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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of June 4, 2001 on GL
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Monday, June 4, 2001

A skeleton is brought from the bottom of the lake. Harley is skeptical that it is Carmen, but Gus is convinced. A few minutes later after talking to the coroner, Gus calls Claire and tells her it's time to get Danny to confess what happened that night at the docks. Claire seems worried and tells Gus, Danny is not going to buy her going to talk to him two times in the same day. Gus says to tell Danny that she got a tip from her lawyer Vince Russo. She reluctantly agrees. Meanwhile Danny and Michelle discuss Claire and if she would betray Michelle and work with the Feds. Michelle wants to ask Claire what she is up to, but Danny says not to, he doesn't want to tip his hand. The topic of Rick also comes up and Danny mentions that Rick, Harley, and Phillip were having dinner together and it seemed rather intense. Michelle assumes they must have told Phillip about the baby and says she must go talk to Rick. On her way out she runs into Frank and she tells him what may have happened, he says he will support Harley in any way. Michelle heads home and finds Rick, who explains that Phillip set up the meeting to find out what was the matter with Rick. Phillip brought Harley along to try to get to the bottom of the problem. Harley did everything she could to hide her pregnancy; Phillip was oblivious to the whole thing. Rick tells Michelle he asked Harley to marry him, but that she turned him down. He believes Harley is in denial and he wants to be honest with Phillip and Harley does not. Michelle also tells Rick her concerns about Claire possibly working for the Feds.

Again at the docks, Frank and David show up, but are not allowed on the sight where the investigation is taking place. Harley says she will call him later, but will not divulge any information about what they have found. Upset, Frank and David leave. After they depart, the coroner returns telling them that it should not be a problem identifying the body with the dental records, especially if they have someone in mind. Gus smiles and says they do. A bracelet is also found with the name Carmen on it, which pleases Gus to no end. Gus and Harley later talk about the investigation and Gus tells her how long he has waited for this, that he has been working on this case for four years. They plan to meet at 11 a.m. to see the results from the autopsy.

Meanwhile, Claire rushes over to see Danny, who is not at all pleased to see her. She says she got a tip from her lawyer that there was activity at the lake and that that can only mean one thing. Danny acts like he has no idea what she is talking about. She says it's time to fess up about what happened that night at the docks, that he has put Michelle and her in enough trouble; It all has to end. Danny seems confused by her behavior and tells her to back off. She says fine and goes to leave and he says wait and tears open her jacket. He finds the wire and tears it off, she tells him that she was ratting him out to save Michelle. He says if that were true, why didn't she tell Michelle and hands her the phone to call and tell her. She won't take it and he says you will probably lose your job and maybe end up with jail time, but most of all she has lost her daughter forever.

Over in San Cristobel , Edmund sneaks out of bed to go find Cassie. Beth wakes up and realizes Edmund is missing and wonders where he has gone. Edmund opens the cell door to what appears to be a dead Cassie. He rushes to her and tries to revive her. She starts to choke and he tries to give her food. He says you and I almost died thanks to Richard. He tells her of his stroke and that if he would have died, she surely would have died, because no one knew she was down there. She tells him to stop blaming everyone else, because ever since Richard and her met, he has caused them nothing but grief. She says she has no sympathy for him and spits her water on him. He says whether she believes it or not, he was worried about her and now wonders what he will do with her. He realizes she is burning up and says he will bring some antibiotics and food to get her well. He covers her up and tells her to rest and leaves. When he gets back to bed, Beth is waiting and asks where he has been. ing cake and tells Michelle that dinner was a setup because Phil was worried about him. Rick tells her that Phil doesn't know anything yet but it wasn't because of him. Harley doesn't want him to know. Rick tells her that Phil will know since Harley is as big as a firehouse. Rick tells Michelle that Phil believes he is upset about Robbie being a reminder that he wants a baby. He is upset that his friend has no clue that he is about to be a dad. Rick is worried about Harley as well and all the stress she is under. Michelle hopes Phil and Rick's relationship can survive. Rick goes on to tell Michelle how he asks Harley to marry him but she turned him down. He is convinced good friends could be great spouses and all the romantic stuff is stupid. Michelle knows Rick doesn't mean that.

