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Van Hansis series gets web comic follow-up

Posted Saturday, March 29, 2014 1:35:54 AM
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Van Hansis series gets web comic follow-up

The web series EastSiders, which stars former As the World Turns actor Van Hansis, is continuing the story it told in season one with an online comic.

EastSiders, the series staring Van Hansis (ex-Luke Snyder, is finding new life as a web comic. The series began with two YouTube videos and, after a successful kickstarter campaign, was able to produce a full first season, which aired on LogoTV.

Season one explored the aftermath of infidelity. The series asked whether Cal (Kit Williamson) and Thom's (Hansis) relationship could survive Thom cheating with Jeremy (Matthew McKelligon).

Hansis is no stranger to the romantic drama his character is facing in EastSiders. As Luke Snyder on ATWT, he had his share of both romance and angst in pairings with Noah Mayer and Reid Oliver.

Now his EastSiders character's troubled love life will be explored further in a new web comic. The comic picks up where season one of the show left off. The first installment debuted on on Thursday, March 27th. Subsequent pages will be released on Mondays and Thursdays through April 28th.

"I have always loved comic books and graphic novels and I am so excited to continue this story in a new medium," said series creator, Kit Williamson.

And fans who want to see more of the live-action version of EastSiders will be pleased to know that, in addition to the comic, season two of the series is in the works.

"I've already written the second season of EastSiders and the comic will serve as both a stand-alone story and a bridge connecting the two seasons," Williamson said.

In addition to Hansis, the series stars Constance Wu (Sound of My Voice), John Halbach (Wallflowers), Matthew McKelligon (Interior and Leather Bar), Stephen Guarino (Happy Endings), Sean Maher (Firefly and The Playboy Club), Brea Grant (Heroes and Dexter), David Blue (Ugly Betty and Stargate Universe), and Traci Lords (CryBaby and Blade).

EastSiders Season One is available internationally on and on in the United States. Fans can follow the show on Twitter and Instagram at @EastSidersTV and find the show on Facebook at

You can also click here to listen to Episode #155 of Soap Central Live in which Van Hansis and Kit Williamson talked more about Eastsiders. The show is available on-demand for free in our SCL show archives.

Have you watched EastSiders? What do you think of the creators continuing the story in comic format? Tell us why in the Comments section below or click here to submit feedback!

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