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Passions Recaps: The week of June 4, 2001 on PS
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Monday, June 4, 2001

As a gloating Tabitha continues to show Timmy the evil doings all over town, T.C. storms into the Crane mansion in search of Julian. Meanwhile, Eve tells Grace how she had a vision of her infant son being snatched from his crib in the hospital nursery. DeeDee and the Luis impostor disrobe and crawl into bed together to await Sheridan's arrival. At the police station, the crooked cop deliberately neglects to mention Sheridan's call to Luis. An enraged T.C. makes Ivy's day by announcing that he's going to tear her husband apart with his bare hands. Later, however, Sam bursts Ivy's bubble when he declares that their kiss meant nothing to him. Out in the garden, Grace kicks herself for driving her husband straight into the arms of his first love. T.C. begins choking the life out of Julian as a horrified Rebecca looks on. Ivy and Grace face off once more. Sam manages to pull T.C. off of Julian just in the nick of time. Sheridan is shocked to spy "Luis" in bed with a busty blonde.

Tuesday, June 5, 2001

T.C. wonders what his late father meant when he hinted that Julian had harmed another member of their family. Meanwhile, Grace again urges Eve to come clean with her husband about a painful episode in her past. Devastated to see "Luis" in bed with another woman, a weeping Sheridan bolts from the house. Ivy's gloating appalls Pilar, who scolds her friend for gleefully anticipating widowhood. Rebecca pieces together the reason for T.C.'s vicious attack on her fiancé. The cop on Julian's payroll nervously attempts to prevent Luis from leaving the station house. Ivy confidently informs Pilar that Sam's ardent kiss proves he will soon be hers once more. The impostor phones Julian and triumphantly reports success, then removes his mask and begins to put the moves on DeeDee. Luis returns to the Crane mansion and learns that his fiancée left the engagement party shortly after he did. Julian feigns sympathy for his sister as Sheridan tearfully discloses why she's through with Luis.

Wednesday, June 6, 2001

Though Sam hisses at her to stop, Ivy reminds Grace that her husband is still head over heels for his first love. Sheridan furiously orders a baffled Luis to leave the cottage and never return. Ivy warns Grace she'll be living a lie if she decides to continue her sham of a marriage. Luis is shocked when Sheridan icily announces that she saw him in bed with his lover on the very night they were supposed to be celebrating their impending marriage. Though Luis insists he was working at the precinct house all evening, Sheridan refuses to listen to reason. Tired of hanging around Hecuba's cave, Timmy decides to whip up a batch of martimmys. Later, however, Tabitha is alarmed to realize that her doll has inadvertently concocted a deadly potion. Luis accuses Julian of setting him up to deprive him of the woman he loves. After Grace storms off, Sam tells Ivy through clenched teeth that he hates her for hurting his wife. Julian and Rebecca celebrate a victory.

Thursday, June 7, 2001

Theresa and Whitney trade horror stories about their awful experiences during the eerie fog. Eager to prove to his lover that he hasn't lost his marbles, Julian grabs Timmy by the hand and yells for Rebecca. By the time she arrives, however, Julian is dismayed to discover that Timmy has reverted back to doll mode. Luis begs Sheridan to believe that he hasn't betrayed her trust. Tabitha reclaims her wandering doll and sternly reminds Timmy not to be so gregarious around the Cranes. Though Whitney can't dismiss the image of Chad kissing her sister, Theresa advises her friend to forgive and forget and move on. Meanwhile, Chad confides to Ethan how he mistook Simone for Whitney in the thick fog. With no one available to back up Luis' alibi, Sheridan repeats that the engagement is off. At the mansion, Julian pays off the cop who helped him engineer the break-up of his sister's romance. Sheridan relates her sordid tale to an outraged Ethan. DeeDee persuades the impostor to put his mask back on so they can "play" a little longer.

Friday, June 8, 2001

Watching Julian fall under the spell of a certain blues tape in his collection, Rebecca begins to wonder why the chanteuse sounds so familiar. Simone stares in shock to see her sister and Chad embracing. Miguel tries to console a weeping Kay, unaware that he's walking straight into her trap. Meanwhile, Charity dreams of seeing her cousin and Miguel at the altar as they exchange wedding vows. Sheridan and Luis agree to put aside their difficulties and reconcile but both are still plagued with doubts following the strange events at the party. Complaining that nobody cares for her, Kay attempts to wheedle a declaration of love out of Miguel but he reminds her that his heart will always belong to Charity. As an enraged Simone looks on, Whitney shyly admits to Chad that she does love him. Eve asks her husband to swear that he won't go after Julian but T.C. remains determined to make his nemesis pay. Across town, Julian's jaw drops when his sister announces that she and Luis are once again an item.

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