Tuesday, June 5, 2001

At the Bauer House:

Danny is watching Michelle sleep and still looks preoccupied. Michelle wakes up and kisses her hubby asking him why he got in so late. He tells her that Claire came back and he has some bad news to tell her. Michelle tells him just to spit it out. He goes over what Claire did and that he ripped her jacket off and found the wire she was wearing. Michelle is angry with Claire and when Danny tells her they will just have to watch what they talk about around her Michelle tells him she has no intentions of ever talking to her again. Danny holds Michelle as the full situation hits her.

Michelle brings Robbie down to the kitchen while she cleans up a bit. Claire walks in and tells Michelle they have to talk. Michelle tells her she has nothing to ever say to her again. Claire tells her that she has to listen to her side of the story. Michelle accuses her of rolling over on her husband to save her own medical license. Claire tells her that isn't why she did it. She tells her about Gus and the evidence he has against Michelle and says she was only trying to keep her daughter out of prison. Michelle tells her that she is not her mother and she should get out. Claire reluctantly leaves. Moments later, Harley comes in and tells Michelle that they need her, Danny, Rick and Meta down at the police station at 10AM. There have been some discoveries that they need to know about. Michelle is upset about the whole situation. Harley apologizes and tells Michelle she would love to get off this case but hasn't had any luck. Michelle says at first she was angry but now she is counting on Harley to keep Gus honest. She reminds Harley that she is practically family and glances at Harley's tummy. Michelle confirms that Rick told her what happened. Harley says she knows but that it was just a one time thing. She needed someone and good ol' Rick was there. Michelle tells Harley that sometimes relationships that start as friends can be very romantic. Harley tells her that the only thing she is sure of is that she is destined to be alone. She doesn't want to fall for Rick because then she will find herself needing him and she doesn't want to need him or anyone. She says she no longer believes in Happily Ever After just Happily Ever Alone. Just then Meta walks in and tells Harley she is never alone. She tells her she is family to them and if she needs any help with the baby she is there for her. Harley feels terrible.

After the Bauer's have left and are at the police station, Gus picks the lock on the kitchen door and goes on in. He rummages through everything until he finds Danny's gun. He checks the serial number and pulls out a firing casing and test fires the weapon. He pulls the slug out and put it in a baggie marked, "evidence." Gus leaves, happy.

When the Bauer's return they turn on the radio and talk about what Harley had told them at the police station. Danny tells them they are his family and he will protect them. He tells them that if anyone is to go down for what happened, it will be him. He grabs the phone and calls Ross.

At the Police Station:

Gus comes in with breakfast. He even has fruit and juice for Harley. She comes in with the dental records and asks him why he is in such a good mood. He tells her that he loves eradicating everything Santos. He tells her he is on the edge of nailing Danny. Harley asks him what he will do if the body isn't Carmen's. Gus tells her he will start all over again. Gus tells her he wants to take the dental records down to the ME and would like for her to do something for him, something she isn't going to like. She yells at him that he only brought her breakfast as a bribe and tells him to go ahead and tell her what he wants. Gus tells Harley he is a nice guy but Harley thinks he is a jerk. Gus says he wants her to stop by the Bauer's and get all four of them to come down to the station. After they get there she should tell them that they found a body and are 99% sure it is Carmen. He tells her to tell them that Gus could arrest them all with Meta and Rick as accessories. Harley wonders where Gus will be while she is talking to the Bauer; she thinks it is a ploy to get them all out of the house. Gus tells her just to do her part and he will handle his. When Harley leaves, Gus asks Frank for help finding information on Danny's weapons. Frank gets him the file and Gus goes to look for weapon supplies. On his way out, with a satchel, Gus is confronted by Claire. She wants to know what will happen now. Gus tells her the deal is off because Claire didn't get the evidence. Claire is angry and tells him she risked everything for him and now he is turning on her. Gus tells her next time to get it in writing. Claire is irate and shouting at him but Gus walks away.

