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It looks like the karma fairy paid everyone a visit this week on The Bold and the Beautiful. Wyatt's secret was exposed by his archenemy, and Brooke claims that she was betrayed by the people she loved the most. Get your dishes ready. It's time for this week's Two Scoops.

Katie served Brooke with a hearty helping of karma this week. The once ugly duckling turned beautiful swan told her sister that she was very much in love with Ridge, Brooke's fiancé. At first, Brooke laughed at her sister, calling her "love" for Ridge an infatuation, maybe even a crush. Brooke went on and on, calling her sister delusional. If I were Katie and Brooke laughed at me like that, I think I would laugh it off, as well, and then go in for the kill again.

Ridge came by Casa Katie to confirm the truth. He does, in fact, love Katie. Brooke immediately spewed venom at her sister. She called Katie a hypocrite. Katie was not in love with Ridge. Katie had ruined Brooke's wedding day with her fake heart attack. Katie ruined Brooke's family. Yes, I agree with the fact that Katie is a hypocrite in this case. She is essentially doing the same thing that Brooke did to her. I don't like that. I wanted Katie to show that the she was the better woman in this case.

But why was it okay for Brooke to follow her heart and be with Bill, knowing that she would break her sister's heart and destroy her sister's family? Why is it disgusting on Katie's part? Shouldn't Brooke just suck it up and deal with it like Brooke told Katie to do when she said that she and Bill were moving in and starting a life together?

Hey, Brooke, I have a question. Why is Katie delusional? Is it that unbelievable that Ridge would want to pursue a relationship with Katie? Yes, in the past, Ridge always went back to Brooke. He was kind of like her human boomerang. This time, I think that the boomerang is broken. Ridge is done with Brooke, for now.

Brooke and Katie were going back and forth like Venus and Serena Williams in a tennis match. Brooke had a killer serve. Reminding Katie that she will never satisfy Ridge the way Brooke does, Brooke questioned her sister as to what Katie expected Brooke to do now that Ridge is done with her. "What, you want me to go back to Bill?" Brooke asked her sister.

Why not, Brooke? Brooke had an affair with the man, got pregnant, and accepted his marriage proposal. Katie just stood there and rolled her eyes the same time that I did. "Isn't that what you wanted? You're in love with Bill. Remember?" Katie fired back. Brooke told Katie that she didn't want to see her hurt. Brooke doesn't need to worry about her fragile heart. Katie told her sister that she has Storm's heart, and she also has Ridge's heart. She'll be just fine. Game, set, and match. It looks like Katie will win this round, for now.

Brooke may be down, but she's not out. While Ridge and Katie were playing tonsil hockey, Brooke turned on the sex appeal. Of course, she lured Ridge over by using R.J. as bait. When he arrived, she was wearing a cute little blue number that she picked up in Paris. Brooke fished for a compliment, and Ridge reluctantly gave her one. His whole body language was like "okay, hurry up already."

Anyway, Brooke started in on how R.J. needed both of his parents living in the same house and how they belonged together. Then she started with the touch of the hand, the caress of the face, and the sultry stare. Brooke was just talking about not wanting Katie to get hurt and how Katie was making a fool of herself. Earth to Brooke! Ridge doesn't want you. He's made it pretty clear. Stop making a fool of yourself, and go find Bill. I could've sworn that you were in love with him a few weeks ago.

I love both Katie and Brooke, but both ladies get on my nerves. I wish that Katie would stop saying that this relationship with Ridge isn't about revenge. Yeah, it is, Katie. Just a little bit. I can imagine it would feel good to throw back the same dirt Brooke threw at you in regard to the affair with Bill.

Brooke needs to suck it up and stop acting like she's hurt by this betrayal. Did she really think that karma would not come back and slap her in the face in the form of her little sister? Brooke needs to stop acting like she doesn't deserve an ounce of what is going on with her personal life.

Brooke's notion that Katie wants to be like her and have everything she has was laughable. Didn't Brooke sleep with Katie's husband first? Didn't she play a major role into breaking up Katie's family? Didn't she allow Bill to move into her home and tell Katie to accept it? Didn't she accept a marriage proposal from Bill? The answer is yes to all of those questions.

Another thing that annoys the daylights out of me is that Brooke is whining that Katie is breaking up R.J.'s home. What about when Brooke decided to shack up with Bill? What about Will's home?

Brooke told Donna about the current love of her life and sister betraying her. Donna couldn't believe it. She even suggested that Katie go back on her meds. The elder Logan sisters couldn't believe that their baby sister would take Ridge away. But like Katie said, she learned from the best.

Speaking of Donna, I was starting to feel bad for her because she was always the sister stuck in the middle. But now, I don't feel bad for her at all. Who does she think she is rolling up into Katie's house like that? I don't care if she's family, the woman has a doorbell, and I think it should be utilized.

Here is my gripe with Donna. Why didn't she rip into Brooke about her affair with Bill? Okay, maybe she did it, but five minutes later, she was sympathizing with her sister and telling Brooke to make sure Bill treated her right. Why hasn't she said the same thing to Ridge? I see who her favorite sister is.

