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by Mike
For the Week of May 2, 2016
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Katie felt free to pull a Stephanie, Quinn felt free to approach her ''Adam,'' and Sasha felt free to school Nicole on their family tree! Get a load of their liberty plus an announcement by Two Scoops' Mike!

Has your week been bold and beautiful? Did you try to put off a paternity puzzle? Did the sight of your ex-girlfriend's finger make you say "Boss, de plane"? Did you add "Sisters Are Doin' It for Themselves" to your playlist? These and more situations faced the Forrester-Logan-Spencer-Avant clan this week!

It's that time once again, Scoopers! You know, I had a bit of a hard time getting through the first three episodes of the show this week. I just wasn't feelin' the whole Steam/Statt brouhaha (I guess that sounds better than Leffy/Weffy). But then "Eve" entered the mix, and a whole episode dedicated to Sasha ended with a sister of a secret! And before we're done, I'll let you in on a little secret of my own. But first, let's do some Scoopin'!

"I'm a little confused by you" was Ridge's response to Katie snooping around about Douglas' paternity, and that was my reaction as well. I'm not sure why Katie suddenly feels she has to know the kid's DNA to the point she won't leave Ridge alone about it. Doesn't she have bottles to hide? I could see this working if Katie was using Dr. Wolin's information to distract herself from dealing with her alcoholism. But she isn't.

Then we had all that build-up to Dr. Wolin's demise...for what? Last time Ridge witnessed a death, back in 2007 when Shane McGrath killed himself in front of the then-chiseled designer, Ridge hid Shane's body because he feared he'd be accused of murder. And Ridge did, in fact, go to jail. This set-up was similar, except no one saw Ridge menacing Wolin. The doc's truck termination seemed completely independent.

True, Dr. Wolin told Katie that Ridge was shooting blanks. But even she doesn't know why she's being Busy McBusybody. And how easy that Rick's friend saw Ridge with Wolin then reported to Rick off-screen so Rick could interrogate Katie. It just doesn't work. We really don't need Rick jockeying for the CEO spot again, and it would have been far soapier for Katie to drunkenly blab Ridge's business to Rick instead.

No, Katie made a beeline for Thomas and asked leading questions. At least that's new, unlike Thomas' constant assertions that he's different ever since Douglas was born, a sermon he's been preaching for weeks. We even saw him turning down trim from Charlotte and Sarah to further illustrate this point. Yes, Thomas has changed; I believe it. Do we have to have this shift shoved down our throats every time he's on?

Dr. Wolin blackmailing Ridge then turning up dead seemed like the beginning of an umbrella story that would involve several characters and culminate with the identity of Douglas' daddy coming out. Unfortunately, I think the endgame will be another power play from Rick. Ironically, Brooke knows about Ridge's vasectomy, and so does Liam, but that's not factoring in anywhere.

And Ridge has fallen into a dubious pattern. Something happens, and he only tells Caroline when he has to. If he had 'fessed up to Caroline about his Parisian vasectomy in the first place instead of dumping her, Thomas and his working swimmers wouldn't have been an issue. Now Ridge is camouflaging Katie's meddling. Wouldn't it be a diabolical twist if Ridge and/or Caroline kept Katie drunk to cripple her credibility?

Another story that's falling flat is the fallout from Liam's fall. I really like Darin Brooks; he brings a warmth, sassiness, and sexiness to his role. But all Wyatt's done in the three years he's been on the show is work to convince ladies they shouldn't be with Liam. First it was Hope and Ivy; now he's doing it with Steffy. Boring! I can't even listen to Wyatt anymore. Would someone please get this guy a sense of self-worth?

Wyatt pushed for Steffy to get the tattoo wedding rings they talked about then flashed his to Bill and Caroline while going on about how Steffy was the perfect woman and their relationship was solid. Yeah, buddy, you said that about Hope and Ivy, too. Wyatt's only saving grace these days is conceding that his mother needs to pay for absconding with Liam. Wyatt could earn some real points here by ferreting out Quinn himself.

Maybe it's just as well that Lt. Baker is off somewhere boiling hot dogs, because apparently Dollar Bill is on the case. But, dude, seriously -- the Dollah found Brooke and Thomas in the middle of the freakin' ocean faster than he's finding Quinn, who is in the same damn city. Come to think of it, how did he track Deacon down? Deacon and Quinn abandoned Quinn Artisan, and Deacon's phone is dragging the Pacific.

Besides, if Deacon is holed up in Quinn's "dump," then how did Bill find Deacon but not Quinn? And this brings us to the ultimate disappointment: Deacon did go on the run with Quinn. I don't care how many times Deacon questions his sanity about doing so; it makes no sense that he'd still be helping his would-be murderer. Freaky Deaky's always liked the poom-poom, but he's never been this much of a fool for it.

