ATWT's new kid on the Block

Posted Wednesday, July 05, 2000 12:25:21 PM
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ATWT's new kid on the Block

Hunt Block finds himself in the unusual situation of setting up shop on a third soap opera in less than a year.

The actor, who has previously played Ben Warren on Guiding Light and Guy Donahue on All My Children, has developed a knack for playing devious and often evil bad guys. In both his previous daytime stints, his character has been killed!

Block will take on the contract role of Craig Montgomery on As The World Turns, a role previously played from 1982 to 1987 by Scott Bryce. Craig will return to Oakdale with the intent of salvaging his relationship with his son, Bryant. There's also more of a mysterious twist to Craig's return. Unknown business dealings will have him in contact with Carly Tenney, who is desperate to find someone to help her get back to Oakdale.

Block first airs on As The World Turns on Wednesday, July 19th.

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