One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 4, 2001 on OLTL

Sam was arrested. Melanie was not charged with any crimes, and she agreed to move back to Bo's place. Blair missed an appointment with Rae. Todd wanted to get Blair back. Blair learned that Todd had gained full custody of Starr. Ben comforted Viki.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 4, 2001 on OLTL
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Monday, June 4, 2001

At the Palace, Will and Jessica meet Seth. Renee tells Will that Sam is suspected of Colin's murder, and he heads for the police station. Leaving to go home, Jessica sees Al, who tells her that Seth is an old friend of Cristian's.

Lindsay starts to tell Sam that she knows why he confessed, but catches Nora eavesdropping. Nora accuses her of the murder despite Sam's denial. When the forensics report on the murder weapon arrives, it implicates Sam, and Bo arrests him. Ben and Will arrive and dispute Sam's confession.

Gabrielle shows up at Llanfair and tells Viki about her marriage to Asa, then suggests a family function. When Viki confronts her about her true motives, Gabrielle denies any but the desire to mend fences. Later, at the Palace, she assures Asa that their plan will work, but depends on Ben.

While repairing a light fixture for Renee, Max is rendered unconscious by an electric shock. Al panics while trying to rouse him, but after Max recovers, he again rejects him and claims Asa as his father.

At the institution, Todd tells Blair that his damaging testimony was to help her. She begins to tell him she is carrying his child, but is interrupted by news that he has gained custody of Starr. She vows that Todd will not take her daughter; when Max arrives, she leaves with him.

Tuesday, June 5, 2001

Rae surprises John in his apartment. He wants to hear about what happened with Skye in Port Charles. Rae concludes that she and Skye won't be having a mother/daughter relationship anytime soon. She is disappointed with the way things have turned out. They agree on how much they have missed each other and cuddle.

Lindsay tries to have a "normal" family breakfast by cooking pancakes for her, Will and Jen. However, Jen exclaims how it is ridiculous to act as though nothing is wrong. Lindsay begs her children to bond together as a family, now more than ever. She demands that neither of them talk to anyone about what happened the night Colin was killed. After Lindsay leaves, Will and Jen know that all she really wants is for them not to tell Jess or Cris what happened that night. Both decide to leave. Will wants to find Jessica and Jen wants to see their father.

Meanwhile, Bo insists that Sam reveal whom he is covering for. He questions Sam why his fingerprints where the only ones on the fire poker, when as a common house tool, others would have touched it. He deduces that Sam most be covering for someone in his family. Just as Bo is about to say her name, Jen arrives to visit Sam. Bo leaves them alone, but Sam warns her to keep quiet. Jen whines about Lindsay trying to keep her away from Cris, but Sam shocks her and agrees that she should stay away from him.

Nora has good news for Lanie-she got the prosecutor in North Carolina not to press charges against her for killing her father. She wonders now if Lanie and Bo will be able to reunite. Lanie feels to guilty for lying to Bo and thinks it goes against everything he stands for. She is doubtful about a possible future for them. After Nora leaves, Lindsay lurks out demanding that Lanie leave town. She taunts her sister, and is certain Bo will never take her back. She throws a plane ticket at her sister and blames her for bringing Colin to Llanview and causing so many problems for the family. Later, Lanie packs a suitcase and heads toward the door, only to find Bo standing there...

Cris goes to Will and Jess' looking for Jen. He finds only Jess and the two clear the air between them. They both think that Will and Jen are covering for a family member. At the Palace, Nora realizes that Cris may have information. She calls him and he joins her for breakfast. The two discuss the night Colin confessed at Lindsay's gallery. He recalls the phone call Lindsay got right before she was about to reveal the truth. He speculates that it was Sam or R.J. Lindsay arrives, sees Cris and Nora talking and interrupts, insisting she is an innocent woman. Back at Jess', she notices a crooked picture on the wall. When she goes to straighten it, Colin's passport falls out. Will walks in and finds her holding it!

Wednesday, June 6, 2001


As Viki awakens from a bad dream, Ben comforts her and tells her it's all over. Viki isn't quite as sure; she was locked in a room yelling for Gina but Niki opens it to tell her she's not getting away. Viki believes that her dreams tell her something, like when she saw Ben at Gina's house before he disappeared. She's come to realize that her alters always protected her and she has been feeling panicked and vulnerable without her family around her recently. Ben reassures her that he didn't believe her when she (Jean) denied that she loved him but she wants to get back and start over at Crossroads so that everything can be in a good light.