He's also become a less convincing liar. Deacon answered Bill's aggressive questions with non-answers. Talk about giving yourself away. Amazingly, Bill let Deacon swagger out of his office. It took Justin to suggest that there's no way Quinn wouldn't be in touch with her son -- though Justin also marveled about two brothers vying over the same woman as if this isn't how B&B has rolled since it started in the '80s!

Liam's glad for his California freedom, and it's a nice touch that his memory still isn't fully restored. That's fitting, because he only remembers Steffy and their Aspen wedding. Nothing about Hope? Even Steffy flashed back to the Leffy (okay, Steam) motorcycle wedding. It's one thing for Liam to think all was hunky-dory with Steffy when he got cabin fever. But Steffy knows he dumped her first. Why isn't she reminding him?

Another thing that doesn't make sense is everyone welcoming Liam back to Forrester as if he had a job waiting for him there. He quit! And for all the talk about Liam wanting his life back, there's not been a single mention of Wyatt taking Liam's reins at Spencer. Wouldn't that be part of the life Liam wanted back? Plus, Wyatt would be the first to say that Liam had given Steffy her walking papers. He's not telling Liam, either.

If Liam's not having Hope flashbacks by telling us twice that he was robbed, I certainly am. Too bad he can't remember catching Steffy snoozing in bed with Wyatt. Instead, everything Quinn did to Liam was horrible and awful. Yeah, she lied and schemed and misled Liam. She also nursed him back to health (albeit without a hospital) and treated him very well during his captivity. James Caan didn't get that lucky in Misery!

"I asked him to respect our marriage," Wyatt said of his half-bro to anyone who would listen. Like Wyatt ever respected Liam's relationships? Come to think of it, no one on B&B respects anyone's relationships, so it's a pointless request. Watching Liam pursue the married Steffy, regardless of how she waltzed down the aisle, is must-skeeve TV. I don't feel sorry for him, and let's just say the tread on these story tires is wearing thin.

So Liam saw Steffy's wedding ring tattoo and about lost his lunch. He didn't know how Steffy could do it when their love is this, that, and the other thing. "I made vows," Steffy insisted, admitting that she'd always love Liam but "things are the way they are." Steffy never seemed to care about trivialities such as marriage vows before, so this is surprising -- and even impressive. Could Miss California Freedom be growing up?

Liam, who had already downed Champagne at his out-of-place Forrester party, slugged down some more in a way that would make Katie proud -- and jealous. Then, who should come knock-knock-knockin' on Liam's door just in time to interrupt a drawn-out musical flashback? Quinn! And this, Scoopers, is where ish finally got interesting. I was not prepared for what happened next, but in the best possible way.

When Quinn had her own flashbacks to the "Adam and Eve" days, it just made the current doings pale even further by comparison. And I kept thinking how Liam's arc has been sagging ever since he was rescued. Liam and Quinn's first post-cabin confrontation really highlighted it for me: they're what makes the story pop. If I didn't think so before, I sure did the second Liam started throwing things around the house.

I've always said that Quinn brings something sexy out of Liam; he gets angry and ballsy and passionate, and more than once I wondered if they'd end up getting horizontal. Granted, I never thought it would happen the way it did, and surely I figured Adam and Eve's sweet chemistry would be gone when Liam and Quinn finally had this meeting. But that spark is still there, even if it took on a whole new, almost sinister tone!

In that very house, Quinn once menaced Liam, telling him "live by the sword, die by the sword." Liam turned those tables by nearly battering Quinn, who completed the one-eighty by being as milquetoast as Liam used to be. "I don't want to run anymore," Quinn admitted. "You can send me to prison if that's what you need to do." Did you ever think Quinn would take responsibility and offer to give up her California freedom?

That's better than Liam, who barked "you did this to me" when relaying how Steffy was staying with Wyatt. No, Memory Boy, you did it by dumping Steffy and not telling her why! Yeah, Quinn kidnapped your ass, but she wouldn't have had that opening had you grabbed yourself by the balls and told Steffy you caught her literally sleeping with Wyatt. How is it Liam was so much more likable when he wasn't Liam?

But then B&B delivered some soapy, soapy intrigue. Quinn pointed out to Liam that he had no reason to stay in L.A. Steffy was gone. But they could run away together and start over, and Quinn would make everything up to him. Did Liam tell Quinn to go to hell? Not really! He stood there with a tear rolling down his cheek and looking as if he were seriously considering Quinn's offer! Oh, no, he di'int!

All right, Liam found his footing again and screamed that he hated Quinn. But Quinn cried that Liam was the love of her life, and that, as "Adam," he'd uncovered the best part of her. Liam grabbed Quinn and slammed her against the wall, making ready to punch her lights out! Then he gripped her face...then he caressed if she were Madonna in Dick Tracy, saying, "You don't know if you want to hit me or kiss me!"

"Go," Liam heaved. "Go, before I..." Yeah, before what, Liam? He let Quinn leave instead of calling the law, but it seemed to me that "Adam" was still inside, not far under Liam's surface. Liam had said his feelings for "Eve" were subconscious feelings for Steffy, but I think the love he felt for Quinn was realer than he wants to admit. The image of Liam in the mirror behind Quinn was like "Adam" was watching over them!