Harley is meeting with Rick, Meta, Michelle, Danny and Robbie. Harley says she is trying to keep them up to date on the investigation. Danny wonders where Gus is and Meta wonders why they had to come down to the PD. Harley says she wants to give them a heads up. She tells them that a body was found at the ferry dock and Gus thinks it is Carmen's. She tells them if they know anything they should come clean to their attorneys ASAP. Meta is upset that Harley drug them down there for that. Harley is upset that everyone is against her again. Everyone leaves her upset. When Gus comes back in, Harley tells him she hates him. She tells him that the meeting didn't go well with the Bauer's and she wonders if his trip to the ME was any better. He is happy. He tells her they got everything they needed. The dental records matched and there was a bullet stuck in the bone as well. To top it all off he even got a warrant for Danny Santos' firearms. He will deliver the warrant himself. He tells Harley to call the jail and book a cell for Danny. He leaves. Harley says "Sorry, Danny."

At Company:

Richard and Noah come in to talk about the plan. Richard tells him he cannot wait any longer and he is going to San Cristobel . Noah thinks he should wait until the wedding but Richard says Cassie can't wait any longer and if he doesn't go now he might not get her back. He can feel it; Cassie is in trouble. Richard promises Noah not to do anything suicidal. Noah asks Richard to consult with him first. Richard thanks him for all his help and his sacrificing his work and his relationship with Reva. Noah says he underestimated Reva's relationship with Josh; they are drawn to one another again and again. He tells Richard his willingness to accept the punishment in the relationship is wearing thin.

Richard gets a call from Edmund and Noah listens in. Edmund invites Richard down to look for Cassie. After he hangs up he tells Noah that he thinks he will take Edmund up on his offer. Noah thinks he is doing everything Edmund wants him to do. Richard tells him that Edmund was very obvious about this being a trap but he doesn't realize he is the one that will be trapped. Richard says he is going and the hare will set a trap for a hound.

In San Cristobel:

Cassie is still in the tower. She is coughing and shivering but her pride is keeping her from begging for another blanket the next time Edmund comes in. Edmund walks in with water and antibiotics. Cassie barks at him and Edmund is pleased. He says that is the Cassie they all know and love. She calls Edmund a despicable psychopath. He says that is more like it. Edmund gives Cassie some water and tells her to drink slowly. He hands her the pills and Cassie wonders how she knows they aren't poisoned. He tells her she doesn't, but she isn't the one he is targeting. It is Richard he wants and as long as he has her and she is alive, Richard will come back. He tells her he is glad she is better and tells her that he is better too. He tells her to take her pills twice a day, drink plenty of water and get some rest. Cassie asks him if Beth knows what he is doing. He tells her she doesn't. Cassie is worried about what will happen if he has a relapse. She assumes Edmund didn't tell Beth because he knows she will see him as a horrible individual if he does. Edmund tells her that Beth may not be happy about it at first but she will understand after she hears his side. Edmund tells Cassie if he knew that she and Richard would just disappear and he would never have to see them again he would let them go but he knows that Richard will not rest until he takes Edmund's throne from him or he is dead. He tells Cassie that he and his brother and headed for the final showdown. Edmund says he will drop a few subtle clues for Richard, Noah and Phillip to find and then they will come to him like mice to cheese. Cassie knows they will know it's a trap and she threatens to tell Beth. Edmund tells her she will never have an opportunity to talk to Beth. She thinks Edmund intends on killing her as well. Edmund says she is delusional and he'd better go call his brother. He tells Cassie she should brush her hair, she looks horrible. Cassie says she has to get out of there.

Back at the palace, Edmund goes into his bedroom and grabs the phone to call Richard. He tells Richard that he should come down to SC and search the island for his wife. He tells Richard when he finds that she is not there he can clear his brother's name. Richard tells Edmund he is losing his touch, he can see right through him. Edmund tells him that he wants to settle things. Richard tells him that he will bring Cassie home, have Edmund dethroned and exposes him to Beth for what he is. Edmund asks when he should expect Richard. Richard hangs up on him and then says, "When you least expect it." Noah thinks Richard went overboard on the call but Richard says he intends on taking Edmund up on his offer.

