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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of June 4, 2001 on ATWT
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Monday, June 4, 2001

Craig is at Java Underground going through the chocolates that he had sent to Lucinda. Some of the chocolates were laced with poison and Craig is going through and sorting them. Emily comes in and shows Craig the pictures that she took when Lucinda had her "spell" at the Worldwide board meeting. Craig tells her that they have to make the story very respectable because stockholders all over the world will be reading it. He tells Emily that he has to take the rest of Lucinda's chocolates to her at the hospital. As Craig is leaving, Hal comes staggering up. He yells at Craig and says that he has ruined his life. Craig offers Hal a ride home. Hal takes a swing at Craig and misses. Craig says if he can't help him then he is going to leave. After Craig is gone, Hal picks himself up and goes to the bar and yells for the bartender. Isaac comes over and tells him to do everyone a favor and go home. Emily comes over and tells Isaac that she will take Hal home. At first Hal refuses to let Emily take him home but then he gives in with her persuasion.

At the hospital, Rose is trying to comfort Lucinda. Lucinda tells Rose that she came through for her today and she won't forget it. John comes in and tells Lucinda that the tests they took proved that she was given a hallucinogenic. John questions Lucinda about what she had eaten that day. She tells him that Matthew is back and he supervised all her food preparation. John tells her to think real hard. Did she eat something that Matthew would not have prepared? Rose speaks up and reminds Lucinda about the chocolates. Lucinda says that the chocolates were from her granddaughter. She wonders who would have tampered with the U.S. Mail? John suggests that they didn't come from her granddaughter at all. He tells Lucinda that someone could have sent them to her in Lucy name. Lucinda says that Craig must be really sick to pull this off. John tells her that they must get the chocolates from the office so they can run test on them. Lucinda tells Rose to call Matthew and tell him to go to the office and get the box of chocolates and bring them to the hospital. Lucinda gets upset thinking about all the things she can't put in her mouth for fear that Craig would have laced it with something. Craig sticks his head in the door and asks if Lucinda is feeling better. Lucinda tells him to leave and he says that he brought her the box of chocolates that she got at the office. He adds that he thought it might make her feel better to have them there. Lucinda starts throwing out all kinds of accusations about Craig putting poison in the chocolates. Craig chuckles at her and says that she must really be losing it. He takes out a chocolate and eats it. He asks if he poisoned the chocolates would he be eating them. Lucinda tells him to get out. Rose (acting as if she is Lily) escorts Craig to the door and pushes him out. Craig takes the rest of the chocolate and spits it out on the floor. Back in Lucinda's hospital room, John suggests that she go away for a rest and where no one can lace her food with anything. Lucinda fights this idea. John tells her that it is more like a spa. Rose encourages her and then she agrees to go. John leaves and Rose asks Lucinda if she passed her test. Lucinda says that she sure did and more.

At the Munson's house, Jennifer comes downstairs and she is not in a good mood. The house is a mess and she says that she is not going to worry about it. There is a knock at the door and when Jennifer opens the door, Bryant is standing there. She is not happy to see him. He tells her that he knows she is not happy with him that he didn't stop the wedding. He tries to explain that he did all he could. She asks if he has heard that her father lost his job. He says that he didn't hear and he is sorry about it. He tries to comfort her and she tells him to get lost. Barbara walks in and sees that Jennifer and Bryant are having an argument. Bryant says that he will call Jennifer later and leaves. Barbara asks her daughter what is the matter. She asks if Bryant has done something to her. Jennifer turns around and hugs her mother. Barbara asks her if Bryant has cheated on her. Jennifer pushes her mother away. Barbara tells her that she wants to fix things with her and she will do anything for her. Jennifer asks if this is right. Barbara says yes and she and Craig want her to come and live with them. Jennifer looks at her mother and says that she thinks that will solve everything. She asks if this will help her to take her away from what little bit of her life she has left? Jennifer tells her mother that she is staying there and she runs upstairs. Barbara starts to clean up the kitchen. Hal walks in with Emily. Hal sees Barbara there and tells her that he had told her he didn't want to see her again. Barbara tells him that she has just stopped by to see her daughter. Emily helps Hal over to a chair and Jennifer comes downstairs. She sees what shape her father is in and asks what she can do to help. Emily tells Hal that she will make some coffee for him. Barbara walks over to Jennifer and tells her that she thinks that it is not a good idea for her to be there and she should come home with her. Jennifer tells her mother that she went upstairs to change her clothes, not her mind. She tells her mother to leave. Hal pipes up and says that there are two votes for Barbara to get the hell out of there. Barbara leaves and Jennifer walks over to her dad. She asks if there is anything she can do for him. Emily brings Hal a cup of coffee and tells Jennifer to go and watch TV, she has this under control. Jennifer looks at Emily and Emily tells her that she has been here and she will help Hal. Jennifer says that this is probably a good idea and she leaves the room. Emily tells Hal that he needs to look at his kids and realize what he is doing to them. Hal looks up at her. She tells him that he might have lost his wife and his job but he has a bigger job to do and that is to be there for his kids. Hal tells her that she is right. Emily picks up her jacket and heads for the door. As she gets to the door, Hal tells her thanks and she says your welcome and walks out the door. Hal reaches for his mug of coffee and sees that the mug says "The Greatest Dad" on it.

