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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of June 18, 2001 on ATWT
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Monday, June 18, 2001


Lily catches Lucinda and Simon outside the church. Lily asks Simon what is he doing at the memorial service. Lucinda answers for him and says that he is just there to pay his respects. Lily asks Simon if that is true and he reluctantly agrees. Caleb comes out and tells Lily that the minister is about to start the service. Lily and Caleb and Lucinda all go inside. Simon steps inside the door and Jake sees him walk in. He excuses himself from Molly and walks over to Simon. Jake asks Simon what is he doing there and Simon tells him that he feels that they need to do more. He adds that they have enough evidence with the fisherman's boat that they need to take their investigation further. Jake tells him that he will call the Chicago police and tell them what they have found out and see if they can look at the phone bills to see if Damian had called the fisherman to rent his boat. Jake reminds him that Simon is not to say anything to the family. He adds that he doesn't want to get any hopes up. Simon tells him that he told Lucinda what they had found. Jake gets upset with him and orders him not to say anything else and reminds him that they are working together. Jake returns to the memorial service and Simon remains outside the sanctuary.

Inside, Hal corners Carly about where Barbara would be meeting Jack. She tells him that she and Jack always met at the old boathouse outside of town. Hal says that he needs to tell Jennifer that he is going to leave. When Hal finds Jennifer and tells her that he is leaving, she wonders how she will get home. Bryant is standing by and tells Hal that he will see Jennifer home. Hal starts out the door at the church and Carly stops him and says that she going with him. At first he says, "No way!" Then Carly tells him that she knows exactly where the boathouse is and she can save him time. He gives in and lets her come along. As they are driving, Carly tells Hal that she thinks that Barbara and Julia are in cahoots to get Jack by himself with Julia. Hal tells her that Barbara has been pre-occupied and he doesn't think that Barbara is in on any conspiracy against she and Jack.

As the memorial service gets started, Iva steps up front to speak about Holden. As she is talking about her childhood memories of Holden, Lily can't take it anymore and she jumps up and tells everyone to stop. She explains to the group of relatives that she can't give in just yet. She tells them that she can still feel Holden and Luke and it is too soon to give in. She walks out of the church and Simon follows her. Outside, Lily starts to pace. She doesn't know what to do next. Simon doesn't know how to comfort her. She finally tells him that she needs to do something and she comes up with the idea of finding the people who were after Damian. Simon can't take it any longer. He tells her what he and Jake have found and the police missed. Lucinda comes out and interrupts the two. Lily jumps on Lucinda and asks why she didn't tell her what Simon and Jake had found. Lucinda starts to make an excuse and Lily interrupts her and says that she has changed her mind. She asks Simon to take her home. As they start to walk off, Seth comes out with Lily's purse. He looks at Lily and then at Simon. He looks back at Lily and asks if she needs a ride home? Lily hugs Seth and tells him that he is so much like Holden. She tells him that she has to believe that Holden and Luke will come home to her. Lily leaves with Simon.


Barbara walks up to the boathouse and she doesn't enter right away. She wonders where Jack could be. She gets chilled and walks inside. Above her head, a glass bottle with amber liquid starts to boil. She fells creepy inside, so she walks back outside. She hears all the creatures of the night and says that she hopes Jack gets there soon. She hears a noise and walks back inside. She has the papers with her to prove what Craig has been up to with her money. As she steps back inside, she sees a figure in the shadows. She thinks it is Jack and then as the figure steps close to her, she asks what they are doing there and why are they doing this. Jack walks up outside the boathouse and hears Barbara talking to someone. Then, the explosion happens. All the windows and the door blow out of the boathouse. Jack yells for Barbara and he can hear her screaming inside.

From the road, Hal and Carly see the explosion. Carly yells, "Jack!!" Hal jumps out of the car and goes to the trunk and gets a fire extinguisher. Carly jumps out of the car and Hal catches her. He gives her his cell phone and orders her to call 911 and report the explosion. As Carly starts to call, Hal runs to the boathouse.