Wednesday, June 6, 2001

At Reva's
Richard arrives to talk with Reva. He tells her that Edmund telephoned to invite him to San Cristobel and search for Cassie. Reva asks Richard shy Edmund would let him do that. Richard explains that Edmund wants him to stop publicly blaming him for Cassie's disappearance. Reva tells him that he can't go that it's a trap. She says that Richard has told her himself that Edmund wants him dead. Richard tells her that he is willing to lay down his life to bring Cassie home to her children. Reva says that there has got to be another way. Richard tells her that he is going to spring a trap for his half-brother before he knows what has hit him. Reva asks if he plans to set this trap by himself. He says that he has decided what to do as yet but whatever they decide, Edmund will be waiting. He says that he should have gone to San Cristobel before Richard gained his strength back because he is back in full force now. Richard says that he can't wait any longer. He is going with some other good men to help him. Reva guesses that it's Phillip and Noah. Reva tells him that he is a brave man and that he is scaring her to death. Richard walks over to the fireplace and takes the picture of Noah and Reva and is looking at it. Reva guesses that he is looking at it. Richard says what a good man Noah is and how much he loves her. Reva comments that Noah is having a real hard time being around her now because of the Reva/Josh connection. Richard says that he understands that it feels natural to her to be around Josh and agrees with her that it's because of the kids. He tells her that this hurts Noah very much. Reva says that Noah has told her that along with everyone else in Springfield. Richard feels that he is interfering and says that he hopes everything works out for them. He tells Reva that she should be careful when it comes to Josh. He ends this topic with life is short and we never know how long anything is going to last.

Marah comes home and starts talking about the prom. As they are talking, Shayne comes in and announces that he too is going to the prom. After a few comments from Marah both of them leave the room. Reva gets teary eyes and tells Richard that all this talk of San Cristobel makes her think of their child, Jonathan. Richard admits that he thinks of the child often. Reva begs Richard to be careful in SAN CRISTOBEL.

At Inferno
Tony and Catalina are talking about the prom. Tony says that going to the prom with Marah is freaking him out. He says that he can picture himself at the Lewis' and stabbing himself with the pin as he tries to pin on Marah's corsage. He tells Catalina that he has been practicing pinning on the corsage. She tells him that he'll never get it right unless he uses a real woman. Tony starts to pin a corsage on Catalina and she tells him to look the girl in the eye. Tony fumbles and says that he can never take this long. They start to laugh. Marah walks in on them. Catalina leaves and Marah closes the door behind her. Tony asks if she's mad. She says that she's trying not to be but it's kind of hard to see him with his hands on Catalina again. He says that he was practicing with the corsage because he's no Prom Pro. They begin to laugh. Tony tells her that he just wants her prom night to be special and everything that she ever dreamed it would be. Marah says that she knows a way that it can be and that she hopes that he agrees with her. Marah wants to get a hotel room. Tony protests the idea. Marah wonders if he wants to be with her. He explains that things are complicated now and that he is trying to prove himself to her father. It would be better if they wait. Marah says that her dad would never give him permission to sleep with her. She begins kissing Tony.

