anything they could do. Jake suggested that even though they couldn't help Laura, they could help others in the future by completing Organ Donor Cards. Gillian pulled Ryan away and told him that they should both do it.

In Laura's room, Leo was dancing around pretending to be a waiter and joking with Laura about the hospital dinner menu when Brooke walked in to introduce nurse Zora. She would take care of Laura at the hospital and at home later. They all met then Brooke took Zora to meet with Laura's doctor. Laura turned to Leo and told him that she needed to get out of the hospital, she couldn't take all the attention anymore and needed a break. They discussed where they should run off to just as Brooke and Zora returned. Brooke wanted to go and see Joe Martin before he left for the day so she asked Laura if she needed anything. Laura responded jokingly, "a new heart." Brooke disappeared again and Zora was about to check Laura's vitals when she suggested to Leo that he leave and give Laura some rest. He left and ran into Ryan and Gillian. Knowing that Laura wanted to get out of the hospital, he asked them to help him give Laura an Incredible Dream.

After meeting with Joe, Brooke re-entered Laura's room and was talking with Zora about Laura's care. Zora told Brooke that Laura needed her rest and urged her to go home. Brooke left. Zora grabbed a book and sat down and Laura told her that she was beat and suggested that the nurse leave so she could rest. Zora explained that she would be staying in Laura's room all night. Just then Jake walked in. He hugged Zora and told her how good it was to see her again. They talked about the past and he asked Zora if she remembered his mom's famous cookies. She went on and on about how wonderful they were, so Jake informed her that there was a box down in Administration and she should run down there to grab a few. She left and Jake told Laura that he needed to get her ready for the get-away car. She looked confused. Leo ran into the room wearing a Hawaiian shirt and sunglasses. He had a pair for Laura, and a wheelchair to move her. He whisked Laura away to another part of the hospital where Ryan and Gillian had set up the room to look like a tropical paradise. They danced to reggae music while Laura watched. As Gillian visited with Laura, Leo and Ryan chatted. Ryan asked Leo what the heck he was doing with Laura. "After all," he said, "you were engaged to Greenlee about a minute and a half ago." He told Leo that he had better not be stringing Laura along, to pretend to care for her and then dump her once she got better. Leo tried to explain and told Ryan that he was helping Laura because she needed him. Laura overheard.

Bianca was walking around the docks with Gabriel in tow. She asked him why there was so much extra security at Wildwind. As she was talking to him, he was looking around nervously. He thought he heard something so he grabbed Bianca and moved her out of the way. She asked him what was wrong and he told her to be quiet, someone was there. He continued to look around while Bianca chatted about the docks and how all her friends from school would meet there. She asked him what his last name was and he replied that it was 'Devane' and then explained that he and Alex were brother and sister. Bianca then asked where he had come from. He became angry because of the questions and told her that his mother was dead and Alex was his sister, end of story. Bianca told him that she understood why he was so upset about all the questions people had for him and she explained that when she first came back to Pine Valley, that's exactly what she went through. Just then, Gabriel heard another noise in the woods and grabbed a piece of wood and threw it in the direction of the noise. Shannon and her friends could be heard screaming. They walked out of the woods and Marcus was bleeding as he was hit in the head. They asked what was up and Bianca told them that they shouldn't be sneaking around the woods. One of the gang told Bianca that they were just lying low because the last time they were at the docks, they had a run-in with the cops. As Shannon tended to Marcus's wounds, their drug-dealer friend, Sweeney, walked up and chatted briefly with Bianca, Bianca walked away and then he walked over to Gabriel, pulled some drugs out of his pocket and handed them to him. He told Gabriel that it was on the house, if he got rid of the girl, as he pointed to Bianca. "She's the town narc," he explained, "and you should ditch her." Gabriel took the drugs and then stood there staring at Sweeney, then he threw the drugs into the water. Sweeney went to grab him, and Gabriel turned around and punched him, knocking him to the ground and out cold. Shannon and her friends ran to Sweeney to make sure he was okay. They tried to wake him up without any success. Bianca moved through the crowd to see if she could help, accidentally pushing Shannon and a friend into the water. The friends all rushed to pull them out of the water and Bianca turned to Gabriel and asked him why he hit the guy. Gabriel just stood there, silent. Sweeney came to and told Gabriel that he was going to pay for what he had done and he walked away. Shannon, soaking wet, pulled Bianca aside and told her that she and Gabriel should leave. Her friends didn't need "their kind" hanging around. The gang left and Bianca turned to speak to Gabriel but he was gone.

