Schuler reconsiders decision to leave ATWT

Posted Wednesday, April 22, 2009 11:42:34 PM
Schuler reconsiders decision to leave ATWT

Chaunteé Schuler will not be leaving As the World Turns after all. The actress had planned to leave New York to relocate with her husband. The actress will now be sticking around, prompting some fans to wonder if the actress will finally be given a front-burner storyline.

Chaunteé Schuler (Bonnie McKechnie) has reconsidered an earlier decision to exit As the World Turns. Earlier this year, the actress announced that she'd be leaving the show to relocate with her husband to the West Coast.

The show immediately made plans to recast the role, despite some critics' claims that there was no longer a need for the seldom-seen Bonnie.

Now, Schuler has decided to remain with As the World Turns. The actress will lead a bi-coastal life and commute to work in New York. It's nothing new, as two of her co-stars -- Marie Wilson (Meg Snyder) and Paolo Seganti (Damian Grimaldi) -- already make the west-to-east commute.

Schuler joined the As the World Turns cast in November 2007. Daytime viewers may have recognized her -- and then-fiancé Joshua Walker -- from a previous appearance as one of seven couples vying for a dream wedding on Today's "Today Throws a Wedding" series.

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