One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 11, 2001 on OLTL

Jen admitted to Rae that she'd witnessed Colin's murder. Todd toyed with Blair. Bo arrested R.J. Ben refused to help Gabrielle. Starr pressured Todd. Roseanne arranged for a curse to be put on R.J. Lindsay stole Jen's tape from Rae.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 11, 2001 on OLTL
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Monday, June 11, 2001

Roseanne asks a Voodoo Priestess to curse Kelly, but is told that her real enemy is a dangerous man. She realizes it is R.J., and learns that he is seeking revenge "in place of love." To protect herself, she asks that a curse be visited on him instead, then schemes to obtain a personal effect from him to enable the curse.

At the bar, R.J. and Will argue about who was at Colin's house the night of the murder. Will denies being there, but accuses R.J. of involvement.

Lindsay confronts Nora about her strategy for Sam's defense, and Nora hints that she will accuse Lindsay of being the killer. Lindsay leaves, telling Nora that she will convince Sam to fire her. Later, Will arrives and says that Sam is not the killer, but that he cannot divulge more because it involves his family. Lindsay, meanwhile, visits Sam in jail and asks him to plead temporary insanity to protect the secret.

Jen tells Rae she witnessed Colin's murder. Rae encourages her to go to the police, but promises to keep her confidence. When Lindsay arrives, intending to discuss an insanity plea for Sam, Rae angrily faces off with her.

Asa visits Viki to ask that she attend his wedding reception. She questions his marriage, and warns that his bride will destroy him. When Ben arrives, Asa tells them both that he wants his family near, then leaves. Afterward, Viki wonders what Asa is up to, and Ben tells her they will find out at the reception.

Tuesday, June 12, 2001

Gabrielle flirts with Max after he comes in from a horse ride all sweaty. Max is not turned on and lets her know it. She uses reverse psychology to get him to come to her and Asa's wedding reception. She slyly offers to pay for an evening out with Blair, if in return he stays away from the reception. Max falls for her tricks and instead boasts that since it will be a Buchanan event, then he of course wouldn't miss it! Asa overhears and boasts that now they have Max right where they want him. Later, alone, Gabrielle hears she and Max's song on the radio, and is visibly torn between love and revenge. She becomes very emotional as she remembers their days of passion. Max walks in and looks into Gabrielle's misty eyes.

As Will looks to Nora for answers, she looks to him for the truth. She confirms that once Sam is cleared, Colin's real murderer will be found. Nora points out to Will that it is obvious he is protecting someone if he is worried that Bo will search for the guilty party. Will becomes defensive once he realizes Nora is suggesting that Lindsay killed Colin. He storms out of Nora's, sorry that he ever went there in the first place. Meanwhile, Rae confronts Lindsay on her parenting. She informs Lindsay that she should be ashamed for laying such a guilt trip on her own daughter. Jen comes out, but is instead upset with Rae for admitting that Jen had told her the truth. She feels betrayed, but Rae still reaches out to her even as Jen and Lindsay leave. Back at the gallery, Lindsay berates Jen for opening up to Rae because of her involvement with John Sykes. Just then John shows up and hears Rae's name. Lindsay blows him off and he leaves. Jen assures her mother that Rae promised patient/therapist confidentiality and won't reveal anything to Sykes. Later at Rae's, Nora comes over and Rae asks for some legal advice regarding patient/therapist confidentiality. However, she is dismayed to learn that in the state of Pennsylvania, if the therapist has knowledge of a crime, a judge can still subpoena patient records! After Nora leaves, John comes over on "business". He is sure that Lindsay, Jen and Will are hiding something about the murder and he wants her help...

Starr is upset that she hasn't seen her mommy. Todd insists that he is trying to find her and that she will probably walk in any minute, which she does. Blair is furious with Todd for taking custody of Starr away from her and can't find an attorney in the whole town that can help her. Blair reprimands Starr for her behavior and firmly declares that it was wrong to lock Max in the closet no matter what Todd says. Todd shows his concern for Blair when she experiences pain, but she lashes out and reminds him that he is the only one causing her real pain. Todd makes her a proposal that will solve all their problems: she can move into the penthouse and they can share custody of Starr!