At Enchantment, Erica was listening to Greenlee's message when Greenlee came running into the office asking Erica if she had listened to her voice mail. Erica pretended not to know what Greenlee was talking about and asked her why she was back at the office. She assumed Greenlee had already gone home since she had had such a busy day. Greenlee explained that she came back to the office to take care of something important. She gave a flimsy excuse about how she was making copies earlier but the photocopier had broken down so she decided to come back to the office to finish up the copying so she wouldn't get behind the next morning. Trying to get Erica to leave so that she could erase the message, Greenlee told Erica that she hoped that Erica was on her way home soon. She didn't want to see Erica get overtired, Enchantment needed her, she added. As soon as Erica was safely out of the office, Greenlee picked up Erica's phone and started punching in possible passwords. She found the correct one and deleted the message just as Erica walked back into the office. Erica asked her if she would mind doing some filing before she left for the day. Eagerly, Greenlee grabbed the file and asked what the file was. Erica said, "well I guess you can call it, Busted," and added that she had her secretary type a transcript of the message Greenlee left on her voice mail. A stunned Greenlee said, "oh you heard the message?" and Erica replied that she had actually heard it twice and then stored it in the main system so that she could replay it whenever she wanted to. She suggested that Greenlee leave. Greenlee begged Erica to let her stay, she loved working for Erica and wanted another chance. Erica replied that she knew the real reason for Greenlee being there. She knew Greenlee was just using her; that Greenlee simply wanted to learn everything she could from Erica so that she could later bury her. Greenlee, scrambling to find the right words, simply told Erica that what she said was untrue. Erica replied that Greenlee was a coward and she didn't have the guts to own up to the fact that she had lied about her reasons for working at Enchantment and told Greenlee, once again, to leave. Greenlee threw her hands in the air in defeat and said, "alright, you're right and I'm wrong". A very smug Erica told Greenlee how happy she was to be right then she told her to leave, and "don't let the door hit you on the way out." Greenlee told Erica that she didn't want to leave, she didn't want to stage a coo and take over, she only wanted to learn and she wanted Erica to teach her and begged for another chance. Erica asked her why she should consider giving her another chance and Greenlee replied that Erica needed a slave and she was the only girl for the job. Erica thought about it for a moment and told Greenlee that she would consider giving her another chance, however if she did blow it, not only would she have to leave the company but she would have to leave Pine Valley -- permanently. Greenlee agreed to Erica's terms.

Leo took Laura back to her hospital room. Outside, Ryan and Gillian were discussing Laura's condition when Jake walked up with the Donor Cards. Ryan asked Gillian if she was sure that she wanted to sign the cards and she told him that they had to do it for Laura, Brooke and anyone else who was going through this. Laura confronted Leo and told him she overheard what he had said. She told him that she didn't want him to be nice to her just because he felt he should. She asked him why he had said that he loved her and he told her that he did. He leaned towards her and kissed her gently. Vanessa stood outside the door watching with a surprised look on her face.

