Rumor: New Andy Dixon due

Posted Friday, April 06, 2001 11:16:56 AM
Rumor: New Andy Dixon due

There's a rumors going around the 'net that the role of Andy Dixon has been or will be recast.

Scott DeFreitas has played Andy on a recurring basis for over 15 years (since 1985). Andy left Oakdale last last year to enter a drug rehab center and few have seen him since.

To believe the reports means that Andy will not only be recast -- but he'll get an entirely different look! The new Andy is rumored to be Chad Brandon, a 6'1", blue-eyed blonde from the L.A. Models agency. This same agency represents Josh Duhamel (Leo du Pres, All My Children). LA Models did not return from Soap Central by press time.

A spokesperson for As The World Turns insists that DeFreitas remains with the show -- on a recurring basis -- and that the role has not been recast.

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