Quinn kills two supercouples with one Bill
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This week, the eavesdropping virus is back, and it aided Quinn in taking down two supercouples in one blow. After years of witnessing Bridge and Batie flip-flopping, viewers have either lost interest or are afraid to root for the volatile couplings. Here are the two scoops on why rooting for rama-lama- ding-dong Shauna is a dead end, too, on The Bold and the Beautiful.

David took down Goliath with one shot from his sling, and with one Bill, Quinn shot down two goliath supercouples, Bridge and Batie. Quinn slapped the stallion on the butt with news of Ridge's wedding, and Bill went galloping straight off a cliff for the love of Brooke. Mix in a little eavesdropping and Ridge's severe attention deficit syndrome, and the stage was set for Ridge to go running off to Shauna upon hearing only half of the conversation between Bill and Brooke, who swiftly let the stallion down -- after Ridge thought he heard her declare her love for Bill.

As Bill said, Ridge isn't a pro at lurking in the shadows and eavesdropping. On the contrary, he usually barrels in on a boat/tank with a club to bash Brooke with before dragging her away from Bill. Katie, on the other hand, is a master at lurking in the shadows and eavesdropping, and what she overheard being said between Bill and Quinn put the final nail in the Batie coffin -- for now probably, anyway.

As it stands, Ridge has his shoes in one hand and annulment papers in the other, but who will he walk out on? Brooke or Shauna? After Bill stepped out on Katie twice, Katie finally walked out on him. Will Bill pursue Katie or continue to dream the impossible dream of Brooke?

Lately, B&B has been the stuff that Rydell High romances are made of. Quinn, Donna, and Justin are the Rydell High "tell me more, tell me more" choir, demanding their blow-by-blows of other people's relationships. Katie's "hopelessly devoted" to Bill, who's more lovelorn over Brooke than Danny Zuko was over Sandy while stranded "alone at the drive-in." Brooke constantly declares that she and Ridge will always "be like one, wa-wa-wa-one!" Meanwhile, Quinn has convinced Shauna that she's the one that Ridge wants, the one that he needs. Oh, yes, indeed.

It's anyone's guess what couples will come out on top in the short term, but we all know who will eventually reunite and realign to start the same crap all over again. That's right -- Bridge. Let's get two scoops deep into why viewers are apathetic about the Bridge and Batie transitions, and we will theorize about why rooting for Shauna and Ridge is just a dead end for Shidge fans.

You snooze, you lose

Katie found out that while Bill was leaving her love messages, he was also over at Brooke's house, professing love for Brooke! I guess that's what Katie gets for not answering her phone or responding to text messages in a timely fashion. If you snooze, you lose. After all, Bill didn't become the mogul he is by letting grass grow beneath his feet, and in matters of the heart, he moves just as swiftly.

Katie should have known when she stopped getting texts and calls from Bill that something was going on. This isn't the first time he's stepped out on her -- nor the second or the third. She claims that Brooke has always been the third wheel in their relationship, but that's not true. Bill used to despise Brooke. It wasn't until Ronn Moss vacated his role as Ridge that Bill fell for Brooke. Before that, Steffy was the woman the married Bill had chased.

I want to feel sorry for Katie, but she knew going into it that a Brill outbreak was a possibility. She'd even tested his faithfulness against Shauna's curvaceousness. Of course, that was the wrong blonde in the Logan family, but Katie most likely didn't test Bill against Brooke back then because Katie already knew what the result would be.

I guess, though, that I do feel sorry for Katie because neither of her sisters ever bothers to tell her the truth about Bill when they learn it. Katie said Bill hadn't given her a second thought when he went to Brooke this time around. Brooke didn't give Katie one, either. When Bill asked Brooke if she had declined him because of Katie, Brooke seemed more concerned about Ridge finding out than how Katie would feel.

For the life of me, I don't know why Donna has so much free time to talk to Brooke every hour on the hour about her relationship. Instead of checking on Brooke all the time, it would be nice to see Donna call her little sister to give a heads-up about Bill. Oh, but we don't have to worry about that, anymore, now do we, Katie? You really do mean it's over for good, right?

Katie keeps saying it's time to tell Will, but like the viewers, Will has probably known all along why his father isn't there every night for the obligatory bedtime rituals, the dinners, or the reading of the stock reports. Will probably sensed the distance between his parents when Bill arrived for visits. The boy isn't dumb, and neither are the Batie fans who hope, just like Will, that this will be the last time we'll have to go through this with Katie and Bill.

I was once a Batie fan. I enjoyed their chemistry and the way Katie softened him, but mostly, I enjoyed the idea that Bill was Brooke-proof. Back in the day, he couldn't stand Brooke. Now that Bill has become a Brill zombie, I'm praying that, this third time, Katie leaves him because Brooke is the charm.

Mrs. Ridge Forrester and Brooke's husband

Once again, the star-crossed lovers Brooke and Ridge get thisclose to their happily ever after until, as usual, one of them does something to thwart their reunion until another day. And, yes, folks, there will be another day. Bridge takes a licking but keeps on ticking. You'd think that Ridge marrying another woman in the middle of their last reunion would have done Bridge in, but nooooo...Brooke powered right through that, and then they hit a "Bill wall."