Wednesday, June 6, 2001

Greenlee bounded into Erica's office carrying croissants and coffee. Val walked in and took the coffee from her and sipped it appreciatively. He told a rather miffed Greenlee that Erica had gone to Manhattan this morning and left a "to-do" list for her. Greenlee was horrified that she had enter Erica's entire address list into the computer. Val took a phone call for Erica as Greenlee listened in. Apparently Isadora's Lingerie store in the mall turned down Erica's offer to team up with Enchantment. Greenlee commented that she just loved that store, it was too bad they wouldn't do business with Enchantment, all the while wheels were turning in her head. After Val left the office Greenlee picked up the note he took for Erica. She called her grandfather and asked him to find out who owns the Pine Valley Mall and to call her back. After she hung up she was startled to find Vanessa had arrived. Vanessa demanded to know why Greenlee was in Erica's office and was smugly told that Greenlee was Erica's assistant. Greenlee told Vanessa she was very busy and had no time for her. Vanessa said she was devastated about her and Leo's breakup. Vanessa took the blame for the falling out, saying she told Leo not to tell Greenlee about his previous marriage. Greenlee said it didn't matter, it just proved that Leo didn't trust her. She insisted that her instincts had been right all along about Leo, that she didn't trust him either. Vanessa told Greenlee that if Roger hadn't brought Katerina to the engagement party she and Leo would be married by now. Greenlee said her father brought Katerina to the party to protect her but Vanessa said "He wasn't trying to help you my dear, he was trying to hurt me!". She went on to explain that she and Roger had had an affair and that she'd broken it off. She claimed that Roger was just trying to get back at her for leaving him. Changing the subject back to Leo, Vanessa pleaded with Greenlee to talk to Leo. Vanessa was horrified that he is "fawning" all over Laura in the hospital. She described the kiss she saw them share and Greenlee cried "Stop!". Vanessa told her "You're the only one who can stop this train wreck." Greenlee turned away from Vanessa as Jake walked in. She brightened considerably at his arrival. Vanessa tried in vain to get Jake to leave the two women to their discussion but Greenlee told her their conversation was finished. After Vanessa left Jake asked if she was trying to pressure Greenlee about Leo. Greenlee said it didn't matter and asked why Jake had come to see her. He said she'd taken his keys and he needed them back. She denied having them but he told her to check her purse. When Greenlee emptied her purse she did find Jake's keys. He told her he had to run 5 miles to get there to retrieve his keys. Greenlee asked him to stay and "brainstorm" with her but he said he had to run the 5 miles home again to get ready for work. Greenlee tried to get information out of him about Laura's condition but Jake wouldn't tell her anything. Jake left and the phone rang. It was Greenlee's grandfather with the information she'd requested. It seems that Chandler Enterprises owns the mall. Greenlee called Tad Martin's office and told the secretary that Erica wanted a meeting with Tad in half an hour at the Pine Valley dining room.

JR sat down to breakfast in the living room at his father's house. He crumbled cookies into a bowl of cereal, much to Adam's disgust. He then explained to Adam that it was his favorite breakfast, and it was Tad's favorite too. Adam changed the subject, saying that summer was almost here and wasn't JR excited. JR told him it didn't feel all that different since he'd been suspended from school and therefore hadn't been in school for a while. Adam lifted JR's grounding, and told him he could go back to his band practices, use the computer, ect. JR said the band was going to replace him since he hadn't been at practice in so long. They were having a practice that evening but JR had to do some of his community service so again wouldn't be able to play with the band. He turned to his father and asked "Think I could miss just one time?". Adam sternly said "Don't try to con me!" JR denied trying to scam his father and told Adam he was supposed to paint over some graffiti by the library. Adam told his son that community service was more than punishment, it was helping out the community. JR wondered if there was any way he could reschedule the painting since this was a really bad day for him to do the work. Adam said there might be a way "They want a wall painted, who said you have to paint it?" Liza, who had overheard this conversation, strongly said "I do!" Adam tried to cover their tracks, saying JR needed to get back to his band. JR looked at Liza and said nastily "I wasn't even talking to you!". Liza reminded them both that getting out of community service would be wrong and finally Adam agreed. JR was not happy with Liza and when Adam left the room to take a phone call she tried to talk to him. She told him now that it was summer he'd be able to spend some time with Dixie. He replied "Whatever". She pressed on, telling him that David was out of the picture and asked if JR couldn't give Dixie a little slack. He just looked at her and walked out of the room. Adam returned and asked if Liza thought JR was better off with Dixie. She told her husband that he was wrong to even consider getting JR out of doing his community service. Adam said he was just trying to support his son's interests but Liza didn't buy it. He told her that he loves his kids and wanted what was best for them. Liza told him that JR needs both his parents and that he doesn't need Adam to just "fix" his problems. Adam claimed he had changed, he wasn't trying to control JR. He then jumped to the conclusion that Liza was saying he was a bad father. Liza told him he wasn't a "bad" father, but he needed to be better. She said he was making the same mistakes again and that she wouldn't let him do that with Colby. He asked if she was threatening something. Liza told him that if he tries his old tricks with her daughter "this house will be come a battlefield".

