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Passions Recaps: The week of June 11, 2001 on PS
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Monday, June 11, 2001

Watching Julian fall under the spell of a certain blues tape in his collection, Rebecca begins to wonder why the chanteuse sounds so familiar. Simone stares in shock to see her sister and Chad embracing. Miguel tries to console a weeping Kay, unaware that he's walking straight into her trap. Meanwhile, Charity dreams of seeing her cousin and Miguel at the altar as they exchange wedding vows. Sheridan and Luis agree to put aside their difficulties and reconcile but both are still plagued with doubts following the strange events at the party. Complaining that nobody cares for her, Kay attempts to wheedle a declaration of love out of Miguel but he reminds her that his heart will always belong to Charity. As an enraged Simone looks on, Whitney shyly admits to Chad that she does love him. Eve asks her husband to swear that he won't go after Julian but T.C. remains determined to make his nemesis pay. Across town, Julian's jaw drops when his sister announces that she and Luis are once again an item.

Tuesday, June 12, 2001

Watching the vial containing Kay's soul begin to glow, Tabitha predicts for Timmy that death will visit Harmony that night. In the guest room, Charity awakens gasping from her nightmare about Miguel. Meanwhile, Kay cons Miguel into slipping into bed next to her. Chad and Whitney agree that they must tell Simone about their relationship as soon as she returns home. Luis and Sheridan pledge their undying love to one another. Up at the mansion, Julian orders the Luis impersonator to show Sheridan the sordid side of her fiancé. Charity interrupts Kay's scheme and begs Miguel for help seeing that her nightmare about Simone doesn't come true. Later, Timmy stumbles over Simone lying unconscious in the middle of the street. Anxious not to let anything interfere with her master plan, Tabitha tells her appalled doll they'll have to hide Simone's body. Ignoring DeeDee's objections, Julian orders the bogus Luis to let Sheridan see him smacking his "mistress" around. T.C. hears Eve murmuring in her sleep about her baby being dead. Outside, Charity screams to discover Simone lying in a heap.

Wednesday, June 13, 2001

Fearful that she's made another mistake in taking Luis back, Sheridan rushes over to DeeDee's house. Meanwhile, Julian trashes the room to make it appear that a terrible struggle has taken place while Rebecca applies make-up to add "bruises" to DeeDee's face. Horrified to see their daughter lying in the street, T.C. and Eve rush to Simone's side while Miguel calls for an ambulance. Sam dreams about making love to Grace but wakes with a start when the woman in his arms suddenly turns into a vision of Ivy. Sobbing pitifully, DeeDee tells an appalled Sheridan how Luis went wild when he thought his scheme to fleece his rich fiancée was about to fall through. At the ER, Eve's colleagues struggle to stabilize Simone's vital signs while Whitney wallows in guilt to think that her sister's last image was the kiss she shared with Chad. Ivy steps up her campaign to win Sam back. As Sheridan watches in shock from her hiding place, "Luis" staggers in and begins roughing DeeDee up. Jessica encourages her unhappy mother to give Sam another chance. When Sheridan shows herself, "Luis" laughs in her face for being such a fool as to trust him. Simone's condition grows critical. An unexpected guest gives Sheridan and the Luis impersonator a jolt.

Thursday, June 14, 2001

Grace gets ready to surprise Sam by heading over to the police station to work things out with him. Jessica is thrilled her mother wants to reconcile. Meanwhile, a naked Ivy slips into the cot with a sleeping Sam. While dreaming of Grace, Sam kisses Ivy. He slowly wakes up and is furious when he finds Ivy in his cot. Ivy blackmails Sam. Theresa squirms as Ethan states he's grateful they don't keep secrets from one another. Pilar gives Theresa a stern look, hoping her daughter will finally tell Ethan the truth. Sheridan is stunned when she is confronted by two Luis'. Still hidden in the closet, Julian and Rebecca are stunned to see the real Luis has arrived. Luis rips off the imposter's mask. A bewildered Sheridan apologizes for doubting her fiancée. Luis and Sheridan reveal Julian walked right into their trap. They knew her family would try to split them up again once they announced they were back together, and they waited for Julian to pull another stunt. Luis interrogates the imposter and orders him to admit Alistair and Julian hired him. Fearing the wrath of the Cranes, the imposter remains non-committal. Luis and Sheridan coax a scared DeeDee to confess who hired her.

Friday, June 15, 2001

Timmy is frazzled after having to hide Simone's body. He informs Tabitha he's leaving her behind for a simpler life. Theresa decides to come clean with Ethan. Her confession is interrupted by news of Simone's accident. Grace gasps when she walks in on Sam and Ivy kissing in the bunkroom. Sam desperately tries to explain, but Ivy makes matters worse by brazenly dropping her bed sheet to reveal her nakedness. A shattered Grace rushes out of the room. Sam blasts Ivy for forcing him to kiss her by threatening to cause a scene. He lashes out at a stunned Ivy. Sam is about to go in search of his wife when Grace shows up and reveals she heard everything. At the hospital, TC questions a flustered Eve when she makes a slip about having already lost a child. Meanwhile, a tearful Whitney remains at an unconscious Simone's bedside. Whitney promises her sister she'll end her relationship with Chad if she'll just wake up. Simone begins to stir. Charity remains suspicious of Kay. The teen begins to recall strange incidents with her cousin. Charity begins to put it all together and asks Reese to help her research people who don't have souls. Having been discovered, Julian and Rebecca are forced to confront an angry Luis and Sheridan. A disgusted Luis and Sheridan figure out all of Julian's tricks to keep them apart. A cowering Julian fears for his life as Luis rips into him. Luis reveals he won't kill him, but grimly warns Julian he'll wish he had once he brings down the Cranes.

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