Here are my thoughts on the quadrilateral known as Ridge/Brooke/Katie/Bill. I think that Ridge is really over Brooke and into Katie. Ever since he came back from Paris and found out about the affair, Ridge has been completely different toward Brooke. All of his actions toward her seemed forced. Brooke even admitted that, since his return from Paris, he hasn't been the same. With Katie, things tend to flow freely. I feel that Bill and Katie were down for the count when the Steffy fiasco occurred. Then, when the Brooke affair went down, that put the final nail into the coffin.

I don't think that Ronn Moss's portrayal of Ridge would've worked with the Ridge/Katie pairing. Ronn and Katherine have this undeniable chemistry. Heather Tom, who plays Katie, herself said that Ronn's Ridge wouldn't work. Thorsten has brought a whole new flavor to Ridge. He's got that whole rugged, sexy thing going on. Quick, someone get the hose!

I can make a prediction as to what will happen next between the Logan sisters. Brooke still has those papers that Katie signed, giving Bill his CEO position at Spencer Publications. Since Katie took Brooke's man, Brooke will take Katie's job and her ex. But Brooke better watch out. Bill has a new friend with benefits, Quinn. Quinn doesn't like being pushed aside for anyone.

Scoopers, I must say that Heather Tom and Katherine Kelly Lang, who plays Brooke, were phenomenal this week. I haven't seen scenes this good since Brooke's birthday party from hell and Brooke exposing Stephanie about her fake heart attack. Bravo, ladies. Keep the drama coming.

Hope is catching pure hell for tying her personal life with HFTF. I recall numerous people telling her it was a bad idea. She wanted to make a difference for her generation. She wanted to show them that it would be okay to wait for the ring. Well, reality set in. Hope is in a committed relationship and is probably getting ready to experience some S&M-style loving.

I'm glad Hope isn't being so prudish, but Aly isn't. I get that Aly is young and impressionable. However, this obsession with Hope is borderline psychotic. Aly says that Wyatt is not treating Hope well and is disrespecting her values and her line. She has it in her mind that Liam is honorable and respectful. I'm sorry, Aly; did you not keep in touch with your family for the last four years? Does cousin Steffy ring a bell?

AlyCat was prowling around the corridors of Forrester Creations. She overheard her Aunt Pam and Charlie talking about Wyatt and their "big secret." After Pam went off to run an errand, Aly put her Ivy League education to good use and pulled a number on Charlie. The rent-a-cop inadvertently spilled the beans about the jewelry heist.

Of course, Aly had all the ammunition she needed to be rid of the "trash," as she loves to call Wyatt and Quinn. She was in for the shock of her life when Hope said she already knew. This sent Aly's blood pressure through the roof. Hope was trying to reason with her that if any knowledge of the fake heist got out, it would spell trouble for Forrester Creations.

Aly couldn't care less. She was on a mission. She was going to get Lieutenant Baker a hotdog with mustard and fill him in of the heist. Hope was scared. There was trouble on the horizon for the Fullers. Hope called Wyatt to give him the heads-up. Have no fear; mama bear Quinn is here.

I've been dying for these two crazy women to meet up. Quinn is the perfect type of crazy. She's calm, cool, and calculating. She never breaks a sweat. Aly is too erratic. Aly played her cards all wrong. If I were Aly, I wouldn't have said a word to anyone. I would have gone right to the police.

Ms. Forrester hit a nerve when she told Quinn that she was going to chill with Lt. Baker. When it comes to Quinn, there are a few things that you don't mess with. You never mess with her son or her money. Aly is batting two for two.

I figured that Quinn would rough Aly up a bit, just to scare her, but to hang her over the railing? That's a little weak. I want to see a few slaps or something. Quinn better think very hard before she decides to hold the CEO's granddaughter 20 feet in the air.

AlyCat held her own against Quinn. I thought maybe for a split second, Quinn would've given her a little push over the edge. The young Forrester collected herself and told her granddad everything. Of course, Hope, Wyatt, and Rick were already in the office, trying to cushion the blow for Eric, but Aly wasn't having it. She exposed everything, and good old Aunt Pam was there to back her up. Mr. CEO is not very happy. I think I saw a vein pop out of his neck.

I understand that Wyatt made a horrific decision when he decided to swipe the diamond. However, if it were anyone else who made that move, they would've been fired and sent to jail. I understand why Aly and Pam are ticked for that reason.

I like how Hope is defending her man. I do. I want to know why she felt the need to tell people that they needed to put Wyatt's blunder in the past, like she had. I'm sorry. Hold on while I rewind my DVR. Hope might be the face of this HFTF line, but she is not an executive officer in the company. Neither is Aly. Who is Hope to tell anyone that they are to put Wyatt's mishaps in the past? I just think she needs to stop acting like it's the end of the world if he's exposed. If she loves him the way that she says she does, she would stay by his side no matter what.

I think that using Queen Stephanie's jewelry as a part of a fashion line or display is a great idea. However, I don't think it's appropriate for HFTF. The line is supposed to appeal to the younger demographic. Why would a 20-year-old walk around with a diamond-encrusted broach on her summer dress? The jewels should be used to promote a couture line. That would make perfect sense.

