Colleen Dion Taken Off Contract with B&B
Posted Monday, September 20, 2004 1:39:26 PM
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Colleen Dion Taken Off Contract with B&B

There is ongoing chatter in some B&B circles that the show is trying to recast the role of Felicia Forrester. The character of Felicia was brought back to The Bold and the Beautiful in July when soap veteran Colleen Dion reprised the role that she had previously created in 1990.

Dion's return was to have launched a return by the show to focusing on its core families. Earlier attempts to introduce new families and characters had not been well received by fans.

But Dion, who lives on the East Coast, is reportedly having difficulty commuting to the Los Angeles area where The Bold and the Beautiful is taped.

"It's true that there have been some snags for Colleen because of her commute," confirmed a show spokesperson. "But right now, the discussion is how to make it work."

In conjunction with those discussions, Dion has been taken off contract with The Bold and the Beautiful. She is currently appearing on a recurring basis while talks continue about her future with the show.

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