Jack runs inside the flaming building and sees Barbara running around the room and she is on fire. She trips and falls and hits her head. Jack finds a tarp and throws it over Barbara and puts out the flames. Jack realizes that someone has run out of the boathouse and starts after them. He hears Hal yelling and comes back in. Hal is putting out the flames and Jack tells him that Barbara fell and hit her head. Jack rolls Barbara over and her skin is all red and blistered from the fire. Hal looks at her and says, "Oh Barbara, baby!" Jack checks her pulse and tells Hal that her heart is not beating. They start CPR on her. The paramedics arrive and start to work on Barbara. They try to get her heart started by using their equipment on her. Hal tries to get to her and Jack holds him back. Hal tells him that she needs to hear his voice and she will come around. Jack asks the paramedics to let Hal talk to Barbara. The paramedics say that it is ok; he just needs to stay out of the way. Hal bends down by Barbara and tells her that he is there for her. Carly comes in and grabs Jack and thanks God that he is ok. Jack tells Carly what happened and she asks who knew that he was meeting Barbara there? He alludes to Craig being the culprit and then he says that the only other person that knew that he was meeting Barbara was Julia. Carly asks if he thinks that she could take Hal's car and Jack says that he will take Hal to the hospital. He asks Carly where is she going, but they are interrupted and Jack has to go do some investigating. Carly leaves and the paramedics are still working on Barbara. Hal grabs her hand and tells her to fight. He tells her that he promises that he will be by her side and see her through this. He says that he was a lousy husband, but he can do better and he wants her to give him another chance to prove it. The paramedics shock her heart again and this time they get a pulse.


Carly storms into the mental hospital where Julia is. She demands to see Julia and Dr. Michaels tells her to leave or she will call the police. Carly tells the Dr. that she suspects Julia of setting the bomb that went off earlier at the boathouse. Dr. Michaels tells her that she is crazy; Julia has been in the room all night. She looks in and sees no sign of Julia. Dr. Michaels and Carly go into the room and an orderly wheels Julia into the room. Dr. Michaels asks where they have been and the orderly says that Julia needed new dressing on her wounds. Julia looks up and sees Carly and starts to scream. Julia holds her hands in front of her face and Carly says, "Hello Julia. Plant any bombs lately?" Dr. Michaels asks the orderly if he was with Julia the whole time and he says that he was. Julia asks about the explosion and she asks Carly if Jack was hurt. Carly says that Jack wasn't hurt, but Barbara was. Julia starts to scream again and she pounds her hands into her head. Carly looks at her with pity and tells Dr. Michaels that she won't bother them again and she leaves.


Craig is packing very quickly and making airline reservations at the same time. When he hangs up the phone, he puts on his coat and says, "What have I done?" He picks up his suitcase and his briefcase and walks out of the room.


Luke is sitting by himself in a dungeon. The door opens and a body covered with a dirty blanket is tossed into the room. When the door closes, Luke crawls toward the body and says, "Dad? Daddy?"

Tuesday, June 19, 2001

A distraught Hal tried to get in to see Barbara as Jack tried to calm him down to no avail. Hal ordered him to find out what happened at the boathouse, convinced Craig was responsible. He pressed Jack to not let Margo dismiss him from the case since she may not be able to see that her brother was involved. Carly came in and told Jack she had just come from seeing Julia who she thought may have planted the bomb, but was told she was with an orderly all night. Just then Margo arrived and Jack filled her on the explosion, but stopped short of telling her about Barbara's phone call to him as Hal interrupted and said it was time for Craig to pay for his crimes. Carly looked on nervously as she remembered her last conversation with Craig. Margo told Hal that they had yet to come up with any evidence pointing at Craig, but she would be diligent in her search, no matter who was involved. Hal told her how scared Barbara was acting at the memorial service and now she was lying in a hospital bed with third degree burns. Margo left to find Craig as Bob and Ben relayed to Hal that Barbara's condition was critical. They took Hal to see Barbara who was shocked to see her wrapped in bandages, but he told her not to give up because her family needed her. He confessed he still loved her and always would.

Jack went back over the events with Carly and told her he, too, believed Craig was behind it, but Carly tried to convince him he wasn't a murderer, but not before she slipped that Craig joked about offing Barbara to escape his problems with her. Stunned she was still seeing Craig, Jack lashed out at Carly that she and Craig shared too many secrets. Carly said Craig was only blowing off steam, but Jack didn't believe it. Hal came back from visiting Barbara and Jack sent him home to tell his kids, but before leaving he said that, although he may no longer be a cop, he was on the case.

Craig arrived at the airport to find his plane to Hong Kong was delayed. Just as he was finally getting ready to board, Margo showed up and questioned where he was off to. He lied that he had business in San Francisco, but Margo said she knew he was on his way to Hong Kong - possibly to hide out. She reiterated what happened with Barbara as Craig feigned being concerned. She said she knew Barbara was about to tell Jack about his illegal dealings and Craig decided to forgo his flight. Margo didn't buy Craig's "husbandly concern" and notified him that he was an official suspect in the case.

Simon told Lily he didn't tell her about what he found in fear that she would get her hopes up that Holden and Luke were still alive, but she wanted to know everything because she wasn't giving up. Simon explained about the boat Damian rented and showed her the green lollipop he found stuck to the seat of the boat. Lily remembered it was the lollipop Holden was holding for Faith when they returned from a dentist visit - he had it with him the day of the explosion. Simon tried to tell her it could have been a coincidence, but Lily was sure it was a sign left by Holden so she could find them. Lucinda interrupted and begged Lily not to believe Simon because she felt he was only after money. Upset, Simon left and ran into Rose outside who was eager to hear what he found so she could help, but he said she would have to ask Lily because he was no longer involved. Lucinda tried to get Lily to finally accept that Holden and Luke were gone and that if she continued her search she would end up losing them all over again. But she convinced her mother she was doing the right thing and vowed to find her husband and son.