In the Palace dining room, Lindsay is indignant that Cris and Nora dare to still accuse her of being Colin's killer but Nora says it's just too convenient and that Sam has to be covering for someone. Cris and Lindsay argue over his relationship with Jen, with Cris stating that he cares more about Jen than her own mother does. Lindsay thinks he's just taking advantage of her while Nora tries to defend Cris and states that Lindsay is just trying to change their topic of discussion. Nora announces that Sam has told her the whole truth but she can't divulge it due to attorney-client privilege, while Lindsay begs to differ, stating there is nothing to tell. Gabrielle appears, mistaking Lindsay for Nora which causes a stir and proceeds to introduce herself to the lawyer noting that she has a legal matter to discuss. Lindsay once more orders Cris to stay away from Jen and to save himself from humiliation. Seth teases Cris that he must have it bad for Jen if he puts up with her mom. Gabrielle wants to discuss the petition regarding Asa's adoption of Al and Max's attempt to have it reviewed. Nora advises that Max has withdrawn the petition and that he was a good father when Al lived with him, that Al requested that he live with his mom on his own when she was released from prison. The women come to an unspoken understanding on what they would do to protect their children. Nora hands the new Mrs. Buchanan a business card for she's married to Asa after all. Marianne the babysitter arrives with Matthew in tow who's had a tough day. He's been teased by the other kids because his daddy is in jail. Nora explains what a murderer is and that his father is innocent, that they will help to prove it. His daddy loves him and would do anything for him, she tells him.

Though Jen declares that she has to speak with someone preferably outside of the family, Sam makes it clear that he doesn't want her to speak to Cris or even see him anymore. The two argue, with Sam admitting that he only wants to protect her from doing something stupid and things would be worse if she spoke with someone. Jen indicates that she knows what she has to do but that she could still talk to Cris about other things since their relationship isn't all that deep. Sam wonders about that. Lindsay storms in, irate that Jen has disobeyed her and left the house, while her dad is doing something for the family. Jen retorts that she's not a baby and leaves. Sam thinks that Jen is all grown up now, while Lindsay hopes that's so-they're facing a big problem now. She also tells Sam that she wants Nora to stop investigating but he indicates that everything's under control. Lindsay apologizes for his doing what he has done.

Jess has found Colin's passport behind a picture on the wall but when she begins to question Will he tells her it doesn't matter now since his dad is in jail. Jess wants to call the police and demands that he talk to her. She throws questions at him and begins to toss things around the room, wondering what else she might find. He thinks that they should trust each other and says that he would be lost without her. Will avoids giving any direct answers and instead tells her he wants to protect her and take care of her like he did when Gina was a threat.When Jess calls all of that control and not love, he stalks out, grabbing the passport on his way. Later, Viki shows up to comfort a crying Jessica.

As Melanie leaves her hotel room with a suitcase Bo arrives to speak with her first. She is going away for a little while she tells him, though he believes it's for good. He wants to know if she was wearing gloves the night Colin died. When she says no, she also mentions that she knows that's not why he's really there. There's no reason for her to remain in Llanview, she was a coward and couldn't watch him face the truth, she says. He lives only for the truth so it would be difficult. He tells her not to go because everyone makes mistakes. He believes in forgiveness which is something they discussed when they first met, he reminds her. She finally agrees to stay and he holds out his hand with her ring.

Jen shows up at Cris' place and tells him she can't see him.

As Ben decorates Crossroads he speaks to a delivery person behind him. He's quite surprised when it turns out to be Gabrielle who imagines that Viki will be quite surprised also.

As Nora is telling Matthew that his Daddy would do anything for his son, Sam is sitting in his cell thinking, while at the dock Will begins to burn Colin's passport.

Thursday, June 7, 2001

Crossroads- Gabrielle introduces herself to Ben as his new stepmother, and he of course says Asa isn't his father. Gabrielle then pleads Asa's case, saying she just wants to bring father and son together. However, Ben is suspicious and asks her what she really wants. Viki then arrives and convinces Ben to throw Gabrielle out as Gabrielle tries one last plea to get them to come to her and Asa's reception. Ben and Viki decline, and Gabrielle leaves. When they are alone, Ben tells a confused Viki that they're going to the reception and explains he wants to find out what Asa and Gabrielle are up to.

