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Felicia Forrester
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Actor History
January 15, 1990; January 1992 to December 1993 [contract];

1997 [recurring];

Summer 2004 to Fall 2004 [contract];

Fall 2004 to December 3, 2004 [recurring]

Other Names

Fifi (nickname given by Sally Spectra)


Said to be 18 in 1987, making date of birth 1969


Executive at Forrester International, Paris

International relations for Spectra Couture

Former designer at Spectra Couture

Former designer at Forrester Creations

Former designer at Spectra Fashions



Formerly the Forrester Mansion (369 Willow Hill Rd., Beverly Hills, CA, 90210)

Formerly Los Angeles, London, New York, Africa and Italy

Marital Status

Single (presumed)

Past Marriages



Eric Forrester (father)

Stephanie Douglas (mother; deceased)

John Douglas (grandfather; deceased)

Ann Douglas (grandmother)

Miriam (great-grandmother; deceased)

Thorne Forrester (brother)

Kristen Forrester (sister)

Angela Forrester (sister; deceased)

Pamela Douglas (aunt)

John Forrester (uncle)

Jessica Forrester (cousin)

Ivy Forrester (cousin)

Alexandria Forrester (niece; deceased)

Eric "Rick" Forrester Jr. (half-brother)

Bridget Forrester (half-sister)

Ridge Forrester Sr. (half-brother)

Eric Forrester III (half-nephew; deceased)

Nicole Marone (half-niece; deceased)

Logan Knight (half-nephew)

Elizabeth Forrester (half-niece)

Thomas Hamilton Forrester (half-nephew)

Steffy Forrester (half-niece)

Phoebe Forrester (half-niece; deceased)

Ridge "R.J." Forrester Jr. (half-nephew)

Douglas Forrester (half-grandnephew)

Kelly Spencer (half-grandniece)

Zende Forrester Dominguez (nephew, via adoption)

Marcus Walton Forrester (brother, via adoption)

Ambrosia "Rosie" Forrester (niece, via adoption)


Dominick Damiano (son; with Dante; 2005)

Flings & Affairs

Jim Watson

Billy Maxwell (high school sweetheart)

Jake Maclaine

Zach Hamilton

Dominick "Nick" Marone

Dante Damiano

Christian Ramírez (kissed)

Constantine Parros (kissed)

Crimes Committed

Hit Zach Hamilton with her car [1992]

Caused Bridget Forrester to be severely burned switching her sunblock for baby oil [2005]

Locked Donna Logan in a steam room [2007]

Tried to bribe Owen Knight into seducing Donna away from Eric Forrester [2008]

Slapped Owen Knight [2008]

Health and Vitals

Nearly raped by mobster Ganz [1992]

Slapped by Stephanie Forrester [1992, 2005]

Battled colon cancer, which went into remission [2004]

Slipped into a coma after nearly succumbing to cancer recurrence, underwent intensive chemotherapy [2005]

Brief Character History

Felicia Forrester is the daughter of Eric Forrester and Stephanie Douglas, co-founders of fashion house Forrester Creations. When the show began in 1987, Felicia was said to be living off-screen in London, but she arrived in 1990 for the marriage of her brother, Ridge Forrester, to publishing heiress Caroline Spencer. Felicia developed an interest in tennis instructor Jake Maclaine, but she became concerned when he was unable to make love and when his sister, Margo Lynley, advised Felicia to stay away from Jake. After Felicia recruited her friend Heather in an unsuccessful attempt to seduce Jake, Felicia learned that Jake had been sexually molested by his uncle Charlie, which accounted for Jake's intimacy issues. Felicia finally was able to explore a relationship with the liberated Jake, who decided he also needed to see other women. Felicia found competition in Macy Alexander, who was simultaneously dating Felicia's brother, Thorne Forrester. Felicia ratted Macy out to Thorne, but ultimately Felicia lost Jake to Macy.

Felicia hoped to follow in her father's footsteps and design alongside him at Forrester, but she was crushed when he took exception to her bold, contemporary designs. Felicia accepted an offer from competitor Spectra Fashions just as Eric was about to offer her more responsibility at the company; Felicia wanted out but was bound to her contract with Spectra's owner, Macy's mother Sally Spectra, so Felicia created hideous designs with an environmental theme, sure Sally would fire her. Instead, Sally loved Felicia's work and put the designs into production, culminating in a very unusual fashion show.