At the hospital Tad and Brooke discussed telling Jamie the truth about Laura's condition. Brooke said she knew Opal was taking good care of Jamie but that he needed to come home and hear the news that Laura must have a heart transplant. Brooke told Tad she had something else to tell him as David Hayward strolled in. Tad asked him where his "body guard" was. David gleefully told Tad "Thanks to Brooke, I'm out on bail!". Tad looked at Brooke in disbelief and asked "You did what???" Brooke told him that she posted bail for David but that she did it for Laura's sake. Tad stared daggers at David but told Brooke that he completely understood and he was sure Dr. David would do everything he could to save Laura. Tad gave Brooke a hug as David watched. She told David that Laura was asleep when she checked on her and David said he'd go look in on her. After he was gone Tad asked Brooke how much David's bail was. Brooke said the cost didn't matter; it was worth it to her. Tad said he didn't know how JR would take this news. He left the hospital and Brooke found David. He told her Laura was awake and asking for food, which was a good sign. "Maybe we can have her out of here soon" he told Brooke. She went to see her daughter and Dr. Joe Martin found David. They got into a heated discussion and Dr. Joe told David he was only there to treat Laura, he was not to even speak to other patients. David was then told that he no longer had an office or even a computer password. Dr. Joe implied that as soon as Laura was well David would be let go. David replied "You want me gone because I broke up your son's marriage." Joe stated that his son had nothing to do with his decision to take away Dr. Hayward's privileges and stormed off. Vanessa walked up to David asking if he'd seen Leo. She told David that Leo's "been hanging around with that English girl". Vanessa tried to butter up to her son, giving him some advice to stay away from Dixie. David told his mother to go away but she informed him that Palmer told her that Tad and Dixie are reconciling. This stopped David in his tracks. He asked if they're living together, Vanessa wasn't sure. But she did know that Dixie was back at work. David got excited and wondered where in the hospital she was. But Vanessa was happy to tell him that Dixie wasn't working at the hospital, she was teaching at the high school. David slyly smiled at this news. David and his mother parted ways and Brooke ran into Vanessa. Vanessa thanked Brooke for getting David released from jail. Brooke told Vanessa it was only for her daughter's sake. Vanessa asked if Brooke had noticed that Leo "is right at Laura's doorstep". Brooke told her that they were just good friends and left to call her office. Vanessa was visibly relieved.

Greenlee met Tad at the Valley Inn dining room. He thought he was supposed to be meeting Erica but Greenlee told him she had just pretended to be Erica to get the meeting with him. She told him she had a proposition for Chandler Enterprises but Tad was not interested. She quickly described her idea of tying in the Enchantment products with the lingerie store but wants to make the entire mall a test site. Tad explained that Chandler Enterprises doesn't own the stores; they just lease out the space. Greenlee begged him to "lean" on Isadora and she refused to take no for an answer. Tad said he could see what Jake meant about her wanting what she wanted and that she didn't care what she had to do to get it. Then he told her "You have to have guts to live with Jake", and insinuated that Jake has some sort of a "problem". Intrigued, Greenlee took the bait. She demanded to know what it was, and wondered if it had something to do with his injury. Tad declared "Oh look, it's June already! Gotta go!" and tried to leave. Greenlee grabbed him and told him he wasn't leaving until he'd told her everything. Tad implied that Jake's problem had something to do with heat. He then asked how the loft was set up for smoke detectors and fire extinguishers. He told Greenlee that Jake sometimes sleep walks. She said she hadn't seen him do it yet. He went on to tell her that when Jake does sleep walk he tends to light things on fire. Greenlee looked suspicious and Tad asked if she didn't think it was strange that in their parents' home every room had one or two smoke detectors. She looked a bit worried and Tad told her "you didn't hear this from me" but that she should plan her escape route from the loft just in case. Jake walked up and said hello, which stopped the conversation. Jake asked what they were talking about and was told "business and you!". Tad noticed a bandage on Jake's hand and asked what had happened. Jake said he'd burned himself, and Greenlee couldn't get up out of her chair fast enough to leave. Jake took her seat and asked Tad what was going on. Tad told him he'd found a way to get Greenlee to move out. Jake got very upset and told Tad he "had no right to mess with my life!". Tad was stunned.

David went to the high school looking for Dixie. He roamed the halls until the principal found him and asked what he was doing. David said he was looking for Dixie Martin and was told she wasn't working today. The principal told David to leave and as David turned to walk out he ran into JR. JR said "Excuse me" as he raised his head to see who he'd bumped into. JR stared at David Hayward loathingly.

Thursday, June 7, 2001

by M.A.

Outside Laura's hospital room, Leo slipped a nurse a wad of bills and whispered instructions in his ear. The nurse walked away as Zora approached with Laura's chart in hand. Leo greeted her and told her Jake wanted to see her in the nurses' lounge. Dubious, Zora handed him the chart, instructed him to take it to Laura but not "exert" her and told him she'd be back. After she left, Leo entered Laura's room, planted a kiss on her lips and pulled out a bottle of suntan oil. He assured her that he wouldn't "exert" her and asked her where she wanted him to begin. As she laughed, he squeezed some oil into his hands and began slathering it on her neck.

