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For the Week of September 14, 2020
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You're gonna have to face it you're addicted (to Ridge)
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Everyone's addicted to something. Steffy is overly reliant on pills. Bill clowns himself for Brooke. Quinn is doped up on a vendetta. Ridge is strung-out on his abhorrence for Bill. These are just the tip of the dependency-berg. Get the two scoops on why harboring addictions ain't the way to start relationships, reconcile broken ones, or maintain marriages on the Bold and the Beautiful.

For Labor Day week, Shauna and Ridge basked in La La Land as Quinn kept their vendetta marriage sewn together with Bill's heartstrings. Fortunately for Bill, he realized that salivating like Pavlov's dog each time Quinn gave him a ring was doing him no good with Brooke or Katie. Does he mean it when he says he won't let Quinn use him as a weapon against Brooke, or should we expect him to make a third appeal to Brooke's heart?

Overdosing on her vendetta against Brooke (or obsession with Ridge), Quinn worked overtime on Shauna's marriage, but Shauna failed to do her part to keep Ridge from thinking of Brooke or even seeing her. While Shauna baked oatmeal cookies and took mysterious appointments, Ridge trotted over to Bill's office to warn Bill against making another play for Brooke. It's mind-boggling that Ridge was bold enough to threaten Bill away from Brooke, but later, Ridge let Bill scare Ridge out of his own house when Bill showed up looking for Brooke.

It was a therapeutic week for Steffy, in the midst of a pill addiction, and Katie, still suffering from her addiction to Bill and Stockholm syndrome from being Brooke's sister. Steffy and Katie opened up about their feelings about traumatic events in their lives, but is either of them ready to move on from the roots of their emotional problems -- Logan women and Spencer men?

Ever strung out on destiny, Brooke made yet another attempt to get her "husband" back, but Ridge ran out when his addiction to punching Bill almost overcame him. Quinn thinks throwing a wedding ceremony in Brooke's face is the way to ward off evil Brooke spirits from Shauna's marriage; however, doesn't Quinn know that Brooke not only throws the best weddings, but she is also an award-winning wedding buster? Refer to "Man and Horse" on her vita.

Instead of Quinn thinking that Ridge committing to vows in front of Brooke will make Brooke give up, Quinn ought to be asking herself if Ridge will be able to say vows to another woman while Brooke, the love of his life and destiny, looks on. Let's get two scoops deep into the chemical, emotional, and nonsensical addictions burdening our Los Angeles faves and how harboring them is no good for making or maintaining relationships on The Bold and the Beautiful.

Addicted to love

Bill might as well face it. He's addicted to love. After his conversation with Wyatt, it's possible that Bill could probably let a coin toss decide which Logan to spend his life with. Bill confessed to Wyatt that Bill loved Katie and Brooke the same, but Katie was the one he'd built something with. Katie had had the most positive influence on his life.

Maybe Bill came to this conclusion because it's true, or maybe he came to this conclusion after winding up looking like a clown without a tiny car when he allowed Quinn to use him a third time to get between Ridge and Brooke. I thought it would be enough humiliation when Brooke turned him down for another ride on the stallion, but at the sound of Brooke's name, Bill went a-running, even knowing the hiss had come from Quinn.

It's such a shame. Bill was doing just fine before that call. He was cracking jokes, snarling at everybody, and even doling out some good advice to Liam and Hope about Steffy and Kelly. The line of the week for me was when Bill told the dressmaker to buzz off unless he was there to hem Bill's pants. There was nothing more satisfying than hearing Bill say that he'd bury Quinn if she involved him in her "B.S." again, but can we really count on him to mean that? Or will his addiction to Brooke flare up again at the most inopportune time for Brooke?

After hearing Bill's talk with Wyatt, I think Bill might plan to buy Katie a diamond scepter or something to apologize and grovel for her to take him back. Maybe he'll do something he's never done for her, like whisk her away to elope on his yacht to finally make it legal, so people like Eric will stop erroneously saying Batie is married. I mean, as much as Bill loves to jet off somewhere, when has Bill ever whisked Katie away?

Of course, Katie would have to say yes first. I think the chances of that are great. She is already having Bill withdrawals after breaking it off with him last week. She has gone from saying it is over to telling Eric that she doesn't know what the future looks like. Katie suffers from Stockholm syndrome where Brooke and Bill are concerned.

Katie is already on her way to forgiving Brooke. Forgiveness for Bill won't be far behind. But should we bother cheering for Batie if Bill still hasn't shaken his addiction to Brooke?

Addicted to Ridge

Quinn claims that her motive for helping Shauna is to pay Brooke back for interfering in Quinn's marriage. If that's true, Quinn has gotten Brooke back about a half a dozen times in this storyline, so what's the real reason that Quinn is working harder than Shauna on Shauna's marriage? Could Quinn's addiction to Ridge have resurfaced, causing Quinn to seek to love him vicariously through Shauna's marriage to him?

I don't know if Eric's Viagra prescription needs to be refilled or what, but I half-expect Quinn to look at Shauna and be like, "You haven't slept with him yet? Fine. I guess I have to do everything. Where's my 'Shauna' mask?"