At the Bauer's
Michelle, Danny and Ross are sitting at the kitchen table. Ross asks if it was Gus that found the body. Michelle says yes and goes on to say that Harley thinks that an autopsy will prove that the body is Carmen. Ross feels it's strange that Gus called the entire family to come to the police station. Ross says that he bet that Gus got a real kick out of telling everybody. Michelle explains that he wasn't even there. Ross says that's very strange because there is nothing more important to Gus than putting the screws to the Santos family. Ross wants to know if there is anything else that happened. Danny tells him that Harley advised him to implicate himself so that the Feds would go easier on everyone. Ross says no way. The way they are going to handle the Feds is to trust no one and to say nothing, especially to Gus because he's dangerous. Danny says that he is a loose cannon. There's a knock at the door. Michelle goes to the door to find Gus. He wants to know what's going on with all the blinds closed. Michelle tells him to go away and is joined by Danny telling him that he has 5 seconds to get off the property. Ross appears behind them and asks Gus if he has a warrant. Gus says no but he has a court order. Ross takes it from him and tells Danny that they want his gun and to go and get it. As Danny leaves Gus makes his way into the kitchen. He tells Michelle that she can turn down the music because he can hear what they were saying. Gus says poor Michelle. First she tried to derail a case against her husband and now she has a case against her too. Ross asks what he's talking about. Gus explains that he still has proof that Michelle has destroyed FBI evidence and that she is a bad, bad girl. Michelle asks if he's going to pressure her into turning against Danny like he pressured Claire into wearing a wire. She explains to Ross how Claire tried to trick Danny into confessing on tape. Gus says that it's never a dull moment and that he bets that Blake could turn this all into a best seller. Ross tells him no way and that unless he has another court order to leave Blake alone. Ross also says that he never approved of Blake writing the book. Danny returns with the gun. Gus takes the gun and says that he has to leave for an important appointment. He hopes that the tests on the gun give him a reason to return. He leaves and Ross closes the door behind him. He then turns to Danny and Michelle and tells them that now the questions become tougher. He explains that they are running a ballistics test on the gun, and that Gus tried to get him by using Claire and that he is going to indict him for the murder of his mother. Danny says that's pretty much how he sees it. Michelle says that the whole thing is unfair. Ross asks if she means the way that Gus is handling the case or that Danny is accused of murder. Michelle says both. She feels that Gus is dangerous and that he has it in his head that Danny is a cold-blooded killer. She believes that the whole thing is a game to him. Ross agrees with everything but says that Gus did not invent all of the unanswered questions about Carmen. Michelle explains that Danny was just protecting her and their unborn child and that he is not a murderer. Ross repeats it and says that he noticed that she did not say that Danny did not shoot Carmen. Danny wants to know if Ross realizes just how much Carmen wanted to get rid of Michelle. Danny explains that Carmen did try to get rid of Michelle so he did pretty much what Ross was thinking that he did because he had to stop his mother. Ross stares at Danny. Danny wants to know since everything is out in the open now how they are going to keep Gus from proving it. Ross comments that he can't prepare a defense until he knows what charges will be filed. He wants to know if Claire could have gotten anything on tape. Danny says no and explains that when Claire came into his office to clear things up, he knew that she was up to something. Michelle says that Claire has a pretty good idea about everything. Ross tells them that have to be on guard for hard evidence. Danny says that evidence is nothing if he doesn't go to trial. Ross wants to know what he's thinking. Danny has a plan to leave town, to run. Ross tells him that he's not going anywhere. Michelle decides that the plan might work if she and the baby leave with Danny. It almost worked last time but Carmen kidnapped Michelle. Ross tells Danny if they leave it will only make matter worse. They will get caught and there will be even more charges. Danny becomes angry and wants to know if Ross wants him to pull out the blue suit and smile at a jury. Ross believes that this is the only way. Michelle wants a guarantee that Ross can get Danny off if Danny agrees to the blue suit. Ross promises that he will find a way. Michelle tells Danny that truth is on their side. Danny promises Ross to stay. Ross assures him that they can win if they fight. Michelle gives it 100% backing and Ross leaves. As Michelle closes the door, she tells Danny he better not even think of leaving. Danny tells her that it's so ironic that he protected himself by pulling the wire off Claire and at the same time blows her chance at immunity. She tells him Gus is much more interested in pinning a murder rap on him. She wants to know if Danny is now thinking of going to Gus to cop a deal. Danny says that he knows that Gus is out to get him and that he doubts that Ross can stop him. He says that everything is his fault and that the least he can do is protect her from what he has done. Michelle asks him to promise her that he will not turn himself in to protect her. He responded by asking her if she wants him to wait around for a guilty verdict. She says that she will tell him exactly what she wants.

