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Considering the bad blood between Steffy and Brooke, Brooke should've taken the high road and told Ridge that she didn't need, nor want, Steffy to give her a flowery salute.

Does anybody at Forrester Creations spend time designing clothes anymore? I ask the question because it seems like forever and a day since the press gathered for an event that had something to do with the family fashion business. Instead, we've had the Eric tribute by Stephanie, and this week, the Ridge-demanded tribute to Brooke by Steffy. I don't know about you, but maybe Brooke should have told her hubby and stepdaughter, "Thanks, but no thanks."

Hindsight is always 20/20, but even if Justin had not dickered with Steffy's tribute to Brooke, it was a dumb idea for there to be a public tribute at all. After all, Brooke's resignation lasted less than a week. What was the purpose of telling the media when the media had yet to report that she was gone? It was all so ridiculous. And considering the bad blood between Steffy and Brooke, Brooke should've taken the high road and told Ridge she didn't need, nor want, Steffy to give her a flowery salute. She might have curried more favor with Steffy by taking her off the hook.

But, no. The dumb leading the dumb triumphed and Ridge's brilliant idea turned into a monumental disaster. How this happened is one of the more goofy storylines I've seen in a while. IT intern Liam, who works for Spencer Publications, was somehow/someway working at Forrester Creations. He was assigned to fix Steffy's laptop. Okay, okay, let me get this straight. Steffy's laptop has no security whatsoever. Oliver broke into it not long ago, and now these IT yahoos are delving around in all her personal files. And where was Jake? Isn't he the regular IT guy at Forrester?

So Tweedledee and Tweedledum are fiddling with Steffy's laptop and not only does Liam stumble upon footage from the graduation party, but gets a recording of Steffy and Ridge's conversation in which Brooke and Oliver's liaison is revealed. Oh dear, what have I heard? Does he do the right thing and keep the information to himself? Does he tell anyone at Forrester that he overheard something he wasn't meant to hear? Does he have a moral conscience? Apparently not. The laptop winds up at Spencer (what? How?) and Justin Barber hears it. Without even blinking, Justin determines to use the information to hurt the Forresters.

Really? Is that how it is for people? No morals? No qualms? No question that you take what you want and the hell with the consequences? Liam showed some sense of concern, but he still knuckled under and allowed the Forresters to be humiliated in a very public, very horrific way.

Ridge has already forgiven Brooke for the graduation party, so he's going to get over this. The rest of the family, however, will be outraged. Watch out for Taylor and Stephanie. And Hope is going to lose it big time. She's never going to see her mother in the same way again.

Hey, speaking of Hope, doesn't she have a brother named R.J. He does still live at the mansion with Ridge and Brooke, doesn't he? They still mention Jack, but R.J. has really fallen into the land of the lost. Of course, the next time we see him, he'll be ready to challenge Steffy as the head of PR for Forrester.

The spit will be hitting the fan at Forrester, but I also anticipate some volcanic action among the Jackie M crew. I mean, do you think Aggie and Nick's romp on the boat is not going to be public knowledge? I don't. Nick's just angry enough to want Bridget to know that he was welcomed into Aggie's arms even if it is on the rebound. I'm not sure what the end game here is for Brad Bell, because Bridget should see the Aggie-Nick hookup as the end of her hopes for a reconciliation with Nick. Does Brad want us to want Bridget and Owen as a couple? What about Jackie? Do the emotions seem as murky to you as they are to me?

There was another couple taking center stage this past week, an oldie but a goodie. Amber and Rick. Frankly, I'm not sure what to make of Amber on B&B. When she was rekindling old times with Rick, she didn't even mention Daniel. I realize they want to establish Amber as a new woman on B&B, but the entire reason for her leaving Y&R was to take care of Little E. So what's the story with the kid? She's put him in private school in Ojai, never to be seen until he's old enough to show off a set of six-pack abs like Owen! If you're a watcher of both Y&R and B&B, the story doesn't add up.

Amber was vamping shamelessly with Rick, trying to get into the Brooke event. Frankly, I don't know how she got onto the Forrester patio. What is it, open to the public? For Pete's sake, she does work for the competition. Can Jackie M employees just saunter over to FC and walk into the place. Geez, I miss the days of Sally Spectra, don't you? She at least had the class to don a disguise when she wanted to check out what Stephanie and Eric were up to.

You know the best thing about the Brooke scandal explosion? We may never have to hear that Daddy Yankee song again! Seriously, shouldn't Brooke and Ridge be more into the sounds of the '70s then Reggaeton music? I know they're the coolest, but really, they have grown children.

Finally, I have one request of Brad Bell, and I hope he's reading. Please get back to business in a realistic way. Forrester Creations used to be about clothes and designs and fashions. There's nothing happening on that front and the show is drifting. Remember, Ridge and Eric were dying to return to the company so they could fulfill their creative destiny. Then, before you could say Project Runway, it became all Steffy, all the time. PR is not interesting or fun. So Brad, get back to dress-making and give B&B some glamour again.

There were some great letters in the e-mailbox this week. You can read them below and feel free to write us with your thoughts at Soap Central...

• Allison, you state that you dislike Steffy because she is "not a nice young lady." It is plainly obvious that you adore Brooke. Can it be possible that you just overlook the numerous deeds that Brooke has commited? Do you really think that Brooke is "a nice lady"? The Logans have done nothing but impose themselves upon the Forrester family. They are an ill bred and trashy family and I cannot see why on earth anyone in their right mind can defend them, much less actually like them. -- N. Turner

• I enjoyed your write up this week. I was proud of the way that Ridge handled things and that he did not act so high and mighty like Nick is doing. (Let the person without fault cast the first stone!). I really want to see Steffy get brought down a few notches. She is so out of control that it is almost hard to watch without wanting to give her a good slap. -- Debbie R.

• Allison, I read your column today on Brooke being blackmailed and the Nick/Bridget situation. I'm trying to understand why so many people on the Internet seem to be so sympathetic to Brooke? This is a woman with 5 children by 4 different men and 3 of those men are related in some way. This woman is a terrible role model for any girl or women no matter the age. Yet she has once again let history repeat itself by sleeping with another boy that one of her daughters are involved with. The first thing she did, once she realized it was cover it up when she should have had enough respect for her husband to tell him the truth, then there would have been no blackmail. ...As for Nick, he got just what he deserved in a roundabout way. How perfect is it that Bridget, who is nothing like her mother, got pregnant by Owen? The writers hit it perfect with that one! Nick has cheated on Bridget repeatedly, with who the Logan sisters once again! Yet Bridget still loves him and was stepmother to her mother's child with Nick that Brooke had to have herself checked to see if she had viable eggs when she was so in love with Nick for five seconds during her time off of being angry at dumb Ridge again for the umpteenth (excuse the spelling) time. ...I'm sorry to rant but I had to get this out and you column was the reason for it. Can't stand Brooke at all, but not too fond of the rest of them either. I think I only actually like Bridget! Sad but true, thanks for the column and if you read this all thanks for that too! -- Kendra

Thanks for reading! Till next time, see you on the soaps!

Allison J. Waldman
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