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Monday, June 4

As Ian stares at the cradle in the corner, Eve happily confirms that she is indeed carrying his child. Terrified to hear a crash just before the headset went dead, Livvie and Alison decide to go investigate. Meanwhile, Jamal furiously accuses Zach of driving Jack to his death. Ian assures Eve he's thrilled to learn that he's going to be a dad, then delivers some good news of his own. After Zach and his gang disappear, Jamal is relieved to see Jack starting to slowly move his head. Shaken to learn that his brother has been roaming free, Michael reminds his sneering sibling that he must stay put for his own good. As Livvie tearfully leans over her bloody and broken boyfriend, Jack whispers a last declaration of love. Ian thanks Michael for helping Eve in her hour of need. Back at the chapel, Eve can't resist sneaking a peek behind the door Michael always kept locked.

Tuesday, June 5

Lucy begins recruiting for the Nurses Ball and has her usual difficulty finding a dresser. In desperation, she tries to cajole Kevin into taking the job but he carefully sidesteps her strong-arm tactics. At the chapel, Ian locates Eve just before the shadowy figure creeps up behind her. Jamal and Alison try to gently pull a grieving Livvie away from Jack's lifeless body. After Alison admits how she prevented Jamal from entering the race, Livvie tearfully reminds her friend that saving one life resulted in the loss of another. Eve and Ian return to the cabin, where they enjoy a romantic reunion and celebrate the fact that their child is on the way. An enraged Livvie accuses Alison of killing the man she loved. When Jamal explains how Zach set him up to take the fall for Jack's tragic crash, Livvie suggests that they cover up the fact that her boyfriend has died. Lucy told Kevin why she fears a stranger is about to cause havoc in Ian's life. Meanwhile, Michael discovers the chapel trashed and his identical twin missing. Jamal hammers together a makeshift coffin and buries Jack in an empty field as Livvie vows to make Zach pay for his terrible crime.

Wednesday, June 6

by Jill

Lucy left yet another message for Ian, still unable to reach him. Kevin tried to calm her down. She told him how hard she has been working on everything, trying to keep order in her life. He praised her and told her what a wonderful job she has done over the past year getting her life back together, and overcoming the fact that Christina was no longer a part of her life. Kevin told her that he knew today was especially hard for her because it was Christina's birthday. As they where reminiscing about Christina, there was a knock at Lucy's door. It was a messenger delivering a letter to her. It was in one of her company's envelopes, with just her name on the front. She opened it to find a picture of Christina and a letter. In tears, she began reading the letter that told all about Christina's life now. The letter went on to say how loved Christina was and that she wanted Lucy to know she was being well taken care of. The letter was signed by Julie and in the postscript she added that she made sure that the letter could not be traced. Lucy was devastated, and told Kevin that Christina was growing up without her.

Ian and Eve spent the night at the cabin. They agreed that it was time to go back to Port Charles to begin their new life. Eve told Ian that there was something that she needed to tell him first. She told Ian that Chris has proposed to her, and how close she was to accepting. Ian was thankful she did not accept and also questioned his motives. He told Eve that Chris had shown him an engagement ring, but did not know that Eve was the intended bride. Eve was quick to defend Chris telling Ian how supportive he was, and how much he wanted a family. Eve and Ian stopped by the monastery to say a final good-bye to Michael and were shocked to see all of the destruction that had been done to the chapel. They could not believe why anyone would do such a thing and were even more stunned when Michael told them that it was his twin brother who had done the damage. When Eve asked Michael if he had notified the police he was very quick to tell them that the police could not be involved.

Chris was looking at the ring he had picked out for Eve when Gabriela passed by. When she asked him what he had, he coldly replied that she knew what a ring box was, and when Gabriela asked why he seemed so unhappy, he replied that it didn't matter anymore. Chris told her that he was expecting the jeweler, but she told him that she was not on duty, she was meeting her family for dinner. He remarked that he didn't have a family and she then reminded him that he did, he had his brother. As Gabriela's brother came to pick her up Chris told her to have a good time with her family. Colleen remarked how wonderful it was that Gabriela's family was so close. Chris then asked Colleen to sign him out, and when she asked where he would be if anyone needed him, he told her that he was going to go see his brother.

Jamal, Livvie and Allison said their final good-byes to Jack and as Livvie left, she promised Jack that there would be justice. They stopped at a diner on their way home to regroup before going back home. Livvie hesitated leaving jack behind and Jamal promised her that it would only be for a short time, and once they where able to prove that Zach was responsible for Jack's death, they would bring him back to Port Charles. As they got up to leave Livvie saw a sheriff walk in. She quickly sat back down as he approached their table asking if they knew who owned the car towing the wrecked bike. They had received a call from an angry farmer whose fence had been damaged. Jamal confessed that he had lost control of his bike and busted the fence. He continued asking them all questions as Allison and Livvie tried not to look or sound nervous. Livvie held her jacket closed to cover her blood stained shirt. He then noticed blood on Jamal's hand and Jamal covered it with a napkin and told him that he had hurt it when he wrecked. The sheriff seemed to believe his story and told him to be more careful next time and left the diner. Jamal sighed with relief and told the girls that was only the beginning of the questions.

Thursday, June 7

After Michael explains to Ian why his violent brother is a danger to himself and others, Eve admits that she must have accidentally let Caleb out of the basement without even knowing he was there. Gazing at the photo of Christina as a healthy, happy two-year-old, Lucy told Kevin she realizes Julie has fulfilled her pledge to take good care of the daughter they both love. Jamal, Alison and Livvie return to the bike shop just as Chris arrives for a chat with his brother. Michael told Eve and Ian he locked Caleb up to prevent him from destroying the monastery. Livvie rails at Chris for turning his back on his brother, then angrily informs the doctor that he's way too late for a family reunion because Jack is gone for good. Puzzled by Livvie's sharp tone and strange words, Chris demands that Jamal tell him where Jack went. Though his visitors suggest contacting the authorities, Michael insists that the police cannot be called in. Disclosing that he became a priest because of Caleb, Michael reveals that the bond he shares with his twin has made him feel responsible for his brother's actions. Alison warns Kevin that his daughter is in trouble and needs him now more than ever.

Friday, June 8

Jamal urges Alison to stop blaming herself for Jack's untimely death. Meanwhile, Kevin and Lucy tell a wary Livvie they know all about her boyfriend leaving town. Ian and Eve head back to Port Charles with light hearts and bright plans for the future. In the monastery, Michael prays that his homicidal brother will do no harm while he's on the loose. Kevin tries to console his tearful daughter but she makes a hasty excuse to depart. Sensing that Livvie's grief went much deeper than the pain of getting dumped by a lover, Lucy warns Kevin the girl may be in more trouble than they know. Alison admits to Jamal how glad she is that he didn't pay the same terrible price Jack did. Lucy explains to a skeptical Kevin why she believes Jack didn't leave Port Charles of his own free will. Sitting alone in the woods, Livvie feels closer to the man she loved and lost. Kevin and Lucy realize that Jack's wallet and all his belongings are still in his room behind the bike shop. As he wanders through the woods, Caleb spots a vulnerable Livvie sitting all by herself in the clearing.

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