At the Valley Inn, Tad told Jake that he could tell he was falling for Greenlee. Shocked, Jake replied that he wasn't "anything for Greenlee" but Tad persisted. He assured Jake that he would be "all over her like a wet t-shirt" if she gave him "the nod." Jake retorted that he was sick of her and only wanted her to leave his loft but Tad replied him that he had been saying the same thing for 5 months. He reminded Jake that he had even brought Greenlee home for dinner to meet their parents, but Jake insisted that it was merely a "mission of mercy." Tad smirked as he told Jake that he had always been the type to fall whenever a pretty girl looked his way. Jake held up a butter knife and replied that he would "cut him" with it if he didn't take it back, but all Tad did was lean back and smile.

At the mall, Greenlee began pitching her idea to Regina Carroll. Greenlee tried to convince her that her lingerie shop would benefit from selling Enchantment merchandise, but Regina wouldn't bite. Greenlee persisted with her pitch and Regina became frustrated. She stated that there was nothing in it for her and she had to leave to re-book a model because her other one had come down with hives. Greenlee grabbed her arm and begged her not to go. She confided that she needed this deal and that she needed to impress Erica. She warned Regina that if she didn't listen to her pitch, then she would die. "Security," Gina replied, "we have a problem." The security guard approached the pair, but Greenlee assured him it wasn't necessary. She released her grip on Regina's arm and Regina instructed him to "stay close." Greenlee begged for her to listen to her pitch and Regina replied that she had better "make it fast." Again, Greenlee told her how much Enchantment would help her shop, but Regina interrupted her. Exasperated, she explained that she liked having only one store and didn't want a franchise. She told Greenlee that her answer was no and began to rise to leave. Smiling, Greenlee confided that she desperately needed this deal and vowed that she would run naked through the mall with "Enchantment" written across her body if they didn't make a deal. Regina stared in disbelief as Greenlee warned her to trust her sincerity on that one.

At Pine Valley High, David ran into JR who wasn't very pleased to see him. He blasted David for harassing Dixie at her school and asked him what it would take for him to stop tearing apart his family. David replied that he wasn't going to explain anything to him and told him that one day he would "grow up" and understand everything. JR angrily stated that his mother didn't like him and wondered if his "mommy" had posted his bail. Marcus and the rest of JR's friends listened as David haughtily replied that it was none of his business. "JR seems to think it is," Marcus interrupted, as they circled David. "What are you gonna do about it." The bell suddenly rang and JR assured his friends that he could handle David. They backed away as JR asked him if it would take death to make him stop tormenting his family. David snottily explained that what had happened was between him and Dixie but JR reminded him that he had been kidnaped because of what he did to Leslie. David became angry and told JR that he was acting like a "spoiled little brat" and not a man. He smirked as he stated that this was the "real world" and that he should start acting like a man instead of "complaining to Dixie about how mean (he was) to (him)." Shocked, JR watched him leave and Marcus and his friends returned. JR angrily wondered why they were being made to learn about the law when it didn't really work. Marcus suggested they go "get wasted" and forget about David, but JR replied that he wasn't in the mood. His friends quietly suggested that he get even with David by "making (his) own rules." Confused, JR asked what they were talking about. Sweeney asked where David lived and laughed when JR told them he was at the Valley Inn. "Busting into a hotel is a cake walk," Sweeney stated, and suggested that they get high and trash his room. JR was dubious and reminded his friends that he was on probation and would get into a lot of trouble if they were caught. Marcus assured him that everything would be alright and JR suddenly began smiling. As they walked down the hall, Sweeney told them he had "happy pills" and they all laughed.

Jake put down the butter knife and told Tad that he didn't know what he was talking about. Tad assured him that he was right and Jake angrily got up and began to walk away. Tad called out that he had convinced Greenlee he was a pyromaniac and Jake stopped dead in his tracks. He turned around and reasoned that was why she had been short with him earlier that day. Tad replied that he would do anything to keep him "safe" and Jake returned to the table. He assured Tad that there was nothing going on and admitted that she was "cute" and that he responded to her just like any other normal guy. Tad chucked as Jake stated that he didn't have feelings for Greenlee but suddenly stopped as he gazed over Tad's head. "What? Did somebody die?" Tad asked, as he turned around and met David's eyes. The maitre d rushed over and suggested to David that he eat in his suite as his "celebrity" might have disturbed the other diners. David replied that he wanted to eat at his "regular table" and walked towards it. "It tried," the maitre d whispered to Tad as he passed their table and Jake marveled over the fact that David could act like nothing had happened.