Palace Restaurant-After Rae speaks to Renee and hears how badly Asa treated her, Rae goes over to Asa's table and confronts him. After some heated arguing, Renee comes over and tries to drag Rae away. Asa then invites them both to the reception. Rae declines, but says Renee will be there with her "new boyfriend." Renee goes along with this as Asa smirks, but when they are alone, Renee is upset with Rae for lying. Rae tells her not to worry, that she'll find someone. Lanie and Bo then walk in and tell them they've postponed the wedding. Rae talks to Bo about Sam, then leaves. Asa then walks up and goads Bo about postponing the wedding, and Gabrielle walks in. Lanie tells them she and Bo will come to the reception, and Bo warns Gabrielle to stay out of trouble since he's now the police commissioner. When they are alone, Asa asks Gabrielle how it went with Ben and she simply says she did her best.

Lanie's hotel room-Lanie won't accept the ring right away, but agrees with Bo's offer to move back in with him. They then agree to postpone the wedding.

Will and Jess's apartment-Viki questions Jess about what's wrong and all Jess will say is that Will's been lying to her and it's related to Sam. Will comes in and agrees with Viki when he overhears her saying he has no excuse for lying to Jess. Viki then leaves, telling Jess she can always come home. Will then asks why Jess didn't tell Viki anything, and Jess says it's because she doesn't know anything. Will gets angry and says she knows all she needs to. Jess then brings up the passport and Will tells her not to worry about it because it's gone.

Jail-After Sam refuses to sign change of plea papers, Nora brings Matthew in to see him. After Matthew is gone, Sam gets angry at Nora for "guilting" him with their son. Nora repeatedly plays this card and begs him to sign the papers. Sam says he will only sign it if she won't go after someone else in his family for the murder. She reluctantly agrees, and he signs the papers.

Cris's apartment-Jenn tells Cris she can't see him because neither of her parents want her to. Cris gets angry, telling her not to let them be pulled apart, and to listen to her heart. They begin to kiss passionately, and Jenn says she wants him. Cris agrees.

Friday, June 8, 2001

R.J.'s Break Bar

R.J. is breaking in Cris' friend Seth as a bartender when Roseanne walks in and tells him that he owes her and that he can start by giving her a job.

Rae's House

Kelly tells Rae that Blair might not make her appointment. When Rae asks what happened to Blair, Kelly responds that Todd Manning happened.

Llanview Jail

Todd goes to see Sam in his cell (don't these people know that prisoners are not allowed to be visited in their cell? They really need to invest in a proper set.) He tells Sam that he needs some legal advice.

Will and Jessie's Apartment

Will tells Jess that he burned Colin's passport and proceeds to try to "make it better" by putting the moves on her. Jess adamantly says "No!" and tells him it's not going to happen.

Cristian's Apartment

Cris and Jen are on the floor, embraced in a passionate kiss.

Rae's House

Kelly tells Rae that Blair is trying to find an attorney to help her regain custody of Starr. Rae reminds Kelly that Blair was found temporarily insane by a court of law and that the same court had appointed her to be responsible for Blair. Kelly counters by saying that Blair was provoked into shooting and that it was all Skye's fault for flaunting her affair with Max in front of Blair. Rae tells Kelly that if she says one more word against Skye that she will throw Kelly out. (So much for an impartial therapist!)

Llanview Jail

Todd asks Sam to help Blair get joint custody of Starr. He explains that he is doing it for Starr because "Parents do things for their kids. You understand that, don't you Sam?"

Will and Jessie's Apartment

Jess tells Will that he is not in their relationship anymore and that he can't take her to bed just to get her to shut up. Will continues to try to make Jess "forget" about the passport and tells her how much he loves her and how "real" what they have is.

Cris' Apartment

Cris tells Jen she is beautiful as they continue down the road to intimacy.

R.J.'s Break Bar

Roseanne tells R.J. that Antonio knows she was his mole. R.J. says she has dug her own grave and that she had better pray that she has not dug his too.

Rae's House

While Kelly is there discussing Blair with Rae, Hank comes by to check up on Blair.

