Cady McClain returning to As the World Turns

Posted Sunday, May 13, 2007 9:55:58 PM
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Cady McClain returning to As the World Turns

Cady McClain has legions of fans -- fans that were torn over which of two roles they'd like to see her play on daytime television. Now the actress has signed a new contract that will have her reprise one of those Emmy-winning roles. But will it be AMC's Dixie or ATWT's Rosanna?

Cady McClain is returning to daytime television. While fans of both All My Children and As the World Turns have been speculating that the actress would return to their respective shows, it was quite obvious that McClain could return to only one show. And there was always the possibility that McClain would opt for a new role on an entirely different show.

In a message on her personal website set the record straight: McClain revealed that she will return to As the World Turns later this year. The two-time Emmy winner appeared previously on the CBS soap from April 2002 to July 2005.

"I am returning to ATWT to play Rosanna Cabot, who will arise from her coma in Switzerland to what deeds we can only imagine," McClain said in a statement on her personal web site. "Who is she now?! What did she dream?! How is her hair?! I am very pleased to be returning, and I hope to have a lot of fun."

McClain was fired as All My Children's Dixie Martin earlier this year, incensing fans and starting a tsunami of Internet rumors regarding the reasons she was let go. McClain said that her ouster was a "mutual decision of Brian [Frons, president of Daytime for Disney-ABC Television Group], Julie [Hanan Carruthers, AMC's executive producer] and Megan [McTavish, AMC's head writer]."

With the axing of McTavish as AMC's top scribe, fans wondered if the show would scramble to "un-kill" Dixie. McClain seemed unaware of the talk and a recent scribble by Janet "From Another Planet" Dillon that read "Dixie Lives." It is unclear if the reference was designed as a nod to fans or a serious indication that the show might have made an effort to re-sign McClain.

A first return airdate for McClain has been scheduled on July 30th.

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