Vanessa joined David at his table and complimented him on his handling of the situation. She assured him that he had nothing to worry about now that he was no longer interested in the "little waif." Confused, David put down his menu and asked Vanessa why she thought he was over Dixie. She replied that she didn't want to see him looking desperate by chasing after Dixie. David accused her for caring only because she was Palmer's niece but Vanessa only called him a "dolt." She warned him that every person in Pine Valley could be a possible jury member and that he shouldn't be walking around with such an air of arrogance. She cautioned him to start doing nice things and to stay away from anyone who was even remotely involved with the Martins. David replied that he was doing a nice thing by helping Laura live and Vanessa hoped for he was successful for his own sake. David assured Vanessa that he wasn't backing off of the Martins, but Vanessa was relentless. She told David that Palmer would be his strongest ally if he stayed away from his niece. David angrily told Vanessa that he was going to dine in his room and left.

Zora walked in as Leo was massaging Laura's feet. Jokingly, she told him that this wasn't part of her treatment. Leo began to sweet talk the nurse and stated that she was a "beautiful specimen of a human being." The trio laughed as Leo threw himself onto Zora and dramatically enveloped her in a hug. Brooke suddenly walked in and Zora apologized as she explained that "Ricky Martin" was only playing around. Brooke laughed along with them and stated that Joe wanted to run more tests on Laura. Leo tried to lift her off her bed and into the wheelchair as he joked that she needed to "lay off the apple sauce." He kissed her on the forehead and Zora wheeled her out. Alone, Brooke thanked Leo but Leo assured her that he wasn't doing or saying anything that he didn't mean. He confided that he really cared about her and Brooke took his hand. She asked him why he hadn't let this side of him show before and admitted that she was beginning to care about him too. "Is this a secret?" Laura asked, as she wheeled herself back into the room. Zora explained that there was a "back up in the lab" and Laura settled into her bed. Again, she asked if something was going on. Leo suddenly put his arm around Brooke and 'confessed' that he was in love with her mother. Laura burst out laughing as Leo asked Zora if he could spend lunch with her. Brooke consented and left with the nurse. Alone, Leo whipped out the oil and began rubbing it on her arm. Laura laid back and fell asleep as Leo listened to the beeps coming from her heart machine.

Tad's phone suddenly rang and he answered it to a flustered Liza. "JR's what?" Tad asked, confused. "What is he doing?" After a moment, Tad hung up and explained that JR had skipped his community service and that a friend at the clerk's office had told Liza. Tad reasoned that he'd check the boathouse then the mall and suddenly slapped his head. Jake laughed and told him he had covered for him for their Father's Day gift for Joe. Tad apologized for interrogating him about Greenlee and Jake apologized for "waving the butter knife in (his) face."

A stoned JR and his friends stood out front of David's hotel room at the Valley Inn. A bellman arrived and asked the group what they were doing. JR introduced himself as Adam Chandler Jr. and snottily asked him if he knew his father. The bellman remained silent as JR explained that he was visiting a friend and assured him that he could have him fired before he even made it back to the lobby. Marcus and the others laughed as the bellman turned around and left. Sweeney pulled out the key he stole from the desk and opened the door. JR was the last to go in and he looked around, went in and closed the door. JR and his friends inspected David's closets and tried on his bathrobe. Sweeney found David's doctor bag and the group dumped it on the bed. Sweeney investigated each drug and recognized speed and steroids. "I struck gold!" Sweeney exclaimed, as the others laughed.

Brooke and Joe discussed Laura's condition and Joe told her that she was free to take her daughter home. Brooke happily agreed and Joe left to sign the paperwork. Alone, Brooke wondered if God was trying to teach her a lesson by taking another child away from her. She cried to herself and Joe approached her and suggested that she go to his office for some privacy. Brooke declined the offer and Zora approached them. Brooke told her the good news and the two went in to tell Laura. As Brooke and Zora packed her things, Laura invited Leo over for dinner that evening. He accepted and told her he was going to buy her a "homecoming gift." Laura advised him not to go overboard like he did when he bought a leather coat for their date in New York City. He kissed her and told her he was going to get her something "silky and soft." Leo announced that he was invited for dinner and Brooke told him to arrive around 7 pm. He told Laura he would miss her and left. Once outside, he took a deep breath and his smile disintegrated. In her room, Laura wondered what had happened to make Leo like her and Brooke remained silent. As she helped her with her coat, Laura asked how her mother knew when he was "the one." Brooke replied that you could never really tell, but Laura told her that she thought Leo was the one. She vowed to herself that she would live long enough to find out if she was right.