Luke crawled over to the body thrown into the cell and opened the bag to find Holden who was alive, but a little shaken up. He told his father he was scared. To calm the boy down, Holden said they would be playing a game. They tried to remember what happened to them, but the last thing they remember was getting on the boat. Luke said that he missed Lily. Holden told him not to worry; he left plenty of clues for her to join the "game" and she would find them soon. Holden boosted up Luke to look out a window. Luke described their surroundings - the same as what he studied in his report on Malta.

Wednesday, June 20, 2001

The Island:

Katie and Henry argued about her not helping him fix the plane. Katie talked about Simon coming to rescue her. Henry tried to get her to face facts that Simon wasn't going to be looking for her and that he was glad that she was gone. Henry told Katie to forget about Simon and help him fix the plane. Katie said she wasn't going to give up on Simon. She wondered what she could give Cooley in exchange for their trunk. She saw Henry's bottle of booze and grabbed it. Katie and Henry struggle over the bottle and Henry took it away from her. Henry said they would survive without the trunk, but he wasn't going to give up his bottle. She convinced him that the things in the trunk were more important than the booze. He caved in and let her take the bottle to set a trap for Cooley. Katie set the bottle of booze and a glass on the beach. Cooley couldn't believe his eyes. As he was getting ready to pour some booze in the glass, Katie and Henry threw a parachute over him. Henry left Katie to fight with Cooley by herself and ran to get a drink. When Katie yelled for Henry to help her, he hit Cooley with the coconut that Katie used as a substitute for Simon. When Cooley let loose of Katie, she grabbed the bottle and broke it and used it as a weapon to threaten Cooley. Katie wanted to know where their trunk was. Cooley played dumb saying "what trunk." Cooley laughed at her and when he started to walk away, Katie jumped on his back. After Henry got her off his back, Cooley said he'd give them what they wanted, if Katie gives him what he wanted.

The Airport:

Craig tried to convince Margo that he knew nothing about Barbara. When she asked him questions, he asked her if she was trying to railroad him. Craig told Margo that he and Barbara had a disagreement but he wouldn't hurt her. He asked if he should call his lawyer. Just then Cass called him on his cell phone. Craig told him to meet him at the police station.

Al's Diner:

Hal looked in the window and saw Jennifer and Adam sitting at a table. Jennifer and Adam talked about the memorial service. He told her he was going to forget about the prom because of the situation with Abigail mourning her father. Hal walked in and asked where Will was. Jen and Adam suspected that there was more bad news. He told them about Barbara. Jennifer was very upset. One of the cops walked in to talk to Hal. He told Hal that Margo found a suspect at the airport...Craig Montgomery. Hal told Jennifer that they aren't sure if it's Craig that caused Barbara's accident. Jen said that she is sure that Craig was guilty and then asked if she could go to see Barbara. She wished that Hal was still the chief of detectives because she didn't think that Margo would be objective and Craig would get away with it. The cop told Hal that Margo was taking Craig to the police Station.

The Police Station:

Craig and Margo walk in the police station and saw Cass waiting for them. Cass wondered why Craig hadn't been allowed to see his wife. Margo led them into the interrogation room and closed the door. She saw Jack and asked him what was going on. He told her that the judge signed off on the search warrant for Craig's suite. He asked what she wanted him to look for. She told him anything that would lead them to the perp. He asked if she meant Craig. She told him that Craig was genuinely concerned about Barbara when he heard the news of her accident. Jack said it was funny when a few hours before the explosion, he talked about getting rid of Barbara permanently. Jack gave Margo the notes he took regarding what Carly had told him. Margo read the notes and looked concerned. She walked into the interrogation room. Craig said he's done nothing. Margo wanted to know about the investments he made with BRO money. Cass told him to say "no comment." Margo mentioned that they had information that he said he would be better off if he could get rid of Barbara to cover his financial losses. Craig was surprised that Carly would tell them what he said and his mouth dropped open. He said what he told Carly was a joke; he didn't mean what he told her. Margo told him it was no joke and outlined the list of things that he did to make him look guilty. Cass told her the interrogation was over. Craig said he wanted to see Barbara. Margo told him he better not go to the airport and not leave town until the investigation was over.