For some reason, Bill is Ridge's kryptonite, and Quinn pegged it right when she guessed that Ridge would go running to Shauna for a diaper change after crapping his pants upon hearing that Bill might still be his competition for Brooke. At first, I couldn't believe Ridge would cave over a misunderstanding between Brooke and a man she was giving the brush-off to, but then I remembered Grant -- and Deacon.

When Grant had a crush on Brooke, she gave him the brush-off at Big Bear. He gave her a kiss. Ridge saw it, and instead of talking to her about it, he proposed to Taylor on the runway. As for Deacon, he texted Brooke on her honeymoon with Ridge. In response, Ridge decided to send Brooke home and rip up their marriage certificate. Now, Ridge overhears half a conversation between her and Bill, and Ridge runs off to use Shauna to make himself feel better.

It's beyond time for Ridge to man up and transition from diapers to Pull-Ups. He shouldn't have a problem with Brooke saying she'd always have love for her ex. I don't even know how he could misunderstand what she meant. Bill's ego eclipses the sun, but even he figured out what she meant. Brooke has love for Bill just like Ridge will always have love for Taylor.

Ridge claimed it was different with Taylor because they have children together. It's not. In fact, Taylor kissed Ridge the last time she was on the show, and Brooke let it go. In my view, a spouse doesn't just have obligatory love for an ex because of their children. Take Brooke for example. I doubt she loves Deacon, Hope's father, and if Ridge's child with Morgan had survived, does anyone believe Ridge would have love for Morgan? Bill definitely ain't got no love for Quinn, Wyatt's father, so Ridge can take that theory and shove it.

I don't know if Ridge ever told Shauna he loves her, but I will say, if he did, it makes his hypocrisy even worse. Look at this situation. Shauna is Brooke's enemy. Shauna and Quinn are terrorizing Brooke. Ridge knows that they hate Brooke -- or at least bestie Quinn does. Ridge also knows that Brooke despises Shauna because she helped her daughter cover up the kidnapping of Brooke's granddaughter. In fact, Shauna helped Flo hurt Steffy in that endeavor, so it's blowing my mind that Ridge wants to be so mad at Bill but not Shauna.

Why is Ridge angry with Brooke for caring about his enemy when he went off and married Brooke's enemy? The logic escapes me.

Ridge and Brooke's relationship is on the ropes right now, but I wouldn't bother rooting for Shauna and Ridge or even trying to figure out how to smush their names together into "Shridge," or "Shidge," or whatever, because Bridge is too in love to fail. Brooke and Ridge are so in love that they are still professing love for each other while they're kicking each other to the curb. It just isn't over.

When it's all quiet and somber, like with Batie this week, that's when you know it's over. As a matter of fact, Bill didn't even fight the breakup. He just nodded right through it. Katie left, and he didn't even hurry to the office door to get hit by that invisible, electrified barrier on the thresholds that no character can seem to cross when the need arises to chase after a hurt character.

Brooke told Ridge to come home, and he's upstairs at Eric's house, holding his shoes in his hands as if he might put them on and follow her. We'll see. Knowing Quinn, she'll slither into the room with her fork-tongued reasons for Ridge to stay there and choose Shauna.

It is humorous that Shauna keeps calling herself Mrs. Ridge Forrester, and Brooke keeps calling Ridge her husband. Ridge might stay with Shauna for now, but I can't see it lasting long. She's a nice enough woman, as desperate sluts from the desert go, but she has no longevity. She's been on the show for about a year, but she has no job, no home, and nothing going for her in her life -- except being Mrs. Ridge Forrester, which I doubt she really legally is.

Sure, Ridge can give Shauna a job, but it just makes her look like a weak woman who got the job because she married the rich husband. Shauna needs to earn her place in Los Angeles, just like Maya, Pam, Dayzee, Zoe, Nicole, Sally, Quinn, and Sheila did upon settling down there. Shauna has no substance outside of living for Ridge and pacing Eric's living room until Ridge has time for her. It's pathetic.

It makes me wonder -- who pays Shauna's bills? Is there a mystery sugar daddy in her past? Here's to hoping Brooke digs into that past, learns about the too-drunk-to-commit wedding and any other secrets Shauna buried in the desert.

In a look ahead: Carter and Zoe heat up

Lately, B&B has suffered from repetitive dialogue syndrome; however, there's one thing we saw this week that bears repeating again and again, and that's Carter without his shirt on. We just might see more of that now that his romance with Zoe is heating up. Carter gets romantic with Zoe next week, so make way for "Zarter."

Unfortunately, we're in for more cringe-worthy banter between Ridge and Shauna. Something about swimming naked, I guess. Meanwhile, Bill makes another plea -- again -- to Brooke. If the skinny-dipping is good for the goose, I wouldn't be mad at Brooke if she took a gander at the naked stallion.

In other spoiler news, Finn and Steffy become closer as he helps her deal with her addiction. Liam will be caught in the middle when Hope becomes worried about Kelly. I know Hope is a loving and concerned stepmom, but she can't take all the kids! Is it okay for Hope to want to keep Kelly more if Steffy is battling a pill addiction?

Just when we thought Thomas had abandoned HFTF and any chance of getting into Hope's pants, he returns to work and to desiring Hope. Oh, Lord. Let's hope no one falls off a cliff or "dies" in acid this time around.

Thanks for getting two scoops deep with me this week! Until we scoop again, stay bold and beautiful, baby!

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