Regina and Greenlee walked through the mall and Greenlee thanked her for accepting her deal. Regina wondered if she was born to sell and handed Greenlee the perfume. Greenlee slipped out of her trenchcoat to reveal a tiny negligee and assured Regina that people would be flocking to her store in no time. "Enchantment for women," Greenlee repeated as she sprayed the wrists of each shopper who passed her way. She turned around and sprayed again and was surprised when she realized she'd gotten Leo right in the eye. Leo cringed in pain as Jake arrived and looked on in disbelief.

Sweeney happily lifted David's prescription pad from the bed and they decided to clean up the mess so David wouldn't know it was missing. JR went outside to keep watch for the bellman and was stunned when David rounded the corner and came face to face with him.

Thursday, June 8, 2001

At the mall, Leo is in pain after Greenlee, dressed in lilac lingerie, accidentally sprayed Enchantment perfume in his eyes. Greenlee is upset, asking what she can do. "You can stay away from me with that battery acid," Leo says. Greenlee tries to flush out his eyes with a cup of water, but Leo won't open his eyes and the water splashes all over him. Jake comes by and asks what's going on. Jake takes a look at his eyes and says, "Oh, they're definitely inflamed. Oh boy. What's in that stuff, Greenlee?" She says, "I'm sorry. It's a trade secret," but after an angry and impatient "Greenlee!" from Jake, she says, "But I'm sure there's a lot of alcohol. Then it gets more exotic than that." Jake says, "All right, so you're parading around in your underwear, you're stalking victims and spraying them in the face because?" Greenlee tells him about the cross promotion she's doing with the lingerie store and enchantment. She says, "Leo, it was an accident. Can I help it that you're so tall?" Leo says, "You could look before you vaporize." Greenlee is very worried-Leo's eyes are red and Jake says there could be some blistering. Jake says he'll take Leo to the hospital where there is an ophthalmologist on call. Greenlee wants to come along but Jake leads Leo out and tells her, "Can you just try to stay out of trouble?"

Meanwhile, over at the hospital, Laura and Brooke are getting Laura discharged from the hospital. Brooke goes to fill out the forms and Laura talks her nurse Zora into getting her prescriptions filled at the hospital pharmacy. As soon as Zora leaves, Laura gets up from the wheelchair she was in. Bianca comes in and asks Laura if she should be walking around like that. Bianca tells Laura she's looking well and that she was there last night. Bianca says, "You and Leo were talking, and it looked kind of intense, so I just thought I'd leave you alone." Laura says, "You didn't have to split. We weren't hiding anything. As a matter of fact, I want the whole world to know that this physical wreck is the happiest girl in the world....Leo told me he loves me." Bianca is not happy with this news but tries to cover. Laura says, "You're not exactly jumping up and down." Bianca says, "It's kind of sudden, don't you think?" Laura says that's how it happens sometimes, good friends become more. She asks Bianca if that's how it was like with Sarah?" Bianca is not comfortable with the conversation and asks for more details. Laura tells how Leo put together the tropical island party for her, saying "He was rubbing lotion into my hands. I was, like, so blessed out. I said, 'Thank you God, If I die, I'm checking out with a smile on my face'....Now it's like I have a reason to live. It's the best reason of all-Leo loves me. And it would take a lifetime to give him that kind of love back." Brooke overhears Laura say this. She comes up and then Zora returns and takes Laura to get her medication. Brooke talks with Bianca saying, "I know it's very important for you to have Laura as a friend...and I was wondering if you're ok with the fact that Laura and Leo are getting closer." Bianca says she's fine and she just wants Laura to be happy. But Biance looks sad and unsure.

Then Jake bring Leo to the hospital and goes to get the eye doctor. Greenlee comes in and asks Leo if he's feeling better. "I would be if you moved away like a thousand feet or so," he says. Greenlee says, "It was an accident. I'm really, truly sorry." Leo accepts her apology, saying "You know, actually, I'm not feeling a whole lot of pain right now. What was the name of that perfume?" Then Leo sees Laura come in, sitting in her wheelchair. She is watching him and Greenlee. Leo's manner changes and he says, "Don't you think you've done enough? Why don't you just back off, ok?"