Wednesday, June 13, 2001

Blair questions Todd's invitation to live with him; he says it is only for Starr. Kelly arrives and talks Blair out of the move, leaving Todd to dampen Starr's hopes for a happy family. Later, Blair returns to accept the offer, but Todd says he has changed his mind.

John discusses the murder case with Rae and asks why Lindsay mentioned her name at the Gallery. Rae denies knowledge of the case, despite John's statement that she must divulge information of any crime. John is called away, but returns apologetic and takes Rae to dinner.

Lindsay makes Jen promise not to talk to anyone about the murder. Will arrives and tells her that he and Jessica are being torn apart by secrets. After Jen gets a message from Rae, she panics and runs to see Chris. Will also leaves, telling Lindsay she cannot protect her children forever. Lindsay disagrees, and goes to Rae's house, where she breaks in to steal Jen's file.

Before the reception, Gabrielle plays a song from her days with Max, and Max questions her feelings. After Ben and Viki arrive at the party, Asa and Gabrielle trick both Max and Ben into the library, and the two men face off. Gabrielle tells Max off in front of Ben; later, she suggests to Ben that their mutual hatred of Max might be useful.

At the reception, Bo asks Jessica about Will's whereabouts. Will arrives and asks Jessica to leave Al and return home with him to talk, but she refuses.

Thursday, June 14, 2001

Mansion-A belligerent Will won't leave without Jess, so Al and Max both tell him to leave after Jess makes it perfectly clear she's staying. Will gets angry and leaves. Meanwhile, Asa hears Viki looking for Ben and stalls her as Gabrielle is upstairs trying to get Ben involved in the plot against Max. Ben declines but assures Gabrielle he won't reveal her plot against Max. He also tells her he's not going to turn Asa in for the hit. Downstairs, Viki tells Jess she can move back in anytime, and Jess says while she's not ready yet, she may need to soon. In the foyer, Max and Al get into an argument about Max jumping to Al's defense with Will, and rehash all the bitterness between them. Max asks how he can prove his love, and Al tells him by leaving him alone. Max agrees and says he will move out. Max then goes upstairs and Jess thanks Al and leaves with Ben and Viki, who say they are going home to compare notes. Upstairs, Asa and Gabrielle discuss the success of the evening and say it is contingent on Max living with them. At that moment , we see Max packing.

Voodoo lady's house-Roseanne arrives and is upset that the lady she usually deals with isn't there. However, the woman that is there knows all of the situation and asks Roseanne why she is hesitant to steal something of R.J.'s. Roseanne says she's afraid of getting caught by R.J., and the lady gives her a necklace to wear to keep R.J. from catching her. Later when Roseanne comes back with R.J.'s money clip, the lady melds it into a voodoo doll and says R.J. is finished.

Rae's house-Lindsay is looking at Jenn's session tape, preparing to steal it, and Rae and John come in. Lindsay quickly ducks into a closet, but accidentally drops the tape on the floor. Rae and John decide to stay home, much to Lindsay's dismay. Then John asks Rae if she knows anything about Colin's murder ,and Lindsay is relieved to hear Rae deny any knowledge. John apologizes, and Rae goes upstairs to change. While John is waiting with his back turned Lindsay grabs the tape and jumps back into the closet. Rae comes back and convinces John to stay downstairs, leaving Lindsay no escape. Lindsay is visibly upset by this.

Waterfall-Cris takes Jenn to a place special to him, and assures her that she is special and is the only one he's ever taken there. They go skinnydipping and kiss, but Jenn pulls away because of everything that's going on. Jenn says she thinks something bad is going to happen, but won't talk when Cris presses her. Cris apologizes and gives her a good luck stone.