Llanview Jail

Todd tells Sam that he has to find a way to make Blair stop hating him. Sam says Todd is in love with Blair, but Todd denies it. He asks Sam who he is taking the rap for; who is Sam protecting?

Will and Jessie's Apartment/Cris' Apartment

Will tells Jess that she is the only thing good he has in his life. Jess tells Will that making love to him would be wonderful, but that afterward they would go back to being strangers. They hear a loud noise upstairs in Cris' apartment, and run upstairs.

Cris has knocked over a shelf, then he picks Jen up and puts her on the couch where they are making out when Jess and Will burst in without knocking. Will and Jen get into an argument about her going with him, and Will reminds Jen that their father is in jail. Jen angrily walks out the door with Will right behind her. Cris tells Jess that Jen's whole family is in her face about not telling him some deep dark secret about Colin and asks why they aren't that way toward her. Jess says it's not possible that Will would tell her anything.

Will and Jen go downstairs arguing. Will tells Jen that the whole thing is about family and that he knows she trusts Cris and wants to tell him about the night Colin was killed. Jen asks why he can talk to Jessie while she can't talk to Cris. Will tells her that he has not told Jessie anything.

Rae Cummings House

With Kelly in the background, Rae tries to tell Hank that she has a much better "understanding" of Blair, but it obvious that Hank is not convinced Blair is there. Kelly thanks Rae for "helping" Blair and leaves. Hank asks Rae why she is covering for Blair.

Llanview Jail

Sam advises Todd that he does not need a judge's decree to share custody of Starr with Blair. He tells Todd to forget that Blair is carrying Max' child and to go to Blair and give her joint custody of Starr.

Cris's Apartment/ Will and Jessie's Apartment

Jessie almost tells Cris about Will having Colin's passport. Will tells Jen he can't tell Jessie about the night of Colin's murder because Jessie is afraid of him. Jen says that after what he has done, Jessie should be afraid of him.

Rae's House

Rae advises Hank that he has some "trust" issues and is very defensive. She asks him if he has ever had therapy and they banter back and forth (I think I saw some sparks flying between Hank and Rae as they looked deeply into each other eyes how interesting!) Hank tells Rae to be sure and call if Blair misses a session with her.

R.J.'s Break Bar

Roseanne tells R.J. that both he and Kelly will pay for what they have done to her. As Roseanne leaves the bar she runs into Kelly and tells her she is going to pay for what she has done. Kelly tells Seth that she wants to see R.J. and during the conversation, she asks Seth which loft Jessica Buchanan lives in. Seth didn't know Jessica lived in one of the lofts, but he was very glad to get the information. Blair pages Kelly and she leaves before seeing R.J.

Cris' Apartment

Jess tries to cover up for her slip about Colin's passport but Cris sees through her and asks her what he can do to make it better for she and Jen. Jessie has tears in her eyes and tells Cris that there is nothing he can do. He puts his arms around Jess and holds her.

Will and Jessie's Apartment/Cris' Apartment

Will tells Jen that everything he has done has been to protect Jessie. Jen tells him that he should tell Jess the truth before he alienates her completely. Jen starts to go back upstairs to Cris' apartment saying that she is going to tell him everything. Will stops her and asks why she can't keep quiet and Jen replies that she does not want to lose everything that is important to her. Will asks her if she thinks he does and Jen tells him that he already has and rushes out the door to go back up to Cris' apartment with Will following. They get to the door of Cris' apartment to see he and Jessie in an embrace not realizing it was an embrace meant to comfort and nothing more.

Voodoo Prietess' Apartment

Roseanne goes to a Voodoo priestess to ask her to put a curse on someone.

R.J.'s Break Bar

Will goes in for a drink and R.J. tells him that he saw him the night of Colin's murder.

Cris' Apartment

Cris thinks Jessie believes that Will killed Colin, but she says that Will could never do that.

Llanview Jail

Todd tells Sam he could never swallow his pride then as he is leaving puts on a show in front of the guard about Sam "offing" someone. But he whispers to Sam that he knows Sam could never kill anyone and that he knows why Sam is taking the rap.

Rae's House

Rae is on her way out when the doorbell rings. A tearful Jen is there and tells Rae that she really needs someone to talk to. She asks Rae if everything Jen tells her will be confidential to which Rae replies yes. Jen tells Rae she has something she has to confess.

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