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Ben Warren, Esq.

Actor History

Hunt Block (November 5, 1997 to November 16, 1999; December 13, 14 & 24, 1999; February 21, 2000)


Killed after being shot by Carmen Santos and Vanessa Reardon on November 16, 1999.


President of SanCorp


District Attorney


Formerly at the Springfield Towers

Marital Status

Single at time of death

Past Marriages



Charles Warren (adoptive father; deceased)

Helen (maiden name unknown) Warren (adoptive mother; deceased)

Emily (maiden name unknown) Marler (Biological Mother; deceased)

Justin Marler (Half-Brother)

Ross Marler (Half-Brother; deceased)

Lainie Marler (Half-Sister)

Dinah Marler (Niece)

Jason Frederick Marler (Nephew)

Kevin Ross Marler (Nephew)

Clarissa Marler (Niece)

Samantha Marler (Niece)

Phillip Spaulding (Nephew)

Elizabeth "Lizzie" Spaulding (great-niece)

Alan Cooper "Zach" Spaulding (great-nephew)

James Spaulding (great-nephew)

Emma Spencer Spaulding (great-niece)

Sarah Randall (great-niece)

Jackie Scott Marler (sister-in-law; deceased)


Drew Jacobs (Daughter with Selena Davis)

Flings & Affairs

Selena Davis (one-night stand)

Beth Raines (lovers)

Blake Marler (lovers)

Carmen Santos (lovers)

Crimes Committed

Propositioned his brother's wife, Blake Thorpe Marler [November 8, 1997]

Stole the videotape of Abigail Blume shooting Roy Meetchum away from Jesse Blue [December 1997]

Gave Annie Dutton money and the name of someone who could help her disappear {Feb 1999]

Planted a listening device at the Jessup farm and eavesdropped on Cassie Layne and Blake Marler's conversation to get information on Reva Shayne's clone [March 5, 1999]

Broke down the Marler carriage house door [April 16, 1999]

Secretly taped Carmen Santos confessing to shooting up her own home [May 29, 1999]

Bribed judge in Holly Norris Reade's competency hearing [June 1999]

Corporate espionage (1999)

Set up Bill Lewis to take the fall for computer hacking [September 1999]

For Carmen Santos, planted drugs on Theresa Sandoval to smuggle to Los Angeles [October 31, 1999] Memorable Quotes

Ben to Carmen Santos on November 16, 1999, before she shot him:

"What are you going to do? Tie an anchor around my neck and throw me off a pier? I don't think so."

Brief History

Ben Warren came to town for one reason only, to destroy his half-brother Ross Marler. Since Ross decided not to tell Ben that they shared the same mother, who had Ben in secret and gave him up for adoption. Ben felt he was denied his birthright and came to Springfield to take everything that Ross loved away from him, including his career, his sons, and his wife. In a short time, Ben was successful. He got Roy Meechum, Abigail's attacker off the hook, propositioned Blake, dated Dinah, and threatened to represent Rick in his quest to gain custody of Kevin. He helped Annie Dutton get out of town and then turned his attentions full time to winning Blake. He nearly slept with her, but called it off until Blake really truly wanted him, which she eventually did. When Blake left town to get her head straightened out, Ben turned his attentions to Beth and her confession to killing Carl to himself. These two were great friends and would have made a good couple except that Beth was hung up on Phillip and by this time Ben was totally in love with Blake. Eventually, Ben confronted Blake about her feelings. This time, Blake gave in and they made love. Soon after, Ross came in and, believing that Ben raped Blake, he tried to shoot Ben, only to shoot Blake instead. Blake soon admitted that it was consensual. Meanwhile, she was paralyzed from the shooting and could not walk until she feared Ben's life was in danger because her mother, Holly, had poisoned him and he fell in the tub and nearly drowned. Blake and Ben were an item until Ross came back into her life. After a while, Blake found letters from Ben and Ross's mother and showed them to Ben. The letters proved that his mother did love him and was only trying to do the best thing by giving him up for adoption. After that, Ben and Blake were a full time couple. That is until Blake confided to Ben that Holly was the stalker and he had her locked in a mental institution without telling Blake.

Ben and Alan Spaulding met up again when Ben was chosen as executor of Annie Dutton's estate and Alan was Obsessed in finding her. Alan sought Ben's services in finding Annie by offering his connections in return. After Annie's return, Alan hired Ben to defend Annie. For his getting her off completely, Ben was to receive control of Lewis Oil, after the Spaulding take over. Unfortunately for Ben, that never happened. When Alan eventually double-crossed Ben, Ben decided he would get his revenge on Spaulding. His opportunity came when his employer and lover, Carmen Santos, offered him the presidency of SanCorp. Ben used Vicky Spaulding and Bill Lewis to exact his revenge.

Later, Ben was shocked and pleased to discover that Drew Jacobs was his daughter from an affair with Selena Davis years ago. Pleased with the prospect of having a daughter, their time together was cut short when tragedy struck: Ben was shot by his lover Carmen Santos who saw him kissing her daughter, Pilar. The killing shot, however, came from Vanessa Reardon who accidentally discharged the gun when Ben grabbed her.

Ben Warren died November 16, 1999.

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Who's Who in Springfield

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