Felicia began seeing bad boy Zach Hamilton, who confessed he had killed a man he held responsible for his mother's death, and that his father's gambling had played a part in it. Felicia got caught in the crossfire when Ganz, the accomplice of the man Zach killed, threatened to kill her if Zach didn't kill his father, Jack Hamilton. Felicia narrowly escaped being raped by Ganz; after Felicia persuaded Stephanie not to press charges against Zach for endangering her life, Felicia and Zach left Los Angeles together. In 1994, it was said that Felicia was doing humanitarian work in Africa.

Three years later, Felicia returned to help Ridge, who stood accused of shooting Forrester Creations CEO Grant Chambers. Ridge had been married to Zach's sister, Taylor Hayes, who had moved on with Thorne; Felicia helped Ridge literally crash a costume party thrown by Grant, dressing Ridge up in a Zorro costume so he could swing through the window on a chandelier to talk to Taylor. Felicia also intervened with private investigator Hunter Jones on Ridge's behalf, but Ridge was convicted of the crime anyway, and Felicia again left town, later turning up at her parents' aborted remarriage.

In 2004, Felicia came back to town hiding the fact she was suffering from colon cancer, but new beau Nick Marone discovered her medication, forcing her to own up. Once Felicia's cancer went into remission, she made love to Nick and patched things up with Stephanie, whom Felicia had always felt played favorites with Ridge. Felicia took a job designing for Thorne, who was running the revamped Spectra Couture, but she moved to Paris to further the company's European interests, bidding goodbye to Nick and their budding relationship.

After a year, Felicia arrived with her son, Dominick, in tow. Wanting to reunite with Dominick's father, Felicia was disappointed to learn that Nick had since married Bridget Forrester, her half-sister. Felicia planned to turn tail and run back to Europe until she was told her cancer had returned; because she had declined treatment while pregnant with Dominick, the disease had advanced to the point there was nothing else to be done. Felicia asked Bridget and Nick to raise her boy and prepared for the end, hoping her divorced parents would remarry before she passed. After joyfully watching Eric and Stephanie exchange vows, Felicia "died," in reality slipping into a coma while Stephanie spirited Felicia away to a private clinic, where Felicia underwent the chemotherapy she had objected to as the rest of her family believed she was dead. Felicia regained consciousness and eventually recovered, bonding with her doctor, Christian Ramirez; they shared a kiss when he shaved her head to deflect her hair loss from the chemo, but nothing developed further than that.

Felicia was stunned when Dante Damiano, with whom she'd had a fling in Paris, came to town wondering if Dominick could be his child. A paternity test revealed that Dante was indeed the father of Dominick; Felicia and Dante nicknamed their son "Dino." Felicia and Bridget entered into a brief rivalry for Dante's affections, during which Felicia replaced Bridget's sunblock with baby oil, causing severe burns to her half-sister. Felicia ultimately won Dante, and they were nearly married in a ceremony attended by Dante's family from Italy until Bridget arrived with news she was carrying Dante's baby. Felicia supported Bridget when she miscarried, and later revealed that sculptor Dante had accepted a commission in Italy.

Felicia kissed Constantine Parros, a singer who was interested in her niece, Phoebe Forrester; Felicia briefly joined Constantine on tour before coming home to be a sounding board for various family dramas. When Nick took over Forrester Creations and installed Eric's new girlfriend, Donna Logan, as lead model, Felicia worked with Stephanie and Thorne to lock Donna in the Forrester steam room during a fashion show to keep Donna from embarrassing the company. After Eric regained control but wanted to keep Donna in a power position, Felicia offered Donna's assistant, Owen Knight, $200,000 to seduce Donna away from Eric. Felicia slapped Owen after he exposed her scheme to Donna; with Donna in charge while Eric lay hospitalized from a heart attack, Felicia and her brothers found themselves temporarily fired from Forrester.

Felicia stood at Thorne's side during Forrester's continuing in-fighting, even resigning from the company when Eric seemed to favor the Logans over his own family. After making an appearance at the Forresters' holiday festivities in 2010, Felicia came home for Ridge's 2011 aborted remarriage to Taylor and the "celebration of life" party Eric threw for Stephanie before Stephanie died of cancer in 2012; Felicia briefly remained on hand to support her grieving father. In 2014, Felicia handled publicity in Thorne's absence for a Forrester fashion shoot featuring Hope Logan.

In 2016, Felicia came home for Eric's wedding to Quinn Fuller, a woman with a criminal past. Felicia stood with her family in a boycott of Eric's wedding, but felt guilty afterwards for hurting her father.

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