R.J.'s-Roseanne arrives and tries to snuggle up to a suspicious R.J. He gets a phone call, and while he's out of the room, Roseanne grabs his wad of money with money clip attached. R.J. comes in and assumes she was trying to steal his money. He throws her out and angrily smashes a glass. In the hall, Roseanne is looking at the clip and says,"Gotcha R.J." Later we see her at the voodoo lady's poking the doll and R.J. stumbles to the door as Will arrives. Will asks if R.J. is going to turn him in for being at Colin's the night of the murder, and R.J. says no. We then see R.J. clutching his chest as Roseanne pokes the heart of the doll.

Friday, June 15, 2001

Llanview Country Club

Starr is in a snit because Todd is making her wear water wings to swim. She says when the new baby comes that she will be the boss. Blair tells Kelly that she feels strongly that she should tell Todd that the baby she is carrying does not belong to Max, but to him.

R.J.'s Break Bar/Voodoo Priestess Apartment

While R.J. is cleaning glasses, Roseanne starts to stick a pin into the heart of his voodoo doll, but the priestess stops her. The priestess tells Roseanne that she must have patience or she will lose control of the voodoo and that the voodoo will control her. The priestess takes the R.J. doll away from Roseanne and tells her to watch closely. As the priestess slowly sticks the pin into R.J.'s hand, R.J. breaks a glass and cuts himself on the hand.

Llanview Police Station – Commissioner's Office

Bo has called Cristian in to tell him to stay away from the Break Bar for the next few hours. Cristian asks Bo what's going down and Bo replies that R.J. Gannon is going down and that they have him right where they want him.

Will and Jessie's Apartment/Rae's House

Will opens the door to a concerned Jen. It seems that Lindsay has not been home all night.

After having slept in Rae's closet all night, Lindsay tries to slip out when she hears Rae say to hold it right there and scares Lindsay to death. Then she realizes that Rae talking to John, so she ducks and hides again. John invites Rae to take a shower with him and they start up the stairs and instead of making a run for the door while they are upstairs, Lindsay goes back into the closet. Of course, Rae slips back down the stairs and tries to call Jen on her cell phone and Lindsay overhears.

Jen answers her phone hoping it Lindsay, but hears Rae on the other end. Rae tries to convince Jen to go to the police with what she knows about Colin's murder. Now get this. While no more than ten feet away from where Rae is sitting at her desk, Lindsay, in a closet with the door partially open gets out her cell phone and calls Jen's cell phone. Jen tells Rae that she has a call and switches over to Lindsay who tells her to hang up on "that nut case" which is like the pot calling the kettle black. Jen tells Rae she can't talk to her about the murder anymore and hangs up.

Rae looks up and sees John standing there. He has obviously heard what she was saying.

Llanview Police Station – Commissioner's Office

Bo tells Cristian all about the rock solid case they have against R.J. and that the only reason they have a case is because of all the evidence Cristian has given them. Cristian says he should look for another job and apartment, but Bo tells him to stay where he is because it would look too suspicious if he walked out now and Bo doesn't want R.J. to know that Cristian had anything to do with his arrest. Bo tells Cristian that the two thugs they arrested at the warehouse the night Colin's body was found had identified R.J. as their boss and would testify against him. Cristian identified one of them as someone he had seen R.J. talking to in the alley behind The Break Bar. Bo tells Cristian that both he and Antonio are very proud of Cris. There is a knock on the door and an officer tells Bo that they are ready to go when he is.

Llanview Country Club

Todd tells Starr that the baby Blair is carrying is pretty much all he can think about. Starr shows Todd her list of names and Todd says he too has thought of some really good names for the baby.

Blair continues to insist to Kelly that she should tell Todd that he is the father of the baby. Todd and Starr walk out of their room and are surprised to see Kelly and Blair. Starr asks Blair why she hasn't come to live with she and Todd yet and Blair replies that Starr's Daddy doesn't want her too.

Voodoo Priestess Apartment/R.J.'s Break Bar

The voodoo priestess sticks a pin into the R.J. doll on the opposite hand and R.J. cuts his hand again (only he cuts the same hand he cut the first time, not the opposite hand). The priestess tells Roseanne that she must be the one to deliver the fatal blow to R.J. and asks if Roseanne is strong enough.