Holden finds Damian and Luke on the dock. He tells Luke that no one is going to hurt him and he needs to come home with him. Damian holds on to Luciano and reassures him that only his papa can protect him. He tells Luciano that he will be able to see his mother and Holden real soon. Luke breaks free and runs to Holden. Holden picks him up and starts to leave. Damian pulls out his gun and tells Holden to stop. Holden turns around and sees that Damian is pointing a gun at him. Damian reassures Luciano that the gun is only for protection and it will not hurt him. Holden puts Luke down and begs Damian to put the gun away. Luke runs to Damian and tells him not to hurt Holden. Damian grabs the boy and the launch appears at the dock. Lily runs around the corner and when she sees Damian holding a gun on Holden and he has Luke by the arm, she starts screaming for him to let her son go. She begs Damian not to do this. She says that now she believes that someone is out to get their son and she is sorry that she didn't believe him before. She tells him that they will be more careful and protect Luke. Damian tells her that it is too late and he has to take Luciano to Malta. He picks up Luke's bag and throws it into the boat. He pushes Luciano toward the boat and tells the person driving the boat to put him in the boat. Lily is screaming, begging Damian not to do this. Damian jumps in the boat and tells Lily that he is sorry, but it has to be done like this. The boat takes off and Lily tries to go after the boat. Holden holds her back and then Holden leaps toward the boat. Lily is on the dock screaming. She goes over to a pay phone on the dock and calls the police. She starts to explain that her ex-husband has just kidnapped her son and that her husband has jumped into the water to go after them. As she is talking to the police, there is an explosion out in the middle of the water. Lily looks up and can't believe what she sees. She can't breathe.

Tuesday, June 5, 2001

At Craig and Barbara's suite, Barbara was feeling down about her family situation as she wrote out corporate checks for her business. Craig approached her about a business proposition involving Worldwide. He told her that the stock was falling since Lucinda was hospitalized and they should jump on it while the price was so low. Barbara wouldn't make a move unless she spoke with Paul, but Craig tried to convince her they shouldn't wait. Barbara got upset with Craig and told him to back off.

Simon sat in his room thinking about where Katie had gone with the note she left for him still unfound on his bed stand.

Katie, asleep on the island, dreamt of Simon saving her and telling her he really loved her. As she awoke, she found herself on top of Henry and she screamed.

Lien lay asleep in the hospital as Ben and Tom looked after her. Tom asked Ben what was wrong with her. Ben revealed that Lien had an often fatal neurological disease called K and Jack.

Rose stopped at Lily's to find Margo there still investigating the shooting. Margo told Rose no one had heard from Lily or Holden and Rose took off to find them in Chicago.

Lily was pacing at the dock remembering the explosion from the night before. A man from the search team told her there still wasn't any information, but a search team had been sent out to look for Holden and Luke. Lily prayed they would be okay.

Craig apologized to Barbara for pressuring her, but continued to try to convince her that they should buy the stock, but Barbara stuck to her guns and said not until she consulted with Paul. She had to leave to pick up Will. Craig pondered using her signature stamp to write out checks for the stock himself as Simon walked in complaining he had to do community service. Craig said he'd take care of it, but Simon really wanted to let him know that Katie was missing and he was worried. Craig said not to be, Katie could take care of herself.

Katie was disgusted to wake and find Henry instead of Simon and they fought about their situation on the island as Katie noticed fresh footprints in the sand.

Ben told Tom that Lien's condition was probably a result of prolonged exposure to toxins - most likely from when she lived in Viet Nam during the war. Tom began to blame himself as he helped to drop those toxins on the country when he was in the service.

Rose showed up at the docks and Lily told her what happened and said she wouldn't leave until she knew Holden and Luke would be returning with her. Rose tried to keep Lily's spirits up and told her everyone was fine, but Lily stopped her and said it was all her fault. She was being punished for almost leaving her family a few months ago. Rose told her never to blame herself and she would stay with her until Holden and Luke returned.

Katie thought the footprints were Simon's and she fantasized that he had come to save her, but Henry brought her back to reality. Katie took off to follow the footprints with Henry in tow. A man came out of the bushes upset to learn that people had landed on his island again.

Craig escorted Simon out and told him if he was so worried maybe he should go look for her. Alone, Craig called Cass to come over to see him about some investments he wanted to make.