Rumors are going around that Wyatt will want to present a new risqué line for HFTF. Wasn't Hope against Steffy's intimates line and Brooke's bedroom line and the message those lines conveyed? Why is Wyatt pitching for new lines? I thought that he and his mother were jewelers? I'm starting to feel confused like Aly.

I think that Thorne needs to make a quick visit to Los Angeles and check up on his daughter. This weird obsession with Hope needs to come to an end. Aly needs to come to grips that Hope isn't wearing her chastity belt anymore. That's not the message Hope is trying to convey. Well, if anyone knows exactly what the theme for HFTF is, please fill me in.

In my last column, I sent out an APB for Macy Alexander. This week I'm on the hunt for Maya Avant and Carter Walton It's been a little over a year since Karla Mosley and Lawrence Saint-Victor signed on to B&B. I was completely hyped-up when I read they were both going to be on the show. I loved them on Guiding Light.

Maya was thrown into a May-December romance with Rick, and Carter was the hunky guy who was after her heart. Obviously, Rick and Maya broke up, and she decided to settle into a life with Carter. She went as far as to accept a marriage proposal, knowing full well her heart wasn't completely in it. If it were, she wouldn't be kissing on Oliver (Zack Conroy, another Guiding Light alum).

Yes, scoopers, Oliver. Remember him? He was Hope's first love? Remember the graduation party with the masks and the very overplayed Daddy Yankee song Pose? Remember Brooke's accidental wall boink? Anyway, it seems like Oliver has developed a crush on the very unavailable Maya. It's obvious those feelings are reciprocated. That's why she has yet to set a wedding date with that hunky piece of Godiva chocolate bar of a man.

Wouldn't it be interesting if Carter caught Maya and Oliver in an inappropriate position? I wonder how he would react. I have no idea. You want to know why? These brilliant actors aren't being utilized. Viewers can't really make a connection with them if they aren't on-screen. I wish the powers that be would develop something for these people. It's a shame to see such talent go to waste.

Do you think that Ridge and Katie's new romance will survive the wrath of Brooke? Does Brooke really have a right to be upset? Now that Brooke is free, will she reconnect with Bill? What will Quinn do if Brooke and Bill hook up? Is Aly justified in her hatred for Wyatt? Will Eric terminate the Fullers? Share your thoughts below this column in the Comments section, post a message on the Soap Central message boards, or simply click here to submit Feedback. Your comments could wind up in a future column, like these! Check it out!

• As a long-time Brooke fan, I'm very unhappy with the way they've written Brooke ever since Ridge came back on the scene. She easily has forgiven Ridge for leaving her for a stupid reason on their honeymoon, hardly even discussed what he did, takes his abuse about what she did with Bill, and is now going on about how she won't let Katie have him, he's the love of her life, and bending over backwards to please this man who admitted he has feelings for her sister. I feel like they're making Brooke into a huge doormat for Ridge, worse than they've ever done, and I'm bummed about it as I thought she was going to have grown past it after the text dump and finding a man who really appreciated her in Bill, and Ridge wanting her own sister, and with the recast, but it seems the writers won't let Brooke be free of Ridge. -- ILoveBizzie

• I was a Brooke fan but they keep her on the same loop. They had a chance to make her a new woman after Stephanie died but they had her have another affair with a married man. Her sister's husband who she claims to love. Her baby sister. Now had they had it were when Katie asked if they had feelings and they said yes right now she could be with Bill. Just like I think Katie and Ridge now match up I think Brooke and Bill do. They have the same personalities. The problem is the writers are stuck on Brooke and Ridge and ignoring the fact that sometimes people grow apart because they want different things. Let Brooke Logan go writers. -- Sam Morgan

• Hope is doing nothing but protecting her boyfriend's job -- but still. It's astonishing me that by ordering that information be withheld from Eric and Thorne -- and a situation she herself is declaring is critical to the future of the company -- she's effectively appointing herself to a position that's higher than the founder of the company, the top executive officers, and the owners. Especially in that she started out as an intern who didn't even have the idea for "her" line, never went beyond high school, and has no business education. -- Wandi

I'm really excited about the upcoming storylines. Mike gets the honor of covering the return of the beautiful Schae Harrison and the rest of The Bold and the Beautiful's version of March Madness for the week of March 17. )

The dialogue this week has been great. From Brooke making fun of Katie and Ridge's poetry connection to Katie's snarky comments on Brooke and Bill reuniting. I even have to give a shout-out to the brotherly love between Liam and Wyatt -- no love lost between those two Spencer boys.

I'm cant wait until Bill finds out that Brooke and Ridge aren't together. Will Brooke use Bill to get Ridge's attention? Will Ridge fall for Brooke's game, or is he really happy with Katie? Will Eric read Quinn and Wyatt the riot act for putting his company in danger? Will he rip into Rick and Hope for keeping the heist a secret?

Until next time, Scoopers, keep calm, and stay bold and beautiful.

What are your thoughts on The Bold and the Beautiful? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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