Over at Wildwind, Maddie and Sam are playing cards when Gabriel comes in the room. He shows them a coin trick. Then Dimitri comes in and drags him away, saying, "Stay away from my brother's children. Is that clear?" Gabriel says, "Don't touch me," and Anna comes in and tells them both to stop it. Maddie says, "He was showing us a magic trick, Aunt Alex." Anna suddenly remembers to pretend to be Alex. Dimitri says he doesn't want Gabriel to be alone with the kids, Anna, or Alex until they know who made the cell phone call to England from Wildwind. Anna says Gabriel is family, but Dimitri retorts, "He's related by blood, yes, but family means a lot more than that. You know this, Anna." Dimitri decides to take the kids over to their Grandma Isabella's. Edmund comes in and is going to take them, but Dimitri tells him to stay there. Maddie forgets her toy-spinning top and when Gabriel looks at it, he becomes visibly upset, like he is remembering something. Thunder booms and he becomes even more shaken. Edmund tells Anna to be careful. She talks to Gabriel and handles the top, while he continues to stare at it. He says, "Make it stop, make it stop." Anna asks him what's happening and he says he doesn't know-it has something to do with the top. Anna says, "Look, if this is a bad memory, even if it is painful, you have to hold on to it because it could be the key to something important....I think you're blocking too much. I know you were young when your mother died but can you tell me what you remember about her?" Gabriel says his mother is none of her business, but Anna says she loved CiCi and wants to know what happened to her. Gabriel is painfully remembering and says, "She was mother, your parent, in a car explosion." Alex comes in and says she remembers some relatives of theirs who were killed in a car wreck-her father's cousins. Anna says, "Gabriel's right? They were our biological parents?" Gabriel says it wasn't an accident. "We were going somewhere," he says, "the park, maybe. But I didn't have my top, so they let me run back and get it. I went to get it and I was heading back when I heard a whoomp. The car exploded, burst into flames....I thought I saw them moving inside but the lady wouldn't let me near the car, one with red hair." Anna, Alex and Edmund are startled by this. Alex says, "Is it possible? Charlotte killed our parents?" They ask Gabriel for more details about the woman. He says, "I didn't want to go. She took me away." Alex asks him if the woman took him to a hospital on an estate called Bryn Wydd. Gabriel gets more upset and leaves the room. Anna says she is going to England to have a chat with "Auntie Charlotte." Edmund says, "The hell you are. Why do you think we've been hiding you out here for the past few months?" Anna says, "Obviously, I'll pretend to be Alex." But Edmund says, "Charlotte raised Alex. She'll be able to tell you're the other one." Anna still wants to go but Edmund says he is not losing her. Then he kisses her.

Over at the Valley Inn, J.R. runs into David outside his hotel room. J.R. is very apprehensive that David will go in and find his friends. He talks to David, but is ill at ease the whole time. He says he wants to apologize for what happened at school and suggests they go to the restaurant. David says he'll order room service and they should talk in private. They go in the room, and JR's friends are nowhere in sight. He's still extremely nervous. Sweeney is hiding behind the bathroom door. Marcus and Ken are hiding under the bed. JR says he's sorry and shouldn't tell David how to live his life. David is skeptical, saying, "A couple of hours ago you wanted me dead, and now you're ready to live and let live? I'm sorry, JR, I don't buy it. What are you really doing here?" JR says he doesn't want Dixie to know what he did at school and wanted to stop David from telling her. David accepts that and says Dixie wouldn't be happy to know that he was over at the school. They agree to keep quiet and walk out together. JR goes back and finds his friends have emerged from their hiding places. JR wants them to leave now and they decide to take all the drugs they found in Hayward's medical bag with them, over JR's objections. Marcus says, "We'll destroy the evidence one pill at a time, as in party." Then they are in the car, with Marcus driving, Sweeney in the passenger seat, with Ken and JR in the back seat. They are gobbling down the different pills. JR is disturbed that Marcus is taking some, and says, "Dude, you just smoked weed, and you also dropped X. You're the designated driver." Marcus retorts, "That's right, and I'm not drinking." Everyone laughs but JR. Marcus is driving wildly. Suddenly Ken passes out and slumps against JR's shoulder. He finds no pulse and tells the others they have to get to a hospital. They don't want to because of the drugs, but JR says, "You have no choice. Ken is going to die unless we get him to a hospital. They go to the hospital but Sweeney and Marcus refuse to take Ken inside, and lay him on the ground outside the emergency room door. They get in the car and honk the horn. Jake comes out, sees Ken and then sees JR in the car as it speeds away. He calls for a gurney.



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