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If you're feeling a bit dizzy, it might be due to the fact that this week's episodes of The Bold and The Beautiful featured so many turning points that some viewers probably got whiplash. Get ready for a ride on the magical teacups that we call the Two Scoops column.

If you're feeling a bit dizzy, it might be due to the fact that this week's episodes of The Bold and The Beautiful featured so many turning points that some viewers probably got whiplash! Not surprisingly, most of the action took place at Forrester Creations, so that seems like a pretty good place to start... right?

Let's take a moment right up-front to acknowledge the awesomeness that is Linsey Godfrey. For far too long, her Caroline was sort of a secondary character. Sure, she had a few little stories here and there, but she always felt sort of like an "also-ran." Things got more interesting for the character after she bumped her head and developed a much more sarcastic persona. At that point, Godfrey proved that she was one of the best comedic talents in daytime. But these past few weeks, she took things to a whole other level thanks to Caroline's mentorship under -- and kisses with -- Ridge.

So as the week began, we had Caroline doing some seriously ugly crying. (A bit of advice, hon? Waterproof mascara is going to be your friend if things continue heading down this path!) What's kind of amazing about this entire storyline is that all the boardroom brouhaha was over a couple of kisses. Of course, as Rick pointed out, part of the problem wasn't so much that there were kisses exchanged but who was on the receiving end of Caroline's clandestine liplocks.

Ridge. (And that should be said in the same tone that Seinfeld always reserved for Newman, by the way.)

This is yet another storyline that could never have worked before Thorsten Kaye took over the part, much like it seems unlikely the show would have dared to try the Katie/Ridge pairing. And it's another example of what this soap does better than any other, which is mix business and pleasure.

Of course, the question on every viewer's lip -- uttered by absolutely no one on the show -- was, "What the heck is Maya even doing in that meeting?"

Seriously. She's a model. Sure, she might be pretty high up on the Forrester model echelon, but at the end of the day, she's a pretty poser with absolutely no business being in the room when these kinds of decisions are being made, let alone flipping the whole procedure upside down as if she's Theresa Giudice upending a table at a fancy restaurant.

Anyhoo, Rick got indignant, Caroline cried, Ridge looked pompous, and Eric seemed flummoxed by the entire turn of events. No sooner had Rick stormed out and slammed a few drinks than Maya showed up at the cabin behind Brooke's house and took full advantage of the situation. And by "the situation," I mean Rick. Rick took off his wedding ring, Maya took off her clothes, and, well, fade to black. That's right, Maya got her man... and the next morning reflected on it as if this had been some grand, romantic evening instead of a sleazy romp with a drunken, married man.

Let's hit pause here to reflect on one line that was uttered during Rick's drive down Self Pity Lane: "Thank God we didn't have a child." Hmm... foreshadowing, anyone?

It was rather funny to watch Rick piecing together what had gone down the previous night, even as Maya was flouncing about in what sure as heck seemed to be his mother's robe. Caroline, however, didn't find anything about the situation amusing when she showed up and realized exactly what had gone down. If things weren't already clear based on Maya's grin, which clearly indicated she was the canary-eating cat, they became so when Rick declared, "I have two words for you: Screw you!" before slamming the door in his wife's face.

Things didn't go a whole lot better when Ridge tried explaining the situation to Katie. As always, Heather Tom played the scenes perfectly. Katie went from quietly listening to soft sarcasm to ticked off, uttering what may have been the line of the week: "How can such powerful, powerful men have so little control over themselves?" If Katie's smart, she'll rip that red string off her finger and burn her copy of Shelley's "Love's Philosophy."

Eric proved himself the worst businessman on the planet by deciding that he should have given Rick the CEO position all along. Not based on Rick being a great asset to the company or having guided Forrester through rough times, but based on the fact that Ridge let his lips wander where they shouldn't have gone. And although Rick's first reaction to being second choice was to say, "Take this job and shove it," Maya was there to make him reconsider.

Apparently, Rick didn't notice that beneath that pretty blue robe, Maya was lugging around the shovel she uses to moonlight as a gold-digger. Heck, Rick didn't even notice that when she began talking about how awesome his future would be as CEO of Forrester, she inserted herself into the picture at every turn!

I can't help but wonder if Eric found himself wanting to dial up Steffy and Thomas, see if one of them wanted to throw their hat in the ring. Heck, maybe even offer Thorne the CEO job. Although we all know that if he did, the minute Thorne jetted back to accept, Eric would yank the position away like Lucy ripping the football out from under Charlie Brown.

The other major event of the week was a party at the Bikini Bar, which can best be described in three words: Big Brother Cast. I'll never quite get why this soap seems so obsessed with the cast of the reality show, but a whole slew of them were on hand. Oh, Liam and Ivy were there, too, working awfully darn hard to be the cutest couple of the week. It's always fun when soap opera characters do things that seem like stuff you or I might do, and that's what this whole party was. Bobbing for apples, pie-eating contests, chugging beers out of the bottle. It felt like exactly the kind of Halloween party many viewers probably attended that night, as opposed to the grand masquerade balls that often take place on soaps.

This week, it looks as if things are gonna get pretty nasty between Caroline and Maya, and Taylor will swing by for a visit. And just in case this past week left you missing the Wyatt/Hope/Liam/Ivy quadrangle, never fear, because they'll soon be moving right back to the front burner via a trip to Amsterdam.

But for now, let's keep talking about what went down last week: Should Rick take the CEO job? And if he does, where will that leave Ridge? And what about Katie... should she walk (or maybe run) away from Ridge? Let's hear your thoughts in the comment section below. You can also head over to the Soap Central message boards, or just click here to submit your feedback! Ready... set... dish!

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