At Company
Gus asks Blake to sign his copy of her book. When she hands him back the book he wants to know who her source is. Blake tells him if he wants her to scratch his back he has to scratch hers. She tells him that she wants to know about Miguel's son, the one that he had with his lover. Gus says that the son went to the University of Chicago and then fell off the radar screen. Gus picks up the book and tells Blake that she has a lot of information in there that he has had his men trying to find. Blake wants to know what he is referring to. He tells her that he wants to know about the lover calling Carmen and telling her that she was not the only man in Miguel's life. Blake explains that's when Carmen sent her goons to beat the lover's name out of Miguel. Gus says that Chicago PD couldn't prove that. Blake bragged that she got that from her source. Gus wanted to know how the grandmother and Carmen got along all this time if Carmen had her son killed. Blake explained that was easy, Maria never knew anything about any of this until she got her hands on a draft of the book. Blake begins to talk about Miguel's sons. Gus wants to talk about Carmen and her dead son Mick. He tells Blake that some mobsters use to see Miguel with the son of his lover. Miguel would have to hide out with the child. They would go to old hotels and watch Cub games. One day the boy went to the Cubs game and looked up in his father's box seat to see Miguel with another boy, Danny. Blake wants to know if she can take notes because she may want to use this information. Blake speculates that the son could be anyone. Gus changes the subject and wants to know what's up with Ross. Blake says that Ross won't marry her because he doesn't want to give her anything to rebel against. She then tells Gus that she loves Ross. Ross walks up with the coffee pot at this time. Gus asks if his government job doesn't pay him enough so he has to moonlight. Ross explains that this is fellowship and that if he went to church he'd know this. Gus says that he doesn't peg Ross as a church member. Ross suggests that he try it and when he does he should get on his knees and beg God for forgiveness. Gus is not sure for what. Ross tells him that he wants the goods on his client so bad that he is willing to endanger the woman that he loves and that he's better back off or he's going to get burned. Gus says that Ross is reading too much into all of this. All he wanted to do was have Blake sign his book. Ross tells him that he is not going to use Blake to get the goods on his client. Gus leaves. Blake starts to explain that they were just having lunch. Ross is upset and tells Blake that she has got to stop that she's putting lives in danger. Blake says that she knows what she is doing. Ross tells her that smart as she is, she is no match for an FBI agent. He asks how she would feel if she was responsible for Danny and/or Michelle losing their freedom because of her. Before she can answer, he leaves. As he leaves, he tells her to consider the danger.

Thursday, June 7, 2001

Olivia tries to listen to all she can as Phillip meets with Richard to finalize their plans for Cassie's rescue. Josh compliments Marah on her dress for tonight's prom. As her parents pile on the compliments, Marah admits that she wishes Reva could see how great she looked. After everyone leaves, Reva turns on some music and dances by herself, tripping as she does so and falls to the floor. She's upset with her clumsiness until she realizes that she's starting to see some sparkles of light. She considers calling Josh and then calls Noah instead who encourages her to believe that she will soon have her eyesight back. He's also pleased she called him and not Josh. The kids have fun at the prom until Marah complicates things by reminding Tony that she's rented a hotel room for the end of the night. Beth reads to Edmund a letter from her mother explaining why she won't be able to attend their wedding. Later, Beth follows Edmund and asks him what he's hiding behind the tower door. He claims it's the war room and he can't take her inside. She falls for his story. Inside, Cassie is pleased to loosen another bar from the window in her cell. Edmund enters and lets her know that Richard has been invited to come to San Cristobel to help "search" for her.

Friday, June 8, 2001

At the Prom (Country Club)
Marah and Tony are dancing and Marah asks Tony to make love to her. Tony wants to know if she's sure. She says that she's been ready for a long time. They start to kiss as Catalina and Sam watch. Sam tells Catalina not to look. Tony and Marah leave. Catalina wants to know if the prom is over and if they're going home. Sam explains that Marah and Tony are NOT going home.

At the hotel Tony puts the "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door. Marah says she's dreamed of this night for so long. Tony says that the night will be magic. They talk about when they met and how they have fallen in love. Tony says the feels like he's dreaming because girls like her don't usually end up with guys like him. They kiss and start to undress. Marah leads him to the bed. Tony gets up and starts to get dressed. Marah is hurt and asks what she did wrong. He tells her that she's to good for this. She tells him that he has been with many women and doesn't understand the problem. She thinks that she is a turn off to him when she takes off her clothes. He tells her that she's different because he loves and respects her. He tells her that he can't make love to her unless they're married.