Bo and four officers walk into the bar and as Bo is putting cuffs on R.J., he tells him he is under arrest.

Will and Jessie's Apartment

Will tells Jen that she should have never talked to Rae and Jen says she wishes that she hadn't, but that she had to talk to someone because she just couldn't deal with all the secrets anymore. Will tells her to come to him, but Jen reminds him that neither of them wants to know what the other was doing at Colin's house on the night of the murder.

Rae's House

John accuses Rae of knowing who killed Colin MacIver and the more she tries to deny knowledge or change the subject, the more forceful he becomes. Of course, Lindsay is still hiding in the closet with the tape of Jen's session with Rae. Rae and John continue to banter back and forth and John finally asks Rae outright if she has any reason to believe that the police have arrested the wrong man for the murder of Colin MacIver.

Llanview Country Club

Under Starr's badgering, Todd finally breaks down and tells Blair to move in with them. After Starr and Kelly go to the pool, Todd asks Blair if she is happy, and she says "Not quite."

Rae's House

Rae and John continue to argue. Rae says that she will not betray the confidence of a patient and John says he will have her taped notes subpoenaed. Rae follows John upstairs still arguing and Lindsay finally gets out of the closet and slips out the front door.

Will and Jessie's Apartment

Jen gets tired of waiting on Lindsay and starts to leave, but runs into Cristian on her way out. She asks him what he is doing there, but he says nothing.

R.J.'s Break Bar

Bo reads R.J. his rights and tells him that his criminal empire is in ruins. Bo then tells the other officers to "take the place apart" looking for more evidence and walks R.J. out the door.

Voodoo Priestess Apartment

Roseanne asks the priestess how long they have to wait for the spell to work. The priestess takes the pin out of the R.J. doll's chest and tells Roseanne that R.J. has been brought down, stripped of his power and ruined. Roseanne questions how they know the spell has worked and the priestess accuses Roseanne of not believing in herself. She tells Roseanne that she has the power to accomplish things that others only dream of. She tells Roseanne that if she doesn't believe to go see for herself what she has done. The priestess tells Roseanne that she will find exactly what she wanted and reminds her that she sold a piece of her soul to make it happen. She warns Roseanne to be careful with what she has left.

Outside Will and Jessie's Apartment

Cris tells Jen that R.J. is about to be arrested and almost tells her of his involvement, but doesn't want to tell her about it in the hallway. Since Jen is waiting for Lindsay, they decide to discuss R.J. at a later time. Cris leaves and goes up to his apartment. Lindsay gets there and tells Jen that Rae is about to destroy their whole family and that Rae is on her way to the police.

Llanview Police Station

Bo and R.J. are yelling at each other when Hank comes in. Bo shows him the arrest warrant with a list of the charges against R.J. Hank tells R.J. that is he is convicted of just one of the charges, he will serve a very long sentence at Statesville. R.J. says he doesn't need a lawyer to get off because they are going to let him walk free. Bo asks what makes him think such a foolish thing and R.J. replies "Because, I know who really killed Colin MacIver."

Serenity Springs

Blair tells Todd that if they are going to live together, they are going to do it on her terms.

Rae's House

Rae walks to her desk and picks up Jen's records envelope. She discovers that the tape is missing and immediately thinks John has taken it.

Will and Jessie's Apartment

Lindsay tells Jen that she heard the tape Rae made of her session with Jen. She tells Jen that she has destroyed the tape (why do I have a hard time believing that?). Jen asks what they are going to do and Lindsay tells her that she has to disappear.

R.J.'s Break Bar

Roseanne walks in to find the police searching the bar. One of the officers tells her that they have arrested R.J. and that he is going to be locked up for a long time.

Llanview Police Station

R.J. tells Bo and Hank that they have arrested the wrong Rappaport, but refuses to tell them what he knows without a deal on the table.

Llanview Park

Will calls Jess and leaves her a message. He says that he has to tell her what he has done.

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