Craig and Cass started to walk out when Hal walked in and wanted to know where Craig was going. Craig said he's going to the hospital. Hal asked Margo how she could let the murderer walk free. Cass said that Craig came to the police station on his own to answer some questions. They argue and Hal told Margo if she lets Craig leave, she wasn't fit to lead the investigation. She told Hal that he crossed the line. She told him he was no longer part of the police department. He told her he was more dangerous as a citizen than he was as a cop. He went on by saying he was going to get her off the case for being bias, too close to Craig and habitually protecting a criminal. He said that he was going to let it be known that she was derelict in her duty and he was going to see that Craig was thrown in jail for the rest of his life. Margo and Hal continued to argue. Margo told him if she sees him at the police station again, she would charge him with obstruction of justice and interfering with an investigation. Hal walked out. She called out for Shanks and told him she wanted to know what Jack found at Craig's suite and also what the lab found out. She stressed that this was a top priority case.

Craig's Hotel Suite:

Simon walked in looking for Craig. When he saw the drawers were empty he realized that Craig had skipped out on him. He was angry that Craig left before giving him the money he promised him. As Simon was leaving with his bags packed, Jack knocked at the door. Simon opened the door and Jack showed him the warrant to search the suite. Jack told him about Barbara's accident. Simon asked if Craig was a suspect. When they wanted to search Simon and Katie's room, he was upset saying they had nothing to do with Barbara. He didn't like them checking his and Katie's private things. One of the cops brought a letter to Jack. He said it was a letter from Katie to Simon. Simon grabbed the letter from Jack and said he couldn't believe she would do anything so stupid. He told Jack to tell Margo he knows now where Katie is.

The Hospital:

Hal gave Jennifer a hospital gown to put on before she went in to see Barbara. Jennifer was in tears when she saw Barbara. She took Barbara's hand and apologized about everything and wished she could take everything back. She prayed to God to let her wake up. Hal walked in as Jennifer told Barbara how much she loved her. Jen wanted to know if he thought Barbara would forgive her. He told her that Barbara loved her more than she will ever know. Adam tried to comfort Jennifer by saying that Barbara would get better.

Craig started to walk into Barbara's room but the guard at the door stopped him and gave him a hospital gown to put on. As he was putting on the gown, Cass asked him what Barbara said about the checks he used from BRO. He told him that Barbara wanted a check for the full amount of the checks he took plus the profit by 10:00 PM. Cass was concerned that if Craig was arrested for fraud, that he could be implicated. Craig said he would convince her that he didn't nothing wrong, just made her a lot of money.

Jen and Adam walked out of Barbara's room and when she saw Craig, she asked him what he was doing there. He told her that Barbara was his wife and he loved her. She told him to stay away from Barbara. Jen told him Barbara was fighting for her life and she hated him for ruining Barbara's life. Adam pulled Jennifer away from Craig. Craig walked in Barbara's room and the guard followed him. Craig asked if Barbara had said anything. The guard told him that Barbara was in a coma; Craig was surprised.

Thursday, June 21, 2001

Iva tries to convince Lily that Holden and Luke are dead however Lily is very reluctant to accept this.

Simon tries to leave Craig's suite but not before the police get there to search through Craig's things, but everything was gone. Hal asks Jack to make sure they thoroughly investigate Craig because Margo is to close to judge this.

Hal tells Jen and Adam about Barbara and they rush to be by her side however they end up having an altercation involving Craig. Later Craig learns that since Paul is out of the country and Barbara is in a coma, Craig has full authority over BRO finances.

Katie and Henry run into Cooley but this is Katie's fault since she wanted to persuade Cooley to give back their trunk, however this may be more than even Katie bargained for.

Friday, June 22, 2001

Carly and Jack argued over Craig's guilt or innocence--Jack insisted he was guilty while Carly refused to believe that Craig was capable of setting the explosion that nearly killed Barbara.

Emily pitched in and cooked breakfast for Jennifer, Adam, Will, and Parker while Hal went to see Barbara in the hospital. Carly came by to pick up Parker and was suspicious of Emily's motives. When Hal came home, he asked Emily to help him prove that Craig tried to kill Barbara. She told him she couldn't help him but assured him that if the police charged Craig, she would plaster his face all over The Intruder.

Craig told a disapproving Lisa that he intended to keep BRO afloat in Barbara's absence by hiring a new designer--Carly. Craig went to see Carly to give her the news but she tried to slam the door in his face. She started to give in when he told her he was now in charge of BRO and wanted her to design the new collection but soon had second thoughts and slammed the door on Craig's previously injured foot.

Lily begged Jack to assist her in finding the missing Holden and Luke. After she showed him the lollipop she suspected was a clue from Holden, Jack remained skeptical about finding them but assured Lily that he would work on the case. Lily was touched when Rose offered her support as well.

Meanwhile in Malta, Holden and Luke remained locked in their cell. While they were sleeping, someone brought in a tray of food.


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