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Angela Forrester
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Actor History

Never appeared on-screen


Eric Forrester (father)

Stephanie Douglas (mother; deceased)

John Douglas (grandfather; deceased)

Ann Douglas (grandmother; deceased)

Miriam (great-grandmother; deceased)

Thorne Forrester (brother)

Kristen Forrester (sister)

Felicia Forrester (sister)

John Forrester (uncle)

Pamela Douglas (aunt)

Ridge Forrester Sr. (half-brother)

Brief Character History

Angela Forrester was the daughter of Eric Forrester and Stephanie Forrester. Angela was born with a condition called microcephaly, which meant her head was abnormally small and her brain development was stunted. Stephanie told Eric that Angela had died in childbirth but secretly bought a home in her maiden name and hired a medical staff to care for Angela. One day, her doctor, Todd Powell, forgot to lock the brakes on Angela's wheelchair, and Angela careened down a hill to her death.

Because Todd was being paid handsomely by Stephanie, he reported Angela's accident but hired a runaway to impersonate Angela, telling Stephanie that Angela had required extensive plastic surgery because of her injuries. Before long, Stephanie admitted "Angela"'s existence to her family, but "Angela" got tired of playing catatonic and spoke; when Stephanie wanted to call the hospital, "Angela" and Todd exposed their hoax. Stephanie paid them $250,000 to leave town, but "Angela" was severely burned in a car crash and blamed the Forresters. She returned to town as Deveney Dickson and befriended Thorne Forrester, hoping to get him to recreate an incident in which he shot his brother, Ridge Forrester, while under the influence of booze and pills. Deveney nearly got Thorne to pull the trigger, but the scheme failed, and Deveney left town after Thorne generously paid for plastic surgery to her face anyway.

The real Angela Forrester never actually appeared on screen.

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Who's Who for other soaps

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