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Thorne Forrester has left the building! But at least he left it with his dignity and pride intact, and he's already found a new home.

It's looking less like a soap and more like a reality show. The once put down and forgotten son, left to order fabric and run the shipping department, has stopped taking the scraps his parents have handed him all his life. Thorne Forrester has left the building! But at least he left it with his dignity and pride intact. But don't think he is pouting at the beach...he's already got a new home! Now the fun really begins!

The week's parent-son tug-of-war saw our spineless CEO Eric take the coward's way out and first offer to retire rather than pick one over the other. Some might think he should not have had to make a decision because how can you pick from two men you have raised since birth? I disagree. Due to the insanely obsessive nature of his treatment of Ridge, I think he had to make his feelings known, if nothing else than to further illustrate the point. Thorne had always taken a back seat and Ridge knew it. Ridge could come and go from the company but was always welcome back...because he was Ridge.

Thorne made a great point when he said he was always expected to forgive and forget. When Eric finally said he would have to pick Ridge, the look on Thorne's face said it all. He was to take big shovelfuls of crap and keep coming back with a smile. But this time was different. I think through all the disingenuous comments Ridge threw his way, Thorne finally got it. Through his anger, he found his strength. He lashed out, and I thought it was some of the best acting Winsor Harmon has ever done on this show. If he doesn't get some real recognition from his peers, it will be a crime.

How about Brooke's comment "It's only a job"? Did she think that was supposed to be a supportive comment? She should have kept her mouth shut during the whole exchange. And as for those that think Darla should stay out of everything, don't think for one minute that Brooke would be content to leave her mouth shut. You better believe if Ridge were the one asked to leave, the "I'm going to use my stock to vote you out" threats would have been flying. Considering what Brooke did to Thorne when they were married, I'm surprised she was there at all.

As for Ridge's behavior, all we need to do is think back to his tantrum when his coup against Brooke did not work, and we can see total justification for what Thorne did. The window-smashing was a little over the top; however, having the conversation end up in the basement was a low blow. Eric's statement about knocking down walls to make the dungeon bigger for him might have made me try the homemade method myself! The nerve of those two to be shocked at Thorne's reaction! Hey the crocodile tears, sweetheart! Fake emotion doesn't become you! "Oh Darla, uh, tell him we are sorry." I think I truly hated her character that day for the first time since I started watching the show. How can a mother be so callous? I think Thorne would have been better off being raised by a cobra.

My biggest laugh of the week was Thorne's revelation that while Sally believed that his mother loved him, he realized that the one who really loved him and acted like a mother was Sally herself. She was the one there babysitting his daughter and being involved. He's right...ever since that kid was born, the Forresters have all been no-shows. Absolutely shameful. When the Bridge spawn was brought into the world, you would have thought little R.J. was the second coming.

Thorne could find the cure for cancer and still not garner a second look from his parents. Well, for all those that felt that Sally wasn't getting enough screen time, your worries are over! I have the feeling she and Thorne will make Spectra a first-class house of fine fashion and will do anything to make it happen. Will he fight dirty? Come on...if you got a raw deal like he did, wouldn't you? What goes around comes around. Good luck, Mr. President!

Speaking of luck, I think Jackie will need a lot of that when Mojo finds out about her May-December mattress-hopping with Deacon. I'm thinking Mass will have a well-timed change of heart and, in his travels to find her to call off the divorce, will find them doing the horizontal hold. I don't know about Sean Kanan's contract status, but given that Mass signed for a contract extension, my bets are on Deacon to be pushing up daisies soon. Mass can't let something like this go, and Deacon is rapidly becoming a useless character now that the fashion wars are due to take center stage. If Bridget is gone and he doesn't hook up with Amber, a romance with Jackie isn't going to cut it. Personally, I'm sick of this story anyway.

Well, Mrs. Robinson-Moore, aren't we in a pickle? Ridge catches you cozying up to the crown prince, and now you're out on your sleazy little behind. Okay, before I start on my tangent about this sick pairing, I must say this...I do agree with Ridge's reaction. I may not like anything about his character in general, but when it comes to him thinking about Amber's making the moves on a teenager in the same way she did it to Rick, I would lose my mind, too. She is a tramp from the word "go," and I don't care how depressed you are about your life, bedding a teen isn't going to make you look any better. Ridge threw her out of Taylor's beach house and spirited the horndog back to the mansion.

Okay, but now that you have so forcefully played your hand, Ridge, you may have made her the "Forbidden Fruit" for your son more than before. My advice as a mother of a son, have someone make Amber "disappear: and tell the boy that she ran off with another guy. Pull a "Venice" and set him up to see her as the skank she is, and Thomas may turn his hormonal rage in another direction. Dirty pool? Damn right! It's either that or you have her living upstairs in his teenage bedroom, playing video games and driving him to school each morning. Don't get me wrong...anything that drives Ridge crazy is okay in my book, but this? This couple is a prime example of a writing corral that has no idea what to do with certain characters and yet expects the viewers to accept it. Nah, not me. I find myself taking my bathroom break during those scenes.

Nick and Felicia are getting closer, and now we have confirmation on the health tragedy -- cancer -- that keeps her in pills 24/7. While I am sympathetic, I am having a hard time seeing what other readers are seeing. Call me crazy, but I am not picking up on any heat between these two. Yes, it's nice that Felicia has a softer side and some vulnerability due to this situation, but it's like fitting a square peg in a round hole for me. It's just not working. However, I will be open to it in coming weeks, and maybe I will be proven wrong. Not like that wouldn't be the first time...

Last week's question about Thorne found a majority of readers feeling that Thorne will come out on top for once and make Spectra a success. This week's question, though, will center elsewhere. Will the romance between Rick and Caitlin affect Brooke's marriage to Ridge? She seems to be siding with Rick on this and coming directly at hubby at the same time. Could this be the Achilles heel for everyone's beloved '"Bridge"?

Thank you for your patience this week with the column. I spent a fantastic four-day weekend in the Niagara Falls area with my family and long-time friend to celebrate my birthday -- 29 again, right? What a beautiful area, and how I hated coming back home! But I'm back on track, and the Scoops will be here bright and early every Monday morning to drive you all crazy....

Kristine Cain
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