Lily couldn't help thinking she was to blame for the whole mess, but Rose said that because of everything that has happened between Lily and Holden, she now knew how much Holden loved her. Lily's hope was still fading away, but Rose tried to convince her to hold on to her faith. Lily hugged her and thanked her for coming. The man from the search team returned - he had found something. He showed Lily and Rose Luke's stuffed bear, torn and burned. Lily broke down and Rose tried to tell her it didn't mean anything.

Ben told Tom that there was no reason to give up hope and that new treatments are being developed all the time. He had been researching the disease and said there was a chance Lien could beat it. Margo and John joined them and Margo apologized to an upset Tom that she didn't let him in on what was going on with Lien. They left to visit Lien and Ben laid into John for consulting him on the case without telling him it was Lien. John broke it to Ben that he would not be Lien's doctor.

Henry and Katie continued to argue over whose footprints they found. Katie said they have to find out in case it is someone dangerous. Just then, coconuts were being hurled at them and a man yelled out to get off the island as Henry and Katie ran.

Alone, Tom told Lien he loved her very much, but wanted to know why she didn't confide in him. Lien wanted to fight it on her own. Tom apologized for what happened to her during the war, but Lien said it wasn't his fault and she wouldn't change anything in her life. She said if not for the war, he wouldn't be her father.

Simon met up with Margo at the hospital and told her Katie was still missing and asked her to put out an APB on her. Margo said her resources were all tied up at Lily's because of the shooting. Simon, worried about Lily, wondered if he should call her. Margo told him to concentrate on Katie and leave Lily alone.

Rose comforted Lily and said not to give up hope and Lily told Rose to keep telling her everything will be okay. Rose told Lily she would stay with her for as long as it took.

Craig stamped a bunch of blank checks as Cass knocked on the door. He told Cass he wanted him to buy Worldwide stock as soon as it reached $40 a share and to keep buying it until the stock goes up. Skeptical, Cass asked Craig if Barbara was aware of this and Craig lied to say she was. After he left, Craig said to himself that by the time Barbara figured out what was going on, she will have made a mint and he would own Worldwide.

Back at the hospital, Ben told Lien that he was glad she was feeling better because they have a lot of plans to make.

Henry and Katie were scared about who was after them and discovered that all their stuff was missing. Henry buried a "survival kit," but it was only stocked with martini makings. Katie was not happy and prayed for Simon to find them.

The man from the search team returned and told Lily a new team was coming in. With her hope dwindling again, Rose said everything would be okay and the two embraced again. Recap --->

Wednesday, June 6, 2001

Carly's Apartment:

Carly checked her dress designs and wondered if Barbara would really stake her new design business. Craig was at the door and showed her the cover of the Intruder with Lucinda's picture on the front page. He told Carly he's going to be rich. Carly asked Craig if he had anything to do with Lucinda being sick. He lied as usual, claiming his innocence. When Craig told her that he would soon be rich and that the WorldWide stock was plummeting, Carly realized that the Craig was using Barbara's money to buy up WorldWide stock. Craig saw that Carly had some designs on her desk. He talked to her again about Barbara staking her business. Carly said Barbara hated her and she wouldn't do it. He told her he would show Barbara the designs without telling her that Carly was the designer. Hal came to the door and told Carly he has to talk to Jack. When Hal saw Craig, he asked what he was doing there. Carly told Hal the Jack was in NY. Hal told her about Holden and Luke and that Jack needed to know about it. Carly wanted to know how Hal could be so sure what happened. He told her Margo got the police report and told him about it. Craig was concerned about Lily. Hal wanted to know if Carly could get a hold of Jack. She told Hal that she tried to get a hold of Jack earlier but that he must have his cell phone turned off. She said she was sure he would come home when he saw the news about the accident. Craig left the apartment. Carly told Hal she was going to the farm. He said he didn't think it was a good idea. She said that since Jack couldn't be there, he would want her to go.

Lien's Hospital Room:

Lien and Ben talked about their situation. He wondered why she didn't come to him when she was sick. He asked her why did she go to John and not him. She told him if they have a personal relationship then he couldn't be her doctor. Ben argues with her about getting another doctor. She said she was thinking about moving back to DC for treatment. He talked her into staying in town. She said she would stay in town, only if Ben was not her doctor. She asked him if he was going to be her boyfriend or doctor. He agreed to be her boyfriend. When Lisa walked in for a visit, Ben left and said he would see her later.

Lisa brought Lien her favorite candy and a pretty bed Jacket. Lien told Lisa that she wanted to drop the word "Grandma" and just call her Lisa. She wanted Lisa to talk to Tom. She told Lisa that Tom blames himself for her illness. She wanted Lisa to assure Tom that she doesn't blame him for her condition and that she is so happy to be a Hughes and that he is her father.