At the County Club Bar
Claire is at the bar and calls Allan's attorney and tells him to get to the Country Club pronto. She's angry and tells him that she took his advise to wear the wire, worked her butt off to get Danny to confess. Danny found the wire, she got kicked out, her daughter hates her again and that the FBI won't except the deal. She goes on to tell him that Mr. Spaulding will not be happy about this when he returns.

Rick shows up at the bar and asks Claire isn't she too old for the prom. She tells him not to be annoying. She tells him to get on with it. He asks what. She replies that she knows he has something to say about what she did to the family mobster. Rick wants to know what she did now. She explains that Gus has proof that Michelle burned the files and that he can use it to send Michelle to jail. Rick wants to know how Claire knows this. She explains her deal she made with Gus and tells Rick about wearing the wire. She tells him about Danny finding the wire and how things have gone from bad to worse. The two of them trade several insults. Claire explains that all she ever wanted to do is help Michelle. Rick is angry and tells her that sending Danny to prison for life is not exactly helping Michelle. Claire asks when Rick jumped on Danny's bandwagon. Rick doesn't answer the question but wants to know where things stand now. Claire says that she thinks that Gus is using Michelle for bate. She also says that the Feds want Danny not Michelle. Alan's attorney walks in. Claire tells Rick to leave. As he leaves, Rick tells Claire not to forget her priority -- .save yourself. The attorney tells her that this is not the time to panic. She tells him that he's not facing loosing his medical license nor is he facing a jail sentence. He says that the Feds push small stuff aside to get to the big deals. He explains that they are not going after her for faking Carmen's death. He tells her that faking Carmen's death can be to her advantage. She wants him to put all of this in a deal and also include Michelle. He explains that they want Danny.

At the Castle
Beth is standing in the bedroom looking out a window. Edmund comes in and asks her if she's thinking about the Blue Room. Beth corrects him and says he must mean the War Room. The room that she is never, never to enter. Edmund says that he was wondering if she doubted him. She told them that yes, she did doubt him. She can't understand why he gave her such a warning and why he refuses to trust her with his secrets. Beth becomes angry and wants to know why he has stopped trusting her now, she's known all about him good and bad and why he is so protective now. She doesn't understand why she's no longer his equal. Edmund tells her that all of this is for her own good. She can't understand because she feels that she has proven herself to him and that all men in her life have treated her this way. She thought that Edmund was her sole mate and she wants that Edmund back. Edmund tells her that it's not her and her feelings that it's him. That she has done nothing. He tells her that he is afraid that he will loose her. Beth extends her hand and tells Edmund to take it. He takes her hand, closes his eyes and tells her that Cassie is on the island. Beth wants to know where Cassie is and how Edmund knows that she is there. He tells her that from all the reports that he has received that Cassie is moving from safe house to safe house at the rate of maybe two per day. He knows this because they captured one of Richard's supporters and tortured him until he told. Edmund promised that the man was receiving medical attention and that they had to do this to him to get him to spill Richard's plan. Edmund explained that he was afraid if he told Beth that she would be horrified of his methods. He apologizes for not treating her as an equal and asks if she wants to go see this man in the Blue Room. She says no and asks that Edmund release the man. She also doesn't understand why Cassie and Richard would endanger people in their plan. Edmund explains that Richard is very upset and will do anything. Edmund tells Beth that he kept all of this from her because he did not want to upset their wedding plans. Beth makes him promise that they will go through both good and bad times together and that he should know that she is not afraid of the truth and these are reasons that he loves her. Edmund says that he feel in love with her long before she became the Warrior Queen. She tells him that she feel in love with Edmund Winslow, not a Prince. He laughs and says that she wouldn't kick the Prince out of her bed. They laugh and kiss, then head for the bed. Later, Beth is lying awake. Edmund snuggles up to her and wants to know if there's still something going on in her head. She says that she wonders if he has told her everything. He responds that he could make up some sins and confess them if it would make her feel better. She tells him not to kid her that there is nothing worse than a nosey and possessive wife. She wants to know that he trust her completely. He tells her that tomorrow in front of their friends and her children that he will devote himself to her in marriage. She says that they can have a good marriage only if there is complete trust. He promises her a grand and glorious adventure.

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