Isn't it strange that Shauna is off baking cookies for Wyatt and getting her mysterious appointments out of the way while Quinn is running Shauna's marriage? Quinn didn't even give Shauna time to get home and ask Ridge about the wedding herself, forcing me to ponder whether Quinn is really doing all this to help Shauna and get revenge on Brooke or because Quinn wants to find some way to keep Ridge under her roof.

If she's not addicted to Ridge, then Quinn is just addicted to a bunch of nonsense. Quinn likes to refer to Stephanie when talking about ridding the family of Brooke, but someone needs to tell Quinn how many times Stephanie's vendetta against Brooke caused the family to ostracize Stephanie. Eric claims he's a happily married man; however, he might just leave Quinn if she keeps going down Stephanie's path of vengeance. If he does, I hope Donna is waiting with a honey bottle.

Bill spoke to Wyatt about the situation. Wyatt knows his mother better than anyone and has been in the same position as Shauna -- watching helplessly as Quinn manipulates his life. Maybe he'll intervene before someone winds up abducted or with a sword to her throat. Yeah, Quinn said she wasn't like that anymore. I'll believe it when I see it.

Another person addicted to Ridge is Ridge -- well, Shauna and Brooke, too, for that matter. As long as everyone focuses on Ridge as if he is some kind of prize, relationships and marriages will be destroyed. Brooke's already has been. Shauna and Quinn's will be next, and the only thing that will win is Ridge's ego.

Addicted to Chems and Liam

Steffy attempted to flirt to get the pills she wanted, but instead, Dr. Finn gave her the medicine she needed -- an attentive ear and some good advice. Before leaving her, he wrote her a vital prescription, his personal phone number. He asked her to call anytime, day or night. Steffy, girl, you better get your mind off those pills and Liam and onto some liberty-biberty!

Steffy's addiction storyline finally turned a corner when Steffy ran out of pills and experienced withdrawal symptoms that made her overly emotional about Kelly and irate about other people's concern for her well-being. Steffy tried to put on a flirty demeanor to get a refill from Finn, but Finn turned into a PSA for oxycodone addiction.

Thomas is upset about his sister's pain, and he and Finn believe that a lot of it is emotional. Finn advised Steffy to deal with her emotional issues at the same time she tackles her physical pain. Steffy opened old wounds, as far back as her sister's death, Taylor and Brooke's feud over Ridge, Hope and Steffy's saga with Liam, and PhoeBeth's illegal adoption. Finn felt sorry for all those things. Just not sorry enough to write her another prescription. I have a feeling that Thomas will share Steffy's situation with Vinny, who's liable to just drop by with pills like he did when Thomas first arrived in town.

Is this an addiction storyline or just another triangle? Will it be a custody storyline like we had when Bill pondered whether to take Will from the alcoholic Katie?

Liam expressed to Bill that his heart belonged to Hope. Liam also told Bill that Liam wasn't in sync with Steffy anymore, and Bill suggested that Steffy's doctor had more than a medical interest in her. These conversations lead me to suspect that Liam and Hope's marriage won't be in jeopardy from a triangle with Steffy. Instead, this storyline will be a true exorcising of the Steam ghost from Steffy's life so that she can move on to a relationship with Finn.

I'm not saying we'll never see Steam again. We saw Bridge again, Tridge again, and Batie again, but in between, some of those characters got to have nice, long romances with other people. For example, Katie got to have romances with Thorne and Wyatt while Bill diverted to Brooke. Brooke had romances with Nick and Thorne while Ridge was with Taylor.

With Liam and Hope finally reunited with their daughter and starting a family with Douglas, I think we're finally seeing a solid break from Steam in the storytelling. Steffy will do something she hasn't done in a decade -- move on from her ex. I don't count marrying Wyatt in the equation because that was part of a plot to reunite her with Liam at the end.

I don't expect Steffy to stop loving Liam -- just as Ridge shouldn't expect Brooke not to love Bill -- but finally, Steffy no longer has to be alone, pining for him, or unable to date or have a meaningful relationship. Thank the freaking soap gods. Fighting the addiction might be the hardest thing Steffy has ever done, but if it brings light to the end of Steffy's Liam tunnel-vision, I will be there for every moment of it, rooting Steffy on as she takes down that cursed portrait.

In a look ahead...

Expect Ridge to entertain Quinn's proposal to throw a pity wedding for Shauna. I'm not saying he'll give it any actual thought. He'll probably just stand there in silence like he always does until Shauna walks in and she and Quinn decide on a date.

Thomas comes to the cliff house, bearing gifts from Vinny. The question is -- will Thomas know what's in the gift? Hopefully not. Vinny has a habit of knowing what you need without you saying it. Remember how he showed up on Thomas' honeymoon with pills? My guess is he'll tuck a surprise into something for Steffy, and Thomas will be none the wiser.

You know who will be the wiser? Finn. He can probably tell if someone is medicated from a mile away. Good luck hiding that, Steffy. At some point, Liam finds Steffy passed out and makes a difficult decision. Did I doubt there would be a custody battle earlier? Well, we'll see.

In other news, Bill makes his commitment to a woman. It better not be Brooke. That's all I have to say. The third attempt at begging won't be a charm, Bill!

Let us know what you think about the events of the week. We look forward to hearing from you in the comments section below. Until we scoop again, stay bold and beautiful, baby!

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