Ben went to John's office and asked John to let him secretly treat Liens case. Ben wanted John to use his research method to treat Lien. A nurse walked in feeling upset. When John asked her what was wrong, she told him about Holden and Luke. John agreed to work with Ben and not tell Lien. John called Nancy to let her know about Holden and Luke.

Emma's Farm:

Rose and Lily go to the farm to tell Emma what happened in Chicago. When they came in the house, Emma wanted to know where Holden and Luke were. Lily started to tell Emma and Joe about what happened but when she couldn't get the words out, Rose told them that there was an explosion and Luke and Holden were missing. Emma couldn't believe it and began sobbing. Emma asked if the divers found anything besides Luke's teddy bear. They told her no. Lily said she had to see Faith and hold her baby. She and Emma went upstairs to be with Faith. Joe told Emma that he and Rose would call the rest of the family to let them know. Joe told Rose that at first he never understood why she wanted to stay in Oakdale, but now he sees that she was there for a purpose. He said that it was good that she was there to help Lily. Rose agreed but asked how she would get through it herself. Joe told Rose that she was just the person to help in this situation because she is strong and the rest of the family really needed her. She told him that she needed him to get her through all this too. Lily and Emma came downstairs. Lily had Faith in her arms. She said that Faith wanted to know where her daddy was. Rose told them that Iva would be there soon. Carly walked in and said she wanted to help. Emma told her to leave. Carly refused to leave and said she wanted to help. Rose said they could use all the help they could get. Abigail, Jake and Adam walked in. Jake and Adam offered to help. Carly told Lily that Jack was in NY. Nancy showed up with a casserole. Iva showed up and ran to Emma's arms, then to Lily. She told Lily that she loved her and then said "that goes for both of my daughters" and hugged Rose too. Carly helped Nancy with the food preparation. Lily and Rose held hands and Lily told Rose that Holden would have loved that the family was all working together.

Thursday, June 7, 2001

Removing Carly's name from her latest sketches, Craig places the drawings where Barbara will find them. She admires them and then realizes they are Carly's work. She lets Craig believe that she has fallen for his claim that they belong to Concepcion, a Montegan designer and promises to put them in her fall line and would like a meeting with this mystery person. Barbara wants to know a little about this person but all Craig will tell her is, she is married with 2 kids.

Meanwhile at Worldwide Rose looks for any memo or note that would give her an idea where Lucinda has gone. When two of her top people report that Lucinda needs to report to the office to handle a possible takeover effort, Rose runs to Lily with the news. Still in mourning over the loss of Holden and her son, Lily gives Rose her power of attorney and asks her to handle the threat and calls Tom to draw up the proxy for Rose. Back at Worldwide Rose quickly orders Lucinda's two top men to try to find out who is buying up all the stock as it tumbles in value. She then asks them to also find out all they can about Craig, pointing out how concerned he was when Lucinda became ill.

Simon searches through wastebaskets in his suite for any clue to Katie's possible whereabouts. He discovers that Katie and Henry may have rented a plane with Henry as her pilot. Hearing about Holden, Simon rushes to be with Lily and becomes suspicious when he learns that no bodies were found after the explosion in the Chicago harbor. This in turn gets Lily's hopes up and makes her wonder who is behind this. As Katie and Henry fight on the deserted island, Cooley secretly watches them.

Friday, June 8, 2001

Rose was concerned when she learned that an anonymous buyer was buying up all of the World Wide stock and called her father for assistance. She told Joe of her suspicions that Craig was behind everything that had been happening lately, from Lucinda's mental episode to the buying up of shares. They learned that the person buying up all of the stock was one Cass Winthrop from Bay City.

Lisa recognized Carly's sketches immediately when Barbara showed them to her. Barbara was furious when she realized that Craig had lied to her about the identity of the designer and suspected Craig of wanting Carly for himself. She decided to confront Carly and demand that she stay out of her life once and for all.

Jack arrived home from New York and Carly broke the news to him about the explosion and Holden and Luke's disappearance. The two of them decided that life was too precious to waste being apart for one more minute and they decided to move in together. After he left to break the news to Julia, Carly received another visitor--Craig Montgomery. Craig told Carly that Barbara loved her designs but admitted that he didn't tell her they belonged to Carly. Carly was worried about Barbara's reaction when she found out the truth but Craig assured her they could market the designs through a third party and Barbara would never know. Carly was so excited about the prospect that she impulsively kissed Craig, not knowing that Barbara was watching through the window!

Iva interrupted Simon comforting a shaken Lily and accused him of trying to take advantage of her grief. Jake and Molly arrived at that moment and Iva asked Jake to escort Simon out of the house. Lily recounted the details of the explosion to Jake. He and Simon decided to do a little private investigating on their own. Lily was crushed when Luke's sock with traces of his blood on it were recovered from the lake.

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