Twisted as it all is, this is the story. Not "will Steffy stay with Wyatt or go back to Liam," which has been done to death, "insert name here." There's some serious unfinished business between Liam and Quinn. I still think she needs to go to jail (if Y&R's Victor can cool out in the cooler, so can she), but if she does, I bet Liam would visit her. Kudos to Scott Clifton and Rena Sofer for making me ship this demented duo!

Speaking of shipping, a new day dawned in the City of Angels, and we got an entire episode dedicated to Sasha, with everyone jonesing for Zende and Nicole to get back together. Even Nicole, who had turned a cold shoulder to her migrating ex, joked with him and danced around with him, telling Maya more than once that she felt she and Zende still had a chance. Do I really need to slap Junior Miss Avant?

Heed these words, Nicole, Maya, Rick, Julius, and Vivienne -- Zencole is over! The boy couldn't handle Nicole carrying his adopted uncle's baby and porked Sasha the first chance he got! It's one thing for Nicole to still think things could work out with him, but why would her family want her to reunite with a boy who has so little integrity? Zencole suffered from too little development as it was; now I'm rooting for them even less.

I also got a little dizzy from seeing the extended Avant clan go around in the same circles they've been going around in for months. Nicole had given up so much, Sasha wanted her daddy to love her, Zende couldn't change his feelings, blah blah blah. The difference is, Nicole's going to pop any day, which is quite a feat, considering she's only six months pregnant. (So was Caroline; must be something in that L.A. water!)

Another game changer is that Nicole suddenly started to look at her post-surrogate day planner, and first on her to-do list was booting Sasha the hell out of California. Even Rick was willing to clear the path for Nicole by setting Ms. Thompson up at International. Um, excuse me, but why is no one considering what Zende wants or feels? What, with Sasha gone, Zende's just supposed to gravitate back to Nicole by default?

Meanwhile, Sasha called Julius out for refusing to accept her the same way he still hasn't accepted Maya, a revelation as strong as Julius recalling he held two jobs in Illinois so he could support Sasha and her as-yet-unnamed mother. Remember when Julius was pissed that Maya's gender identity killed his hireability? Looks like Papa J wasn't just being greedy, after all -- he was trying to keep Sasha's rent paid!

Julius gave as good as he got, deeming Sashende or Zasha or whatever you want to call them a rebound, and followed up by telling his family that Sasha had to go. Vivienne's spider sense tingled as she questioned her hubby's animosity toward a family friend -- good one, Julius! I may be dreaming, but I hope Vivienne unleashes the wrath of hell on Julius when she finds out she's been cuckolded for two decades.

In the studio, Sasha spat that Nicole couldn't make her leave. "Oh, yes, I can, sistah," Nicole neck-bobbed. Her filter gone from fury, Sasha snickered at the irony of the S-word and asked if Nicole ever wondered why she was around all the time as if she were family. "Ask your daddy," Sasha fumed. "You're my sister!" Did any of you think of the moment last year when Nicole told Maya, "You're my brother?" How's that for full circle?

Exercise your California freedom by expressing yourself in the Comments section below or on the Soap Central message boards, or simply click here to submit feedback. Your comments could wind up in a future column! Like these!

• "We all saw [Sasha's reveal] coming, LOL." -- "Maya Fans"

• "I think Liam with Quinn was more interesting. I [wish] they could [have] stayed Adam and Eve a little while longer and forget Steffy all together." -- Annie Mae

• "I hope Deacon gets back at Quinn. She is pure evil to me." -- "Shakethatthing"

• "Caroline started the lie to begin with. She went back on her word to Thomas and told Ridge that she and Thomas slept together and that he is the father of Douglas. Then she and Ridge began to lie about the baby's paternity. This is all on her. I can't wait until Thomas finds out and ends up dragging both his father and his stepmother into court to get this matter resolved." -- Mackenzie

I'm going to skip Points to Ponder this column for two reasons. First, I want to use the space to remind y'all that the Daytime Emmys are happening Sunday, and of course Soap Central is all over it. Check out all the live tweeting and other social media coverage for all the up-to-the-minute happenings!

And, on a personal note...well, the entire 6 years I've been Scooping for you guys, it's been from the three homes in which I've lived in Canada's Prince Edward Island. But, in a storyline-dictated move not unlike something you'd see on a soap, I am leaving Canada after the breakup of a 15-year relationship and returning to Los Angeles! I lived there from 1983 to 1985 and again from 1991 to 2007 -- they say the third time's the charm. It's big and scary and exciting, and now you know why I called this column "California Freedom." Maybe I can snag a guest spot on B&B. Or at least see some Forresters!

Chanel will lead you into May Sweeps, and, when next you and I meet, I will be writing West Coast style, living a new California adventure. Now more than ever, keep watching, be alert, and most of all, be bold!

What are your thoughts on The Bold and the Beautiful? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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