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Scott Bryce
ATWT brings back the original Craig Montgomery
Posted Tuesday, March 06, 2007 10:56:27 AM
Newcomer Jeffrey Meek is out and As the World Turns executives have opted to recast the role. But Hunt Block isn't returning to the show. Instead, the show has reached back into its past.

How do you feel about ATWT's decision to recast the role of Craig?
 It's great. I liked Bryce and I'm glad ATWT went back to the original Craig   47% 
 I would have much preferred that the show brought back Hunt Block.   45% 
 I actually liked Meek as Craig. I'm disappointed that they've let him go.   6% 
 I don't really like Craig and would prefer that the show ditch the role.   1% 
 I don't care who the show uses, but they need to stick with one actor.   0% 
 It doesn't matter to me what the show does with Craig.   0% 
 I am a newer viewer and not familiar enough with Bryce to offer an opinion.   0% 
 Other   0% 

An As the World Turns spokesperson has confirmed a report made last week by Soap Central that the show has opted to recast the role of Craig Montgomery. Out is newcomer Jeffrey Meek and in is someone fans knew and loved in the role. But sorry, ATWT fans: it is not Emmy-nominated Hunt Block.

Scott Bryce, the actor who held down the role of Craig from 1982 through 1994, returned to the show this week and is already taping scenes. Insiders say that Bryce was the show's first choice when execs made the decision to recast Craig last year. However, with Bryce unavailable the show opted for newcomer Jeffrey Meek.

While Meek had the difficult task of following the much-loved Block in the role, in recent weeks fans have warmed up to the actor. Soap Central has learned that Meek taped his final As the World Turns scenes on February 23rd.

"We're very excited to have Scott Bryce back on As the World Turns. He brings with him an invaluable understanding of Craig and the character's rich history," said Christopher Goutman, the show's executive producer, in a statement.

Since leaving As the World Turns, Bryce, a two-time Daytime Emmy nominee, has found many ways to keep busy. The actor opened a three-camera television studio in an old vaudeville theater in Connecticut. Bryce has also made numerous guest starring appearances in primetime, including roles on ER, Law & Order, Reba and Sex and the City. In addition, the actor appeared as Dr. Crosby in a handful of episodes of ABC's One Life to Live in March 2006.

Meek will last air on April 2nd. Bryce will make his on-air return on April 10th.

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